lil’ doodle i did while not studying for what probably is one of this year’s most important test… :)

hello pet owners i need a favor

i have a stats project where i need to collect data to see trends in numbers, and i decided to ask people how many pets they have had in their life!

for example, i’ve had 1 dog, 1 fish, and 3 cats, so i would say i have had 5 pets. it can be any pets, past or present. please only respond to this if you have had at least 1 pet before, i probably do not want any values of 0!

obligatory question mark so you can answer, and you can also comment or send me a message if it wont let you answer it thru reply?

#; look at sam’s sword???? #; i want it …………………………. its so big #; why the fuck is dean’s sword so tiny lmao 

                          ‘cause it’s a fuckin

                                   k n i f e

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i’m still not sure if i get a bigger kick out of tiny gnome percy, or tiefling percy trying to figure out where to put his tail half the time. like, both of these are Objectively Great.

*remembers a certain exchange between Vex and Zahra about Z’s tail*

*smirks a bit*


You’re a novel
A thousand page masterpiece
With twists and turns
And plot holes and mistakes
But I can’t seem to stop myself
Rereading and rereading
The whole story’s just repeating
In my mind
The inky words upon your pages are my goodnights
And I love you
But it’s all just a cycle
Where you’re every step
If I keep this up
I’ll bleed to death
Of your itty bitty papercuts