Imagine originally from @imaginexhobbit

“Oh it looks lovely!!” You exclaimed, looking at the set up. “Almost as lovely as Christmas back home.” You smiled sadly, remembering your mother making ornaments and your father telling you stories around a roaring fire. Balin came to you then, placing a comforting hand on your shoulder. “It was the least we could do, lass. Especially after all the help you gave us.” The journey had been hard and the battle exhausting, but finally you had all reaped the rewards of your suffering. Erebor, as beautiful as ever, and now trussed up for the holidays. You smile at the elder dwarf, placing your hand over his. “Thank you.” 

“Thank you all.” You gushed, turning to face the rest of them. Thorin nodded, as did Dwalin. Kili and Fili winked at you and you felt yourself turn red. My, my, those boys were something. Suddenly, something popped into your head. “Oh, I almost forgot!” You rushed over to the kitchen and reappeared with a small green plant with white berries. Being the tallest there, you were easily able to fix it to the door frame you stood under. “There,” You smiled, stepping back to admire your handiwork. “Now we’re all set.”

“It’s a leaf.” Thorin proclaimed, looking bored.

You blushed a little. You’d never had to explain the custom that came along with mistletoe before. You were fine with going through the tree and the presents but this was a bit more..intimate.

“Well, it’s called mistletoe. You hang it below the doorway of a room and if you end up underneath it with someone you have to kiss them.”

“You don’t need a plant for that, y/n.” Kili remarked cheekily. Your cheeks began to heat up again.

“Yes, well. It’s tradition.” You beamed up at the plant, silently remarking about how pure white the berries were on this sprig.

Turning away, you smiled at the tree.

“Enough plant talk, who wants presents?!?”


A little while later, you came out of the kitchen having found the ingredients for hot chocolate, carrying a tray of steaming mugs. You walked through the doorway, only to be startled by Thorin. He looked like a bad boy, leaning up against the door frame, his foot pressed against the wall. You jumped, spilling a little cocoa on the tray. “My word, Thorin! You gave me a fright!” You exclaimed, balancing the tray with one hand to place the other on your chest. “My apologies. I only wanted to see if you needed any help.” You blink. You blink again. Thorin Oakenshield? Offering to help? He’d been a selfish and arrogant twit since you met him. “Oh um. T-thank you, but I think I’ve got it covered.” You start to make your way into the next room, when a big burly arm grabs the side of your tray. “Lemme take that, lass.” Dwalin’s deep voice soothes. “Just incase anyone else decides to frighten ye.”

“Oh.” You start, feeling the tray slide out of your hands. “T-thank you Dwalin.”

You glance back over at Thorin and catch him staring daggers at the other dwarf. You raise an eyebrow but don’t question it. You all just sort of stand there for a moment, Thorin glaring at Dwalin, you looking at Thorin, Dwalin looking at you. Soon, you turn to Dwalin. “Aren’t you going to pass those out before they get cold?” He grunts and turns away, walking further into the room and passing them out to the company. Well that was odd. Now that your barrier was gone, you could freely move into the room. You walk in and sit down next to Fili. He smiles at your arrival, scooting closer to you. You blush madly, eyes looking anywhere but at him. “Seems like Dwalin and Uncle liked your plant.” That gets your attention. You turn to face him. “Come again?”

He smiles bigger, almost grinning. “Come on, y/n. You had to notice what they were doing.” You cock your head to the side, much like a confused pup.

He laughs, loudly and deeply. “Oh y/n! That was nearly a glorified pissing contest! They were both trying to catch you under the mistletoe!”

You went beet red, feeling the blood reach your ears. Shock filled your face.

“You must be mistaken, dear Fili.” He shook his head, smiling with a look that you could only assume was pity.

“Poor lass. I wouldn’t want to get between those two.” He nodded his head towards where the dwarves in question were standing. Dwalin, arms crossed, looking anywhere but at Thorin, Thorin looking at you. His blue eyes shone like moonlight on an ocean. You shivered and looked away, turning back to Fili. He grinned impishly. “I see you’ve made your choice.” You opened your mouth to object, but quickly closed it again. It was true. The object of your affection was Thorin, it always had been. He was a stubborn git but he was brave and lionhearted and passionate and you loved him. Then and there you devised a plan. You were going to get that kiss!


Later on, when everyone had gotten cozy and settled in for the night, you stayed in the kitchen nursing another mug of cocoa. It was dark and quiet, a rather soothing comparison to the ruckus of dwarves prior. You took a deep breath, the scent of cocoa rushing through your nose. Just as you were about to take another sip, someone stirring stopped you. You turned to see a figure coming near, the outline one you had committed to memory. “Thorin,” You began, surprised at him being up. “Are you well?” He nodded, leaning in the doorway.

You nodded back, taking another sip. You bother just existed in silence for a while, you finishing your mug and him studying your features. When you got up to put your mug in a wash basin, you instead made a detour to where he was standing. He watched you, somehow more intently, blue eyes meeting y/e/c. You blinked. Suddenly rushing forward, your lips met. It was joy, pure elation. When you pulled away, your eyes sparkled with mischief. “So, what do you think about my leaf now?”


Snow White by alienalice

I finally colored one of my Snow White Inktober drawings from this past October. Thanks to @dim-draws I was able to choose the best piece from the series to make a cover. I’m considering compiling all 31 of the pen and ink drawings into a volume and maybe self-publishing it… possibly. If I did that I might be compelled to create some smaller vignettes to make my version of the story more comprehensible, and maybe even pen my version entirely (or have one of my writer-friends help me out in creating a decent text).
For now, here’s a mock-up cover. Hope you enjoy!