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So, if/when Riskua has kids would she give them her last name and use the Dracule naming or did she already have some picked out?

As soon as I set the pairing I had names for the possible future kids

If she does have kids then she’ll insist on giving them Ace’s last name. If Ace’ll be happy about that, who knows.

As for following the Dracule naming scheme, I’ve been playing with Rheagle, Rheron, Mecrow, Meruff, and Riouzel. Though I’d only give one kid the Dracule theme name; because I can’t picture Ace not naming his kid after Whitebeard. So I’m also pretty set on Portgas D. Edward if kids happen

Did you know there’s a bird called Redshank (squints suspiciously)

Peter asking you out would include…

  • Awkward conversations in the hallways
  • Him finding little excuses to talk to you
  • Peter walking you to your classes, and helping you carry your books
  • Tony immediately picking up on his newest recruit’s sudden interest in you
  • “So… do you like a certain girl named Y/n?”
  • And, of course, Tony being Tony, he just has to spill it out to the entire team
  • So by the end of the day, all of the Avengers are pestering Peter for information
  • “What hair colour does she have? What’s her name? What’s her shoe size?”
  • Peter nearly falling out of his chair when his substitute for math the next day looks suspiciously like Tony
  • “Hey kids, today I’ll be your sub for maths today. Er, Parker, can you move next to L/n?”
  • And slapping a hand over his mouth when his science sub has the same blonde hair as Steve…
  • In fact, all of his usual classes appear to have subs
  • And all of those subs have made him sit next to you
  • And pair up with you
  • At the end of the day, he just pulls you over
  • “Hey, Y/n, can we talk?”
  • And he keeps on rambling, because he’s too shy to tell you the truth
  • “I- uh… I s-sort of… um, like you?”
  • And you just laugh and hug him, because you knew already
  • “You’re very obvious about it, you know?”
  • And, unknowingly to him, the Avengers are all hiding, silently cheering
Harry and Ginny Potter's Children

When their first son was born, Ginny and Harry had already picked out his name.
‘James Sirius,’ Ginny whispered as she held her tiny son to her chest.
Harry’s green eyes - his mothers eyes, to that day - crinkled in the corners as he smiled. Anxiety still stole through, however.
'Are you sure, Ginny? We can talk about other names -’
'Harry, please, we’ve already talked about it. I love the name. And a name does not define a life - he will make it his own, one day. You just have to love him.’
'Always,’ Harry responded, his smile breaking out once more.

When their second son was born, a name proved more contentious.
'We can’t name him after *Snape*,’ Ginny argued, her eyes sad. 'He was not a good man, Harry-’
'Not always, no,’ Harry agreed. 'But he was a brave man. He saved my life, Ginny. And he had a hard life. Do you remember what you said about our James, making his name his own? Let Albus Severus do that also. Let him create a better life for the name of a forgotten man.’
Ginny’s eyes softened at that, and she nodded her head.

Though many of their friends never knew, it was Ginny who decided the name of their daughter.
'Lily Luna,’ she crooned over the sleeping baby.
'Lily Luna?’ Harry repeated with a smile.
'I love it.’

When James first arrived at Hogwarts, he saw the son of Remus and Tonks walking up ahead of him. 'Teddy!’ James called out, making him turn.
'Hey! James Sirius! J-S! Jayse!’ Teddy yelled back, and gave James a name of his own.
Albus had been called Al for as long as he could remember, and he was content. But he liked the thought that if his grandmother were alive, she would call him Sev.
Little Lily Luna loved to hear stories of both her namesakes, and liked to be called Lina - a mix of both names in one.

Jayse, Al and Lina were Harry and Ginny Potters’ children. They made their names their own.