i still quote stuff from this video IRL to this day

believe it or not im going to sleep at 11:30 pm. 

today was very long.


Yes. You are reading the title right XD As part of my 2K follower thingy I am gifting you a story I wrote (/tried to write) when I was around 6 years old (2007-ish, therefore it is obviously not BTS or SVT related). It’s so fucking hilarious in my opinion - there are too many plotholes to count XD So here is the link:


And it’s better to access it this way because it keeps the original formatting (which is also ridiculous XD)

However if you can’t access it (mostly thinking of mobile users), don’t be afraid to tell me and I shall copy it all into a text post (if I can - the damn thing is 15 pages long XD)




Okay, haha, here it is @subject-a0 !! My cosplay as female version of Thomas from The Maze Runner!! I’m not really happy with how the ponytail ended up but I was just to lazy to fix it (besides I had already tried to redo it three times)

anonymous asked:

How do you do digital art? :o what program do you use? :o I have Krita but I'm no good at sketching and doing art. I can't do at digitally period though.. Is hard

in the past i’ve used Paint tool sai (which i used when i first got into digital art) but now i’m using Photoshop CC! the only thing i have to say about doing digital art is 1) get used to the tablet (it takes a while. it took me a year and a half i think) and 2) have fun and try out things. Don;t keep worrying or telling yourself you can’t do it. play with brush settings, doodle small things. once you get the hang of it, it’s just like drawing on paper, really!

sketching is something you don’t have to be good at! it’s a sketch, an idea, it doesnt have to be picture perfect. let it be as ugly as possible (like mine sdoahsdfgsdf) and then you can do a re-sketch and then the final lines! 

doing art is something you learn along the way, so  don’t worry if you start out really rough. no one is born with drawing skills it’s something you acquire with passion and practice.

also… let me show u my old art…below cut….. (most of them are from 2012-13 i think) it’s Horrible, but it’s a part of learning :) So the bottom line is: don’t give up!! there is always Hope 

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