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Maybe your dream was like a glimpse of the future? You won't be stuck in 2017 forever. One day you'll look back and be proud for pushing through. There's so much more out there for you - don't give up hope!

wouldn’t that be something?!
I’d sure like that… But buddy, pal, chum, friend’o~ Gosh man, you have such high hopes for myself but pallllllll the way I’m heading… eeeeehhhhh. chances of survival? minimal. 
Thank you though, really- I get it, you mean well. That’s really something- you just- don’t know me.

Do parents actually like…..each have their own credit cards/money? Their own freedom of the cash they earn? And their own bills that have been divided up and paid? Like one pays the electric and cable bill, the other pays internet, phone, and water? Thats so wild to me

My dad stole money from me again and im always thinking this would never happen if he had a job and his own card and money. Usually back then, he gives my mom his entire check and she pays all the bills and keeps whatevers left in HER bank, and gives my dad like 20$ a week allowance

On one hand i think thats horrible, on the other im thinking well maybe if he didnt always spend his money on dip and beer, on the other itd be HIS money to waste, as long as the bills were paid, he works, then whats the problem..maybe it wouldnt even matter at all, maybe he’d STILL ask/steal money when he ran out