My comicbook Persephone is out in France.
It has been a looong road from the starting point to the release date.
I have to thank many people without whom none of this would have been
possible (could it sounds more cliché ahah) : Tamia Baudouin, Queen
of bande-dessinée, David Chauvel, who said ‘amen’ to every weird path
I decided to take during the book’s conception, and of course all the friends
I met while drawing the book. Life has been so great since I started to sketch
Persephone, I’m thinking she was my lucky charm, I’m sad to let her go live
her own adventures without my help.

Farewell little girl !

silly ladynoir things
  • chat starts Shit Talking Sundays bc there are some days when chat just needs to talk about how dumb his dad is being and ladybug needs to scream about this bratty bully in her history class
  • on days when they’re bored, they’ll board the metro in costume and ride it for a few stops purely for the shock value
  • chat finds out ladybug can’t whistle and spends every available opportunity trying to teach her
    • cn: *squishes her cheeks between his hands* you’re not pursing your lips enough and your tongue isn’t positioned correctly, try again
    • lb: my tongue is sitting in my mouth what do you mean it’s not positioned correctly i don’t ???????
  • joint naps during patrols are very much a thing bc these kids never sleep between school and akuma attacks. sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll find ladybug snoring on a rooftop with chat noir laid on top of her, drooling on her shoulder
  • when patrols get boring, ladybug will hop on chat noir’s back, make him shut his eyes, and act as his eyes while they try to patrol the city before switching places. they don’t talk about that time chat was laughing too hard to warn ladybug about the ledge and they almost fell off a roof. 
  • hide and seek games that last literally hours
    • they both cheat and bring their phones to stalk social media tags and see if anyone’s posted tips and/or sightings of them so that they can find the other
  • chat’s really good at massages so sometimes he’ll work out the kinks in ladybug’s shoulders when they have downtime bc “wow you carry so much tension in your neck please tell me you’re not hunched over your desk all day”
  • the eiffel tower is their honorary “it’s 3am and we can’t sleep” meeting place. 
  • they’ll often drop into parks and playgrounds and join with some of the neighborhood kids on games of tag, frisbee, and football
  • they have a going scoreboard for their impromptu arm wrestling competitions. last they checked the score was 32-35 with ladybug in the lead. 
  • they each have their own personal lists of dumb/funny things that the other has said
    • chat’s list of things ladybug has said: “sleep isn’t a thing you know. they lied to you. it’s not real,” “you ever wonder if i can spin a web with my yoyo?” “can lucky charm conjure me an A for this physics test tomorrow?” “i almost had my cat-eye eye liner perfect today before that akuma appeared and messed me up like that proximity to perfection might never happen again.”
    • ladybug’s list of things chat has said: “is there a place where we can borrow a microwave? i wanna see what happens if i use cataclysm on it,” “memes are like the dysfunctional family you didn’t ask for but didn’t know you needed,” “im like terrified an akuma attack is gonna happen when i’m in the shower while im naked and vulnerable,” “if i extend my staff long enough, do you think it’ll reach space?”
zach dempsey: lucky charm

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x reader

Warning(s): Really freaking cute Zach Dempsey

Word Count: 299

Gif: @joeck

A/N: I really love @joeck, please go follow them!

It was 5:46 and you just arrived at school. Your mom works early and you don’t drive, so you have to leave early too. Every morning you hear the dribble of a basketball in the gym. You usually just play your music and leave it be, but today, you were intrigued. Who was playing basketball at 6:00 in the morning?

You peeked through the door space. You couldn’t see much of the figure, other than sporatic flashes of the baby blue jersey. You crept into the gym, revealing the school basketball star Zach Dempsey. You closed the door behind you as quietly as possible. You stood by the bleachers, watching him dribble the ball. He jumped up and aimed the ball at the basket. He missed the basket entirely.

“Dammit!” He swore. He chased the ball to the gym wall. With the ball between him and the wall, he rested his head against it. He fist pounded against the mats.

