[Post-credit scene of Age of Ultron]

Bruce: *worn out from battle, stumbles into the table, knocks over Thor’s hammer*

Bruce: *blinks at the fallen weapon in uncomprehending exhaustion*

Bruce: *picks up the hammer and carefully puts it back*

Bruce: *freezes*

Bruce: “…Shit”

Natasha: *walks in*

Natasha: *sees Bruce staring at the hammer*

Natasha: “It was facing the other way.”

Natasha: *picks up the hammer and turns it around*

[scene ends]

The avengers/jane/Darcy/Loki imagine/one shot - truth or dare

“Settle down! Settle down!” Jane tries to shush everyone but fails,
“Hey everyone shut up!” Darcy soon quietens everyone though. Everyone sits down in a circle ready for tonight’s meet up.
Every month everyone comes together for a night to have some fun, drink booze and forget all the shit that’s happening.
Everyone counts as Loki, Thor, Clint, Natasha, Bruce, tony, Steve, jane, Darcy and you.
“So tonight’s activity is truth or dare I know all of you know the rules but I’m gonna say them anyway including a new rule. So as you know if you pussy out of a dare or don’t answer a truth then you’re out and the new rule is girls pick for boys, boys pick for girls” Darcy explains, you roll your eyes and smile.
“Okay where’s the beer at?” You ask, tony walks over with a large box filled with beer cans.
“Here we go!” Tony hands everyone one, Steve leans against the wall as he sips on his can.
“Shall we begin?” Steve asks.
“We will start off with Loki and go anti-clockwise” Natasha stares at Loki who is opposite her.
“Dare of corse” Loki raise his hands, all us girls go to one side and pick a dare.
“We dare you to pole dance” Darcy says before laughing her ass off. Loki glares at her and mutters some things children should never hear under his breath. He flicks his hand and from the floor emerging from a green glow is a long metal pole. You pull out your phone and play “bad girls” by M.I.A. Loki takes hold of the pole and works it, you throw a tenner at him as everyone pisses themselves laughing even the extremely uncomfortable Steve rogers.
Loki sits down with a grunt,
“I hate you all” Loki mutters everyone laughs some more. “Enough!” Loki yells we all become silent with large smiles on our faces.
“Okay so now it’s doctor banners turn” jane nods at Bruce. He swallows nervously.
“Dare?” He picks. You and The girls talk again.
“We dare you to straddle tony until it hits your turn again” you dare him with a smirk. He furrows his eyebrows and pulls a face. “Or you’re out” you remind him. He sighs and stands up, he straddles tony who was next to him. A small red blush creeps on both the men’s faces, everyone laughs again and most drink some more alcohol.
“Right tony, since your kind of stuck there truth or dare?” Natasha asks
“Tr…truth” tony struggles to say, he clears his throat and repeats the word.
“What’s the most sexual thing have you done with a man?” Darcy asks after chugging back her beer.
“This” he points at Bruce, we all wolf whistle and laugh. Next it’s Steve.
“Truth or dare cap?” Jane asks, he hesitates before stuttering a dare.
You and the girls talk but just to annoy you Darcy decides to say one completely different to what you picked.
“We dare you to make out with (Y/N)” Darcy smirks, you spin your head quickly to face Darcy as you glare at her. Everyone chants “kiss kiss kiss” so Steve crawls over to you, you bite your lip. He smiles slightly before kisses you ever so gently. Your hand holds the back of his neck as you deepen the kiss. Everyone whoops and cheers before you both pull away breathless.
“What are fifteen years old that was a piece of pie?” You try to joke your way out of it. Loki smirks and winks at you when you look around the circle. Next goes clint, he gets a truth of if he’d ever date a horse which was more to annoy Loki. He obviously said no before we moved onto Natasha. The boys dared her to do a strip tease for clint, which turns oddly heated but she soon returns to being clothed.
Next goes Thor who had to run outside and scream as loud as he can considering it’s 1am. After that there was a lot of barking dogs.
Since this is basically a warm up round nothing much is happening.
Next goes jane who had to lick beer off of Thors abs, people would be surprised how many innocent, shy people turn Into animals when it comes to dares.
Darcy was boring and went with a dirty truth which ended up in a weird convocation and soon it was your turn.
“Dare…” You say not so confidently. The boys go off in a huddle and pick a dare for you.
“We dare you to give Loki a lap dance” Thor points at his brother, you bite your lip nervously. You stand up and Darcy switches on some music, you walk away before slowly walking back towards Loki. You sway your hips, Loki magically appears on a chair. You straddle him and roll your chest along with the music, Lokis hands clasp on your hips as you start to lightly grind on him. You spin around and lean your head back onto his shoulder. You move your ass on his lap causing him to grow a large bulge. You stand up and trace your hands over his shoulders as you circle the chair, you slut drop down to the floor in front of him, you move his legs apart and smirk. You’ve let out your inner slutty self. The song was short and the dance finally ended. You sit back down on the floor and so does Loki.
“Chuck me a beer” you tell tony, he points at Bruce gesturing that he can’t move. Steve gets up and hands you one with a wink. All the boys stare at you lust hungry in their eyes but all the girls stare at you with surprised expressions besides Darcy she just seems amused.
“I love this time of the month” clint mutters to natasha jokingly to tease her.
It returns to Lokis turn and now things are getting dirtier finally.
“We dare you to make out and feel up clint” Natasha laughs. Loki glares at her so does clint.
“I’m not having him do that to me!” Clint objects. Since it’s not his dare he doesn’t get kicked out of the game but Loki does have to have another dare though. Loki gets dared to do the same to you but you said only if the girls leave the room because it’s awkward.
The girls all head Into the kitchen to get snacks, so that means you have to have a heated make out session with Loki infront of everyone. Loki takes your face in his hands and kisses you, he runs his hands down your side and towards the hem of your shorts, he brushes his fingers over your lower regions causing you to pull him closer and secretly move your hips towards him. He smirks against your lips and drags his fingers up your shirt, he holds your breasts and teases you ever so slightly.
“Alright I think I’ve had enough of…that” Steve gestures in our direction. Loki moves away leaving you wanting more.
“Bruce you can get off tony now, also your dare is to lick tony from his belly button up to his lips” Darcy informs Bruce on his new dare. He almost chokes on his beer.
“Excuse me?” Bruce asks after wiping his mouth.
“You heard her, do it Bruce” Natasha winks at Bruce. We all chant do it, tony takes off his teeshirt and winces uncomfortably when he lays down. Bruce trails his tongue from the top of Tonys navel all the way up to the bottom of his lip. You laugh so much you cry, Bruce chugs another beer so does tony. Tony gets a dare of staying in his boxers for the rest of the games he does comfortably.
Steve’s turn next, you pick the dare. You tell Steve to strip down naked for the rest of the game and come back into the room, he is allowed to cover his genitals but only with a rag. You throw him a tea towel and he goes into the bathroom, he strips down and opens the door. He holds the towel to his crown jewels and walks over to the group. You stare at him in a complete trance.
“I think someone likes naked Steve” tony throws an empty can at you. You blush and Steve sits down awkwardly.
Everyone’s dares become dirtier and dirtier each time until someone actually got to the point of giving a dare of sex. Two hours pass between that time of dirtiness growing. Only three people left the game, jane, Thor and clint surprisingly. Most of the dares and truth became more childish and stupid towards the End because all the alcohol consumed.
The dares you received through the whole game:
lap dance with Loki, 7 minutes in heaven with Loki, let Steve remove your clothes until you reach your underwear, scream out the window that you’re part of the dickhead comity and kiss Darcy on the lips.
The dares everyone else got weren’t extremely bad but were still bad. Near the end, clint and Natasha left, Thor and jane left and Bruce and tony left. Bruce and Tonys dares were always together since nearly everyone ships them together in the avengers even if it’s just a joke.
Steve and Loki stayed though.
You stumble over to Steve and kiss him, you get pressed against the wall and lifted up, you wrap your legs and arms around him as you deepen the kiss. Steve’s covering towel drops and Loki clears his throat. Steve moves away and decides to put some clothes on, Steve is the only one who can’t get drunk so he’s the only one who isn’t. You’ve always liked Steve but something about Loki made you always attracted to the dark side of things.
“I didn’t know you were still here” you mutter, you’re starting to sober up a little as you walk towards the kitchen. You chug down a pint of water and look over at Loki. Loki smirks and walks over to you.
“Believe me my pet I can pleasures you in many more ways than captain america can” Loki purrs into your ear as he leans over. You smirk and pull him closer to you. The heat between you could light a house on fire.
Loki scoops you up and takes you into the bedroom using magic to lock the door, he slams you down on the bed before climbing on top of you.
“Truth or dare my dear?” He smirks

