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So I’m watching this voice acting documentary on Netflix, “I Know That Voice,” and it’s really good anyway and y'all should watch it.

But they have Kevin Conroy on and they’re into a section about being recognized out in public and Conroy tells this story.

He lives in NYC apparently, and after the 9/11 attacks he helped out making meals for people (in a soup kitchen type thing, I’m gathering).

So one day one guy comes up to him and says, “You know I’m a construction worker in my day job.  What do you do?”

And Conroy tells him that he does voice acting.

And the guy gets all excited, like, “I knew it!  You're that Kevin Conroy, you’re Batman!”

And the guy went out into the dining area and just announced to all of the people there, “You know who’s been cooking your dinner?  Batman.”

The room went completely quiet and eventually some guy at the far end of the room called out, “Bullshit!  Make him prove it!”

So Kevin fucking Conroy just stood in the fucking kitchen and did the, “I am vengeance.  I am the night!  I am Batman!” line.

And the guy was like, “Holy shit it IS Batman!” and everyone cheered.

And the guy who originally approached Conroy came back to him to tell him, “How does it feel to be Santa Claus?  'Cause that’s what you just did.”

And that’s one of the best Batman stories I’ve ever heard.


His Face All Red

And now for something a little darker.

gamersap requested this comic, and I liked it so much that I made a video out of it.  It’s fantastically creepy, and you know what, even if you don’t watch this video, go read it, cause it’s great.

Original comic by Emily Carroll

Voiced and edited by me


the most beautiful 3-syllable-poem ‘beijing you like’ by cutie top hyung~



“Themis, the myths tell us was the first to introduce

divinations and sacrifices and ordinances which

concern the gods [piety],

and to instruct men in the ways of obedience

to laws and of peace [lawfulness].”

Little demo voice thing
  • Little demo voice thing
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Was asked a bunch to post this after mentioning it a bunch in some previous posts, so here’s a demo reel I put together in like 30 minutes a few weeks ago.

Admittedly, the quality isn’t super duper amazing, but I used my old setup to do it, so there’s my excuse.

My girlfriend was sitting next to me while I recorded it and at points she was just giggling like crazy. Was worth some laughs to record it at least!