( *&. ) HACKED. ratTLES MY CAGE !! like as someone who writes as seven, i’m not bothered by the reset theory – the only part of it that kinda appeals to me is seven being kinda self aware. but … lmaO i really really despise the fact that people belittle the other characters/route in favor of seven. YEAH, seven’s a great character. but so are jaehee, zen, jumin, yoosung, and everyone else who doesn’t have a route. like !! even vanderwood is overshadowed by seven even though he plays a key part in his route ?? what the fuck ?? even though i love seven to death, i love every other character to death too. this isn’t to say you can’t pick and choose favorite – it’s just to say don’t treat the others as expendable and unimportant. i hate how the fandom takes really minor things and blows them WAY out of proportion, and then practically reduces others to … nothing. every character is important and plays a role in m/ysme. 


first selfies in london… i’m tired

K here’s all I’m gonna say about it.

You don’t care about rape and it’s nefarious consequences if you’re willing to make light of such a serious thing by twisting a clearly consensual situation into something that fits your ill intentioned interpretation just because you hate a ship.

You don’t give a rat’s ass about abusive relationships if you’re willing to make light of it’s emotional toll upon people subjected to it by painting a healthy relationship between people that are perfectly happy with each other in such vile light just because you’re pissed that ship is cannon and yours is not. 

And you are not a feminist if you excuse every disgusting thing a female character does - things that you’d be the first to have a fucking thousand problems with if it were a man’s doing, such as forcing another character into sex by robbing them of their willpower and controlling them - just because she’s female.

And when you personally attack real people - be it one of the actors on the show or another fan that ships something different from you - you’re not just an immature child that can’t tell RL and make believe apart, you’re a poor excuse for a human being.

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As we know, there's parallels with episodes, especially when it comes to reaction.... I imagine Jane's reaction -when she'll learn about Allie's pregnancy-to be the same as Kurt's when he learned about Oscar. I love this show, and to be honest I was a bit pissed about that (the pregnancy if it's not clear lol) as a lot of people, but there wouldn't be a second season if the writers sucked. Period. Now enough with babies and focus on the show....Tellement meilleur

Hey there!

Absolutely! This show most certainly does love its parallels. And I do think Jane’s reaction to finding out will be in a way paralleled to Kurt finding out about Oscar. The reveal of the pregnancy will play a lot of role in Jane’s storyline of course, certainly won’t have the same impact it will on Kurt’s (or Allie’s for that matter, I don’t know why people keep forgetting this child has a mother).

Of course, it will affect her emotionally, the fact that Kurt is expecting a child with another woman, no matter where she and Kurt are with each other emotionally, will be hard to take. It will make her take a step back, but honestly, considering that Jane and Kurt are currently at exactly 4528205820 steps away from each other, I do not see how one more will make that big of a difference. 

It will also make her that much more protective of Kurt and of Allie for that matter. She is inherently programmed to protect people, especially people named Kurt Weller, so this will only make her that much so (at the risk of sacrificing herself to keep him, Allie and the baby safe).

And finally, if by any chance Sandstorm are responsible for something bad happening to Allie and/or the baby, than that could be a reason for her to want to fight them because as we started to see in episode 2, she is starting on the whole “but are Sandstorm really the bad guys?” path (and even though Nas tried to prove to her that they are, I think this is gonna be a long and exhausting trip for Jane).

And one last thing, which is back to the parallels you brought up, can I take a moment to talk about one that we have already witnessed? Let’s talk about the scene where Allie tells Kurt about the pregnancy (you know… the scene that seems the only thing that people want to talk about this week) and the car scene from episode 1.20 with Jane and Kurt.

We know that communication between Kurt and Allie hasn’t always been great, at least not the way it should be between people who are in a romantic relationship, not when they dated years ago nor recently. This was made very clear by both of them, in both cases in telling Jane so. And in that, it would make sense that they had never talked about having kids, being parents or how they feel about that. I am pretty sure that Kurt has never talked to Allie about how he feels about being a father.

