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BOMB A** Traits | PT 4

(Feat. Bomb A** Traits [Kids Edition (Toddler-Teen Only)])

What’s good everybody!? So its been a while but I finally had some free time to finish tweaking these damn traits. Anyways, this is Part 4 of the Bomb Ass Traits collection! So this collection comes with 6 total traits. My bad for taking over a year to finally release these lol. But aye, better late than never! Oh and to all of those extra ass people that are going to be like “OMG you put swear words” save your breath. If you have a problem with the name of the traits then simply don’t download. I really could care less about you or your opinion….and on that note, Happy Simming everyone! 

730: “ Flow crazy 7:30, you just 6:50
Twenty bullets from the chopper take the roof off
Laughing to the bank, I’m a goofball” 

(I wonder how many of y’all know the song off the top of your head..)

IN GAME DESCRIPTION - These type of sims are just plain crazy. They won’t try to disguise their craziness as being silly or funny. They won’t care how you feel about them, so you can either get with the program or GTFOH. 

Extra:  If you don’t know what this means then why are you even downloading the trait?

IN GAME DESCRIPTION - These sims do the absolute damn most. For no reason.

♢ Conceited: A Self lover.

IN GAME DESCRIPTION - This sim does not care about others opinions because only their own opinion matters. They are the definition of self-love and they will do whatever it takes to keep their body healthy. Their fitness and wellness skills tend to increase fairly quickly. 

♢ Ratchet: A ghetto-dialect mispronunciation of the English term “wretched”.

-Via the internet

Bruh, this has me so weak rn. 😭

IN GAME DESCRIPTION - HOW TO KNOW IF YOU’RE RATCHET: 1. You know the name of the creator and which website your hair came from (then you want to walk around claiming it, talking about some “Grrrl, I use that super duper organic coconut oil, mix it with some aloe vera and deep condition my hair twice a day) 2. You try to make money any way that you can from doing things like gardening, fishing, painting, etc instead of going out and actually getting a damn JOB 3. You stay posting pics of you and your fugly ratchet friends on Simstagram 4. If a male or female has money, doesn’t matter how they look, doesn’t matter their age, martial status, you’d hit it or get hit by it. 5. You walk around with some broken CC on, talking about how you got them new J’s on, when they’re really just some base game shoes that somebody decided to add the Jordan label to. #ThatsSoRatchet

♢ Natural: MY FAVOURITE TRAIT EVER! This one is for all of my melanin sisters! 💖

IN GAME DESCRIPTION - This sim is all about being natural. They love protected hairstyles, the max hydration method, the LOC method and natural hair products. WARNING: This sim loathes HEAT and un-protective hairstyles.   

♢ Yoint: A natural born baddie.

IN GAME DESCRIPTION - This type of sim can make others fall for them very easily. They’re considered to be a cutie to everyone. Most sims want to get to know them on a friendship level and sometimes on a romantic level.

♢ Badass: These type of children have absolutely zero home training. 

IN GAME DESCRIPTION - They say what they want, do what they want and don’t care about the consequences. Maybe it’ll get better when they grow up? Probably not. 

♢ Grown: These type of children knows too much.

IN GAME DESCRIPTION - These sims are basically already young adults. No need of raising them because they’re already grown. 

♢ Smartass: These type of children don’t know what to say or when to say it. You’ll never have to worry about what they’re thinking because they’ll tell you. 

IN GAME DESCRIPTION - These children try so hard to keep their mouths shut but just can’t seem to succeed. Adults would often describe them as "smartasses” when in reality they’re just “keeping it 100”.


Note: Tag me if you use the traits in game! DO NOT RE-UPLOAD or REDISTRIBUTE.  If you run into any issues, please feel free to message me as soon as possible so that I can fix it. Thanks and happy simming! 😊

TFW Preference: Baby on the Bunker doorsteps

Requested by @iwantthedean

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Lol I think all of their first instinct would be panic, but once that settles this is their reactions.

Sam (Again yes I know the pic is Jared but finding Sam with babies… not easy!)

Sam would probably dump the baby on Dean if he could. He’d want to figure out where it came from and what happened to bring the child to them. If Dean isn’t around and he has to take care of the baby on his own goggle is probably his best friend too.

As soon as he starts to loosen up a little Sam doesn’t have bad instincts. He’d be pretty good with the baby and he’d have a hard time given it up when it comes to it.

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Angels Can’t Cook

Characters: Castiel x Reader, Dean Winchester (brief)
Word Count: 2,514
Warnings: Some language, Cas being freaking adorable, Dean being a little shit. You know, the usual.
A/N: I wrote this for @roxyspearing’s “We have a gif for that” challenge! My gif is below, and though it didn’t quite go the way I originally planned, I absolutely love how it turned out.

Beta’d by my wonderful writing soulmate, @trexrambling: “Famous last words. Also, that flower lady is my new favorite side character.” Dude, me too. Maybe I should write a fic with just the side characters coming together to save Sam and Dean. hahah

and also @pinknerdpanda, who is my literal twin: “HxlhskyrhlAgdjhflfi. *Flails* I love this so much!!!” I thoroughly enjoy making you flail.

As always, tags are at the bottom. If you’d like to be added, please let me know!

“Sir?” The store employee cautiously approached the man standing in front of the meat case. “Sir, do you need help?”

The trenchcoated figured turned to face her, his eyes narrowed and head tilted, “Is this the best burger that you have?”

“Umm, yes, this is all the ground beef that we have.”

“Is it…organic?”

She forced herself to pull her eyes away from his bright blue ones and looked down at the case. “Well, some of it is. There are signs next to each one that tells you which is organic and which isn’t.”

He looked back down, his head still tilted slightly as he stared at the options. “What is the difference between organic and non-organic? Are they not all made from slaughtered cows?”

The girl looked back at him, her eyes wide as she wondered if he was being serious. “Umm…well, it’s more about what they’re fed and how they’re raised…and that sort of thing…” she trailed off.

He looked up and locked eyes with her again, “I see. Do you care about organic beef?”

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