A Coming Out Letter to Myself

Dear Past Me,

it’s me. Your present self, so different from the one I’m writing this to. I’m here to warn you, and I’m here to reassure you.

You’re a lesbian, darling. You’re not a bad person for this, you’re not letting anyone “win” by not being attracted to men. Forcing yourself into relationships with men has only hurt you, and the fact you did continues to hurt. But you’ll be okay soon.

I’ll admit that, at the point of which I write you, you still haven’t found the love of your life, nor even experienced being loved by another girl. And maybe that will happen soon and maybe it won’t happen for a long time. But right now you have your identity, your pride, and you self love, and that’s keeping you strong.

Keep your head up darling, you are the gold at the end of the rainbow. Don’t trade that for the rust.

au where jimin is on a trip with his friends and they’re staying at a resort for three weeks. it’s a beautiful place, it’s by the beach, the scenery is stunning and their villa is breathtaking. what grabs jimin’s attention the moment they check in though, is the pool boy. he is gorgeous, jimin can’t deny, but what really makes him swoon is the boy’s laugh. despite admiring him from afar, jimin doesn’t actually get to talk to him until a few days in - he has the resort’s pet cat to thank for that. although, after jimin has been unceremoniously dropped into the pool, he regrets it just a tad. (he will take this to his grave but that night, jimin thanks the greater powers of the universe for bringing jeongguk into his life. even if he can be a brat sometimes.) (vid & pic cr)

“jeon jeongguk! put me down!!”
“oh you want me to put you down? okay-”
“not in the pool!!”

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What's it like for Vanderwood to be the most sane and least energetic person living with the Choi's and MC? Do you have any more headcannons on how they all get along?

✿ I actually have a little ‘daily life with the Chois, Vandy, and MC’ thing here (x) but I will give you some more.

  • Despite Vanderwood’s grumbling and whinging about their datemates’ ridiculous antics, they actually secretly enjoy it. They came from a super shitty household where it was either stagnant, cold, and deathly quiet or tense and angry and the only place they could go was into the closet. So having a lively, fun house is… nice? It’s so different and like nothing they’ve ever had in their life before. Even if they don’t participate in whatever wackiness Seven is dragging the rest of the gang on today, having it around is this comforting background noise that helps keep out the rot of their past.
  • Sometimes, though, it’s a bit much, and Vanderwood needs their Space. Either they go out for a smoke, or tell everyone it’s time to play the quiet game now, everyone shut up and usually that’s respected.
  • At the very least the Crew will go out and harass the neighbors or something.
  • Vanderwood will have cleaning frenzy days too where the disorder is just Bothering Them and they need to Fix It and often the rest of the lot either a.) clear out and let Mama Vanderwood have their space or b.) actually help for once. Also, Vanderwood has their own room that Nobody is Allowed In Ever on Pain of Death because if you have a lower energy level than everyone around you, you need a place to retreat to.
  • There’ve been plenty of times when The Gang has been binge watching something, Vanderwood disappears for some reading time, and then comes back a few hours later and asks what happening. Seven always gives this incredibly ridiculous, ‘technically true but making it sound silly’ synopsis and Vanderwood is like ‘cool’ before plopping down to join.
  • Seven would try to bake for Vanderwood sometimes. It often doesn’t go well, but if you help out, it’s at least passable. This is…… oddly endearing.
  • (Sometimes Vanderwood comes home and there’s a plate of horribly misshapen cookies and a cute note waiting for them and they’re like “fuck my heart”)
  • Seven never, ever intrudes upon Vanderwood’s room but they’ll stick post-it notes on their door saying ‘Mwah-hah-ha! Seven was here!’ and Vanderwood just rolls their eyes.
  • Saeran is pretty chill though when he and his brother aren’t getting into fights, so if Vanderwood is having a low energy day, sometimes they’ll just chill with the weird ex-cultist and have a Time of it. Seven will sometimes whine about being jeaaaaalooooooooouuuuuussssss and Saeran will smack him lightly and say “LET ME HAVE SOMETHING OF MY OWN FOR ONCE, JEEZ.”
  • You laugh in the background.

Anonymous said to anyway-i-love-vanderwood: Omg your ot3 headcanon! What cartoons do you think Vanderwood would like?

✿ Ok I am a filthy American and know nothing about Korean cartoons so I will give my Clearly I Know Nothing Beyond American Media list.

