So I just watched "Yuri on Ice"......

This fandom grabbed me by the balls, ripped them off, and created a ship out of them with its name being “Hail Victuuri.”

At first I was like, “Dude this is actually hype! I’m going to read the manga!”
Then I opened up google and type in ‘Yuri on Ice manga’
Lets just say i got a big helping of 'you can’t always get what you want’ and shoved it into my face about how there isn’t actually a manga for us. This was my thing after 10 minutes of looking, and me screeching, “THERE IS A MANGA, RIGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHT?! IM NOT JUST CRAZY, RIGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHT?!” I did find out that there, supposedly, is a manga, but it’s only for the creators and casts eyes to lay upon.
I sat there for 5 fucking minutes reading that line over and over again like,

(at this part my inner weeb came out for a second) UGH, MY KOROKO, Y DID DIS HAPPEN 2 MI, I DIDNT SIGN UP 4 DIS.!!!!!!!!” *goes on tumblr and looks up ships, fanfiction, and other things since i can’t give up this goddamn fandom*

I can’t even say goodbye to this fandom cause its too precious and I already sacrificed my metaphorical male anatomy to build a ship to tie me down into this fandom. the sad thing is:






A couples years of up all night,
and a few thousand diapers later,
that mistake he thought he made
covers up the refrigerator~ 🎶

Do you ever get so sick of studying that you just want to lay on the floor and grunt like a dying cow as an alternative because school is a life ruiner and lying on the floor clearly is the best alternative to facing the reality of studying? 

things that make me feel old
  • the frustration of dial-up internet
  • VHS tapes 
  • “Be kind, please rewind”
  • pagers??
  • feeding your tamagotchi
  • neopets
  • club penguin
  • cassette tapes/walkmans/discmans
  • using actual dictionaries, thesauruses, and encyclopedias
  • film canisters
  • millsberry
  • T9
  • camcorders
  • LimeWire
  • phone books
  • no caller ID
  • box tops
  • pajama sam, putt putt, freddi fish
  • blockbuster
  • actually writing down phone numbers in phone books
  • communicating through emails
  • TV guide magazine
  • library card catalogs
  • Clippy the Microsoft Word paper clip
  • disposable cameras
  • *69
  • Oregon Trail
  • using pay phones
  • cootie catchers
  • wearing red and blue paper glasses for 3D movies

The reason I should date luhan is we’re both so different i would literally never keep quiet, never tell him to stop playing video games, never order the same shit in Starbucks, never stop him from buying watches even tho he already owns like 12. I would play football with him, and fight over Messi and CR7, I would tease the hell out of him and Lao Gao, and force him out of monotony. I don’t even know why I’m writing this but the least this poor lonely boy needs is a girl who keeps quiet and never speaks her mind and let’s him stick to his routinely as hell life. He needs a jolt of life and a reason to smile and to have fun and someone to fight him in FIFA and yell GOAL with and someone who dislikes cristiano Ronaldo because Lionel Messi is way fucking better #D10S and someone who could give him all the love in the world and bring him out of the shadows and out of his hotel room to look at the sun and feel the breeze and just stroll down Seoul streets without looking like a thorn little boy who’s been left abandoned. I don’t want him to ever feel as lonely as he probably did when he wrote Catch Me When I Fall. I want him to feel beloved every freaking day of his life, I want him to know he’s the reason why I get up in the mornings and go to school, because even though I’m a lazy ass, the effort he puts jnto his job and everything he does and has lived with inspires me to work hard for my dreams. He’s my role model in so many aspects, I admire him in so many ways and most important, I love that man in every form possible. He’s the definition of love to me. The sun. Sunlight. Sunshine. Just everything related with light and warmth and coziness. He’s my home. No matter what, he is where I belong.

ok personal rant here but i am just not handling having to quit my job very well at all and that’s kind of an understatement I guess. I feel like that doesn’t make sense to a lot of people (especially those in my day to day life) but getting that job (any job) was a huge victory for me and losing it has been such a huge blow to my confidence and mental health and general existence, plus being in ~deep crippling depression~ since then forced me to finally face this bullshit about being trans and now i’ve got no goddang clue how I can even keep keeping on, especially alone here, and I felt like openly sharing this nonsense with you good people because I am a miserable bastard I guess

just spent an hour uploading Jared pics from my phone to my cloud drive 😧 I don’t even know why I do this. I mean the saving them and doing absolutely nothing with them lol they literally just sit there. And how many was today’s upload you ask? 172 :/


Round round round the world ~

I’m opening these as 2-inch acrylic charm pre-orders until the 20/10/2016! 

Bonus Jaehee: 

1d as people outside my dorm tonight when the fire alarm went off

Niall: the guy that came out in nothing but a blanket wrapped around himself and holding a bowl of cereal in one hand and a box of orange juice in the other

Harry: the girl who continued to do her contouring while the fire department arrived with sirens

Liam: the guy with a 20 piece chicken nuggets box taking selfies the entire time

Louis: the barefoot guy who was only wearing a bathrobe and standing on the bank yelling about how he was going to find out who the fuck was responsible for this mess