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Campaign aims to reopen Alexandra Palace theatre shut for 80 years
The historic space opened in 1875 and although built to hold 3,000 will reopen as a multifunctional space for up to 1,300.
By Mark Brown

An abandoned Victorian theatre hidden inside Alexandra Palace that has been closed to audiences for more than 80 years could soon reopen after a campaign was launched to restore it.

The existence of the “frozen in time” theatre is not widely known but it is considered one of the most architecturally significant and historic parts of the entertainment complex in north London, built in the 1870s as “the People’s Palace”.

The House of What’s Left

Summary: You had always loved Jungkook, but he never knew what he had until it was far too late. 


For the anon who requested this: “Angsty Jungkook scenario?? Maybe where he says he doesn’t love you anymore and you leave him, but then he feels his world is falling apart and you know?”

Writer’s note: I hate this. I hate this so much. OMFG I’m so sorry that I’m even posting this but oh well. 

For the past fifteen years, you’d loved a man named Jeon Jungkook.  For fifteen years, you were with a man you considered your soulmate. He was the one man that beat out all the rest for your affection, and in return, you were the one woman who captured his attention with just the power of your voice and the look in your eyes. You thought that he could make you happy, that one day you could have a house where children padded barefoot and squealed when you tried to give them baths.

For ten years, you’d spent your life with his ring adorning your finger. For ten years you’d kissed his cheek before work and again when you came home from your own job. For ten years you’d made dinner for him or picked it up on your way home from the office. For ten years you sat curled into his side on the couch while the two of you had your weekly movie night sessions. For ten years you wrestled with him when you decided you wanted the remote and he wasn’t willing to give it up. For ten years you laughed with him, dreamed with him, and held his hand while he cried from the emotional success of his career. For ten years, you clung to a man who had promised to love you forever and always.

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New merch ideas!

Acrylic Stands:
- Nohrian Siblings (considering Hoshidan one in the future)
- Shared Friends (with Flora)
- can be written on with whiteboard markers as memo pad!
- Keaton&Velouria
- unlined?
- Parent+Kid in a cup and a saucer charm
- can be paired up with a separate mother(Fates) or father(Awakening) in a teapot charm for the whole family!

The stand is already on its way~!
I might make them into charms too if people like it!

I re-stocked all royals notebooks&sisters notebooks for the online shop.
I’m aiming to open it in August! Thank you to those of you who are waiting! ;w;


A thought that has been bugging me since HLV and the S4 teaser made it even worse. This meta may be completely crazy, I promise you nothing.

I always had two theories about the Other One: a serious one which has to do with Sherlock’s childhood and a tragedy that stroke back then (Redbeard) and a weirder one that almost felt far-fetched to me. Perhaps you already understand that I’m going to talk about the far-fetched one, which however doesn’t feel entirely as such anymore (to me, at least). However, perhaps this theory has already been told by someone else before. In this case, sorry for talking about it again. 

Sherrinford Holmes is a non-ACD-canonical character - the third Holmes brother. He is often considered to be the evil one. In All-Consuming Fire by Andy Lane, a crossover of Sherlock Holmes and… Doctor Who,

Originally posted by houseofcardsquotes

Sherlock Holmes is forced to kill his ill-willed brother to save John Watson. There are more things going on in this novel (most of them including an alien slug thing) but I do hope Moftiss won’t pay attention to much except for the conclusion of the story and the brother’s allegiances. (If I said anything inaccurate, forgive me, I didn’t pay attention to this story more than what was absolutely necessary :P)

Now let me make a small surgery to the teaser:

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anonymous asked:

Whenever i go into McDonalds in other countries i always make the joke about 'where's the photo of liam the farmer from wexford who grows the potatoes for the chips?' please shame me this needs to stop

But Liam needs recognition! I mean he can’t do too well considering there’s probably one spud to 5,000,000 McD’s french fries


Oct. 2, 1979: “Throughout the afternoon along Morris Avenue, mothers and children, old men and youths, people speaking English, Spanish and Italian, gathered in the Mott Haven section of the South Bronx to await the arrival of the Pontiff from St. Charles Borromeo church in Harlem,” reported The Times. It was John Paul II’s first visit to the United States, and a moving experience for spectators. “I cried,” one woman said. “I consider myself the luckiest woman in the world. I have never been able to go to Rome, but now, for me to greet the Holy Father, I can’t express it. I never dreamt of something like this.” Photo: Paul Hosefros/The New York Times

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Seokmin/Woozi/Seungkwan reaction to their s/o staying the night for the first time, and finding out that they are scared of the dark?


Seokmin would 100% find a nightlight and plug it in next to the bed (probably one they used to keep for Dino lets be real), laying you down so you were facing it and spooning up to your back, cuddling up to you as close as he could get. He’d do his best to stay awake until he knew you were deep in sleep, when he’d kiss your head and finally fall asleep too. Every night you spent there after that he’d be ready with nightlights and snuggles.


