“Quiz time!”

 Her smile practically curled at the corners once she turned to look at him. “Oh really?” A single eyebrow raised, she crossed her arms and turned her heel so that she properly faced him.

 His smirk was one of the slyest of foxes. “Ohohohoho, but it’s a really hard question, you know?” His own eyebrow raised, Luciel cocked his head in pride as if he had slain a vicious beast. “Are you sure you can handle it? I’m just afraid that my terrifying riddle will leave you cower in fear!”

 To hear even the faintest crack of her laugh bloomed his heart.

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Y’know, every time I’ve made a post mentioning that a fetus is alive I had a ton of pro-choicers jump down my throat and insist that “no one ever says that!”

But here I am and here we are and no one is addressing the fact that there are many pro-choicers who refuse to acknowledge what should be a basic concept to anyone who has taken sixth grade biology.

(in reference to this post)

How do you even explain things to people who have tunnel vision that bad?

Heart and Soul

Author: liketolaugh
Summary: Miranda and Marie have just moved into their first house, and they have… a couple of unexpected roommates. Luckily, they’re very friendly. (M&M and Linkllen ghost AU.)

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happy birthday to the precious bun jungkookie!!! <3 :”) i hope our favourite maknae has a super duper wonderful day and feels loved by the other boys, and the bighit staff, and the fans, and his friends, and his family!! he deserves all the love and support!

ngl when Yeon Joo first started looking at Chul’s hand during lunch I thought she was staring in horror at the expensive ass wristwatch he bought courtesy of poor Soo Bong’s wallet. did you really need that watch Chul. be honest

MatPat deserves love

I always enjoy seeing theories whenever they pop up, whether it be Game Theory or Film Theory. I don’t always have time to watch GTLive, but I when I do manage to catch a stream I always enjoy the silly jokes and Mat and Steph’s adorableness. I’m appreciative of all the time they put into their videos to make them top quality for us. Love you Matpat and Steph, and all others who work so hard to make these channels possible. <3

Story Time!

Disclaimer! Everything in bold is what the cute barista said!

Today I met the most gorgeous barista at this cafe on my campus. I walked in with my friend ( @tyzenmaster8 ) and I normally order the same thing wherever I go. Large iced vanilla latte, I know, super boring. Anyways, we’re the only ones there, and I see this guy. And boy. Let me tell you. I fuckin swooned. So. Hard. He’s adorable.

I go up to order my drink and I can’t even talk.

“Do you guys do iced latte’s here?”

“Yeah! We do.”

“Great! I’ll have one of those” (And one of you…ok I didn’t say that but I wanted to.)

“Would you like any sort of flavoring in that?”

“Oh! Yeah um, if you have vanilla that’d be great!”

“Alright sounds good, and uh, what size would you like? Small-”

“Yeah, yes, small is great!”

Keep in mind by now I’m sure I’m bright red. He goes to make my drink, and I turn back to my friend right as pretender by foo fighters comes on. AKA one of my favorite bands. I start telling him how I love the song and everything, and cutie patootie comes back.

“Here’s your drink, and you’re right, this really is a great song.”

“Thanks! Yeah it totally is.”

And as I’m walking away I hear;

“Have a great day you beautiful person!”





So of course I go back and tell the entire story to my roommates, we all collectively swoon, and I come of with the fan-fucking-tastic idea to write in a little note “To the guy with the triangle tattoo, call me sometime and we can talk about the foo fighters (___)-___-____” and put it inside a couple of dollar bills. adorable, movie like shit, right???

One of my roommates and I go back, and of course by now it’s packed. He’s ringing people up, being his nice happy self, and we get to the front of the line.

“Oh! You’re back! And with a new companion this time!”

“Yeah! She’s never been, so I figured I’d show her where it is.”

(Cue my amazing roommate slipping the dollar bills/note in the tip jar)

“Well, welcome to the Hot Box.”

“Hot Box? Does it get pretty hot and sweaty back there?” (Yeah, I know, I make a total idiot of myself.)

“All the time. It’s the worst.”

“Awe, well, I’m sorry about that. Hope you have a good rest of your day though!”

“Yeah, you too! Can’t wait to see you next time!”

So, now we wait. I doubt he will, but I’m hoping he’ll see the note and text me or something.

TL;DR: Saw a cute barista who swept me off my feet, have no idea who he is or what his name is, but I slipped my number in the tip jar. Now I’m waiting for Prince Charming to text me or something.

I’ve been so tired since my kid started school. Not just yawns-a-lot tired. No. What day is it tired. Taking micro naps and almost falling over while I cook dinner tired.

Yesterday I ran out of green tea. My partner looked at the empty box in the recycling bin and said “Did you know that was decaf?“

I’m accidentally bought decaf and didn’t fucking notice tired.


*excitement intensifies*

Oooh yes. I initially wasn’t too happy with this one because I was starting to get sick when I recorded, but by the time I got the editing done and added the music tracks I was pretty okay with it. MMMM we are so close now! I’ve had how chapter 23’s gonna go down planned for MONTHS now, and not only that Monday is a holiday so it coming out that day is pretty much a guarantee. LESS THAN A WEEK! Thanks for being so patient everyone, yall are just so awesome <3

@unrestedjade Not sure if you saw chapter 21 or not yet, but here’s 22 if you’ve gotta catch up! SO MUCH FLOWEY this time, haven’t seen this much of him in a while.

MP3: http://www.mediafire.com/download/kgznnkorxkredvb/FINAGLC_Chapter_22.mp3

My fourth week of the new job and I absolutely love it! The staff are so nice and they even complimented my Kanera travel mug. Now to find someone to geek out about swr lol :P (someone already made a sw reference yay)

My life went from 0 to 180 since starting this job  I’m so glad season 3 of swr is going to be on Saturdays so I’m able to watch it and catch up on Tumblr afterwards XD