Genuinely likes and thinks is great:

  • Over the Garden Wall
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
  • Dexter’s Laboratory
  • Steven Universe (they spiritually identify with Pearl)

Cartoons That Seven Likes and They Think Are Weird But Also Kinda Like?

  • Amazing World of Gumball
  • Adventure Time
  • Thunder Cats

Will Never In a Million Years Admit They Like It But They Do

  • Pokemon 

I love how Iris gets super excited about things/‘normal’ life stuff, even little things:

Christmas presents?

(I feel like part of this one is not just the presents, but she always seems particularly excited to exchange gifts with Barry. Probably one of their Christmas traditions)

Flash tree decorations?


Trivia night?

And there’s also the Christmas lights when she walked into Star Labs 3x09 and the lighting of the Christmas tree in 1x09

Midnight Shadows  ; 5

 Pairing : Jimin x Y/N

Genre : Fluff / Angst

  A/N : Oh my god I’m so sorry for not updating this I was busy but I do hope I end up writing more.

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I picked up my bag, and I said goodbye to Choa and procceded to go home since the job was over. Suddenly life went even more downhill.

Did I actually bump into Jimin?

“Uh, sorry?” I said, being shocked as ever and hoping it wouldn’t turn into those long conversations. Because that’s not what I want.

“Oh. Wait” It’s happening god please save me from this.

“Aren’t you Y/N by any chance” he said.

“Yeah, I am? But who are you.” I played it off that I don’t know him just to be left alone would be smart in my opinion.

“Oh, i’m Jimin remember I’m sure you remember me” please leave me alone I do not want this.

“I think I do remember you but I don’t know”
I wanna go home.

“You should we we’re friends, also I was wondering why aren’t you friends with Y/BFF/N”
This has got to be the most awkward conversation I’ve ever been in.

“I guess shes not my type of friend but what about her?”

“I think she wanted to talk to you, because she misses you” I hate her.

“Tell her to text me or something. My numbers the same.” I really wanted to be rude in a situation like this but I somehow kept quiet.

“Okay, sure goodbye” thank god, that’s over with I hope I never see him or her ever again.

Well guess what, karma is a bitch, and it came for me. I shouldn’t have said anything. I should’ve ran when I bumped into Jimin. But now.

Either Jimin or Y/BFF/N, or both come to the cafe. They try to talk to me. I really wanna ignore them both but I can’t. I hope they never show up in this cafe again.


God have mercy on my soul, I say that every morning. I Change my clothes put some makeup on and straighten my hair. I quickly grab my bag and end up running to the cafe. I’m here just in time I put on one of those ugly uniforms.
But then, Jimin came in. I did not want that to happen. Why is god against me?

Jimin comes to the counter
“Hey you free tonight?” What does he want from me.

“Im actually free most of the time, but why ask?”

“I think we should catch up on things” of course, because that’s WHAT I WANT TO DO.

“I mean, should we. I don’t think of us as friends when I left the hospital..”

“Oh, we can be friends again then?”

“Can I trust you though?”

“Ofcourse, when your shift ends you can text me. We could go somewhere to eat” he gives me his number.

“Since you gave me your number I guess theres no turning back now”

“See you later” and with that he leaves.

I could’ve had such a peaceful life, and now i’m stuck on going to catch up. I swear to god that little girlfriend of his better not interrupt anything.

And then I got a phone call. Oh who could that be? Of course not Jimin.           That was sarcastic. It’s Jimin do I really need to go. I mean I could just stay at home minding my own business watching something.

I mean this COULD be an opportunity to be productive at least once in my entire life.

So, I got ready went to that meet-up place or whatever it was. Jimin was already there so I sat down. We just talked the whole time plain boring stuff like how was your life and what not. But I couldn’t believe my eyes what I just witnessed.

Jimin was in shock to be honest I feel like he could’ve broke down.

That girl of his showed up completely not noticing that Jimin is here. And she just kissed another guy. It looked more like she forced herself onto him.

Jimin shouted at her ‘’It’s over’’ 

And she

well, that ‘’human being’’ started crying.

Cool Soulmate AU

Soulmate AU where at some point in your life you will smell a very specific food. You know what that food is from then on, and you may even get a mental image of it. Some people have two or more, but most of the time it’s just one.

For your soulmate, that food is something that means something to them, something with value. While it’s treated as urban legend, for the most part if your foods match up, you’re soulmates.

An example is if character A knows that their soulmates’ food is a cherry soda. Character B knows that their soulmate’s food is green beans.