I feel like Seungkwan would feel the intimacy of this moment, of you admitting one of your fears to him, especially as it’s one that some people might consider childish. He’d keep you close to him all night long, holding your hand, maybe even finding a little nightlight to keep on so that the room isn’t completely dark. He’d want you facing him, noses brushing together as he whispered “Just look at me. Look at me and nowhere else, and you’ll always be safe.”


Jihoon wouldn’t make a big deal of this, not wanting to freak you out any more. He’d calmly help you get ready for bed, getting extra blankets so you were extra cozy and comfortable. You’d come in in your pyjamas and he’d have strung up christmas lights around the top of the bed to light up the room a little, but he wouldn’t say a word about it. It would just be another one of the many things that Jihoon does to make you feel safe and happy.

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Jet, Michiru is only one month older than Rei and Haruka just three.

Consider though: that’s a crappy detail.

No, really, I think it just makes no sense. I can, if I REALLY TRY AND WANT TO BELIEVE, that it’s the sort of “well you’re in middle school, but we are in ~high school~” mentality taken to the extreme. And on that really surface level it can work for about two seconds.

Long term though? BACK TO CRAP

For myself, I ignore all that. I believe Haruka and Michiru are much older than tenth graders, and they’re doing a 21 Jump Street-style infiltration into Mugen.

The episode was otherwise awful on a million levels, but I love the sort of nod 106 gives for that idea, too.

When Mako asks if it’s okay for them to be driving, only being in tenth grade, we get this amazing moment.


But yeah, accepting that Haruka and Michiru are older than the Inners by mere MONTHS doesn’t work for me on any level, and so I reject it. If you enjoy it, by all means, stick to it! Otherwise, JOIN ME.

kitiskrazy  asked:

Dear Father, I was reading up on mortal sins earlier because I've never really taken the time to do so before, and I saw that flattery was considered a mortal sin. My question is when does one cross that line? Are genuine compliments okay? Is it when someone falsely compliments another in order to obtain something? I try to be as nice as I can to everyone, but now I'm afraid of being TOO nice.

Flattery is a mortal sin? 

Please throw out whatever book you are reading. There are enough things to get us down and upset us in the world today. A priest had his throat slit in France while he was offering Mass. 

So, no, do not worry that flattery is going to bring you mortal sin. 

Compliments are good–giving them and receiving them. Be sincere. Lift people up. Build them up. Too many people are struggling with self-esteem as it is. The last thing we need, is to be paranoid about whether being nice and saying nice things is going to make God send us to hell.

God bless and take care, Fr. Angel

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he didn't denies phan but he kinda went from the wrong direction i think :/

Could you elaborate on this? I mean, I’m genuinely confused how people have come to this conclusion? or the conclusion that he’s denied phan? 

You’ve really gotta think about the context. this was a roast challenge - the aim of it is to point out stuff about yourself and your content/brand/persona/etc and jokingly criticise it, jokingly say what folks have been complaining abt you for ages … that kind of thing - dan said himself the points he made weren’t necessarily ~his true thoughts~ or something to be taking so seriously at least.  

When it comes to the whole ‘phan’ thing, he was just pointing out that one of the many reasons why people may watch him (+phil) is that they are cute together!! that may be the only reason for some but he wasn’t genuinely attacking it, especially considering that reason - whether it be the only one or one of many - is very very common amongst those in d+p’s audience. like, i am happy to admit that ‘yeah! one of the reasons i watch d+p is because they are cute! as individuals or together as a duo/as a possible couple!’ and laugh about it! because laughing abt yourself is FUN!

i probably went a bit off topic but heyo i’m down to hear you elaborate about what you said~ thanks for your messages

11 o’clock

Day: Two
Prompt Used: 11
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Pairing: Terushima Yuuji/Hinata Shouyou
Warnings: None
Additional Tags: Past!KageHina, University, Terushima’s a frat boy, and Hinata just wants someone to make out with for the night

“Just say: ‘Hi! You wouldn’t happen to be a cute homosexual boy willing to kiss another cute homosexual boy just to prove a point to my ex-boyfriend, would ya?”

He’s snickering at the absurdity of it when a voice chirps in his ear, “I don’t know about any cute homosexual boys, but maybe you’d consider a smokin’ hot bisexual one?”

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We do not think of the weapon that has been killing us since we first began sharing our thoughts. We do not ask where the most dangerous weapon of all is displayed—the one that defines us yet punctures our hearts without touch. “Where are the books that have brought us to our knees?” “I’m looking for the labels that have bred prejudice and hate.” “Could you help me find the words that make the back of my throat feel like it’s on fire?”