I DID NOT edit these scenes.
I just giffed them as they were.

This is not a Fan Video.

This is the Season 12 recap video made by CW
They are the ones who have chosen the song and selected the scenes (in this order)  to fit perfectly well with the lyrics.

But I kept the best for last : The end of the video :

See CW, we are not making this up.
This is all your doing.
And you’re doing it deliberately

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The “Cas” marathon: season 5. [ Castiel’s version ] [ season 4 ]


Bzz bzz. Your phone vibrated on the table-top.

You didn’t mean to sigh out loud, but you must have, because Cas’s eyes were on you in an instant.

“What’s the matter?” He sat up straighter in his chair, blue eyes fixated on your face.

“Uhh–” you stared down at the message blinking on your screen and hastily deleted it. “Nothing.” You replaced your phone on the tabletop and were about to address Cas again when you were interrupted–bzz bzz. You shut your eyes tight and subconsciously pressed your lips together into a thin line.

Cas’s brow drew down heavily over his eyes. “What is it?”

This time you knew he wouldn’t be so easy to brush off. “It’s–it’s nothing, Cas. It’s just… it’s my ex.”

“Your ex?” he repeated. The gravel in his voice thickened and his shoulders tensed. “Why?” 

You shook your head, deleted the new message, and locked your phone screen again, shoving it into you jacket pocket. “Drunk texts. It’s nothing. Just stupid.”

Cas’s hand clenched into a fist and you saw his jaw tighten as he ground his teeth together. “That seems inappropriate,” he said through his gritted teeth.

You nearly smiled at his reaction. “It’s not a big deal. It’s fine.”

“It’s not fine,” he said. “Do you want me to–”

“No!” you interrupted with a laugh. “No,” you repeated. You put a gentle hand on his arm and the anger vanished instantly as he looked at your fingers resting against his arm. “It’s fine. It’s nothing to worry about.”

Cas nodded, but his blue eyes didn’t leave the point of contact between you two…

Thinking about jealous!Cas is so angsty though. Like, I imagine Cas being of such pure heart that he would be genuinely happy for Dean finding something more with somebody, but there’d also be that nagging, more human part of him that would feel very conflicted because that somebody isn’t him and he’d hate that feeling because his happiness for Dean’s happiness shouldn’t be that tainted

Preferences: Recovering from a Hunt

Requested by @aiaranradnay. Hope you enjoy!!!


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Dean hates to see you after a bad hunt. You’re very similar to him– you always blame yourself for a hunt gone wrong. So, after those terrible nights, Dean makes sure to hold you close and whisper loving words into your ear.


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Even if a bad hunt isn’t your fault, you always blame yourself and Sam notices. It hurts him to see you blame yourself every bad hunt. When there is a hunt gone wrong, he makes sure you know that you’re amazing and not in fault.


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Cas always watches over your hunts. When he sees the hunt fail, he sees your guilty expression and immediately feels a twinge in his chest. When he gets back to you, he peppers sweet kisses on your forehead to remind you that everything is okay.

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Your Little Princess | Bucky x Reader One Shot

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Warning: Fluffy-ness.

A/N: I’m writing this at 4 in the morning and I’m lazy tired so sorry if it’s horrible. :’)

“Daddy! Daddy, look what I made!”

Sarah Elizabeth Barnes ran across the floor towards her father, wildly waving her newest finger painting and macaroni art piece in the air above her head.

As she did so, the not-completely-dried glue let a few pieces of macaroni hit the floor, which you picked up after your vibrant and hyper daughter.

Bucky coming home had always been her favorite time of day, as she was a complete daddy’s girl. You thought it was adorable how she’d run for him so happily, and he’d smile and scoop her up with an equal amount of joy and love, kissing her on the forehead and earning a giggle from her in return.

