[Sketches Recompilation from first Rocinante apparition to Match or less?¿ I dunno…]

I am joining with Law to his “Cora-san ism” cult* (If this is how young ppl call it now) (And no I am not that old).

Smooth style Roci faces (expressions)

Fem!Cora-san: Did I mention that I was in pixiv? So yeah…

Indeed Scars and Tattoos.

Excuse me about the quality I just borrowed the smartphone I have no idea how to use It…

And maybe* I the last op post of One Piece in long period. So seya. 


thank you for supporting me! it may not seem like much, but its a lot to me, especially since its only been a week :’^D 

as a thank you, i’ll draw the desserts of the first 20 gda blogs that reblog this!! it’ll take a while though, since i draw slow, and i have a few unanswered asks left!

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hey Caitlin, how have you been? I'm so sorry for not speaking to you for ages- I've been in London and since Wednesday I've been working full shifts at the cafe:) (gotta get that money) what's your job and what's it like?^-^ ~cafe anon

Never don’t mind about a thing babe ;))It’s good, I worked all day today too XD Either way I’m good, I’m getting help for my depression, I got a new camera, I’m making my own money (at the expense of my legs going numb for days XD) and. Yeah. I feel good ^^


Set in front of Manor Du Couteau, a box would be lying in wait with a small tag attached to it: ‘To: Katarina Du Couteau’…

As soon as the servants would bump over it at daylight’s first ray, they would quickly bring it to their mistress for her to personally inspect the curious appearance of the finely-crafted box … and its contents, of course, which turned out to be nothing else …

Than a dagger. Compared to other blades, it was simple, but it certainly did not overshadow its worth and the craftsman’s attention to detail, made from the finest noxian ebony, with silver-gold filigreed engravings on its cruel-looking blade. And even so, one could tell that it was made more for function than simply appearance.

After all, the best blade is the one that is never seen.

Inside the velveted weapon case a small card would stand alongside it, saying the following:

Happy Snowdown, Katarina.

-Tybresa Cassalantar


The blade seemed to suck in all light that dared to fall upon it, a quality that juxtaposed brilliantly with the glass dagger received earlier. The assassin ran her fingers carefully over the surface, expert eyes taking in each and every detail of the blade while she instinctively gauged its usefulness in actual combat. 

A twisted smile pulled at her features, eyes glimmering with a cruelty unknown to many as she held the blade up to face level; this was something that would see plenty of use, that much was certain.

“Faeris,” the assassin called, ignoring the mans irritated expression at being summoned in such a way. “Would you have Talon keep his eyes on Tybressa for me? Let me know if she… Needs anything… We accept our gifts warmly in this house.”

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hello! i don't know if you have seen this, but lgbtwebcomics is a tumblr with a filterable list of webcomics if you need/want anything more to read. it's really great for finding new webcomics, or for finding really specific genres.

Oh my gosh, I do NOT need more to read but this looks EXCELLENT. Thank you so much for sharing it with me! Gonna make it public so the world can see and join me in my latest webcomic obsession!