He turned around and dribbled the ball across the court. He jumped up, threw the ball and it hit the backboard. Luckily, it bounced into the basket. You smiled to yourself and physically celebrated the shot. You were sure not to make a noise.

He continued playing, making all his shots. He jumped onto the basket, making a slam dunk. He let out a hearty laugh. You clapped you hands, which gained his attention.

You paused. “I hope you don’t mind,” you started. “I heard the dribbling. I just wanted to see who was up.”

He walked to the edge of the court with the ball against his side. Panting, he asked, “How long were you standing there?”

He wasn’t upset that you were there, not even bothered.

“Well,” you checked your phone for the time: 6:13. “Almost half an hour.”

He smiled. “Did you see me missing all my shots?”

You stepped out from beside the bleachers. “I saw one. Then you got back up and made the shots after.”

He walked over to the bleachers, sitting beside where you stood. He tapped the spot beside him, beckoning you to sit. You did so and he wiped his sweat from his forehead on the collar of his jersey.

“Y'know, before you got here,” he panted. “I couldn’t make any shots. Maybe one out of, lemme see, fifteen. Then the moment I was about to shower and give up, I felt completely at ease. Like, an extra rush of adrenaline.”

You nodded, not really looking at him. You always found him attractive. He was a sweet guy– dumb, but sweet.

“It’s like you’re my lucky charm,” Zach smiled.

Far too young to die

Request by @mr-robot-x : How would Jeff react when the reader dies in the accident instead of him. Clay and Justin support him.

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this, i listened to soooo many sad songs while writing this and idek how many times i watched my baby Jeff’s death scene and cried. Two of my friends read this and they cried. WE NEED TO PROTECT MY BABY, HE IS TOO PURE FOR THIS CRUEL WORLD


  • Saturn - Sleeping at last
  • If I die young - The band perry (iconic song in my opinion)
  • My immortal - Evanescence
  • People help the people - Birdy
  • Moments - One Direction 
  • The whole playlist for 13rw

Jeff’s POV

It was never supposed to happen this way. It should have been me! If that stupid stop sign wasn’t down and if I wasn’t drunk maybe things wouldn’t have ended this way.

*flashback* Y/N POV

As you got ready for the first party of the year, settling on a black romper and flats, you get a text from Jeff.

”be there by 20:30 x”

As you finished doing your hair, you heard your parents and who you presumed to be Jeff. As you walked into the kitchen it was as if he could sense your presence because he turned to you and flashed you a smile that was reserved only for you. You stood next to him and he wrapped his arm around your waist and pressed a loving kiss on your forehead. The drive to Jessica’s house was in a comfortable silence, with you humming to the tune of whatever song was on the radio and Jeff focusing on the road and having his hand resting on your leg.

You both stayed together for the duration of the party, as usual. You decided it was best that you not drink seeing that Jeff decided to play beer pong and someone will have to be the designated driver. You saw Clay and Hannah together and it looked like things were going well. Anyone could see that they liked each other if you paid enough attention. It seemed like the two were just waiting for the other to make the first move. Jeff was really doing a good deed by helping Clay, and from what you’ve heard, Hannah deserves happiness after everything the people at this school has put her through.

It was getting late, so you decided it be best that you and Jeff leave before he gets too drunk, knowing that he will regret it tomorrow morning. As you drove, Jeff filled the silence, “We should go for breakfast tomorrow”, he spoke. You smiled at him, “How about lunch? I don’t think your hangover is going to let you leave bed before 10″, you looked at him and laughed. But you were cut short by the sound of screeching tyres and crash, and everything suddenly went black.

