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thank you so much for the video! your english is wonderful! could you explain when to use masse or mye? takk!

Thank you so much, love!! <333 “masse”, “mye” and also “mange” can be easy to confuse - but I’ll try my best to give you a quick & easy rundown!


“Masse” is actually sometimes used by people as a quantifier in the spoken language — but it’s actually not grammatically correct in the written language (and honestly, I’d advice against using it while speaking too, even though you’ll probably hear some natives saying it – it’s often looked upon as a “childish” mistake to make). It is, however, a noun - and actually translates into “mass” or “matter”. So things like “brain matter” would be “hjernemasse” (lit. “brain mass”) (ok that’s…a tiny bit nasty - but I think you get my point!) 

You can, however, use the phrase “en masse” like this:

“Vi fikk en masse fisk.” - lit. “We got ‘a mass’ of fish.” 


“Mye” is a quantifier you use when you’re dealing with uncountable nouns - similar to the English “much”.

Har du mye kaffe igjen?” - “Do you have much(/a lot of) coffee left?”

Jeg spiser mye ris.” “I eat much(/a lot of) rice.”

You would also use “mye” together with verbs:

“Løper du mye?” - “Do you run much(/a lot)?”


“Mange” is a quantifier you use when you’re dealing with countable nouns - similar to the English “many”.

Han har mange venner.” - “He has many friends.”

“Jeg drakk mange kopper kaffe.” - “I drank many cups of coffee.”


I hope that cleared things up!! c:

  • my sister: you know what would be great?
  • my sister: if Team Family didn't blow the shit out of Oceanside and steal their stuff
  • ** my sister doesn't use tumblr anymore, doesnt follow the TWD fandom at all, doesn't know TD is a thing. Season 7 she's been bringing Beth up every episode like the way above. Every episode. ^ **

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I don't want to be alive anymore. I'm tired and I don't know what to do.

you try.

you try again. even if it’s hard. even if you don’t see a point. you are important. you matter. you deserve a life and you deserve to be happy.

i know its exhausting. i know it seems easier to be gone but its not.

don’t look for a way out. look for a way through. you will find it. you will make it. things will change. maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but they will.

you are worth the fight to stay alive.