How Dan and Phil probably broke up #61
  • Phil: I still haven't figured out a name for our son :/
  • Dan: Oh but I've already named him
  • Phil: really? wha-
  • Dan: no, shrek, don't touch that you'll get hurt, son
I’m Sorry (I Fell In Love Tonight)

( PROMPT: We’re making out on the couch when a member of your family - who doesn’t know we’re friends with benefits - walks in and what do you mean I have to be your pretend girlfriend? )

A/N: I’M BACK!! FIRST STORY SINCE MY ARRIVAL IN ROME!! I’ll be posting sneak peeks of my stories, as well as edits and graphics on my Instagram (3rdgymbros), so do follow me there!! Comments and reblogs are appreciated! I love you guys!!

WARNINGS: Sin. But slight sin this time. 

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Hands, warm and strong, grip your hips. Peter’s lips, so firm yet soft, press against yours. His mouth slants against yours, seeking and ravenous, sucking on your lips and tongue. Moaning, you arch into him, your fingers tangled in his silky hair.

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Rehab, Day 26, March 1, 2017

On the day of her discharge from rehab, following knee surgery to repair a broken patella, my 93-year-old grandmother settled in a lift chair in her home that belonged to my grandfather, who died in 2011. My grandparents had been married for 67 years. 

anonymous asked:

I bet Highbearer Vord officiated the kimallura wedding and Kima was smug the whole time bc lookit my beautiful wife she's so perfect

counterargument: kima didn’t even tell him she was getting married she just showed up a few months late with her wife in tow and was like “I’m married now peace out” and now she live in Emon with her beautiful wife and is very happy that she doesn’t have to live in vassleheim anymore