On the other hand, we’ve got the magical way that Jane and Kurt are able to communicate. It’s something that is absolutely beautiful to see, how easily both their walls come down around each other and they can reach into their depths and open up about things they wouldn’t with other people. And it is because of that that we got that scene in 1.20 where Kurt told Jane about how he’d imagined his life as father with all these kids when he was a young boy and how now as a grown man he could not even imagine this happening, due to many things, to his own relationship with his father, the job he does, the world he lives in etc… Jane’s reaction to this confession? She immediately, without any hesitation, comforts him, tries to quench those fears and reassure that he would make a great dad. And she doesn’t say it just for the sake of saying it. She says it because she knows Kurt, she knows what kind of man he is and she truly believes it.

Let’s go back to the scene between Kurt and Allie. She has known him far longer than jane has, and her relationship with him has been supposedly closer and more intimate and yet in that scene you can tell this is the first time he opens her to her about this topic. And still, he is not as clear and open about it as he was with Jane even though if there was ever a time to tell a person how you feel about being a father it is now, it is when the mother of your unborn child is asking you about being in the life of said child. He admits to her what his mother used to tell him when he was younger, you’re just like your father. He doesn’t give her an answer either way - but we all know how he feels about his father, the murderer part aside, Bill Weller was a shitty father. And then he tells her that she would be a great mom. But basically, he just told her I would make a shitty father (granted he did not tell her whether he wants to be involved or not).

And here is where the parallel is. When he told Jane this (and he didn’t go as far then - he just said he couldn’t be the kind of dad he’d want to be), her reaction was to immediately argue the opposite. Allie on the other does none of that. She does not tell him that “no, you are nothing like your father”, or that “you would make a good father”, at no point in the entire conversation does she say anything about believing he could do this or that he would be good at this (and I get this, I am not dissing Allie, I understand why she wouldn’t - she doesn’t want to be in the place where she is influencing his decision or making him feel like he has to do this - I totally get it and respect that from her).

So yeah, thank you for bringing up parallels, Anon, because this is something that I’d wanted to talk about a bit earlier.

And now, can we please all just stop talking about this one tiny little thing and focus about the hundred other more shocking storylines we have on this show? Can we… I dunno… talk about how Agent Rose is yet to make an appearance this season? Now there is something that is bothering me… thoughts?

I’m starting to see a pattern in my writing.

Whenever the story gets to the particularly angsty part, I need to take a step away from it, and then I find myself cooking up an entirely new thing – something lighthearted and even fluffy. That’s what is happening with ALWR, too. 

So yeah, here I am, putting ALWR aside for the time being, consuming ridiculous amounts of hot liquids to get rid of my flu, and drafting a new story. Though to be more precise, it’s actually oneshot.

It’s called “Seaweed In His Hair” and I’m already weirdly fond of it. 

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I just need to vent, if that's okay. But my ex emotionally abused the fuck out of me, and even know we're "talking" and I'm trying to piece myself together after all the hell she put me through. But... today she brought up "what if we dated?" again and I swear my heart stopped and ice filled my body. I got /scared/. We're okay as friends, but she only asked me that because she wanted to screen shot it and relay it to her current girlfriend, which made me feel even worse. ( pt 1 )

( pt 2 ) I don’t want to date them again. I know it would be an awful thing and I would just shatter even more, and I’m working so hard to get better after she completely wrecked me. At the same time, I feel like I’m making it up. Maybe she didn’t emotionally abuse me and I’m the toxic one like she suggests sometimes. Maybe I was the problem all along. I know I handled our breakup badly due to my BPD, I cried and begged them to stay But… I was never toxic like she claims.

  ( pt 3 sorry for all this my dude ) It’s been months. I have emotional amnesia and can’t remember feeling love with them, but there’s a ton of regret and guilt and anger over how she treated me. She purposely punished me with ignoring me. She always blamed me for fights and refused to try and work things out. I was always the problem, but she refused to see her own shortcomings or try and work on things for me. But she does all that with her current gf and I’m mad and… maybe I have no right.

( pt 4 ) I feel like I should be over this now. It’s been months, she’s moved on, obviously, but I’m… still here, wondering what I did wrong and why I wasn’t good enough. I hate that we went from friends, to dating, to fighting, to her somehow becoming my FP, and she holds it over my head. She has told me straight up “You need my attention. You won’t go anywhere.” and then called me a slut when I told her I was in a very scary potential rape situation. But!! Yeah, your opinion would be fine.

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