A used to get an sodawith their mother whenever she got off from work. A was three, maybe four. They’d share it at a picnic bench while A told his mom about his day and she told him about hers. Even though later in life A would express a certain distaste for the color red, as a young child they thought it looked cool, and they loved having their tongue stained red, not to mention the artificial flavoring.

B remembers gardening with her father and eating green beans next to him while he worked because they planted way too many, and besides, they were good. She remembers asking constant questions with a mouth full of beans and never getting sick of them even though for maybe a month they were a good portion of her diet.

Now, let’s say that at a sleepover or a late party, someone asks the question:“Do you have a…soulmate food? Mine’s stuffed chili dogs.” And A says “green beans” while B says “Cherry ICEE” B asks to talk to A in private…you can imagine the rest.

Bad Habits, pt. 2.

“I just can’t keep doing this,” he said, pulling on the tshirt she’d bought him for his birthday last year. “It’s unhealthy for both of us.”

She stayed where she was in bed and took a moment to just stare at him. He was intoxicating. Perhaps that’s why she kept inviting him back into her life, even when she knew she should have left a long time ago. But the time for such wishes had past, and her mornings had become filled with the scent of stale coffee laced with regret.

“Go then,” she said, looking away as her heart splintered, its pieces trailing after him in his wake.

She laid staring at the ceiling later that night and wondered why she couldn’t just quit him like she had quit the nicotine.

But, then, she laughed to herself, bad habits never truly die, do they? They’re just recycled into new ones.

Some things are inevitable.

s. k. g.

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doesn't juvie exist because minors too are supposed to be held responsible for their actions? it's lighter than prison yes, buy even in life there's no get out of jail free card for being a minor ya'll.


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Prompt #58 please, fluffy pleaseee

I knew it was stupid reason to be annoyed, knowing Owen he hadn’t done it on purpose but I still couldn’t stop thinking about it. I knew Owen loved me, I mean we are married but sometimes I felt as though he didn’t consider me or take my feelings into account before he made changes in his life. Even though I was annoyed at him I was more annoyed at myself for caring so much. What had happened to the care-free Amelia Shepherd who roamed the streets of LA in stilettos and a crop top without a care in the world? She was now a faint memory of who I used to be, now I was the women who got upset at the little things her husband did or, in this case, didn’t discuss with her.

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Bar fight (Liam x MC[Riley] fanfic)

Summary: Riley is back and she’s ready to go live like nothing happened. But does she really belong in the past? Or does she have somewhere else to be?

Note: So, I got really mad at someone earlier. 😂😂 And I know that it wouldn’t last because, well, like he said, I couldn’t really hate him. Sure sure. 😂😂


‘5 missed call from Liam’
‘12 New Messages from Liam’

I never thought this night could grow colder than it is even under a ton of blankets covering me. I’m at home, ready to resume work, well, if they’ll take me back that is. So I hopped out of bed and ran to the shower. I’ve already made up my mind and it’s a little too late to go back. Besides, I couldn’t afford another plane ticket even if my life depended on it.

The ringing of my phone brings my thoughts back to where I am standing and I blink a couple of times before a proper reaction could come. “What now?!” This apartment seems so small that I could hear my phone even if I’m inside the bathroom. ‘Drake Calling…’ I ran towards my phone and answered it. “Yeah?”

“Good, you picked up. Where are you?” Drake’s voice rings in my head like he’s actually in front of me.

“What? I’m at home. Where else would I be?” Water drips from my hair. I’m so distracted and ready to forget but these people can’t just let me go. “I thought I told you I’m going to be fine. And please don’t call me if it’s not an emergency. I almost slipped!” Audibly irritated, even though I didn’t mean it. “Look. All I want is to live normally again with no distractions from that place. Is that too much to ask? What the hell do you guys want from me?”

“What? I’m at the airport. I forgot to note your address.”

“Ow. Ahm, tell the cab to take you to the bar. I’ll meet you there.” I don’t know how it came to this but, he’s here. What else is there to do but to see him? “Do you remember the name of the bar?”

“Yeah yeah. I’ll talk to you soon. I’m hanging up now.”

Letting the phone hit the bed, I rushed into my uniform. I give myself my practiced pep talk in front of the mirror.
“You’re going to get that job back! You’re going to work, and go home after! And in the morning, you’ll wear your pretty red dress and audition for that musical! You can do it!”
And after a nod of encouragement to myself, I slipped my wrist watch on, put on my shoes, and head down for work.

