After almost two years of frustration and no results, the husband finally says that maybe we’re being too picky in our housing search.


so this old thing is making the rounds again and i saw these tags

AND BOY ARE YOU IN LUCK @youre-not-really-here because someone recently commissioned me to draw exactly that

So I don’t know if someone’s already mentioned this, but the way to tell the gender of a crab - at least a blue crab, and a lot of other crabs, from what I’ve seen - is by the shape of the shell on their bellies.

Females have “aprons” and males have “ties”

It’s never specified what kind of crab Tamatoa is, if he even belongs to a particular species, but if you look at Tamatoa …

He looks a lot more like a female crab than a male one. He doesn’t match exactly, so it’s hard to tell; he’s definitely not a blue crab, but the shape is more feminine than masculine. 

Again, I don’t know about all the kinds of crabs, my experience with crabs is limited to the blue crabs and fiddler crabs native to South Carolina (fiddler crab males have one claw larger than the other, while females’ claws are the same size), so he may resemble the male crabs of another species. 

Maybe someone who knows more about crabs than me can confirm / speculate on my theory?

tl;dr Tamatoa is trans

so was the zoo episode of the stevenbomb legitimately intended to be something cutesy and fun? is that what it was?

i honestly thought it was supposed to be creepy. i was uncomfortable the whole time. and that’s what made me like it! but i’m seeing people claim it’s racist partially because it was portrayed as a good thing? and maybe i’m wrong (hell, i probably am) but imo the zoo was never painted as a good positive thing
…though also the absolute neglect steven and greg display after leaving it is. well. it’s something alright. not a good something. are we just gonna be given these characters and then never see them again?

idk i’m not saying anyone is wrong–i’m a sheltered white kid who grew up in a sheltered white town. i didn’t even know what a human zoo was until today! so i don’t think i have the right to call the episode racist or not. but i just want to pose the question: was the zoo really treated as a good thing for these humans?

honestly the whole time i had a “the giver” vibe in my mind, you know?

Top tip:
For anyone struggling with volume in their hair, buy a volumizing powder and put some at your roots (it gets a tad sticky if you put it anywhere else) and scrunch it around. My dad (a barber) and my old hairdresser both use it especially for short hair so I highly recommend it, particularly for straight, thin hair.

wtf is up with people comparing killing stalking to yuri on ice? they are absolutely nothing alike besides the fact there’s a gay couple (? which is a stretch in all honesty)…. the storylines are worlds different and both obviously are meant to attract two very different audiences… find love in your hearts