You could hear a voice scream your name, no wait two voices. “y/n wake up, baby please just move, open your eyes. Do something so i know you’re okay please.” Jeff. “Jeff we have to get you out!” said the second voice. “NO! She needs to be okay Clay!” Clay, it’s Clay. You tried, you really tried to move but it was like you were stuck in cement. You wanted to just wrap your arms around Jeff and tell him that everything was going to be okay. That’s when you heard the sirens, the ambulance, Jeff still calling out your name. It pained you to hear him call and you not being able to do anything. It all sounded so distant, it sounded like it was happening miles away from the place you were. But what you heard next didn’t feel distant, it felt like it was being screamed into your ear. “Driver, female, late teens, time of death: 00:26.″

*present* Jeff’s POV

It’s been three days. Three days since I lost her. As I walk into school, everyone looks at me with sympathy and there’s road safety posters plastered everywhere. Are you fucking kidding me? “follow the rules of the road”, “road safety isn’t a joke.” Maybe if the fucking stop sign was up she would still be here. 

“Jeff, wait up”

“Clay, uh-hi”

“I’m not gonna ask how you’re holding up, but you’re my friend and I need to know if you’re gonna be okay at school.”

“I don’t know anymore, there was this part of me hoping she would be there waiting at my locker like she usually does, standing there with open arms ready to tell me it was all a nightmare and that she wouldn’t leave me.”

“Hey listen, everything becomes too much, just tell me and we can put our lessons on hold.”

“No, no don’t do that. She believed in me Clay, she always believed I would would get my grades up and play again and I can at least do that for her.”

“Jeff you know I’m always gonna be here okay? Just don’t do anything you’ll regret, just talk to me okay?”

“yeah thanks Clay”

*2 months later*

She would be proud, y/n would be proud. I got my grades up and coach is going to let me play again. I just wish she was her to see this. “And now stepping up to the plate, Liberty High’s golden boy has returned, Jeff Atkins!”

As I walked onto the field I felt like everything was coming together. I took my position, ready to use all my built up anger and frustration and hit the ball. That’s when I heard it, I looked into the crowd to see where that voice came from but no one was there. I shook it off and got into position again, then there she was, the biggest smile and cheering me on from “her spot” in the crowd and i froze, the bat falling to my feet as i stood there staring at the place she would always stand during my games.

“Jeff! hey man what happened? you good?” someone said as they placed their hand on my shoulder, forcing me to move my gaze from the crowd. “She was there, I heard her voice and I thought I saw her Justin.” “Jeff she’s not there, I’m sorry.” “She was always at my games, she wouldn’t miss any of them. She was my lucky charm.” “Jeff there’s something you need to know about the night of the accident. I-uh Hannah said something after she died, but I can’t say anything. Sheri is the only one who can tell you what really happened that night….”

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Prompt: 2) Hinny dueling, set anytime post-battle. Cocky harpy vs. wipe-the-floor-with-you Auror? First summer trauma coping? The angst/fluff potential is endless

A/N: so this is a combo of the prompt ^ from @julxr4 and inspiration from @blvnk-art‘s grown up hinny fan art, particularly this comic.

Also available on FF and Ao3!

Harry’s pretty capable, as far as new fathers go.  No major injuries or illnesses to report, and he thinks James seems pretty happy, all things considered.  So when Ginny goes to spring training for almost a month, he does alright.  Aside from missing Ginny like – something he would miss a lot.  Sleep deprivation is not particularly conducive to similes.  Or grooming.  Between a full workload with the Auror Office and handling James on his own every night, certain things get shunted to the side.  And it’s a pretty easy choice if he’s deciding between shaving and taking a kip for a quarter of an hour.

Which is why Ginny comes home to her husband lying spread eagle on the floor with the tiniest Potter splayed across his chest, playing with his newly grown beard.  “Alright Potters?”

James claps his chubby hands and topples back against Harry’s now raised thighs in excitement.

Quickly, Harry catches James around his middle and soon enough has his entire family wrapped in his arms.  Ginny’s warm and firm under his hands, freckles and just a touch of sunburn across her shoulders, her chocolate eyes sparkling in that way that lets him know he’s not the only one who’s been lonely.

James pitches toward Ginny, his kiss overly wet and gummy, while Harry nuzzles her damp hair.  “We missed you.”