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Fanfiction Recommendation

7/24/17: So this week I literally had no concept of what day it was, I swear that I lived through like three Fridays and I completely thought that today was Sunday instead of Yesterday. So yeah, now I’m working on a lot of things and I have the next three days off so I’m hoping to get some stuff done. On another note (I’ve said a few times that I work in the theatre world) my good friend, who makes and styles wigs, is restyling a wig that John Barrowmen wore at some point in his life…I just thought that was really cool. Anyway, enjoy the list and I’ll be posting soon. 

Last Week’s Recommendation

My Masterlist 

Dean x Reader

  • Beauty and the Beast (Series-Ongoing) by @the-awkward-writer -  Dean Winchester is the biggest mob boss in New York City. He replaced his father as the leader of The Hunters when his father was sent to jail for twenty years. Now, ten years later, your father owes Dean a good sum of money. Your father cannot pay it, and takes him hostage, letting him work off the money he owes. You find out and selflessly take your father’s place. At first, Dean is coarse and unrefined, and you are apprehensive and stubborn to show affection towards him. Over time, both of your feelings change, and you start to fall in love with Dean. But then tragedy strikes and you are unsure about your future with Dean. Will your relationship last? Will Dean find the apple pie life he’s always wanted?
  • Cinderella by  @giftofdreams -  Y/N feels like the only thing she does in the bunker is clean as the boys sometimes forget that she isn’t their personal maid. Realizing that she has multiple things in common with Cinderella. Cleaning, have a prince charming and being a princess

Sam x Reader

  • Imagine Finding Sam’s Daughter by @luci-in-trenchcoats - Could you do a single dad Sam where his daughter is trying really hard to get him with someone. So she runs off at the mall when she sees the reader, and tells her she is lost. Reader tries to help, child then plays match maker once sam is found lots of fluff and maybe a bit steamy (wink wink)
  • Dreamy Eyes by @thesupernaturaldead - No summary but super cute high school AU where you’re the new girl. 

Cas x Reader 

  • New Haircut by @xx-multi-fandom-imagines -  “Could you do a fic where the reader get her hair cut like a boy and Sam and Dean make fun of her and make her cry but Castiel comfort her by telling her he thinks she’s beautiful and that he’s been in love with her for some time?”
  • Unspoken Words by @on-a-bender - Castiel hates the reader and she doesn’t know why so she pretends to hate him too, but on one case, they are forced to play nice….

Crowley x Reader 

  • The Starbucks Cup by @roxy-davenport -  “This was written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge Week 5 Challenge with the prompt, “Please refrain from shooting her, we need her for later.” Towards fluff but not overly fluffy per se, has action, a bitchy women, a Starbucks cup and Crowley. :D”
  • Kiss it Better by @christinalibertymikaelson -  Prompt: “I thought you forgot about me.”

Jensen x Reader 

  • The Reveal by @plaid-lover-bay25 - Just two weeks after giving birth Jensen is excited to finally reveal to the fans and the world your newborn. You’ve kept the secret but how will everyone react?
  • The Concert (Series- Ongoing) by @notnaturalanahi - Y/N finally gets to see her favorite singer perform live. In the middle of the show something she never thought would be even possible unexpectedly happened, he to noticed her in the middle of the ocean of people.

Jared x Reader 

  • Moose and Me by @lovemesomepie85 - Happy Birthday Jared!! It’s cute and fluffy and smushy! Jared and the Reader find out their expecting and get a huge surprised on his birthday! This is the start of my first Jared and Reader series!
  • It’ll be Worth It by @atc74 -This is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing’s Summer Hiatus Writing Challenge, I used the prompt “Don’t listen to them. Don’t EVER listen to them.” it will be in bold.

Misha x Reader 

Bucky x Reader 

  • James by @barnes-heaven - “I’d like to request a Bucky one shot? Where it’s pretty soon after the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Bucky meets a girl with a strong brooklyn accent and it helps him remember (he also thinks she’s hella feisty and cute maybe?)” 
  • Mine by @capsheadquaters -  Can you do a female reader x jealous!bucky or possessive!bucky (they’re both kinda the same thing idk but jealous!bucky is my religion) ?? thank you!!