imagine oc1 waking up at dawn to watch the sunrise. as the steely sky shifts to silver, they sense oc2 settling down beside them, a steaming mug in each hand and a quilt over their shoulders. oc2 offers a mug to oc1 and opens the quilt to them, inviting oc1 to share their warmth. They sip their drinks and brace themselves for the dawn.

Your bodily functions are not inherently feminine or masculine.

Even the functions and abilities of your body that are the most fiercely gendered by your culture are still nonbinary if you are.

If you are nonbinary, then every single one of your bodily functions are nonbinary, too.

No exceptions.

Why is Luhan casually walking around Russia wearing Sehun’s stuff?

I mean

Sehun’s beanie

Sehun’s jacket

Is it because:

A. Luhan hasn’t done laundry for like a month. I won’t be surprised if the shirt he’s wearing is Sehun’s too.

B. Actually not Sehun’s stuff but Luhan’s. And of course they share clothes. They share everrrything.

C. Coordi-noona: Let’s make the HunHan shippers go craycray. Luhan, wear this beanie because the drama mv just came out and Sehun wore it there, and wear this jacket while you’re at it because everyone’d remember this orange jacket. Voila! HunHan in Russia!

  • Me: *absorbed in reading my book*
  • Friend: Hey! What are you reading?
  • Me: *ignore*
  • Friend: Hey!
  • Me: *ignore*
  • Friend: Heellllloooooo! Rude.
  • Me: *slowly looks up from book and smiles sweetly* Unless you have a wish to learn what it feels like to slowly bleed to death from a papercut to the throat, leave me alone