Ginny takes James into her arms, showering him with kisses before using her free hand to scratch at Harry’s beard.  “This is new.”

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if by chance

soulmate au | college au

↝ pairing: mark tuan | reader

↝ genre: fluff + soft angst 

↝ word count: 8.820

author’s note: uh, so it turns out i’m a sucker for soulmate aus. thanks anon for requesting! hope this is as fluffy as you wanted!!

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Like an Arrow to the Chest

Summary: Rather than Chat Noir being struck by Dark Cupid’s arrow, what if it had been Ladybug?Or rather…Bridgette?

Note I: Obligated Valentine’s Day fic…but with the PV kids ;D Hope you enjoy!

Note II: I took a direct line from a post made by edorazzi, who I recommend you following for lots of nice art! 



It was Ladybug who paid attention to the akuma victims’ stories, not Felix. He usually liked focusing on winning the battle with minimum damage done, focusing on the victim’s general background.

For example, this victim had been heartbroken and now turned love to hate. Fairly easy to guess, and no need to elaborate.

It also should have been an easy battle; he was not afraid when the akuma appeared in front of him since there was hardly any love in him to turn to hate in the first place. He’d pretend to get struck, then run off, transform, and distract the akuma until Ladybug arrived so they could take down the villain together.

He did not count on Bridgette Cheng shoving him to the ground, the arrow lodging itself in her chest before dissolving in an array of red and black sparkles.

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Rupert Grint: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me
Rupert Grint shares 25 things you may not know about him with Us Weekly — read more

1. I can carve almost anything into the end of a crayon: William Shakespeare, the Statue of Liberty, Gordon Ramsay wearing a fez. Anything!

2. I am definitely a nocturnal creature. I am not a morning person.

3. I currently wear a baseball cap with cross-eyes stitched on the front. It really creeps people out.

4. I like hats. It was an early ambition of mine to be a hat designer.

5. I can’t tell time on analog clocks. The purpose of the big hand and the little hand has never come naturally to me.

6. I’ve never attempted any extreme sports, and I consider running short distances an extreme sport.

7. I am an ambassador for the children’s charity Starlight.

8. My guilty pleasures are Costco pizza and watching The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross.

9. I wanted to be an ice cream man when I was younger. So when I was finally old enough to get my driver’s license, I bought an ice cream truck. In hindsight, it wasn’t the most practical first vehicle.

10. I carried the torch for the London 2012 Olympic Games. And now I use it to store pens.

11. My phone screen saver is a painting of my dog.

12. My dog is named after Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors.

13. I stole Harry Potter’s door number from his house on Privet Drive.

14. My nickname used to be “Poop” because it sounds like “Rupe.”

15. My favorite artist is David Shrigley.

16. My lucky charm is a fake Cher driver’s license.

17. When I was 5, my school asked me to write to media mogul Rupert Murdoch to ask for a donation to fix the pool, their logic being, as we shared a first name, he’d feel more personally invested. It was never repaired.

18. My favorite book is Rant by Chuck Palahniuk.

19. I like to watch Bollywood movies.

20. My karaoke song is anything by Oasis.

21. My favorite television shows are Brass Eye and The OA.

22. The best thing I own is a musical Alessi kettle.

23. While I was filming Snatch on a street in England, a guy gave me a five-pack of socks that he designed.

24. I want to visit Canada to see a narwhal. I’m not sure they exist until I see one.

25. I can’t dance. My body won’t allow me to.

juliagolia87  asked:

17 and 18 with Bucky please :)

17. “Has anyone ever told you, you’re a bit of an idiot?”- Bucky Barnes

Padding into the Avengers compound kitchen at six thirty in the morning, you fully expected to be alone. What you certainly did not expect, was your metal armed boyfriend holding his best frenemy, Sam, in a headlock as Captain America rolled around on the floor, clutching his stomach as he silently laughed.

“What the hell is going on in here?” You exclaimed, rubbing at your tired eyes as you tried to make sense of what was in front of you.