I was about to enter when I found myself staring at a black car parked on the side walk. I don’t think that plate number shouts NYC. “Huh. Probably not a big deal.” I looked at my watch and it says I’m 5 minutes late. “Great. Going to beg for a job back even if you’re late. Nice.”

Daniel’s eyes grew wide when he saw me walk in. I waved at him, embarrassed that I came crawling back. “Riley? Oh my God! You look awesome.” Daniel gave me a quick hug. “Someone’s waiting for you by the bar.”

“No, listen. Is the manager around? I, uh, I came to beg for my job back. If you guys would still take me.” Looking around the bar, I can tell they might still need my help. “You know, since I didn’t really resign or anything. And I kind of need this job.”

Daniel smiled at me, his kind eyes boring a large hole into my chest. “Yeah? Well. He’s not in yet. But if you can bus tables right now, I totally would be open to forgiving you for abandoning me.” He handed me a towel and pat me on the back. “But I think you should talk to the guy over there first.” He points to a man wearing a suit who was downing glasses of whiskey like there’s no tomorrow.

“Gotcha.” I nodded and went directly to this person who Daniel insisted I meet. “What can I–” my heart stopped when I saw who it was. “Liam?” He turned around still seated in his stool. “What are– I, uh, I thought Drake was…”

“You wouldn’t answer my calls.” His eyes looked directly into mine and I avoid it as best as I can. “I thought you said you were going to stay while I fix things. You said you would.”

“I don’t belong there.” My hands were clenched tightly at my sides as I’m trying my hardest to stay calm. I’m fighting every urge I have to hold him closer to me. “And I’m back to work. See?” I pointed to my uniform. He nodded once before he stood up from his stool.

“I’m taking you back to Cordonia with me.” He took me by surprise when he took the towel from me and smiled at me sweetly. “But if you want to work tonight, I’ll help you.”

“And if I don’t want to go back?” My tone was flat out serious but he just smiled at me again.

“Then I’ll stay here too. Take as long as you need. If you’re ready to go back, I’ll be here.” He started to walk towards an empty booth with beer bottles and plates lying on the table.

“Liam.” He stopped halfway through wiping the table and turned to face me. “What if I don’t want to go back ever?”

His expression changes, quickly shifting from happiness to disappointment then sadness. But not a second later, he put on his most determined look and smiled at me. “Well, you won’t be able to get rid of me as fast as you think. I’m not going to give up on you.”

My heart beat raced, sending my pulse drumming on my skin. I turned away from him, wanting not to be seen like a high school girl crushing over a basketball player. “Fine. I’ll go and grab another towel since you took mine.” I briskly walked to the counter to take another towel. I stayed inside the counter and wiped the table there observing Liam while he worked.

I didn’t notice Daniel until he spoke which made me jump a little. “Look at you! You’re basically a lovesick puppy.” He teased and I hit his arm with ample strength for him to wince and laugh at the same time. “Ok. First, welcome back. Second, ouch.”

“What? You deserved it.” I stick out my tongue at Daniel and he laughed. “God! Why aren’t you stopping him??”

“I needed the tables clean. And! It’s almost happy hour. I bet we can drag people in here because of that guy. The single secretaries will appreciate… Well… Him.” I smacked his arm again only this time I tried to really hurt him.

“Hey! Nobody’s supposed to drool over him. He’s my… Well.” I stopped myself midsentence not wanting to engage Daniel’s nosy behavior any longer.

“He’s your what? You know what? I didn’t really know why you left, and why you’re coming back. But I bet that guy over there? He knows where you’re supposed to be.”

“Yeah? Why do you think that?” I busied myself, wiping dust off the displays as Daniel and I talk.

“Well, one, he came all the way here to talk to you from wherever he came from. Two, I saw the way he looks at you and I can see how you look at him.” He nudged me gently with his shoulder which made me smile a little. “And don’t think I didn’t see the news, Riley. He shouldn’t be wiping tables and picking up beer bottles.”

“Well, if I tell you what I went through for him, you’d understand why I don’t want to go back with him.” I almost dropped a bottle when one patron slammed his fist on the counter.

“Hey! Your pretty boy waiter over there cleaned up my table! Now I can’t find my keys!”

“Sir, if you could just calm down, I’ll help you look for your keys.” I offered but the man was so keen to pin down Liam for stealing from him.

“Sir? Is this it?” Daniel produced a key from his pocket and the patron nodded.

