In my headcanon Adrien always wears Marinette’s charm, partly to counteract the extra bad luck from his miraculous, but mostly as a reminder that someone cares about him unconditionally.  Dawwwww~<3

I tried to match their handwriting on the show, and luckily the Dark Cupid episode has samples of both.

Adrien has surprisingly beautiful cursive, especially for something that was supposed to be a rough draft!  XD


In which Carla Hall let’s us all know she’s a Tony Goldwyn fangirl too on The Chew 2.2.15 [x]

the signs as slogans
  • Aries:"Isn't life juicy?" - Starburst
  • Taurus:"Two for me and none for you" - Twix
  • Gemini:"Gotta have my pops!" - Corn Pops
  • Cancer:"Now you're eating!" - Pizza Hut
  • Leo:"Put a tic-tac in your mouth and get a bang out of life" - Tic Tac
  • Virgo:"Think outside the bun" - Taco Bell
  • Libra:"Taste the rainbow" - Skittles
  • Scorpio:"Finger-Lickin' good" - KFC
  • Sagittarius:"They're magically delicious!" - Lucky Charms
  • Capricorn:"Nobody better lay a finger on my butterfinger!" - Butterfinger
  • Aquarius:"Melts in your mouth, not yours hands" - M&Ms
  • Pisces:"Open happiness" - Coca Cola