All movement in the room stopped, Bucky’s arm still locked around Sam’s neck, and Steve sprawled out on the tiled floor.

“He stole the last of my lucky charms.” Bucky mumbled, making no move to release the hold he had on his teammate.

“Right, let me get this straight… Sam ate your cereal, so this,” You gestured around the scene in front of you, “Is what you deemed as an appropriate response?”

Nodding ever so slightly, Bucky’s eyes shifted from you to Sam and back again.

“Has anyone ever told you, you’re a bit of an idiot?” You mused, shaking your head as you moved around the pair to grab a bottle of water from the fridge.

“Constantly.” Sam wheezed, cut off by Bucky tightening his hold.

Raising an eyebrow as Sam began spluttering , you gave Bucky your signature disapproval look, smiling slightly as he rolled his eyes and dropped his hold. “Okay boys, well I’m going back to bed, it’s too early for this shit.” You chuckled, nudging Steve with your toe as you walked past his still sprawled out figure. “Buck, you coming?” You asked over your shoulder, grinning as his focus immediately switched to you.

Smirking slightly, he strode towards you, linking his fingers before tugging you back in the direction of you room. “Okay, maybe you’re not that much of an idiot.” You giggled as he pressed a soft kiss against your lips.

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Pairing: Adrienette
Tags: Aged Up, Fluff, idek
Summary: Adrienette is trending online because of a Buzzfeed article. So, Adrien and Marinette read it together.

“Top 8 times Adrien Agreste and Marinette Dupain-Cheng were ‘hashtag couple goals’?” Marinette read aloud. “Well, this should be interesting.”

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Obvious (Shawn Mendes Imagine)

requested: can you do one where y/n & Shawn are both denying the relationship, but the love is so obvious that it soon becomes too much to deny anymore?

pairing: reader x Shawn Mendes

word count: 2,021

a/n: ok, you guys really gotta tell me what you think. I really love this one and I think it may be one of my best so far. also, great songs to listen to for this are friends by ed sheeran & i found by amber run :) 

Even though the space was large, the room was crowded with unfamiliar bodies and whispers about the two of you. 

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X-Boys chokers

(Because I saw some Sirius Black cosplay gifs, and died, and it led to this. )

Warren decked out in all his leather clad glory wearing a black matching choker with a little metal heart in the middle, his favorite style since it just looks so good on him.

Kurt wearing a baby blue, lace trimmed choker with a small white bow in front with a little dangly bell
Pastels are just made for Kurt, they show up beautifully against his skin and lace makes him look so innocent (and he really is, such a sweetie)

Peter would have a lot of different chokers, some with little charms, a few with bows, and some customized like his favorite silver strap with a little green Alien head charm (he would of course have the pizza too…)

(younger) Alex would jokingly buy a thin leather choker with small spikes on it for you, only for you to get him to test it out. It went well. Later on he can always be found in his leather cord puka shell choker.

Sean’s chokers are mostly what you’ve bought him, so they’re mostly little shamrock charmed things, especially since you like to call him your ‘lucky charm’

jungkook; i could’ve tried (to fix us)

❝roadtrip!au where we need to save gas money so we take a long, awkward, tension-filled car ride
►1914 words // scenario, pbd drabbles
♡ this was part of the drabble series ‘post-break-up drabbles’ but i found that i wrote a bit longer than what a drabble was for me so, a scenario instead!

Originally posted by jengkook

If there had been other people besides your parents and Jungkook’s who completely adored the two of you together, it would be the friends that you share with him. Being with them half of the time you were in a relationship, they knew the both of you inside out including the traits when you were together. It would’ve been lovely if you two were still together but in this case… it’s about to get nasty and you can foresee it when you agree to go on a road trip with them.

Being college kids with the common goal to save money with maximum fun meant being squeezed into a van that fit eight people. That wasn’t what bugged you, honestly. You’ve been into a situation where seven people had to fit into a four seater car (each bump was horrible). So this was nothing. Until you found out who you’d be seated next to in the back.

