if barnes & noble doesn’t hire me i’m going to be poor as fuck this summer so i started going through my list of comics i’m currently reading so i can try to narrow down my titles since i honestly can’t afford all of them and this is what i have

  • all-new hawkeye
  • black widow
  • captain marvel
  • daredevil
  • hawkeye
  • silk
  • spider-woman

the secret wars titles i’m currently reading + ready to start up

  • a-force
  • battleworld (maybe haven’t decided on this one yet but probably not)
  • captain marvel & the carol corps
  • secret journal
  • secret wars

i’m just looking at all of these and i love them so much and have no idea which ones to cut out =(

birthday present for bpdmammon

lin and me with wings because who wouldn’t want to have wings, inspired by this post: http://lullaby-dance.tumblr.com/post/116561833256/the-signs-wings#notes

and i have to admit this is the most complex bg i have ever drawn and it’s pathetic //sobs//

ah, but i still like it~

“It’s so funny the way Sebastian changes so quickly. He goes from a Disney prince to a villain just like that!”

Yeah, wow, it’s almost as if a catastrophic event just took place in which all he loved was destroyed and he was powerless to stop it, meanwhile the person responsible is standing right in front of him, and no one is attempting to comfort him.

Who knew nice people had their limits, too?


can i get one of these big enough for a brick of cheddar cheese?


=> The sound of the lighter is comforting to you as you walk through the empty city streets. You were never really a fan of cities. Too many places somebody could be hiding. Every noise you hear makes you turn, makes you think there could be somebody following you. You try to convince yourself that nobody would be following you, that nobody would dare to try to tangle with somebody like you.

=> You think you hear footsteps in the alleyway behind you and you turn your head quickly, but you can’t see if there’s anyone behind you. You flick your lighter again, focusing on the flame. You have to stop being so anxious, it’s not befitting of somebody of your caste.

“I can hear y*u.” You say, trying to keep your voice calm.

Leanne’s one of the old spares that I really shouldn’t be so obsessed with tbh.

i also wanted to use these hello kitty glasses oops

wolfbanekiller asked:

Only 7 Notes You underestimate us I didn't even know what notes were but now I'm gonna do it all the time just to get more updates (ALL THE UPDATES!)

it’s the extras that get the real notes 


They say bad things come in 3's?

We’re now on number 4. Ugh.

1. Got rear ended, car totaled
2. Pool pump broke, there goes a few hundred
3. Luke accidentally ripped the pool liner. Not sure if the patch is holding
4. Our well pump broke. No water and at least a grand to fix….

At least we have our health!

elfrooted replied to your postWhen there’s so much and such quality stuff for…

what are your OTPs i’ll help

Oh god, well mostly my warden bab Layahna Mahariel/Alistair and dontknowcats‘ Atheva Lavellan/Cullen, but it was more of a general thing, because like. I keep seeing so much Cousland and it’s all great but… there’s so little for dalish elf wardens, or elven wardens in general. Like, elven inquisitors are so loved? And drawn so much? But it’s rare to see an elven warden.


Not blog related but bear with me real fast

I’m at the Got7 concert in Dallas and this high touch is turning into a disaster. Plz send help!!!

~Admin N (the concert/fan meet thing was cute though)

Update: we finally got through after like waiting an hour for them to figure out things. They’re all very handsome up close and Mark gives intense soul stares.