DE Drabbles: Learning Shinigami Sealing Part 1

Kaito paced, feeling like a caged animal. His futon was a tangled mess of blankets and sheets, testament of his inability to actually sleep. He couldn’t even find peace in fighting Shiro; it just riled him up further, pushed sleep even further out of his grasp, no matter how exhausted he became or how long they’d fought.

Finally, with a curse, Kaito pulled a top on and stalked out of his room. The shouten was silent around him, everyone asleep and in their rooms. At peace in a way he couldn’t find himself to be. He slipped through the dark hallway, bare feet silent against the wooden floor, and couldn’t help but wince at how quiet everything was.

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Shit lads I almost forgot to post this!! I know werewolf Tord is the Hot Thing™ but has anyone considered Berserker Tord because let me tell you those fuckers are cool as shit. Also technically makes Tord a criminal in his home country because of a law made 1012 years ago against berserkers. Here’s a drawing of Full Bear Tord (he’s never this calm in Full Bear Mode I just needed a good image)

fi.nnp.oe is my dream honestly like an interracial (neither is straight) gay couple in space?? hell yes? 

but fi.nnre.y is also amazing bc they have a really great dynamic and they’re really good for each other also it pisses the re.yl.os off so that’s always lovely

the best best (assuming rose is the same age as them) would be……fi.nnp.oe and ro.ser.ey bc TWO interracial gay couples in space?? um yes??????????

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THE SOUL EATER AU WAS AMAZING! I was screeching when i saw this. I know this isn't a request, but which cybertronians (MtMTE/Lost Light) do you think would be the Meister-Weapon teams? (Who would be Maka and Soul for instance) and who do you think would have the black blood equalivent in their body (In simpler terms who would be Ragnarok and Crona?) I think Black☆Star would be Rodimus, just my opinion though :) Keep writing! I love your blog!

Has anyone else done this yet? Because if not, I am claiming this soul eater au

I completely agree that Rodimus would be like Black☆Star, both characters would have a similar character arc. Drift would be his weapon and seeing them work and grow together as a team would be amazing. 

I went back and forth on this, but I think Cyclonus and Tailgate would be the Soul and Maka of the au. However, Cyclonus would be more like Tsubaki by being able to take multiple forms as a weapon. Tailgate would be the meister, surprising everyone by being able to wield Cyclonus, someone who had never had one before. The relationship starts off rocky and there are bouts of time where they aren’t compatible, but they always come back to each other. 

Brainstorm is Stein. 

Whirl would be a self-wielding weapon like Giriko or Justin Law

For Chromedome and Rewind, I feel Chromedome would be the weapon and Rewind the meister.

Overlord would definitely be Asura in this au, I can’t think of anyone else who would be the ultimate seed of evil. 

Pharma would be Medusa. In this au instead of the red rust virus, he’s trying to develop black blood (black energon?) for Tarn. 

Tarn could potentially fill the role Arachne?

I’m really unsure of who would be Crona. Maybe Pharma would infect First Aid with black energon before he leaves? And we get to watch First Aid’s mental state deteriorate with time and eventually dissolve into Crona’s state in the anime/manga.

This is so unorganized. If anyone wants to add to this please do so, I’m struggling a little.