i’d like to personally apologize to anyone who has had to deal with the rest of my team being a bunch of fuckheads that run to the spawn point to kill everyone as soon as they set foot outside the ship. i don’t condone that and i try to stay back to separate myself from them if i notice that’s what they’re doing. spawn campers are assholes and that includes the team i get stuck with if they choose to do that

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @kikithedeceiver!!! :D

Inspired by the chat during the livestream, I give you sparkly idol Kano! :D
(He’s dressed as Yuki from Idolish7 because seiyuu)

And and Kido is there totally not snapping photos and grinning under her sweatshirt! And sparkly idol Momo is there because favoritism she provided the outfit! ^^ (if you’d like, I have a version where it’s just Kido ;))

So um yeah! I hope you like it! Hope you have a wonderful birthday and thanks for being my friend :)

anonymous asked:

I'm about to start DMing for some friends and I wanted to know if you had any suggestions on size limits for the group? I have between 3-7 people interested and I was wondering what you/your followers experience was with sizes for new DMs. Thanks <3

HI! I’d be happy to talk about my experience! (I am always happy to talk about my D&D game tbh) And if any of my followers have tips or ideas, please chime in. The more the merrier.

My experience is pretty limited, so take everything with a grain of salt and remember that what works for me and my players won’t necessarily be true for you or yours. That said…

I have five players, but two of them have bowed out for now due to other responsibilities so I’m running an arc with the three who are left and it’s been great. Lower numbers are easier to keep track of in combat and when designing character arcs and social encounters (though I do like the social dynamics of bigger groups).

I’ve also know all of my players for years and have a sense of what they want, so it’s easier to build a game that covers everyone’s interests. If you’ve got players you don’t know super well, or you aren’t sure what kind of game you want to play, I’d recommend a smaller group.

In the end what’s really important is what you’re comfortable with. If you’re just starting out and want to keep it small, three or four is pretty standard and easy to keep track of (plus the DMG and Monster Manual are already balanced for a three to four person party so building encounters is easier). If you’re up to hosting a bigger game, five to six is manageable. Seven is probably a little unwieldy, but you know your players and your game than anyone else so that’s up to you. And you might get into a game and find things changing as you settle into things and scale back or invite new people to join. Or maybe you’ve got a couple players who come and go like mine, in which case it’s great to have a big pool to draw from.

But honestly, in the end it’s up to you and what you’re comfortable with. If you want to run a smaller game but you have a lot of interest and feel like you should run a game for more people, maybe try multiple games, or do a one-off with the big group to dip your toes in the water and go from there if you really like it. The most important thing is that you guys are having fun. It’s a game; if it’s more work than it’s worth it’s okay to step back, or split a group into two. Do what works for you. Don’t get so caught up feeling responsible you stop enjoying it.

I hope any of that is helpful! Good luck with your game!! :)

$30.00 USD SFW Greyscale Single-Character Commissions This Week and Next!

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you all know I am really enjoying working in my current style and I am opening up commissions for this week and next. These will be ¾ - full body with nice lines and minimal greyscale!

Will take: animals, anthro, OCs, people, robots, fanart, and everything SFW in-between!

If interested please send an inquiry to: cantonbags04[at]gmail.com! I will stream the commissions on Picarto on Thursday and Friday (idk what time yet, in the afternoon probably).

7 SLOTS OPEN! Get them while they’re still available!


So, my dad and my grandmother gave me money for my birthday, both demanding I spend it on myself for once and so I happily spent it on commissions for my two favorite characters bouncing about in my head right now~ The lovely @louminx drew both of my girls here, Iselanna(left) and Manami(right). She was so wonderful to work with and I encourage everyone to check out some of her artwork if you haven’t already! She did a wonderful job on both of my ladies and was also a blast to talk to! Thank you again, so very much!

;;Regarding my art from @yaki-chizu and this blog…oh my god you guys are so nice. Like…you guys…are so nice….

I never really ever feel good about my art. Ever. And you guys like it and reblog it and leave nice comments and send requests and it just…it makes me feel valid.

And it’s nice just cos I’m getting complimented. I want to be an animator. And so far it’s been a rough road. I’m getting zero support from my family. I keep getting told I’m going to end up homeless, that I’ll never get a job, that I’m not skilled enough. So when you guys tell me that you like my work, it honestly makes me tear up. Because it’s validation. Motivation.

Thank you.