“Ow. Uh, yeah. That’s…”

“That 'pretty boy waiter’ surrendered your keys to me earlier and told me you might come back for it.” The patron looked around, all eyes on him.

“That… Thanks bud.” He turned around to leave but I came huffing out of the counter to defend Liam’s honor.

“Hey! You not gonna say something to him?” I pointed my thumb to Liam who was standing behind me. Liam put a hand on my shoulder.

“That’s not necessary. I’m ok.” Liam said, his voice was gentle as always.

I turned to glare at him, and continued to tell off the guy who basically called Liam a thief. “You! Apologize!”

“You want me to apologize to him? Isn’t it enough that I got humiliated in front of all these people? Now you’re putting on a show for them too?” The patron stepped closer, he puffed his chest out intimidating me.

“Yeah! You can’t just turn and leave after you accuse people of stealing, you jerk!” I grit my teeth and pull my sleeves up, as if getting ready to punch him but Daniel and Liam came between us and stopped me.

“Come on Riley. I’m fine. He has his key now. It doesn’t matter.” Liam tried to console me but my anger couldn’t be vanquished by mere sweet talking.

I grabbed his wrist and walked out of the bar. Daniel called out to me. “Riley? Where are you going?”

“I’m going to Cordonia! I quit!”

Liam stopped me from storming out by putting a hand over the hand that gripped his wrist. “Are you serious?” Liam leveled his eyes to mine and I smiled at him.

“What? I can’t change my mind?” He shakes his head violently I’m afraid it might fall off. “Let’s go to my apartment first. I’m going to pack my things.”

I started walking back to my apartment when I felt him lace his hands with mine. I looked up at him and he smiled. “Thank you.” I could feel the blood rushing to my face so I looked away.

“Don’t mention it.”

And as we walk towards my apartment, the cold seem to have faded and all I could think of was his hand in mine.

The Actual Bucket List

A second installment in the Bucket List AU! .3. I’ve been getting really good feedback for this, so thank you so much, my dudes! Also, reblog to share, please 

Keith was the one that found Lance’s torn up list.  Lance had cut it up with a pair of scissors so it was beyond recognition.  Plus, Lance wrote it in Spanish, and no one he knows knows that much Spanish, so he could lie and say it’s his grocery list or a list of pick-up lines or something just really stupid like that.  Then, the letter confirming the worst news of his life (even worse than the first time he had this stupid cancer) came in the mail, and Lance figured he didn’t need that dumb list anyway because he was either going to die or be left unable to complete anything for six months to a year during and after chemo.  

He got the idea when he was cleared the first time.  A bucket list, the doctor had suggested when Lance told him he had no clue what he was going to do now that he was going to live a little longer.  

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saturday night / 11:21pm {chapter 10 - part 1}

Milo wraps the blanket around her shoulders and places himself next to her.
“yeah… when my grandma was around, it was just a fun hobby to do. but after my grandma passed, it became my solace. it saved my life, and even though i was hurting so bad, writing things out, whether it be just my feelings, or short stories i’ve thought of… it’d make things hurt a little less.” Luna takes a sip from her tea and continues to stare at the typewriter then adds, “it helped me stay strong. it got me good grades on my essays, for sure.” both Luna and Milo let out a quiet chuckle. she continued, “it helped me get some scholarship money to help pay for community college. in my second year, my english professor wrote a note on my final paper, which was a freelance assignment. she said, ‘i’d be damned if you don’t pursue writing.’ i just thought pain is the best secret to this whole writing thing, and just took the compliment nonchalantly. then it dawned on me, maybe i could give myself a shot and apply to a university to major in creative writing.”

she grabs the polaroid from the box of her grandma, “but once i heard the news that my grandma’s shop was about to close… all i thought about were the last few words she said to me before she peacefully passed. she said she hopes when i’m all grown up i’d be living a life i envisioned, whether it be taking over her shop, or doing whatever made me truly happy,” she dragged out the last three words for emphasis. “it was no question i had to take over. everything else in my life just didn’t matter to me anymore. i dropped everything–college… and the idea of pursuing writing. my grandma sacrificed so much for me. i thought i have to do this, to pay her back for all she’s done for me. it was also the last i had of her… i wasn’t ready to let her go completely yet.”

she kisses the polaroid and sets it aside. she reaches into the box and pulls out the typewriter, blowing off the dust until setting it firmly onto the ground. she stares at it. “maybe it was because i didn’t have the right people in my life to steer me in the right direction.” Milo continues to sit there silently, listening. he knew her life was difficult and came to terms that instead of always saying something in return, all she needed was someone to be beside her and listen. Luna runs her fingertips lightly on the keypads and turns to Milo. “it took years and years to finally have met someone who showed they gave an actual damn about me. so i thought Emery was right, we just need to meet the right people who are able to inspire the light within ourselves. you and her were able to do exactly that for me. and that’s how i got to this point. making this change.”

