GET TO KNOW ME MEME - [2/?] favorite characters ⇢ J.A.R.V.I.S 

Just  A  Rather  Very  Intelligent  System

J.A.R.V.I.S. is a very intelligent A.I. who can respond according to the user’s thoughts. He was based on Edwin Jarvis who was the Stark family’s butler. He acts like Tony’s best friend when it comes to his personal life and other secret matters, that are enclosed only with Tony and him.”

Let me be your soldier
I’ll take the pain for you
When no one else is on your side
I’ll defend you
Let me be your soldier
I’ll carry the cross for you
When you’re down and on your knees
I’ll protect you

Perfect song is perfect, and perfect Stony is even better.

It doesn't matter if we are TeamIronMan or TeamCap.

It doesn't matter if we think Tony Stark deserves a hug or if we want to protect Bucky Barnes.

It doesn't matter if we just discovered our new love to T'Challa or if Spider Man was the highlight of the movie.

We all are unified by our mutual hate of the completely unnecessary kiss between Steve and Sharon.

I love sharon carter’s character but I can’t stand the grossly forced romance with her and Steve. Peggy’s funeral was so emotional for me, but once I realized they were setting up Steve and Sharon, it totally ruined the emotional effect. Peggy was an important person to the both of them. Steve loved her and Sharon was her niece and looked up to her, and what I would have like to see instead was a more familial relationship between Sharon and Steve.

Captain America! It’s an honor. I’m shaking your hand too long. You’re really great. I know you know a lot of super people, so thinks for thanking of me. Thanks for thinking of me.

Scott Lang, being the ultimate fanboy

From the D23 Civil War trailer


Iron Man by Matt Ferguson / Tumblr / Website / Twitter

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The sheer utter innocence of Peter Parker is perhaps what stands out most about Civil War.

He’s reluctant to get involved with a superhero Civil War…but only because he has homework. He goes all FANBOY~! about meeting Captain America and Bucky’s metal arm.

He honestly doesn’t want to hurt anyone and thinks he can just web everyone and restrain them and things will be fine. 

And, no matter what, he doesn’t want to stress Aunt May.

Peter was probably too good for all those whiny, complicated, dysfunctional adults, though.  

Every time I hear the OPM ED I can only see Genos perching on the balcony waiting for sensei to get tf home like this loser probably has a built-in steamer so he irons Saitama’s pajamas while waiting like

'Iron Man 4' plot news: Will Riri Williams taking over the Iron Man suit from Tony Stark translate into the MCU?
Campaigns for an "Iron Man 4" are still quietly being pushed by superhero aficionados resulting to multiple plot ...

“Other than the potential flak, everything seems to be laid out perfectly with regard to Tony relegating Iron Man duties to Riri. As seen in “Civil War,” where he delivered a keynote speech and distributed sponsorships in M.I.T., he could have crossed paths with the teenage whiz kid. Furthermore, it can also be a great resolution to his and Pepper Potts’ (Gwyneth Paltrow) ongoing break caused by his inability to give up his suit.

Should all these plot changes actually be in consideration inside of Marvel Studios’ headquarters, it would still be a bit of a wait for fans due to their full slate until 2019. Backtracking to 2014, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has actually stated that if an “Iron Man 4” is in their cards, it would have to be released after 2019. Given that RDJ is still slated to be in 3 more movies until 2019, it is safe to say that he will remain alive until the dust settles in the battle against mad titan, Thanos, in the next “Avengers” films.”

Read the full piece here

Also: Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis talks the creation of Riri Williams, who will take over for Tony Stark


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holtzmann headcanons

it was only a matter of time okay

- she’s the biggest flirt on earth, but she also has really intense intimacy issues? like if anyone actually responds to her advances she gets all flustered and weird and suddenly stuck in her shell? it takes someone very kind and compassionate and patient to actually connect with her.

- nothing she does is ironic. EVERYTHING she does is ironic. peace signs, finger guns, rhyming, singing… who knows why she does it or what it means, but it’s funny and good and it’s holtzmann after all

- she nearly fatally injured a man in a lab accident once (canon), and that’s why she works with abby instead of nasa. she visits this man once a week with flowers and intense personal gossip. 

- she has an extremely active brain. she’s so busy processing and reasoning and creating that she can only mutter out random jokes and comments once in a while. few things surprise her because she internally explores plausible future avenues long before anything actually happens. saying something slow and genuine is difficult for her because her emotions and fast and strong, but when she does, it’s awkward and adorable (the toast).

- she has the most supportive parents on earth! she comes from a crazy theater family, and by age 12 she was building crazy moving sets for her parents’ community productions. her wardrobe is also greatly inspired by crazy costumes and aesthetics. she came never officially “came out,” but by high school she was kissing girls. she’s never found a steady girlfriend before, though. 

- she’s actually hella good at weird poetry? like sick rhymes and limmericks and especially slam stuff? 

- of course she kills video games. she’s really good at video games. 

-  she spends two hours on her hair every morning. which means that she wakes up at, like, 4 am. 

- she’s been keeping a secret pet dog in the lab since the beginning of her work with abby and kevin is only person who knows. 

- she builds the best fucking float for nyc pride and has the other ghostbusters ride it with her. the nation notices and she becomes a gay icon. 

- she learned her moves from That Scene from her tradition of playing intense laser tag every friday night in high school.