The Signs on a Saturday morning
  • Aries: Makes breakfast at like 2 am. No shame
  • Cancer: Does their homework or other work right away. (Seriously why?)
  • Taurus: Gets ready right away at 8 am. Then goes for a walk/run.
  • Gemini: Quite possible has a hangover from last night. No one knows for sure.
  • Leo: Gets all dressed up to go out. No one knows why however.
  • Virgo: Doesn't. Get. Up. Ever.
  • Libra: Sits in bed conjuring up a plan for the day and doesn't do much until 12 pm.
  • Scorpio: Hahahahahaha what is sleep though
  • Sagittarius: Gets up when the dog barks at a very unusual time. Quite possibly 5 am.
  • Capricorn: Is way too happy to be a morning person, step away.
  • Aquarius: Eats pizza rolls at 11:53 am
  • Pisces: Does something productive to put all of the other signs to shame.

That friend who never has a hangover and is ready to go out again even though last night you two almost died


That morning-after feeling may be universal, but its slang name changes from country to country in Latin America. Check below for how to say, “That guy has a major hangover” like a local in different countries.

Ese chavo tiene tremenda cruda.

Costa Rica
Ese mae se anda una goma.

Ese man tiene un chuchaqui tenaz.

Ese hombre tiene un chaqui que mata.

Ese man tiene un guayabo terrible.

Ese chamo tiene ratón en la cabeza.

Ese hueón tiene la mansa caña.

Ese hombre tiene una gran resaca.

* In general, the word resaca is understood to mean hangover in all Spanish-speaking countries. 


I met Noel Fielding and I’m never going to shut up about it

This beautiful man has led me through adolescence and he’s taught me so much about being true to myself. As someone who’s genderqueer I’ve struggled with expression, but he’s taught me it’s ok to be a boy in a dress, it’s ok to be both Electro boy and Electro girl, it’s ok to love glitter, and I can wear whatever I want because if I feel good in it then that’s all that matters. His art and comedy never fail to make me smile and after spending years admiring him and thinking ‘shit, I wish I could be like that’, meeting him was very emotional. I felt so glowy when he talked about his art too- you could hear a pin drop in that room, it was so heartwarming to see such quiet enthusiasm and passion. As an artist myself I know how it feels when someone wants to talk art with you- it’s like ‘yes, someone appreciates me!’. He even drew a lil ghostie on my vinyl!!!

He’s taught me far more about self love than anyone else has, and yes, I still have things I dislike about myself but at least we can joke about our weirdly shaped noses together, right? He’s such a ray of sunshine, so gentle and kind, so passionate about what he loves, and I am so grateful this incredible person exists. I met some wonderful people too, and it was so brilliant to spend the rest of the night roaming Shoreditch, blasting Loose Tapestries and doing our best Tony Harrison impressions whilst being absolutely off our tits. It was so nice to meet people my age into the same stuff as me, and pretty cool we’d all been brought together by our love of Noel. It was one of those teen movie moments, and since my teenhood is fast approaching its end, I feel like this was a night I’m not going to forget. 

The world isn’t so bad after all.

#1. Victor has a hangover, but Yuuri is feeling fine.

“Victor, you can’t stay in bed all day.” Yuuri says while standing in the doorway as he watches his husband wriggle around in bed.

He doesn’t get a proper reply, instead he gets muffled noises which sound like Russian curses and pitiful groans.

Yuuri walks to the bed and pokes what he thinks is Victor’s shoulder.

“Get up, it’s one in the afternoon. We have to clean up.”

Yuuri sighs as he just gets more groaning as an answer. His husband is an absolute baby.

“I said get up!” Yuuri reaches over the bed to grab onto the covers and swiftly pulls them off all in one go. The sight he sees is absolutely pathetic.

Victor is curled up in a fetal position, his skin is sickly pale with a dark red flush across his cheeks. He’s also pouting, which Yuuri isn’t surprised about.

“Nooooo!” Victor whines, writhing around and blindly reaching out to try and grab the blankets back, “Yuuri, I’m dying! Let me wallow in self pity!”

Yuuri rolls his eyes, but he can’t help the slight smile on his face at Victor’s childish whining. Victor has always been hopelessly endearing even when he’s being annoying.

“Whose fault was it that they got drunk last night, huh? Whose idea was it to down endless shots of vodka just because they didn’t want to lose a bet?”