Your sitting buddy was none other than Jeon Jungkook.

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A Blind Path Home, part 7

Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: I obviously took some liberties with the storyline, but I tried keeping it as true as possible to the canon history. No beta used this time around, so excuse my mistakes.
Summary: It started with a blind date. A date you had skipped out on, but fate had led you right to the man you stood up. Steve Rogers, a man small in stature but big in heart. A chance meeting set everything in motion, but decades later when he is unfrozen, he has been told you have died. But when a mission to retrieve Hydra plans turned up some interesting information, Steve’s left to wonder whether you are still alive. Or is this all just false hope?Masterlist

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Originally posted by jyofanclub

bring back dark haired jaehyun pls

Request: Anonymous said: can i request for a boyfriend!jaehyun please🙆🏻

  • listen im so fuckin weak for him anyone who’s ever read my tags knows that im crying sm bc of him bye
  • so jung yoonoh
  • listen this boi eats so much
  • it’s like he’s never full
  • so obviously your dates would always include food
  • srsly it’s not a date for him if there’s no food
  • just don’t give him raisins bc he hates raisins okay 
  • ajhfejfh you two would spend a lot of times just laying on the sofa and eating tbh
  • watching musicals
  • he’d sing along to the songs bc he’s seen the movies so many times already ahfejfhe
  • and he’d pull u up w him and twirl u around
  • but ofc u both end up on the sofa again w him just holding u close to him
  • omg u probably wouldn’t notice that he already fell asleep on u 
  • jaehyun would cook a lot for you
  • most of the time it’s just ramyun tho ajhfzjfhzj
  • sometimes tho, when he’s got time
  • he’d surprise u w a l o t of food and he all made it by himself
  • ok maybe w a little bit of help from taeyong but
  • he would’ve made u close ur eyes and he’d guide u to the table
  • and obviously when u open them u see that the whole table is filled w delicious food and ur so ???wow???
  • yoonoh’s just gonna hug u from behind and he’d be like “all for u~~”
  • ajfhejhfjehf i feel like jaehyun would love it when u feed him and he feeds u, he’d just be like “we’re relationship goals”
  • he’d sing to u a lot
  • would probably take u to concert as date
  • w food ofc
  • and sometimes it’s concerts of rlly big artists but sometimes it’s just small concerts and he’d be holding u close to him, having his arm wrapped around ur waist and singing along happily, showing off his dimples and it’s just ajhfjzfhz
  • okay but jaehyun would make u go stargazing w him
  • bc he thinks that maybe you’ll be able to help him w finding aliens
  • and u were like “??why w me??”
  • and he replies with “bc ur my lucky charm ;))”
  • causing u to hit him and yoonoh just laughed saying that he got that from johnny
  • stargazing w him is so much fun tho like srsly
  • he probably brought his bluetooth speakers w him so u could play some music, not too loud tho, just soft enough for the two of u to hear it while u both look at the stars
  • he’d tell u to make a wish while he makes one too
  • when u ask him what he wished for he’d say “a bright future together w u”
  • and ur heart just melted at that point he’s so ajhjfehhfj
  • anways
  • jaehyun is a valentines baby :-))
  • which means that valentines day is both a special day for u and him, if u get what i mean 
  • haha
  • :)
  • he’d give u soooooooo many presents on that day
  • would give u a bouquet of roses too
  • akhfegfhz basically it’s just a extra special day
  • bc like
  • every day w jaehyun is already special
  • duh
  • yoonoh wouldn’t be afraid to talk about your future together
  • like he’d tell u that when u two are a bit older, he’d want to have children and like basically he tells u a lot about what he wants and ofc he also listens to what u want
  • jaehyun the type to steal a lot of kisses
  • like srsly he kisses u when u least expect it
  • some of them are really short but some of them r Extra Long
  • and he just sends sm love to u through his kisses it’s just so :”)))
  • bye im done w this im so emo rn