Is there anything I can do for him?  No, not really. You just have to be there for him. And when everything seems hopeless, just take it one day at a time. And if one day gets too much, just take it one hour at a time. And if one hour gets too much, just take it one minute at a time.

Percabeth reunion at Camp Jupiter
  • Percy: Hello...
  • Percy: It's me...
  • Annabeth: Oh, gods.
  • [a minute later]

Can season 4 please please please be about Even? Like I don’t even want it to be about him just so we get more Evak being cute, I genuinely want to learn more about Even. He’s such a complex character with so many layers and we’ve only seen the beginnings of him. It would be so wonderful if the next season was about him learning to accept himself and realizing that he really truly isn’t alone, that he has not only Isak, but so many other people on his side. I need him to learn that he doesn’t need to isolate himself, that he’s not going to lose the people he loves because of his mental illness. I want to see him fix things with the people he may have hurt at his old school, I want to see him succeeding at school and graduating surrounded by his family and friends, I want to see him make his own film or at least more of his film geek side, I want to see how his family dynamics are- like I would love to see how his parents are with him (also a ‘meet the boyfriend’ scene would be hella cute too, like I really wanna see his parents meeting the boy that helped Even accept who he is). A season about Even could bring so much representation and cover so many important issues.
There’s just so many things we still don’t know about Even and there’s no way we’re going to find everything else out in this last episode. I can only hope that season 4 is Even.

My Christmas Wishlist

Here’s a list of things I want to find under my Christmas Tree or under me.

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Can we just talk about how every time even moved isak woke up.

He cares about him so much my heart is so full of love for them both wow.


Isak watching Even sleep, caring about him soo much, cuddling him to keep him warm, setting the blanket the right way to avoid Even getting or feeling cold is… I… uggh… God how am I supposed to express all these feels?!

[Illustrated GIF of a girl in a wheelchair giving the middle finger, while inside an elevator, as the doors slowly close in front of her. The girl has a half up-half down ponytail hair style, with a sweater and choker necklace. She is smirking with her eyes closed while holding up the middle finger.]

To all those who don’t let disabled people enter elevators first… kindly stop doing that. Thanks!

things im 10000000% here for:
- isak getting over his own internalised homophobia
- isak finally understanding mental illness

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How do you feel about otayuri?

The antis make me feel very very gross about shipping it and it hits me close to home (my bf and I have a similar age difference) but honestly,,,,, I ship it so hard,, let my Russian baby have a love of his own

I just watched the best Ted Talk about dieting and weight loss and how bad of a mindset that is to have, you guys should check it out if you’re into dieting (x)


Guys, I just ran into a BTS song that’s all about fucking Converse.  Like, the shoes.  and the guys talking about how much they like them on a girl.

and then Suga comes in going like, “I hate Converse, you look so much better in Jordans, when you meet me don’t wear Converse.”  AND THEN THE SONG RETURNS TO EVERYONE ELSE BUT SUGA GUSHING OVER CONVERSE SHOES.

Wtf is this group, guys? THIS IS A REAL SONG.