Milo let a few silent moments pass before speaking. he tucks a loose strand behind Luna’s ears and strokes her soft cheeks. “do you remember the first time we hung out?” Milo asks raspily. “yeah, i do,” Luna replies.“i remember we asked each other what we do for a living. me at the bar, with my music of course, and you at your grandma’s shop, a florist and everything.” Luna stares at him blankly, wondering what exactly is he trying to get across here. Milo continues, “and i asked you, is that what you really wanted to do in life? and you replied you didn’t know, you didn’t have the opportunity to really think about it.” Milo smirks, “i didn’t want to push the topic and opted to keep it to myself at that time, obviously we just started to get to know one another. but i thought immediately that it wasn’t. i felt strongly, just like Emery, that there’s so much more to you— that there was something you personally wanted to pursue on your own terms. and i secretly hoped you would realize it someday.” he grabs her and brings her in between his legs, with her back resting on his chest, face right below his. he becomes sentimental, “funny how life works out, because here you are. you did. you realized it, and i’m right along side you for that. i’m so fucking stoked that you’re making this change for yourself. of all people, you deserve that chance to do and be who you want to be.” he plants a kiss on her forehead while Luna nestles her head comfortably on his shoulder.
“my only question now is… what will be the future for your shop? you going back to school… how will it all fit in?” 

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Natza Headcanons #10

When Erza marries Natsu, he’ll be giving her a “name” like Jellal did. Symbolically, it will sever her historical ties with Jellal and any “ownership” Jellal had over her by giving her the name “Scarlet”.

Erza will always indebted to Jellal for inspiring her to fight all those years ago, instilling confidence and a sense of justice, but Natsu’s taken it a step further than him and taught her that there should be a “limit” to that fighting spirit. Or in other words, that you shouldn’t throw your life away, even if it’s for the sake of your nakama. It’s for that reason Erza is content to take up Natsu’s last name - there’s a lot more sentiment behind “Dragneel”, and she’ll treasure it always.

At first, Natsu’s a little mixed about the whole thing, worried he’ll be “taking” something from her, because Jellal still means so much to her, but Erza doesn’t see it like that. She sees it as him giving her something very precious.

Weevil that son of a bitch fooling atem into believing this card was the key to yugi’s soul look at atem’s empty eyes….that’s the reaction of a man who lost all of his hope right there and then anger overtook him and he beat Weevil up with his attacks even as his life points hit 0 poor baby


I don’t even know where to start.
Maybe it is kind of stupid. I mean, writing this letter is ridiculous. You probably won’t ever read it. But is worth it.
First of all, i want to say thank you. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me. Thank you for all the love and happiness you’ve bring to me. You’ve helped me through a lot of problems in my life, even though you don’t know about my existence. I can’t put my feelings for you into words because there are clearly not enough words to describe my love towards you. You make every day better, you make me feel happy with your voice, with your smile, with actually every single thing you do and when i think of you i get butterflies.
I’m so thankful to have you in my life, i can’t imagine my life without you. You are the first thing thought when i wake up and the last when i fall asleep. I look at the clock, waiting for 11:11 so i can wish for you.
No words will ever describe how much i love you, how much you mean to me and how proud i am of you. You’re honestly the most important thing in my life, you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. I don’t know what to say anymore. There are so many things i want to thank you for but i just can’t put it into words.
Lots of love,
alexa 💫.

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Thoughts on Tony stark

billionaire uncle who I want to go shopping with and/or cry about my feelings to while he pats my back and offers me an awkward smile and even awkwarder life advice

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Do you know how to get motivation to do something? I just lost all motivation to do any of my homework because it's been a rough day and I know I need to get it done but I don't want to at all


I’ve also been in a little slump lately (with motivation and also emotionally) but what usually helps me is to turn on a few motivational songs. But they don’t always work. Watching a few Ted Talks always motivates me to do something with my life. Sometimes even just stepping away from it for fifteen to thirty minutes can help! But, sometimes, the motivation just isn’t there. And that’s okay! You may just have to do the homework even though you really, really don’t want to do it. I still struggle with this (BIG TIME)!