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could I get a drabble with 75 and 84 with husband!Jimin where him and his wife are trying to tell the rest of the members that they are going to be uncles, but things don't go quite as planned? thank you!!

Thanks love for your request! I hope that you like it :)


75: “Guess who’s going to be a father?”

84: “You weren’t supposed to hear that.”

“I’m so nervous. I feel like my heart is going to burst.” You say to your husband, rubbing your barely visible baby bump.

“Jesus Christ, me too.” He runs his fingers through his hair, anxiously.

“You know, in this cases you’re supposed to say something like, ‘don’t worry baby, everything will be alright’ or at least try to confort me.” You say pouting lightly. Jimin opens his eyes widely for a second.

“I’m sorry babe.” He hurries to hug you. “Everything will be alright.” He whispers, making you laugh.

Just then, the doorbell rings.

“Gosh, it’s them. Please go open the door.” You say nervously.

“Of course baby.”

In the middle of the dinner, you excuse yourself, not before looking at Jimin, letting him know that it was time.

You two walk towards the kitchen.

“Okay, who’s telling them?” You ask.

“I’ll do it if you want.” Jimin announces, and you nod.

You look at him biting your lip anxiously, he smiles at you and gives you a big bear hug.

“I still can’t believe we’re going to have a baby, I’m so grateful Y/N. Thank you very much my love.”

“Oh…my…god.” You two hear a voice coming from the kitchen’s door. Jimin and you turn your heads quickly to see the owner of the voice, Taehyung.

 “You weren’t supposed to hear that.” Jimin says, panicking.

Taehyung rushes out of the kitchen, and you suddenly hear his voice once more:

“Oh my god you guys, guess who’s going to be a father?

You look at Jimin with a straight face for few seconds before you lose it and start laughing, Jimin joining you.

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i turned in my two weeks the other day, found another job with better hours & better pay. my SM told the other manager i quit, & said "i just don't get why they didn't ask for more hours." last time i even mentioned getting more as a joke she cut me from 15 to 5. and she said i was one of the two best associates but neither of us get the hours to show for it, not even recognition as good workers. at least they appreciate me at the other job.

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I want to ask u if we gonna do another chat on sunday. I don't want to come off anon, bc I don't want to get harassed on here. Will message u if or when u decide to do one! I really enjoyed the last one, despite all of the drama it caused...

I really enjoyed it too and we definitely will! But not on Sunday, or at least without me. I won’t be around a lot this weekend, but maybe by the end of next week?

The Heir and The Spare (Elsanna week, day 6, june 23)

Elsa and Anna were in Elsas study fighting. It wasn’t the usual light hearted arguments that they had about things that didn’t really matter, like whose bed to sleep in, what to have for dinner, should they fool about here or there, either. No, it was a proper, angry fight, the likes of which they hadn’t had since the night of Elsas coronation. It shouldn’t have been intense as it was, Anna was worried about Elsa working herself to hard, and she just wanted to help.

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In my grand tradition of playing games several years late, I’ve recently begun my first playthrough of Pillars of Eternity. I know next to nothing about it. Somehow, despite occasional fanart appearing on my dash (and that stretch where the Kickstarter for 2 was being broadcast everywhere), I’ve never heard a spoiler about it. Which, naturally, means I’ll occasionally liveblogging spoilers about it. 

So, in that vein: 
1.) How fucking rude was it to give the merchant several chances to die only to kill him anyway? Like, I got attached after successfully navigating the conversation tree to save him from Bandit #1 and successfully conking Bandit #2 on the head to free him like 10 minutes later. Clearly he can die pretty easily, I thought, smug in my ability to thus far keep him living, and also pretty fondly because he blushed when my character told him his shop would do well and come on, that’s endearing . Not in my playthrough though. And then nope, unavoidable death anyway. Rude. 

2.) I have had exactly one conversation with Aloth thus far and I adore him already. 
“Everyone here is so eager to fight.” 
“I mean, you did tell that guy to go fuck someone extremely inappropriate.” 
“Is that what they thought I said? My accent is so hard to understand here.” 
“That is… that is 100% what you said. I heard it too.”
[Prolonged, smiling silence] “I’ll have to speak more clearly!”
He is clearly horrendous at excuses (and I’m assuming partially possessed? No idea, but that’s my current theory), and he’s going to be in my party forever at that rate. 

So I am trying Tinder and shit, and mom comes to me and shes like hows it going. Im like we talk about Star Wars. Moms like maybe you should tone it down on the Carrie Fisher and Star Wars stuff, people will find it weird.


She like thinks I am the only one in my State’/Town who loves Star Wars and fandom when I am about to go to NYCC with a bunch of schoolmmates.

It is so frustrating she tries to block my personality. But hey at least I am agressively being me more rather than recoiling.

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Hello! You reblogged something earlier about knowing about a lot of Clones and the Commando's. Do you have any advice on writing clones and possibly creating a black ops clone squad?

yes !! yes I did.

