i’m writing an essay on wall-e, so naturally i’m listening to the soundtrack on repeat, and i forgot that i used to use a song as my alarm years ago and every single time it comes on in the playlist i jump and low-key panic about getting up

My fave early Medieval song is Herr Mannelig (Sir Mannelig)

it’s about this Pagan woman (in the Swedish original version she’s actually a troll, which is even better) who wants to marry the knight Sir Mannelig. She’s like “marry me and I’ll give you cool shit even a gold sword” but he’s like “I would if you were a Christian” so she goes outside and screams 

anonymous asked:

Feels bad when the artists signature takes away from the aesthetic beauty of the piece, but if they don't put it, the art can just easily be stolen so you are sad mix of disappointment and understanding.

I feel you and all I can do is apologize. I’m really, really sorry. Sadly this is the only way I feel less exposed. Art thieves made me leave once in the past, nowadays I try to not discourage myself; I really want to share w yall my stuff! 

 I wish someday artists won’t need a watermark anymore. Someday😊

periodic reminder that i think about y’all friendos every day. I’m sorry for not staying in touch too well and honestly thank you to everyone who reaches out to me. I really appreciate your understanding. Finals until Friday! Good luck to everyone with all of your struggles. I know you can conquer! 

ALSO, I haven been thinking that aside from sending mail to my friends/mutuals (if u want?) I want to draw and print postcards for the holidays (or my birthday in january??) for anyone interested. recommendations for what I draw (fanarts, concepts, etc) and general interest? 


Fandom Advent - Day 6: Fast Cars

The only thing I like that heavily features fast cars is Speed Racer. So. 

Following the tragic racing death of his childhood friend Trott, Smith becomes a talented racer in his own right, determined to win the Grand Prix with the help of his mechanic Ross. The racing world is rife with corruption and sabotage, but his main obstacle is the notorious Racer X - a masked rival who seems hauntingly familiar. 

realistic RPG plot for working adults where you’re assigned party members who abruptly leave you just before and/or midway through boss battles :’)

bonus victory cry: “FRIENDSHIP IS A LIE !”

Unpopular opinion: I actually don’t mind people “over-apologizing” for misgendering me or using the wrong pronouns.
…Then again, I’m also the person who has to say sorry at least 5 times for accidentally bumping someone in line soooooo…

What you’re saying, it doesn’t make you a sinner, but it does make you a tremendous piece of shit.
—  Father Gabriel dropping truth bombs to Spencer in 7.07 “Sing Me a Song” in defense of Rick’s leadership skills. I really have started loving his character this season. No one and nothing will ever fully make up for what we lost with Glenn’s death on this show, I’ll never forgive the writers for doing it like they did this season when he still had so much potential left that they wasted by killing him off right now, and their was really no good storytelling reason behind it that made it feel necessary. It’s obvious that the writers just wanted to give Daryl a man pain storyline because they don’t know what else to do with his character anymore.
However, Father Gabriel is adding a little bit more levity to this show in this otherwise bleak and depressing horrible season with his badass character development.