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: There were two previous attempts, and each one was missing something. But fans have adore your version of Bruce Banner. So what’s your feeling about what Hulk would need to have another stand-alone movie?

MARK RUFFALO: I understand the hesitation. It’s a particularly hard character to make a movie about because he doesn’t want to be there, generally. It’s hard to make a movie about a guy who doesn’t want to be there. And he doesn’t want to do the very thing that you want him to do.

Right. Which is Hulk-out …

So it gets a little frustrating as an audience, and there’s only so much of that. I think they set it up nicely now that Banner’s turning 46 years old, and there comes a point where it’s like “how much more running can I do for myself?”

How does getting older change Banner?

Whatever you hate about yourself or you don’t like, when you get to be 46 years old, you start to say “okay, no.” Obviously, you can never really get away from yourself, so you start to live with some of the things you think are so bad. And maybe they’re not that bad. Maybe those things are what you need to do whatever you were never able to accomplish.

So a solo Hulk film would be not about trying to rid himself of the Hulk, but coming to terms with it as a strength instead of a dangerous flaw?

I think that’s the ticket forward for Banner, to start to figure out where we go with him, to keep that story interesting. I think there’s a whole relationship with Banner and Hulk that needs to be discovered. There’s a very cool thing happening: Hulk is as afraid of Banner as Banner is afraid of Hulk.

That’s what we’ll see in Avengers: Age of Ultron and possibly going forward?

It’s in the comics. But because you haven’t really been able to get inside of Hulk’s head, because the [cinematic] technology wasn’t available to make it nuanced enough to do that, and now it is. So now I think there’s a way to do it. Both of these guys are obviously the same guy, and they have got to come to peace somehow with each other. And I think that this confrontation is building along the lines of this film.

I like that. I like that the thing that scares the fearsome Hulk is Banner — a puny human.

He’s terrified of him

Well, that’s when he goes away, isn’t it?

What makes Hulk afraid? It’s himself. It’s a version of himself that’s weak. It’s a version of himself that’s vulnerable. It’s a child inside of him. It’s very interesting, and I’m stumbling on this. And I don’t know if this is where the next version will go. But if it is in the cards that we’re doing the next version of this, I see some fertile ground there.

Sounds like you’ve been giving it a lot of consideration.

I’ve been mulling this over now for a few years. And I haven’t pushed for it because I honestly didn’t know what hadn’t been done. And this time, there’s an interesting confrontation on the horizon between these two.

They’re fighting over the same body. Who lives and who disappears.

It’s existence. They’re fighting over existence, you know?

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