Sooo basically, in addition to what was said in mk-otro’s advice post, it helps to also get a solid idea of how the Grand Army’s organization works — so you can get idea of what kind of barriers your clone squad will inevitably face, what kind of barriers your Jedi will face, and who they have to answer to if everything goes boots up — and this also helps with developing your clones’ personalities, too (or, at least, it’s helped me in the past). 

I can give you a rundown of the personnel organization of the Grand Army (like branches, number of personnel, chain of command, how the Jedi Command differed from Clone Command, etc), if you’d like. It will be … uhhh kind of long though, because there’s a lot of details that are … really hard to understand, and if you’re just reading the wiki articles on wookieepedia it can get really confusing really fast. 

It also depends on what you’re looking to make, too. Like, are you looking to make a specifically Republic Commando Squad, or are you looking to make a different type (like, something along the lines of what Bad Batch was)?  There’s a number of different specialized clone troopers, and figuring out the origins of each member of your squad is important. Also keep in mind, the squad itself will have a leader, in the event the Jedi is out of reach or asks for / needs an alternative opinion. 

Like… example: Republic Commandos were raised together in squads of 4 from infancy, and these commandos had the most exposure to mandalorian training sergeants — but not all of them were trained by mandalorians. ARC Troopers, on the other hand, had the most exposure to Jango Fett — and then some specialized covert troopers were trained under those ARCs.

Did your clones start in a specialized class and was trained for that, from the beginning (like most republic commandos, or most ARC Troopers), or did they gain attention later in training / during the war, and were then singled out for specialized training and advancement? 

Example: Did they lose their entire platoon (or squad) and survive, and their grit was seen as valuable? 

Something to think about.

The next thing is that, usually, covert operations (black ops, spec ops, covert ops, etc) would be handled by troopers either under the Republic Intelligence Division, or the Special Operations Brigade. The differences between the two: 

  • The Director of Republic Intelligence communicated directly with the chancellor, in this case Chancellor Palpatine.
  • The Director of Special Operations Brigade communicated directly with the Jedi High Command, also known as the Jedi Council, who then answered to Chancellor Palpatine.

The saying as it went in Legends continuity was “You have three choices: Send 100 clone troopers, 4 commandos, or 1 ARC trooper.” 

The alternatives to ARC and republic commandos, though, were shadow troopers. Shadow Troopers fell under Republic Intelligence, in the Military Intelligence Division, which is a different organization from Special Operations Brigade. 

They often worked in tandem with each other, and SpecOps operates off of the intelligence gathered by RI, but again… the difference lies in the Chain of Command. Palpatine could run covert operations without the input of the Jedi High Command directly through Republic Intelligence, in case that’s something you do (or don’t) want to explore. 

Regardless, all covert ops should fall under either jurisdiction. I say “should” bc from time to time Anakin Skywalker’s Legion seem to fit a niche that otherwise wouldn’t/shouldn’t exist — but it makes sense, given Skywalker’s proximity to Palpatine. It wouldn’t really make much sense otherwise, though.

Also develop your Jedi! Most Generals did not fight on the ground, although many chose to. How often and how close you want your Jedi to be with your covert squad can (but not always) affect what type of squad you have. Your Jedi’s experience (or lack of) also changes how the squad reacts or follows orders — at least, in the beginning.

Ie. Republic Commando squads don’t see their Jedi all that often, but sometimes their Jedi does join them. A squad of ARC Troopers would be expected to operate alone or in conjunction with a Jedi — because if there’s a need for that many ARCs in one place at one time, it’s Very Important and there should always be a Jedi nearby, even if not directly with them.

And then Shadow Troopers generally would find it very unusual for a Jedi to accompany them — unless they’re a Jedi recruited into Republic Intelligence for absolute loyalty, and a willingness to carry out missions without any questions asked.

This isn’t even getting into, say, special operations pilots or the other highly specialized troopers out there, but yeah.

Sooo to recap!

  • Figure out how your clones came into being / origin story (were they trained / grew up together or separately? combination of both?)
  • Would they be dragged into the political quagmire of Palpatine’s personal interests, or not?
  • What kind of politics do you, personally, want to write — or avoid writing?
  • Who is your Jedi, how old are they, and how closely do they work with the clone squad?

I hope this helps? Gosh I was trying to keep this short and this still got really long … sorry !! It’s a lot to think about but the details really help to flesh out characters.

u guys!!nn’! my new roommate responded to me I’m so happy !!! 🤧😭💕🎉 i was prayin she wouldn’t ignore me like my first roommate assignment nd she didn’t!! 😭👏🏻🤧 she actually responded nd sounds super nice!! 💖💓 i hope she likes me,, i m just so….,,,me😰i hope we become friends at least!!!

