Imagine: Being Tony Stark’s child and being like him in every aspect except from his confidence. You are bullied at school because of it, causing Tony to confront you about it. [x]

Tony: Y/N, what’s going on at school? Who’s bullying you?
YN: No one- it doesn’t matter! Just leave me alone!
Tony: Don’t walk away from me! Tell me what’s going on; I want to help you, Y/N.
Y/N: Honestly, do you  know how easy it is to be you? Because, that’s what I’m expected to be! I need to be some genius scientist who has the answer to everything and is confident and charismatic! And, I’m not! I’m not you, Dad.
Tony: Come here… Y/N, you don’t have to be me. All you need to do is be you. 
Y/N: But… 
Tony: Don’t let anyone change you, Y/N. You do whatever you want to do- and I’ll be proud, okay?

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A/N: First off, I would like to address the fact that my last fic got 45 notes as of the time I am writing this. I cant believe that 45 people took their time to read my stuff. So thank you to whoever reads this and I hope you enjoy this and any past or present fic. Second, How the hell did this get so long. It is currently 12:46 am and I just finished writing. No matter that I have to be up at five, I do it all the time. Anyways, it was getting really long and I am tired as crap, so I think I will do a part two to this if you guys want. Let me know what you think and as always requests are open and you can always say hi.

Prompt: She has your cheekbones. (OK this will be in part two)

Warnings: Cursing, cheating, yea not much

Word count: 2600 words

“Mommy, your phone is ringing!” you hear you daughter shout, as she runs over to you bringing the ringing phone with her. Seeing Clint’s name, you sighed and answered the phone after mumbling a small thank you to your daughter who had gone back to playing

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reaps76  asked:

"Make me yours" with sub Reaper please <3

They meet in an old Blackwatch safehouse–as run down as they are, rendered useless and ruined–Jack Morrison and the ghost that follows his footsteps, and before they’ve been there five minutes they’re both on the ground.

It starts as a brawl but by now their fights could be scripted; it doesn’t matter if it’s rank, sparring, or sex, Jack will always come out on top, and by this point in their lives they should both expect it, accept it.

Jack does. He doesn’t.

“It’s stupid to keep struggling,” Jack growls–he’s already won, straddling the other man’s hips with his full weight and holding his arms down against the floor with an iron grip on his wrists. He struggles anyway; thrashes and makes something in Jack’s hip twinge, pulls a bubbling snarl from him. “Quit, dammit. You know I’ve won.”

Jack earns another raspy snarl–he did never know when to quit. It’s cost them both their lives, by this point.

“Prove it. Make me yours, then,” he hisses, with that voice that sounds like Gabriel but isn’t, never will be again; his hands grab at Jack where Gabriel used to, but the grip is different, punctuated by talons and squeezing just this side of too tight. It’s Gabriel’s same style of roughness, but in a completely different flavor of danger.

Jack scowls, sitting up and just staring; he can’t be serious. This isn’t how their game is played–

“Make me yours,” he repeats, and now it sounds more like a plea, like a prayer, like someone lost without a way home; and if Jack has to slam him down and make his hands tight around that lying throat, growl his own promise and throttle the monster out of this man who wears a distorted version of his lover’s face, then he will.

“Make me yours,” Reaper wheezes, his facade cracking like the mask that lies shattered on the floor, and Jack leans down, makes himself avoid the trap of those scarred lips as he whispers, “You already are.”

what marvel cut from civil war:

  • black widow backstory/character development
  • bucky flashback
  • extended funeral scene
  • steve and sharon chatting after the funeral (which makes their kiss marginally less wtf)
  • zemo character development
  • natasha questioning t’challa after his arrest
  • bucky using the shield at the airport
  • for that matter, didn’t they say they cut sam using the shield too?
  • steve/bucky scenes they are still not releasing in the dvd

what marvel did not cut from civil war:

  • anything with iron man
The Care and Wooing of Tony Stark, Billionaire

Part 4 of ? (Ao3 link here) (previous part here)


Wakanda was seven hours ahead of New York City, where the former Avengers Tower was. It was also seven hours ahead of upstate New York, which was where the former Avengers compound had been located, and of Washington D.C., which could also be where Tony Stark was.

In any case, no matter where Tony Stark was, so long as he was on the eastern seaboard, he should be only seven hours behind Wakanda’s current time, which is why T’Challa had waited until two hours after dinner – and after dealing with Tony Stark’s newest gift – to attempt to call the man personally. Tony Stark had given his phone number before this, and T’Challa had attempted to call, only to have a message taken by Tony’s AI, but hopefully this time Tony would pick up – or the AI would transfer his call.

“Hello, and thank you for calling Dr. Anthony Stark’s personal phone. One moment please.”

