Can we stop with the ‘receding hairline’ thing:

That’s just…. the shape of his hairline… If it was /actually/ receding, it would’ve changed at least a little in THREE YEARS.

I didn’t go further back because he wore a fringe over his forehead almost every day in 2010/2012 but there are some pictures of him with a beanie in which you can tell it’s the same.

His hairline is shaped like a parabola. Deal with it, lmao.

I was thinking along the same lines. 

Here’s how Greg looked in Story for Steven, a few months before We Need to Talk:

It’s unknown how old he is, but judging from the fact that he’s an aspiring musician and his manager calls him “Star Child,” I’d assume he’s probably in his early 20s. 

And then here’s Greg during Rose’s pregnancy in Lion 3, after an undetermined period of time:

His hairline has receded considerably and he’s grown a beard. Most men experience significant hair loss by the time they’re 50, and Greg seems to be somewhere in the middle of the process, so I’d guess he’s somewhere in his 40s. 

Then there’s the Greg we all know and love. 

His male-pattern baldness has progressed to a fairly late stage. Again, we don’t know how old he is, and we don’t know what the stress of losing Rose and raising Steven has done to him, but assuming that Steven is somewhere in the window between 10 and 12 he’s probably in his early/mid 50s. 

So yeah, I agree, I’d guess Greg and Rose were together for something on the order of 20ish years before they had Steven.


the pittsburgh penguin ice cream parlor 


MD: The idea of Kuvira purging the Earth Kingdom of Fire and Waterbenders was something we talked about during the development of Book Four. These refugees became the illustration of that policy, showing how behind the scenes, Kuvira instituted some hateful and extreme policies under the guise of “uniting” her nation. 

BK: Steve Blum, the venerable voice actor who previously voiced Amon, provided the voice for Baraz. We didn’t have a design ready when they started the storyboards, so the artist just made him look like another one of Steve’s iconic roles, Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop. The design ended up following suit, but it was a little too on the nose, so I receded his hairline a bit. Baraz, Ahnah and escaped prisoner designs by Christie Tseng and Angela Song Mueller. Cleanup by Steve Hirt. Color by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf. [x]

The Non-Trump Way to Make the Most of Your Receding Hairline
Hugh Dancy's new haircut is working for him
By Megan Gustashaw

“Dancy did right by his balding head here. The Caesar haircut—which is short all over with bangs in the front—is legitimately having a moment so he looks a stylish dude who knows what’s up. Instead of painstakingly combing his bangs forward to cover his less full spots, he parted his hair, went light on product and left the bangs kind of messed up.“


You ever look over at bae and think


this nigga kinda cross-eyed and his hairline receding and his lips chapped and he need to clean his ears and he ashy and he smile like a gremlin

Tony Abbott has told journalists not to worry about metadata because he never worried about it when he was a journalist… in the 80s.

“There were no protections for metadata back then… probably because the police had no clue what it was.” Tony said at a recent press conference. “Hell, not even all my members of cabinet know what it is even now and we’re trying to enforce laws on it.”

“Some would argue the circumstances in which journalists operate now is quite different from back in the 80s because that was in the past when the internet wasn’t a thing. This terrifies me as I am stuck in the past. Why do people keep talking about this “present” and “future” business?” Tony scratched his head and momentarily looked terrified when he realised his hairline was receding. It hadn’t always been doing that had it? He used to have lots of hair back in the 60s!

“I disabled the calendar on my phone because it wouldn’t let me set it to anything earlier than 1/1/2000 and that troubled me,” Tony said as he tore up a nearby calendar while scowling at a female journalist in the sort of way that implied he didn’t think she belonged there.

I remember reading a tag on a soldier 76 post that showed him old and young (can’t remember anymore what post it was or what it was about) and I’m. I’m still salty about it?? It was like FIVe days ago. It said something like “you can keep his receding hairline, i’ll keep the young one” and I’m.

why is michael clifford making fun of/ignoring bigger girls when noodle arms himself is so insecure hed rather have a hideous haircut than show u his embarrassing receding hairline

My uncle really gonna get swiped he’s trying me cause he thinks my job is pathetic & I don’t do as much as him when he’s 40 years old working construction but he was a cashier when he was my age while I’m a manager of around 100 employees & have been promoted three times in the last year & a half why is his stupid receding hairline ass coming to me

The Fourteenth Event, Ramos & Ramos

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“Raúl, Rosario, always a pleasure,” Weaver sat at her desk across from two of the least pleased people in the system. It was nothing she had done, of course, they always looked like that when there wasn’t a camera pointed at them.

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RvB: Gun Safety

Did Carolina ever find out that it wasn’t Caboose who killed South? - completelysane

“I would have done it,” Wash says, unprompted. He’s cleaning his gun and taking the kind of meticulous, stalling care that’s customary for biding your time to have Real Conversations with someone.

“Shot me,” Carolina says, and it isn’t a question. Wash looks down the sights of the thing, pointing it not-quite at her chest to do so. She clicks her tongue against the roof of her mouth and looks away from him and the weapon because the mission is done and she’s leaving tomorrow anyway.

“You don’t think I could.” He sets the gun down, running a hand through his hair on the side where the hairline has receded just a bit more because of the repetitive motion. His hand travels down and rests on the back of his neck where the scar that the Director left him with is still slightly raised.

She stays silent, on the one hand wanting to deny it with a joke and say, you’d have to be able to hit me first, or, Wash, I remember your marksmanship scores, and on the other hand not knowing where this conversation is going or why it started. “I don’t know, Wash. I don’t know you.”

It’s not bragging because when Wash brags, his ears turn up and his eyes narrow with the effort of not letting the grin take over his face. He doesn’t sit up straight and preen his superiority, he doesn’t even look at her face, he raises the firearm again and aims it, a little closer to her. “What do you think happened to South?”

“I found a report,” she says, edging her left foot closer to the table and closer to the end of the gun, her left arm turning out slightly, ready to swipe. “It said she was killed by a simulation trooper. Caboose.” She stares at his face while he looked down the length of his weapon, the dangerous end of it barely in her peripheral vision.

He smiles, without ceremony. “You’ve been travelling with us for a while. You really think any of them are actually capable of permanently killing anyone?”

“Anyone? Sure. The rate of turnover for Caboose’s allies is significantly high.” She means it as a joke but Wash turns his gun and aims it at her. It’s empty, completely empty, she can see the ammo still on the table, but her hands twitch and she grits her teeth resisting the urge to reach for her own loaded gun.

“South?” he whispers, and with that he lowers the weapon and sets it down and Carolina breathes out again while her fingers uncurl.

“What did you hope to accomplish,” she asks, her tone forcibly light. He shrugs.

“Context, I guess.” He loads up the gun and Carolina moves her hand a centimeter closer to her own. “So you understand what I’d do for my team.”

“Kill them,” she says, and he doesn’t even blink. “Got it.”

“I hope you find what you need, Carolina.” He stands and looks right into her eyes and she doesn’t recognize him. “I did.”

Since you all seem to be endlessly complaining about and obsessing over his “receding” hairline, have a look for yourselves. After all, they used part of his own hairline for Avengers which is why it’s not a perfect match.
You’ve only taken such notice because now his hair is black and slicked back, making the hairline become obvious. You can stop going on about it now. Quite frankly, it’s rude and now it’s also pointless.