I think that Pyrrha maybe had never been interested in books like above until she met him.

If you saw pictures I posted before, you would guess who’s “him” I talk about, but I don’t write and tag his name here because it doesn’t apper in this comic.

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So, guess who’s finally translated every single comic* in this book! Whooo! Here’s a table of contents. If you’d rather go through in whatever the hell order I posted them, my tag for this book is tox 4koma kings.

Tales of Xillia 4koma Kings

Page in book - Artist
004 - Coloured Pages (these are included with each individual artist)
012 - Hako Itagaki
018 - Takeshita
024 - Minato Tonami
032 - Nako Shirataki
038 - Raru Kou
044 - Rumi Kawashima
050 - Ryuuko Kanzaki
056 - Hama
060 - Tsubamemaru Watarizora
068 - Mei Sakazaki
074 - Uka Nagao
080 - Ondy
086 - Tomo
094 - Kotoni Shiroishi
100 - Enya Uraki
106 - Reo Horiguchi*

Other Illustrations

Illustration - Artist
Front Cover - Karei Kukure (included on this post)
Back Cover - Hama (included on this post)
- Ichiho Katsura
Cover Flap
- Nako Shirataki

Sooo I guess that’s it! Tumblr is awful for this kind of thing so I can’t make a much more elaborate post than this. As always, please buy this book if you like these comics! I usually get mine from CD Japan but there are probably tons of sites that will ship them to you.

* I skipped one comic by Enya Uraki and I didn’t do any of the comics by Reo Horiguchi so you can download the raws for the latter here, if you’re interested.

Regarding IMPORTANT MCU CANON for Jane and Darcy!

I guess some people may not know this existed, or if they did they had no access to it, but there are two issues of a comic book called Thor: The Dark World Prelude. And in it there is character development for Darcy and Jane that is CANON for the MCU.

It especially explains what happened to them over in Norway and what happened when Thor never came back.

You can probably find scans in certain tags on tumblr and I’m downloading copies now for myself so if anyone wants these particular scenes posted then let me know and I’ll do what I can today.

Below the cut are scans of all the darcy and jane scenes.

I don’t care so much if people ignore certain canon things for their own reasons, but if there are people who want to remain as true to the MCU as they can before branching out into their own twists, this helps tremendously.

The biggest thing is that while in Norway Darcy found out about why they were really there and she and Jane were pretty annoyed about not being told.

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I was tagged by @feedmecomicart​ for my top 10 comic book villains. (You can check the original post here) So, I guess it’s go time! Here are my top 10 favorite comic book villains:

1. Venom/Mac Gargan (Marvel Comics)

2. Hood (Marvel Comics)

3. (the latest) Jack O’Lantern/Real name unknown

4. Baron Zemo/Helmut (Marvel Comics)

5. Maestro (Marvel Comics)

6. Kang the Conqueror (Marvel Comics)

7. Shredder (TMNT/IDW Publishing)

8. The Revolutionary (Project Superpowers/Dynamite Comics)

9. Kevin (Sin City/Dark Horse Comics)

10. Nemesis (Icon Comics)

Now that this is over, I guess it’s my turn to tag people. Let’s see.. I tag @wildegurke, @ilaney, @randomjunkbloguniverse, @therealitymarble, @shadesoforlando, @frgiannotta & @god-hunter. Let’s see what you got! Or not.. I mean if you wanna do it, go for it. If not, well, I still know you’re all badasses inside.


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For those of you keeping track at home, everyting since page 20, which I posted in MAY, has happened in the same day. Poor Watson. He just can’t catch a break.  But he’s found his handsome* violinist, and has a warm place to sleep, so it’s a net gain. (And I guess I had things confused in my head when I wrote the prose version, but Holmes does posit the inverse, which doesn’t have any truth value, but Watson probably didn’t notice.)

*if I’ve drawn him correctly

I was tagged by the awesome @meztliel ,thank you!!!

rules-answer 11, ask 11, tag 11

My Questions:

1. What do you like most about yourself?- hmmm…..I guess that I know a lot of random facts about random things

2. What is the last book, comic/manga, or fanfiction you read?-  Perelandra by C.S. Lewis

3. Favorite video game?-I don’t play video games but I’ll go with Mario Kart since it’s the only one I’ve every played

4. What are your talents?- reading, obsessing over fictional characters, watching an unhealthy amount of a show in one sitting

5. Can you play any instruments/ are a good singer?- I can’t sing but I can play the clarinet, I’m also trying to learn the piano

6. Who is your historical figure crush?- Nathan Hale

7.  If you play Pokemon Go, are you Valor, Instinct, or Mystic?- I don’t play

8. Unpopular opinion about anything?- I think Pokemon go is a little overrated :/

9. Do you speak other languages besides English?- Well I can’t speak fluently in it but I am learning Latin

10. Are you going to dress up for Halloween, if so what is your costume?-not sure, but my family are either dressing up as characters from Harry Potter or Star Wars

11. Do you identify as a potato?- lol, most definitely :P

My questions!

1. Last movie you watched?

2. If you could live in a fictional which world would it be?

3. How many siblings?

4. Least favourite food?

5. ANy pet peeves?

6. What fictional character do you most identify with?

7. What’s the first thing that popped into your head after reading this?

8. Favorite quote?

9. Are you outgoing or shy?

10. Favorite songs right now?

11.If you were stuck in one season(fall, summer, spring, winter) for the rest fo your life, which one would you chose?

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i was tagged by @zolxdick to name 5 things that make me happy

okay, I`ll try:

1.Creating things. Like drawing, inventing/writing original stuff, make something cool with my hands. Guess I am a craftsman dude

2.Communicating with people who`s company mutually pleseant. Talk on webs,irl, play toghether, or any fun activites are nice, better not in huge crowds X_X (and also communicating with animals and animals in general)

3.Playing good video-games/watching fave shows/movies, reading fave comic books. I love things that are visually appealing and also interesting and fun ( OTPs and fave chars are going here too I think)

4.Eat/drink delicious things. I am a really glutton being -_-”

5.Visiting new cool places. Not much where I’ve been and I got exited easily then I visitit somewhere new and  with pleasant(for me at least) amosphere

I tag @jazzy-90 @rupoordragon @oroontheheels @johnny217 @lucy-and-loki @k-gufu  and everydude who read and wanna give it a shot<3

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Relationship Status: Single, I don’t talk to anyone who lives within 500 miles of me.

Favorite Color: Blue.

Pets:  Four dogs and four cats.

Chapstick or lipstick: I don’t use either, but if I did, chapstick.

Last song I listened to: Wait for it - Hamilton

Favorite TV Show: Hmmm.  I guess Gravity Falls.  SU is kinda going downhill and the fandom ruins everything.

First fandom: Bleach, I think.

Hobbies: Singing, gaming, reading (books and comics).

I tag whoever sees this and wants to do it, I guess.