Laurens: Wanna bang?

Laurens: I mean hang! Damn autocorrect.

Alexander: Laurens this is a verbal conversation.

What if Arnold Cardenas really was the boy?

Bart tried to defy the universe. She chose not to kill Suzie, even though the universe needed Suzie to die. And now we know why - she has access to the book and the wand, which quite possibly shouldn’t exist in that world at all, and unlike the Cavatos thugs she has the ability to use them. Her power is growing. She’s an undetermined threat. A loose end that should have been snipped. She’s out of the universe’s control and wreaking havoc

And she killed Arnold Cardenas.

Because of what Bart did, or rather failed to do, the universe is broken. Things are spiralling out of control. One of the people who would have been vitally important to fix whatever has gone wrong is dead. Everything is imploding