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Tony Stark Headcanon: He’s not the most excited inviting Avengers and Agents to his childs birthday, no matter how much he loves them. He’s seen how they are in battle, and worries how they’ll interact with a party of kids, though he’s pleasently surprised. Bruce would be busy showing the kids a present he made in his lab, probably something that lights up. Thor would love giving the tiny humans rides on his shoulders, and he’d help them when they try to lift his hammer without them knowing. Steve and Nat would mingle with the parents, helping keep everything in check, making the best Mom/Dad jokes. Clint probably would’ve bought the kid his own plastic archery set, becoming one of kids while he teaches them to use it, making fart jokes along the way. Wanda would be on the floor, a child in her lap, teaching the children sweet words in Slovakian and telling them all the cute stories of the Avengers, especially about movie night. And of course they cheer a little too loudly when his child blows out the candles on their birthday cake and breathe in the helium in the balloons, entertaining everyone. Y'all know Bucky is the one who sings while his voice is really high and laughs with the kids as it begins to lower.

Twitter Hires A Man To Make Sure It’s Hiring Enough Women And Minorities

Twitter Inc hired former Apple Inc employee Jeffrey Siminoff as vice president of diversity and inclusion, according to the micro-blogging website operator’s employees.

Siminoff, who was previously the director of worldwide inclusion and diversity at Apple, replaces Janet Van Huysse.

Van Huysse, who has been with Twitter for six years, announced her departure on the social networking website on Tuesday.


It’s kind of ironic that they hired a white person as vice president of diversity and inclusion. I do not doubt his tolerance and open mindedness, I’m sure he will do a great job and will be able to boost proportion of female employees and underrepresented minorities, but wouldn’t it make more sense to hire someone who’d represent the discriminated part of US population? I think it would. Good luck to Jeffrey though, and I hope he will indeed diversify the staff at Twitter Inc, because we all deserve equal rights.

Take It All Away

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by ann2who

Steve and Tony love each other—that would undoubtedly always be true. However, there might just be things that don’t care for love, that don’t care what it means for the two to take different sides. Things that none of them could’ve foreseen. Things that might just rip everything apart.

When the United Nations attempt to put restrictions on the Avengers, Tony has to admit that the pawns had been in place for a long time, he just hadn’t dared to admit it to himself. And now, it is simply a matter of who will move first—and more importantly: in which direction.

Words: 7417, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Series: Part 8 of Say When Verse

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2bGyzsL

& i’m back,   with another salty meta   & today it’s inspired by spiderman’s new black widow suit !!   before we get into the dragging i’d just like to say i’m not against the idea of other black widow’s fyi   ( yelena,   monica chang,   jessica drew, etc, etc ),   but i am when it’s a male version   & here’s why ;   natasha is a woman for a reason,   her whole story revolves around women’s liberation   & what IT MEANS TO BE A WOMAN,   i write about this time   & time again but she should never, ever be a man.   there is no male counterpart of natasha,   i’m sure we’ve all seen the gender-bent group pictures of the avengers,   female thor,   female iron man,   female cap,   but there is no male black widow,   no matter how hard you try.

in some way or another a good majority of female leads spur from their male counterparts   ( the idea of legacy, spider-woman,   spider girl,   x 23,   she hulk,   etc ) ;   of  course,   legacies are important when it comes to superhero comics,   it’s the idea of a mantle,   it’s the idea of saying you can be a hero too.   it’s a symbol.   but equally,   we also need women to have their own symbols,   things that aren’t just passed on from white guys,   you know ??   we should be reminded how important women are,   especially to comics.   natasha is one of the few character who belong to this no man prior legacy,   she’s her own legacy,   she was never introduced as a collection   ( not until the red room retcon   & the idea of mass production which came in during the late 90s ).   natasha’s essential motifs   & origin didn’t evolve from this though,     they go way back to her first appearance   & how she grew from there.   i think so much of natasha’s backstory isn’t about the red room,   but that’s all comics ever want to focus on now.   the red room when it’s used correctly is powerful   & meaningful,   but otherwise acts as redundant retconning.   before richard k. morgan   ( ugh )   came around the red room   & it’s use of the black widow meant a lot more,   it showed how women get used.

