gonna go cry in the shower for a half hour or so.. basic Monday stuff

for me, going back to school comes with the five stages of grief and right now, i’m in denial… so why not do my first ever tumblr awards?? also i’m giving out saved urls after i pick a new one


+ mbf me
+ vote for my new url (please)
+ must reblog this post
+ ends september 13, results will be posted the following weekend
+ must reach at least 50 notes or i’ll hide in shame


+ a follow back (if not already)
+ my love and friendship
winners: spot on my update tabs // 24/7 promos // blograte // dibs on my saved URLs (if you’d like) // personalized icon (upon request)
runner ups: spot on my update tabs // 3 promos // blograte // dibs on my saved urls (if you’d like)


+ foreign exchange students: best url
art freaks: best icon
asian nerds: best theme
burnouts: best harry potter
emos: best multifandom
cross country boys: best [insert fandom]
       (if there’s enough of one fandom, why not??)
preps: best posts
cool asians: best mobile theme
overachievers: best update tabs
freshmeat: best newcomer
       (send me screenshots of your follow count - 500ish or less)
the plastics: best overall

rebecca bvlletsmikey’s may botm

ok so the time has come for another botm so here we go! 


  • mbf me
  • check out my current botm batvibes
  • reblog this post 
  • pls don’t like, u won’t be disqualified if u do but it is irritating so!
  • let this have at least 20 notes (that aren’t me self promoting lmao)
  • this will end on monday 27th and then comes the poll etc

possible perks

  • ur very own spot on my blog for a month
  • selfie reblogs or promos or whatever u want, just tag me and i’ll be there!
  • maybe a blooming friendship (or at least a small hug idk)

so yeah, i’ll pick about 5 people at the end of this and then u all can vote and whoever has the most votes will be my botm, so idk reblog if ur interested!