Victor pries one eye open to look up at Yuuri, the pout on his face deepening at his words.

“How are you alive right now? You drank more than me!” Victor croaks out.

Yuuri grins, “it’s a trade secret. Now, get up!”

Victor let out a wail, and Yuuri couldn’t help but laugh in reply.

anonymous asked:

Fam who do you think are the most comfortable trio in BTS? I MEAN yeah they all are comfy with each other but you gotta be close to someone right? So who do you think are the closest trio? I am torn between the maknae/dance/sunshine line. Take care!!

I think they’re all pretty close, but the one trio that I don’t think people appreciate enough is Kook/Min/Jin. Or as I’d like to call them, the 맏막망 line. They’ve been seen hanging around together outside of work (like going to the water park, shopping, etc.) and they’re also known to be the three biggest gym rats in the team. And they’re apparently drinking buddies, too.

Some people think Jin is the mom of the group or whatever, but in this group he’s totally the man-child while Jungkook is the child-man and Jimin is the short-man probably nursing a terrible headache (mostly from a hangover) half the time he has to deal with their antics.

…Truly the happiest, dumbest, loudest, drunkest, buffest (shh is word now) trio in the group. Now go rewatch this legendary vlive and (re)witness for yourself of their shenanigans. 

Please tell me we didn’t have sex last night (1/4)

Summary: Waking up with the worst hangover ever Abby, a second-year medical student, has absolutely no recollection of getting home from last night’s party. So imagine her surprise when she wakes up naked in her bed with nobody other than Marcus, third-year law student and general pain in her ass, Kane. Just what the hell happened last night??!

Inspired by the following prompt: How about Kabby at university and they end up together in bed after a party? Bonus if they aren’t really friends but have a lot of unresolved sexual tension :D

Abby wakes up to a pounding head and her mouth feeling as dry as a desert. Groaning, she tries to open her eyes, but the light that’s pouring into the room quickly makes her clench them shut again.

I’m never drinking again

Not only is she experiencing what has the potential to grow into a massive hangover, her pillow also seems to be breathing? Realising that she’s not alone in her bed and that yes, she is naked and so is the body she’s lying on top of, Abby feels a panic attack coming up. Her body tenses as she tries to wrack her brain on how the hell she not only ended up naked with another person in her bed but most importantly with whom.

The last thing she remembers from last night’s party is playing several games of beer pong with Callie before ending up on a couch drinking, she thinks whisky, with, oh no, Marcus stuck-up Kane. Abby’s almost scared to lift her head, but she rationalises, even in her drunken state she wouldn’t have sunk so low as to sleep with Kane. Right?!

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annoyed-tampon  asked:

1) How do you think the mercs wake up in the morning (or afternoon)? 2) Who snores the loudest?

(Oh nice, this is going to be fun! :D)

  • Scout: Usually one of the last to go to bed because he’s got too much energy left, but he’s one of the last to get up in the morning and then complains loudly about the ungodly early hour of the day. 

  • Soldier: Gets up the earliest and wakes everyone with his trumpet. Then he demands roll-calls which the others refuse to attend. So he plays with his raccoons instead.

  • Pyro: He is just always… there in the morning. Since he wears the mask 24/7 (at least as far as the others know) nobody really knows when Pyro actually sleeps and when he’s awake and just lost in his fantasy world. 

  • Demo: He usually sleeps for a long time and has to deal with horrible hangovers afterwards. He also sometimes wakes up in places he has no recollection of and the others have to look for him. In the morning he actually prefers a cup of tea.

  • Heavy: He’s pretty grumpy in the morning, but unless you’re really annoying he won’t break your spine immediately. His snoring is earthshaking and can be heard through the thickest walls. The others banished him to last room in a long corridor because they couldn’t sleep otherwise.

  • Engie: He likes sleeping in or enjoying a book before getting ready for the day, but he also doesn’t complain when he needs to get up early. He’s usually the one who prepares breakfast and offers coffee to the not-so-morning-people when they finally show up in the kitchen.

  • Medic: An absolute early bird. But also a night owl. It seems like he only sleeps, like, 4 hours a night and is working on his experiments the rest of the time. In the morning he’s eager, full of energy and in fantastic mood. The others hate him for it.

  • Sniper: The incarnation of a grumpy bum. Needs at least four cups of coffee before he starts functioning in the morning. He can sleep whenever and where ever he wants, yet he’s still always dozy - unless he’s on the battlefield.