“ WE CAN ALWAYS MAKE ANOTHER BLACK WIDOW “   ( PALE LITTLE SPIDER #3 )   ;   what’s interesting to note is that,   no matter how many times this idea of a red room program has been reproduced,   they’ve always been female.   no matter who the writer is,   what their ambition is,   they were always female,   considering typically there’s always been this divide between genders   ( i remember in school our sports classes were segregated )   but ED BRUBAKER,   really showed how different the genders were   & why natasha survived   ( she also survived through compassion,   & her fire,   but if you’ve been following me for a while you’d know that already ).   the WOLF SPIDER EXPERIMENT is something shown in CAPTAIN AMERICA #617,   it was an experiment that failed,   it never worked.   it wasn’t just the wolf spiders,   ivan also received the same serum as her,   but he was also driven to insanity   ( while,   he’s not a direct comparison,   he’s her other half, alexei,   he was still,   a failure ).   i’ve spoken about this a lot before but,   the experiment focused on a similar route to the red room except used “ MALE TRIALS “ yet,   here’s the catch,   they all went insane.   you don’t tend to call the soviet leaders of this program sexist,   given that they gave women guns,   which is pretty uncanny ;   but they were sexist   & the outcome was black widow.

it’s the whole idea of this image,   the fact that all of these men can have a legacy,   but natasha she doesn’t   ( she does tho,   she does ;   just not in this way ).   there’s so many examples of women taking up a man’s mantle,   that it’s okay for girls to want to be boys but boys,   they can’t be girls.   & they should,   a mantle shouldn’t define a gender or whatever,   but in terms of natasha her origin is built up upon cliches,   & the role reversal in terms of men.   her code name,   is hard to translate   ( & boy she hates her code name,   my friends.   i’m not going to go on a rant about symbolism because been there,   done that ).   femininity is a core concept to natasha   ( even though richard k. morgan doesn’t get that ),   it’s always been apart of her.   yet,   the code name black widow creates a MISOGYNISTIC TROPE,   what natasha does is reinvent it into something heroic,   a subversion.   all of her expectations,   deceits   & facades are all apart of what her name provokes.   while,   i want more men to take up a woman’s mantle,   i’m glad that the black widow,   her code name,   isn’t gender neutral   & reversal,   because that’s powerful too.

so,   yes,   i’m angry,   that spider-man has been given a black widow styled suit,   even fitted with the hourglass that makes…… no sense,   at all.     mainly, i’d be cool if it didn’t have the hourglass,   that represents a lot just for natasha   & femininity.   yet,   also because male versions of the spider don’t have the hourglass,   so it just makes absolutely zero sense.   natasha,   is not a version of spider-man,   she’s not tackling his mantle,   she never has been.   she’s her own woman,   first,   last   & always.

there’s a reason her nickname is black widow,   that whole,   they devour their mates.   of course,   there’s a whole other layer to her code name,   the fact that she’s actually a widow draped in dusk,   but that’s an idea that came a little bit later.   the femme fatale trope   ( # busted !!   misconception folks ;   i’ve written about this before so,   if you’re new here, i’ve got you covered )   is obviously in circulation when a black widow is involved,   just because of honeypot missions   & the idea of female spies using sex to get what they want.   it’s a trope,   a cliche for women,   that’s always been around,   but not for men.   yet,   this is EVERYTHING THAT NATASHA STANDS FOR,   she stands for all of these ideas,   these cliches,   she’s built upon them.   that’s literally what her origin is all about when you analyse it,   but it’s that whole story,   THESE CLICHES,   TURNED ON THEIR HEAD  . the true power of natasha’s story comes from these cliches,   these typical   & existing gender tropes,   & the expectations presented from them.   & this just doesn’t happen for men,   at all,   & that’s why there isn’t a male counterpart of natasha,   why there isn’t no male black widow   & why there shouldn’t ever be one.

I wish life was a huge comic con and everyone could wear clothes that are extraordinary, revealing, genderbend and everyone could be whoever he wanted and we’d all be exited because we’d all be there for the same purpose


Question 1


Team Iron Man does have a valid point in the fact that they should be held by the government in an effort to decrease damages and that they should expose themselves to the public, but I do understand that this may render their efforts to preserve their loved ones challenging, and I can respect that this is what they fight for.

Question(?) 2

Mod: Hey, I made the civil war post to address that it existed and to bring attention to anyone who did not know, no matter how minuscule of a number it could have been. Furthermore I already made reasons as to why I was not participating, but the real one is that I didn’t think it would work, but I could have participated in the event if I chose .

Looking for friends ♥

Hey there, I’m Claudia I’m 17 and I’m looking for a friend or friends who I can talk to everyday, and be able to talk about anything and cheer up each other whenever we feel the need.

I had some internet friends before but we stopped talking and that was just so sad.

Some things I like:

  • MUSIC: TØP♡, Lorde, Paramore, ACDC, RHCP, Sia, Lady Gaga, MCR, and more.
  • BOOKS: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, horror stories, The shininig.
  • MOVIES: Star Wars, Iron Man, Avengers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sherlock Holmes.

I would like to talk with between 17-19 but it doesn’t really matter if you’re younger or older.Your religion, gender, sexual orientation and where are you from doesn’t matter to me. I just want to talk with someone kind and respectful.

Send me an IM to my tumblr