It’s not that hard, guys

Okay but listen, other norwegian people may disagree with me and that’s totally fine, but I don’t feel like “gi en lyd” should be translated to “call me”.

It’s not that it’s necessarily wrong, you can do that and it wont really change what the message says that much. but to me personally there is a tiny, yet important difference between the norwegian “ring meg” (call me) and what was written “gi en lyd” (give a sound) 

The reason I chose to translate “gi en lyd” to “hit me up” is bc he isn’t telling him to call him he’s just saying contact me. To me, and my anxiety riddled ass, if someone tells me to call them I’m just like that’s gonna be a no from me dawg.

HOWEVER if someone tells me to “gi en lyd” it’s like “hey, just HMU when u feel like it” and I’ll text you - when I feel like it.


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