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Hey there, long time silent fan here. When I couldn't find the animated scene with Meli alone I went to this tumblr to find but lo and behold I ended up finding about the future characters who will most likely join Jaz and Meli's quest. So it seems to be that Team Hero will consist of Jaz, Meli, Vix, Wolf and possibly even Zoot. Especially how well Vix and Jaz get along when answering questions and Vix's not-so-subtle crush on Wolf. I look forward to seeing them together in the comic one day.

Thanks for being a long time fan! I hope you’ve enjoyed MAiZ so far :D

I’ve been dying to get Zoot/Wolf/Vix/Andre into the story for aaaaaages now, but I’m hopeful when they do appear, it’ll be worth the wait! At least the blog allows me a chance to play with their personalities and design until their big reveals.

And did you mean this animation?

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My datemate and I have different sleep schedules, and they get mad if I stay up later than them (even if I tuck them into bed or wait to get up until they pass out for the night). I've explained that I work better at night, I've made it clear that my brain just functions better between 1 am and 6 am, but they take it personally. I changed my sleep schedule for them before- but in the end it's terrible for my anxiety and mental health. How do I get them to understand or at least not hate me?

i gotta tell you turtledove, i’ve threefold concerns about your datemate. first, they take your sleep schedule as a personal attack, when it’s nothing to do with them. second, they hate you for having a different schedule. third, they kno changing your schedule negatively affects your health, but want you to do it anyway. i mean, yikes dove, those are some real red flags.

i’m sure you already kno, you can’t make anyone do or understand anything. i mean, sure we can try our hardest, but there’s no guarantee, as the only person we actually can control-is ourselves. which is why the problem is not your sleep schedule at all. instead, it’s their reaction to you taking care of yourself. 

your datemate has choices, they can accept this type of schedule is how and who you are. they can support you in making healthy choices which result in you being awake at the hours your body needs. or they can choose to be upset and angry tht you won’t kowtow to their wishes, but make no mistake, those are their choices. 

bottom line, you need to take care of you. i kno we all want to make our partner’s happy, but it can’t be at the expense of our health. you deserve to be happy and healthy, turtledove. if your datemate doesn’t agree with tht statement, then maybe you both need to engage in some srs conversation. wishing you all the best of luck. remember, you can’t do anyone any good, if you’re not healthy yourself. 

One of the worst things about being high functioning mentally ill, at least for me, is that often you can fake neurotypicality but when you all of a sudden Cannot Anymore, if the people around you haven’t known you for a while, you scare the bejesus out of them or piss them off. And if you’re anything like me, you feel horrible for upsetting them and that just makes it worse.

Don’t reblog this post, but I’m losing a - lot - of followers and I think it’s because I’m so angry and political. Unfortunately that’s because I’m getting increasingly angry and political. I’ve been a doormat my entire life, abused in every way imaginable, and oppressed on every axis but race, and I’m tired of being quiet. I won’t stop advocating for myself and all oppressed people because this isn’t the political climate to stay quiet. At least for me.

I definitely understand how speaking out can put you in danger, or how the world is scary and thinking about it makes it worse. I recognize how this type of conversation can trigger you or aggravate mental illness and I’m 100% here for people taking breaks or not engaging with social justice stuff at all.

I want you a to feel safe and I tried to put social justice stuff on a sideblog and it ended up here anyway.

I guess what I’d like to say is that I’ll try and create different safe space side blogs instead.

@stimmygames is obviously about video games and apps and how they function as affordable and accessible stim toys. I’ve also got stimmy gifs and pics there as well as memes and it’s thoroughly tagged.

I’ve got a few other stim/anti-anxiety blogs that I haven’t touched in 6 months which I will start up again now. Feel free to follow any that interest you and unfollow my main if you’d like but note that because they are old and unused they are not organized or tagged and I’ll work on that.

@caseydickdraws will be for my art only. If I get back to sewing/jewelry/fidgets and what not I’ll make a blog for that too.

Here’s a list of old aesthetic/stim/anti-anxiety blogs: (not tagged or organized, take caution until I fix them)

@scifi-stims : glow, aliens, sci-fi, retro-futuristic, slime, sand, paint, 

@postapocalypticaesthetic : abandoned buildings, sunsets, regrowth, nature, 

@squeakycleancore : cleaning supplies

@clinic-core : doctor/dentist office aes

@cubicle-core : workplace aes

@lisafrankreynolds : lisa frank, rainbow, baked goods, sweets, gay stuff, toys, sprinkles, balloons.

@primarykidz primary colors, toys, geometric shapes, slime, sand, paint, comfort food, beautiful people, neon signs, legos.

@pastel-lullabies pastels, kid and baby toys,

@ahappyplaceforall warm blankets, fires, log cabins, coffee

i dont know if it originated with that discourse (I dont think it did) but whats up with referring to people from Asia as “mainland Asians” like it sound weird in this context at least to me lol I mean there are islands in Asia… some countries are all island