Signs playing Slender

Aries: cheers for slender man, waving homemade banners for him

Taurus: rocks back and forth in the corner whispering “no … no …”

Gemini: wears slender man cosplay and hugs cancer, scaring the shit out of them

Cancer: is ready with therapy ice cream


Virgo: slendys pretty fit tbh, i would ;)

Libra: eh whatever, this ish ain’t scary

Scorpio: WTAF IS THAT oh wait that’s a tree

Sagittarius: lol lets do this … in the dark ;)

Capricorn: Slender man is clearly in search for his elusive wig that will conceal his receding hairline

Aquarius: is calm af while everyone is losing their shit

Pisces: maybe slendy just wants a hug c:

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Imagine: Jason Welge sitting at his desk, resting his forehead on his palms, clawing at his receding hairline. He whispers to himself in frustrated bewilderment: "What the fuck is a mermaid cannon?"


Is Leonardo DiCaprio sporting that eye-catching beard to divert attention away from his receding hairline? That’s what one of his security guards tells me.

‘The look isn’t to stop people recognising him – it’s to stop people realising that he’s going bald,’ the source told me at Leo’s annual ‘after-after’ bash following the amfAR party.

But Leo, pictured at the amfAR gala at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, isn’t letting it cramp his style.

In all the years I’ve been going to the parties at his Villa St George, I’ve seen him on the dancefloor just once – he usually retreats to a private room. 

But on Thursday (May 21), Leo was in thick of it – and when police came to wind up the event, he screamed: ‘You can’t shut this down – it’s the best party ever!’ But officers were having none of it and closed it down anyway.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3094519/GIRL-CANNES-Bald-truth-Leonardo-DiCaprio-s-beard.html#ixzz3gX5BkjoD

Whoops, poor Giselle. A new body for a few hours and now she’s stiff again cuz I decided to put my blonde Desiree sculpt head on this body since her other body was really distracting from her lovely head. Seeing her on her original proportions reminded me how much I loved her in stores lol. The skin tone match is also way closer so I’m happy.

After taking off Clawd’s hat I’m still reeling from the uneven flocking, glue on his forehead and his poor receding hairline.

  • Jorgell:he is so enigmatic I can't figure out anything beyond "A Dwarf"
  • Jorgell:maybe high class given by beard grooming and the jewels on his clothes
  • Jorgell:he's old cause receding hairline
  • Jorgell:he's neither mage nor Templar, simply a dwarf
  • Jorgell:he's serious most of the time
  • Jorgell:he's gay
  • Jorgell:(judging this cause he has a Dorian type moustache and Dorian is gay)that's all I'm sorry
  • Jorgell:this mysterious dwarf has run me dry
  • hawke:ok...
  • hawke:first of all...
  • hawke:not a dwarf
  • Jorgell:WHATHTHT

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Do you think harry has like male pattern baldness or the receding hairline. I love harry but his hairline didn't used to look like that and now everything is being pushed back but dude's only 21. He's hot no matter what but I'm curious about the change and want a second opinion.

blame lou teasdale

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To the other nonnie - the person who started the whole "Colin's going bald thing" was one of the infamous VERY bitter SQ BAs so no surprise there lol. Her "proof" was that she apparently compared pics of SDCC 14 and 15 and "his hairline is receding" AND that she "saw him live so she must know" hahaha. Anyway. Looks like she's not familiar with the concept of styling your hair in different ways. And that parting your hair and a cowlick DON'T make your hair look floofy like in the BTS pics lmao

Ugh. Some people really need to get a life.

halsey can speak out about “body shaming” to defend her white friend becase someone made fun of his hairline and call that person out. if your hairline is receding, its fucking receding, it’s not body shaming. its not my fault ashton looks like a stressed out 40 year old.
not once has hasley called someone out for racism or talked about racism or!! sandra bland. halsey only ever talks about her black blood when she gets called out. people are being publicly racist and you’re mute

The 1936 romeo and Juliet is on tv and Romeo is so old his hairline is receding??

edit: this show is so bad how did it get nominated for FOUR awards…….

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Who granted Aventrus his non-receding hairline? Or is that coming down the line?

Considering the nature of Decimus-Avestrus’s transformation, he sort of has Highborn genetics on his side! The real Avestrus got his luscious hair from his mother.  Decimus was merely happy he didn’t have to get rid of his own glorious golden locks to make the transition.  Thankfully there’s no threat of receding hairlines, his parents had full heads of hair while he was growing up.  And if he does?  Well, perhaps some expensive surgery can solve yet another problem for him.

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if his hairline is receding it's receding i don't think it was body shaming so idk what she's talking about

spit that truth, anon! she was taking it way too seriously