  • Spy: He wakes up fairly early and then disappears to the bathroom for an hour to take a shower and to get dressed. When he enters the dining room for breakfast he is always booted and spurred and shows no sign of tiredness anymore. He likes tea more than coffee.
this sucks

if you dont know already Cartoon Hangover has cancelled any plans for future episodes of Bee and Puppycat as well as Bravest Warriors to appear on youtube.
these episodes will be available on VRV, a subscription app that pays a couple bucks a month like netflix, to keep revenue coming in.

For many of us this means its inaccessible, especially because the episodes are exclusive to the US right now.

Cartoon Hangover has breached their contract and promise to keep Bee and Puppycat on youtube when the Kickstarter began and this is upsetting to everyone.

That being said, lmk when the episodes are available elsewhere. I cant afford a monthly sub to VRV and these shows are very important to me.

Assorted Star Wars Headcanons

thecaptainphasma These are for you!

1. Mace Windu like animals a great deal more than he likes people.  If he was not a Jedi he’d have, like 17 voorpaks and something large and carnivorous.

2.  Anakin is vegetarian when he has the choice.  Growing up on tattooine, he didn’t get much meat and still has trouble digesting it.

3. Obi-Wan’s beard looked hilarious when it was first growing in.  It looked even more hilarious with his hair coming back in after the Rako Hardeen Arc.

4. Clones have all kinds of secret codes and signals they’ve invented for dealing with Jedi.  Cody invented “Code H”  for “The general has a massive hangover again.”

5.  Yoda and Mace absolutely gossip like teenage girls about everyone.  Friends don’t judge each other.  They Judge other people.  Together.

6. Padme was class president in 4th grade.  The office didn’t exist prior to her coming to school.  That’s the level of political organization we’re talking here.

7. Rex keeps a running tally on the ships Anakin has destroyed by shooting them down vs Ships Anakin has destroyed by crashing them.  The ratio is not favorable.

8. Wolffe will eat literally anything that slows down and enjoys hunting for food.  A visitor to the troop inquired as to what was to be served for dinner, only to be interrupted by a loud animal screech.

“Whatever that was.” Said the shiny.

9. Plo takes his troops to the opera, art galleries, festivals ANYTHING to get them involved in the local culture and expand their truncated  life experiences. Wolffe is secretly more interested in these than he pretends to be.  He likes Modern art and cotton candy.

shitfacedanon  asked:

companions react to say a drunken sole revealing their parents were abusive as fuck and getting upset and emotional about it

(Trigger warning for mention/discussion of abuse.)

Cait: She understands all too well. But the only way she knows how to deal with those feelings is with substance abuse. She sits Sole down with an assortment of drugs and pours them both a glass of liquor, pausing to take a swig from the bottle before setting it aside. “It doesn’t go away,” she states, more serious than Sole has ever seen her. “But they’re fuckin’ dead now, and we’re not. Now we drink ‘til we forget they ever existed. Sláinte.”

Codsworth: “Oh, Mx. Sole…” He was programmed with the knowledge of how to deal with Sole’s particular issues, but hadn’t ever thought to wonder what caused those issues. Codsworth speaks gently as he escorts Sole to bed, holding their hair back when they vomit and tucking them in. He has hangover cures in the morning, and a hot bath prepared. “Good morning, Mx. Sole,” he says. “Ready to face a new day?”

Curie: She listens as Sole sobs out their trauma, and when they’re more coherent, she speaks. “I have never thought I could hate someone,” she says, a delicate furrow to her brow. “But I believe I may hate your parents, even if that is a terrible thing to say.” She shakes her head, and leans forward to place her hand over Sole’s. “I do not know how much help I can give, but as your nurse, and as your friend, I will help you, however you will let me.”

Danse: Normally he doesn’t care for inebriation. “Sole, this behavior is not-” But this time, he sees Sole’s eyes. Sees the years of struggling and crying, of burying terrible things deep inside oneself to try and cope. He makes a choked, angry noise, and rushes forward to hold them close. “I’m sorry,” he murmurs into their hair. “So sorry, Sole.” He doesn’t know what else to say. He hugs tighter, whispering those words over again, trying to drown out Sole’s demons.

