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When Ned was first introduced, I was worried that Peter would like, ya know, be embarrassed of his nerdy friend and just one of those stereotypical moments, but no. That did not happen – Peter turned to him and just said it was awesome, just as excited as his friend, when clearly there were back ground people judging them and Peter even knew, glanced at them but??? he was like, ‘ppl think we’re nerdy losers, but who the fuck cares, my bff is awesome, bless him’ “YEAH? THAT’S AWESOME.”

@lordzuuko as you can tell i watched it and im having feels jdsakldjaslkdla

As we’re at the end of the movie, I checked the “unused” folder for any final images.

There were exactly 3.

A reaction image of the gang staring at something in surprise…

…a frame of wary Fred and self-assured Velma… 

…and a photo of a 1624 painting of St. John the Baptist smugly pointing at a sheep.

“Hey… y’see this here?”

This is mah sheep. Cool, huh?”


Focusing more on comps and values this week…

I commissioned the incredibly talented @kisu-no-hi a few weeks back and she managed to turn a twisted idea of mine into an amazing piece of art. Seriously, go check her works, follow her, commission her and shower her in money. She deserves it as a great artist and a really cool person to talk to.

Having romanced Merrill in DA2 and left Hawke in the Fade in Inquisition, I was wondering what could happen next, how their story could end (or not). The idea of Merrill being able to see Hawke through her Eluvian seemed like a neat concept to me. But is it really Hawke? Or a demon taking this form to torment her? We’ll never know!

(I’m so sorry Daisy I love you but I’m a piece of shiet who enjoy tragedy)

youtube AU

sooo I am delving into the Kingsman fandom and I was thinking : 

I remember watching a video where two strangers stood on either side of a two-way mirror. One of them had to describe their physical flaws while the other said in all honesty what they liked about the other person. For example Person A said “my nose is broken” but on the other side Person B said “he looks fit and his hair looks soft”. 

My point is - Hartwin AU. 

I can see Harry - soft, lepidopterist Harry, wearing an eyepatch and a sweater - standing there with a gentle smile, and saying, “I’m old. I’m amnesiac. I don’t know how anyone could love me when I don’t know myself." 

Eggsy is on the other side, chewing on his lips and being like… "He looks nice. I like his hair, it looks so soft and curly." 

Then Harry laughs at something one of the cameramen said and Eggsy sucks in a breath. "Oh, wow. He’s gorgeous. Can I get his number?”

And then the opposite. Eggsy standing there, hunched in on himself, going for studied nonchalance and only managing to seem moody.

“His outfit is atrocious,” Harry says behind the glass. “But he is very handsome. A bit short, maybe, but well built. He looks like he does a lot of sports. I see a young man with potential." 

The cameraman asks Eggsy about his sister and he smiles wide and easy, and starts talking about her. He looks so happy that Harry is completely fascinated. The camera captures his besotted look, and then the crew guys go, what if we made these two meet because this is too cute. 

So they lift the two way mirror up or something and there’s Eggsy in front of Harry and the second their eyes meet its like attraction. 

"Oh dear,” Harry says shyly. 

Eggsy smiles back and extends his hand. “I’m Gary, Eggsy for friends. Nice to meet you." 

"Harry Hart.” They don’t let go of each other’s hands. “Would you be available to grab coffee together this afternoon?" 

"I’d like that.” Gary grins. “Very much." 

 And that’s how the video ends.


AND ALTERNATIVELY - you know that video where “Two strangers kiss for the first time”? Well, imagine a Hartwin and Roxlin AU with that. 

Eggsy bursting into laughter when he first sees who he’s been paired with. Grinning till his jaw aches. "Oh, my god this is fuckin’ priceless, guv. Who paired us up? I’m gonna kiss him." 

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Legit one of my favorite parts of The Shape of Water was how, after Elisa had to beg and plead with Giles to help her save Amphibian Man, Giles finally agrees to help despite not wanting to because he understands her desperation. 

But then he sees the creature she’s falling in love with for the first time, and he’s just like, ‘Fuck, I’d risk my life for this beautiful man creature too. Damnit, why did my friend have to find him first?!’

Even Giles has it for our fish man. XD And I just can’t help but really, really adore that.