things homestucks in 2017 will understand

- this cat is GAY and there’s nothing you can do about it
- dirkjohn is CANON
- vriskan is VRISKANON
- vriskanrezi is also canon??????
- your ad here: $700.20
- classpecting
- askblogs. so many askblogs.
- admageddon
- oh hey look bloodswaps are popular now
- all the discourse is on dirkjake and vrisrezi
- 6/12
- but really when is hiveswap coming out
- “knights are an active class”
- “pages are a passive class”
- kanaya is a furry
- *any character* is a furry

Imagine learning that in dwarvish culture that commenting on the size of Dwarf's hands is on par with saying something about his dick

*Thorin letting you try on his rings*
*rings fall immediately off your fingers*
Thorin: your fingers are so dainty my dear.
You : *huffily* but not everyone can have giant fucking yaoi hands like you, ya know!
Thorin:*doesnt know what yaoi means but is wearing the biggest shit eating grin ever*
Fili: haha you have tiny hands!
You : they’re still big enough to wrap around your neck.

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Celestial Seasonings and a Request

VSEPR went to Celestial Seasonings today! He did an incredible job despite new noises, sights, and more importantly: smells. He’s really shaping up on his manners in public and it makes me proud.

On another note, someone has tagged about half my posts as NSFW. This blog is pretty exclusively disability and service dog/puppy stuff (not overtly controversial to my knowledge). I try to make my content positive, honest, and helpful to disabled and not disabled people alike. 

If you have a concern about any of my content, please please message me so we can find a better way to present it! When this blog gets marked unsafe, it bars minors and many other people from accessing and that’s just not fair to anyone. It also doesn’t give me a chance to address a potential problem and it limits the resources people can draw information from. I don’t want to offend or ostracize anyone so please don’t be afraid to open a dialogue if something I post causes a problem for you!