Deacon: He struggles, for a moment, to find the right answer, the right joke or piece of advice to make it all better. That evades him, and he sighs, taking a breath and speaking honestly - for once. “I hate to see you beat yourself up like this, boss. Whatever they did to you, they don’t own you. You gotta remember that. Everything you’ve done, here, now? Shows you don’t need to be scared. They have no power over you. You’re safe.”

Dogmeat: At first he thinks Sole’s agitated movements are a sign of play. But when Sole starts to cry, he understands, ears drooping as he whines, bumping his nose against their leg. He doesn’t leave their side, pacing around them in circles and making noises at them until they stop and pet him. Then he jumps up and licks their face, trying to get rid of their salty tears, trying to distract them from whatever’s made them sad.

Hancock: At first, an irrational rage takes him. Anybody who’d hurt a kid like that - let alone Sole like that - deserves an immediate stabbing. But comforting Sole takes precedent. “Hey, now. Come on.” He takes their cheek in one rough hand, pulling them to him with the other. “What do some bastards from two hundred years ago matter. You and me? We got the whole world ahead of us. I won’t let anybody hurt you.”

Nick Valentine: “Alright, I think that’s enough of that.” He takes away the liquor despite Sole’s protests, taking them home with a hand on their back. “Guess it was only a matter of time before you confessed - and yes, I had an inkling.” He gives them a gentle, bittersweet smile, ruffling their hair with his claw. “Let’s get you to bed, kid. We can talk about this tomorrow.” He sighs, shaking his head. “Sometimes I can’t stand how Justice is so fickle.”

MacCready: “Goddamn.” For a moment, he forgets not to swear. “I’ve heard of Commonwealth discipline, but… Jesus. That’s a little much.” He shakes his head, awkwardly reaching over to rest his hand on Sole’s shoulder. “That sucks. I, uh… I never really had parents, so I don’t know what that’d be like, but. That doesn’t deserve to happen to anybody.” He presses his lips together, and holds up a liquor bottle. “What do you say we get even more drunk?”

Piper: Tears appear in the corner of her eyes, and she comes forward, gripping Sole in a tight hug. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry, Sole. I can’t believe something like that happened to you.” She’s not sure what to do in this kind of situation, but she insists on doing something for Sole. “Come on, Blue. Anything. We gotta do something positive together. Gotta show those bastards that we’re better than them. We gotta try and be happy.” 

Preston: He nods solemnly. “A lot of the young kids who joined the Minutemen had home lives like that,” he says. “They joined up to get away from their parents. I can’t imagine what it was like having to live through that, Sole. I’m sorry. If there’s anything I can do, you let me know.” He gives a weak chuckle, observing Sole’s drunken form. “If you remember this in the morning, that is. … I will, though. I won’t forget.” 

Strong: PARENTS? ABUSE? Super Mutants have no concept of family aside from all other mutants being their ‘brothers.’ But that’s more in a clan sense than a family unit sense. Sole goes on and on, slurring their words the more they drink, and Strong isn’t sure what they mean by all this, but nods when Sole looks at him for input. That’s the best he can do. 

X6-88: “I understand.” He stares blankly at them as Sole lifts their head, surprise showing through their drunken stupor. X6 hesitates, displaying a rare emotion. “Courser training procedures are… intense,” he says at last. He offers no other explanation, but. Perhaps that is enough. Sole nods, slowly, and gestures to the seat next to them, taking out another glass as if to pour into it. X6 nods in turn, takes the seat, and they drink, quietly, together.

You want a certain bank balance only so that you can love. You work only so that you can play… play remains the goal. You work only so that you can relax. Relaxation remains the goal, work is not the goal.

           The work ethic is a hangover from the past; it has to be dropped

—  Osho


[kat-suh n-jam-er] 

1. the discomfort and illness experienced as the aftereffects of excessive drinking; hangover.

2. uneasiness; anguish; distress.

3. uproar; clamor:
    His speech produced a public katzenjammer.

Katzenjammer is a borrowing from German, in which the obvious, literal sense of the word (“wailing of cats”) does not apply and instead has the meaning “hangover.” The word entered English in the mid-19th century. The additional senses of katzenjammer date from the late 19th century.

“When a reporter really loves the craft, takes it seriously as I did, his life goes by the extremes of exaltation and depression. … Life becomes a series of mental intoxications, for which one pays by mental katzenjammer.”
- The Bookman, “The Confessions of ‘a Literary Journalist”, Volume XXVI, December 1907