I love how no one noticed the glaring plot hole

Regarding Hydra.

I imagine that some Hydra board meeting had to go like this shortly after Iron Man 1:

Hydra Leader 1: Ok guys, you remember that rich kid whose parents we had the Winter Soldier kill a couple years back?

Hydra Leader 2: Yeah, Tony Stark

Hydra Leader 1: Yes. Well, his mentor’s plot to murder him failed and now he’s flying around the globe in a nearly invincible suit of technologically advanced armour hunting down terrorist organisations. I vote that we mobilize the Winter Soldier to take him out immediately.

Hydra Leader 2: No need, canonically we’re not as big a villainous organization in Tony Stark’s plot lines as AIM is, so as long as we don’t actively involve ourselves with him we’ll be good.

Hydra Leader 1: What?

Hydra Leader 2: Sorry, fourth wall broke. Don’t worry, we won’t ever have to fight Iron Man.

Hydra Leader 1: Very well, if you say so.

*After the first fight in Avengers: Age of Ultron*

Hydra Leader 1: Dang it Bob!

Hydra Leader 2: It’s not my fault you stole the scepter that he had just taken from Loki!

Preferences: Panic Attack

TRIGGER WARNING - I’ll be putting this (and any other preference that I feel may be triggering to some) under a read-more.

Warnings: Mentions of various panic attack symptoms. Mentions of flashbacks. Mentions of detachment.


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modern monster crew au. tiny swole werewolf jeremy whose wolf form has a fluff of colorful fur. vampire geoff who mixes blood and booze in ridiculous cocktails. faerie gavin who is more in the crime scene for the lulz and the shiny things he can collect than any other reason and loves leaving weird faerie circles all over the city for random people to stumble into. shapeshifting dragon ryan who hoards weapons and books, breathes smoke when he’s flustered, likes it when he gets scratches between his wings because he can’t reach very well himself. forest nymph jack who wears floral patterns as a silly reference and has a tiny houseplant version of their huge old tree hidden somewhere. witch michael who harnesses fire in his very soul and can manipulate the minds of mortal men to his will. phoenix lindsay who keeps a humanoid form through a magic charm but burns forever, a dangerous duo with michael. 

Tales From The Impala

Welcome to another installment of Tales From The Impala, a weekly Supernatural fanfic rec list! Below is every amazing fic I’ve read recently, from some amazing writers. Go check out these fics and the talented people who wrote them!

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I know this is three days late (I’m a piece of shit) and I am so sorry! Life happened and I couldn’t find the time to sit and do this considering it usually takes me a good 2 hours. Next weekend it will be on time, I promise!

The One With The Fluff

The One With The Angst

The One With The Smut

The One With The Multiple Parts

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The Huntress - Prologue


“With leather worn and sword unsheathed stands the fallen child of the angels; the huntress of the deep.” - willowing-love

Pairing: Castiel x Nephilim!Reader

Warning: This will be another one of my adventure fics. This series will contain FLUFF, ANGST and SMUT (at some point. I am not a smut writer, but this fic calls for it). All nsfw chapters will be tagged. It will also contain strong language, physical violence, blood, gore, violent visions, and pain. If any of this would be triggering for you, then you can check out my masterlist for some slightly less angsty oneshots and drabbles instead. 

Word Count: 1,901

You all have @perseusandmedusa to blame for this one! She innocently asked if I had ever considered a Castiel x Nephilim!Reader fic. “Just imagine…”. So I started researching nephilim and was quickly sucked into this world of half breeds. I adapted a manuscript of mine to bring you this and I hope you guys enjoy it! You know the drill…let me build up the story line before I throw you off the cliff.

THE MELODY OF INSPIRATION:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2lf_vyK8fw  (because tumblr is having issues with links now)


“Listen to me” he said as he lifted your chin to meet his gaze “I need you to stay in here and be completely silent. Do you understand me?” You looked back at him and you could feel the fear rolling off of him in waves. He tried his best to hide it from you, but he knew better. His stormy eyes were like a door into everything that he was feeling. He had never been able to hide anything from you. Even at seven years old you could read him like a book.

“Yes, daddy” you whispered.

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Midnight Swim

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

A/N: Mmkay, so this fic isn’t exactly my best work. Just a random thought I had while taking a midnight swim in my backyard. I’ve never really written anything even remotely sensual before, so forgive my ineptitude.

Warnings: Voyeurism?

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It was a warm summer’s night, and you couldn’t sleep.

You sighed and sat up in bed, swinging your legs over the side. No use forcing what wasn’t going to happen. It was dark, but the light of the moon and the streetlamps outside gave you enough to make out your surroundings. You rubbed your eyes and took a look at your phone, wincing at the sudden brightness of the screen:

’11:25pm; 95°F’

“Fucking Arizona,” you groaned as you stretched your arms over your head before getting to your feet, fanning yourself with your hand. The AC in the room was complete and utter crap. You couldn’t wait to get back to the cool confines of your beloved bunker. But until then, you’d have to settle for some night air to help ventilate your room and give you some comfort.

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Jack & Sally by Brianna Arce