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(continued) Mama has the right idea in not paying attention to the TPs, not only in what they report about Rob and Kristen, but in many celebrities. Even if a tabloid writes a complimentary article about a celebrity, it's only a matter of time before they turn on the the celebrity for a more salacious narrative. Because scandalous angles sell more than uplifting stories. It's best to avoid reading TPs not just for Rob and Kristen's sakes, but for anyone written about by the TPs.

What I’ve been seeing a lot lately just from bloggers/media in general is a lot of ppl currently jumping on the Kristen bandwagon….but they feel that it’s necessary to point out all the supposed mistakes that she’s made, tear her down based solely on stories the media has concocted and the “persona” that they gave her, as well as stomping all over Twilight and her pertrail of Bella.

ONLY after they have properly put her in her place do they then praise her for her current work and maybe throw her a bone and mention some of the many other movies that she was in that they don’t have objections of….

THIS IS WHAT THE TABLOID MEDIA has done to Kristen along with a host of other actors!

So once again if there are those of you out there that get some sick perverse pleasure from reading that garbage, even after everything I’ve said about it not to mention what Rob and Kristen have both said about it, please please please feel free to stop following me.

Cause if your reading that crap after everything they’ve done to both Rob and Kristen, I don’t know why the fuck you are here in the first place.

Anon….thank you for two points well made!