This is simultaneously the best and worst thing I’ve ever drawn

Day 6 :angst or song lyrics - second version

I wasn’t satisfied with the look of the one with the yellow lady, so I made another one with Ylil instead.

Fun fact about this one : the arm isn’t glued, so I can make her wear or completely take off the glasses   :)

(I also want to thanks everyone who enjoy my work, it really mean a lot to me. You are all so nice !)


it’s been a while since we discussed Link’s pain kink, so here we go

he spread his legs and giggled his way through being shocked with a shock collar

he explicitly asked for more licks than he was supposed to get while he was getting spanked on camera (bonus: the bulge)

he repeatedly implied (and stated) that he enjoyed getting hit in the balls

the purest masochist in all the land

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I’m not ready for pinof! Wait! *Drops sharpies* god damn it. Oh my god I- *picks up sharpies* *drops sharpies* Sorry I have butter fingers *looks into camera*. *Picks up sharpies* *Draws whiskers* *Dust sparkly jacket off* *Looks in mirror* *Creates fringe* It’s good to be back.