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The Door to Hell by Stefan Schinning on Flickr.

The Door to Hell is a natural gas field in Derweze, Turkmenistan. The Door to Hell is noted for its natural gas fire which has been burning continuously since it was lit by Soviet petrochemical scientists in 1971. The fire is fed by the rich natural gas deposits in the area. The pungent smell of burning sulfur pervades the area for some distance.

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[kicks in your door] pLEA SE OH PLEASE UPDATE WATCHTOWER IM DYING I NEED TO KNOW HOW IT ENDS PLEASEEEEE [runs out crying] [comes back] i understand that your life is not just for writing and i appreciate anything that do read im sorry if i was rude [screaming] FOSTERSON FOREVER [runs off into distance]

Oh, god bless you, anon, thank you for this message. It made me smile when I really, really needed it. I promise I’m trying really hard to find time to write, but my semester is amping up as we’re getting towards the end, and I’m in the thick of my softball season right now.

So I’m really sorry dear readers, but updates won’t be super forthcoming as of right now.

However, I do have a little snippet of Watchtower’s epilogue, for your beautiful soul for making me smile:

Just a few months after the near destruction of Manhattan and the explosion of the fame and popularity of the Avengers, Thor had returned.
She was technically out of SHIELD’s employ, but she would’ve been naive and stupid to assume they wouldn’t keep an eye on her and her work. With her expansion of Foster Theory into the Foster Theories, a rumored Nobel prize headed in her direction, and managing invites to lecture at universities around the globe, it was a small wonder she found time to work at all.
She was back in New Mexico (she denied Darcy’s accusation of her being a sentimental idiot) though not in her small, converted-from-a-car-dealership-because-rent-was-dirt-cheap lab. Grant money, where it had once been scarce, had been pouring in, from both public and private enterprises. She wouldn’t be surprised if SHIELD used some sort of shell company to funnel money in her direction.
The biggest (and most vocal) of her supporters was none other than Tony Stark. Despite her outright refusal to work for him, he spared no expense when he went a built a lab for her a mile outside of Puente Antiguo.
(“Tony, this is ridiculous. This is too much.”
“Please, Chell, this is like, pocket change. Not even. This is pocket lint.”
“I don’t care. I can’t accept this. If I do, it’s like I’ll be working for you anyway.”
“A guy can’t do something nice for a friend?”
“Something nice is helping someone move to a new apartment, not building them a state of the art experimental physics laboratory!”
“Think of it this way: you consult for me all the time anyway. This is just me hedging my investments. Also, I nearly threw up when I saw that your radio frequency calibrator was held together by Elmer’s glue and duct tape.”
“Rude. Not all of us have a trillion dollar company at our disposal.”
“Well, now you technically do. You forget, Chell, I’m a scientist before I’m a CEO.”
“Pepper is your CEO.”
“And she does it marvelously. Point is, my interest here is purely in the name of science. Imagine all the science, Jane!”
“… It is a nice lab.”
“Damn right it is. With your brains and my money, you could probably achieve interstellar travel within the year. With all of the combined brains of the Science Super Friends we’ll probably have it in a few months.”
“Yeah, Bruce and I never approved that name.”)

The cute couple

Parked in the middle of a lot. Sunny day. Windows down. Eating my lunch.

A couple in a red car pull up one space over from mine. This is unusual because there are plenty of spaces open that are closer to the shops. I park at a distance to enjoy the walk.

The passenger door opens. It’s a woman in bright clothes. And she’s cracking up. Huge laugh. Barely able to get out of the car.

Man on the other side gets out and walks around. She’s now grabbing some shopping bags from the back seat. Still giggling.

He asks if he can help her carry anything. She politely declines. He says some smart ass response — which I don’t quite hear — but she starts to laugh again.

They look over and smile as they walk past my car. I already have a smile on my face.

I watch them as they make their way slowly, but surely towards the shops.

And I think, “I want to be like that couple when I’m in my 80’s, too.”

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The cute couple was originally published on ZeroDean.com

The room doesn’t matter because the walls won’t ever speak and yes it holds you but always from a distance that allows for an emptiness filled with shadows that even chill you during the day. What’s the point of a blanket made of fabric when only arms legs and body can warm your shattered pieces as you listen to whispered affections to glue them all together. Why go beyond the front door when even inside is included as outside the warm discomfort of within your jagged psyche. Why bother drinking when you’re already drowning in emotions transmuted into tears that cascade over your eyelashes and down to your parched and quivering chin just before you wail in the wake of your essence melting. But none of it matters because when the sun rises you will too and don your clothes like an actor’s costume and prepare for the longest role of your life. Acting all the time with the shadows living inside you between the rasping shifting sand-grain pieces of your pulverized soul. But darling no matter how bright the sun shines on your smile they cannot see the truth because it’s only from your eyes that you can see the frown it really is. So make peace with your mirror so you can see what they see and see that you have beauty even when you feel disgusting because your soul’s the most flattering light of all and when you get to know yourself you’ll close your eyes and feel its brilliance. Then the room will not matter because you’ll illuminate every corner even during the darkest night. And the arms and legs and body will not matter because they’ll only be the mold for you to cast your crystal soul once you smelt the powder pieces in a burning self-acceptance. Worry not of your impurities for they’ll better refract your essence out into the universe and you’ll see it in everything around you what everyone has always seen. You are beautiful.

The cobble stone street was dimly lit. A single set of heavy, clunky footsteps could be heard walking. In the distance, a wooden sign swung back and forth for a pub. The Knight’s Squalor. The kind of place you poured your own pint refills. The footsteps picked up. 
He stood outside the window looking in. He opened the door with a bang. The light flooded on to the street.
“SEAMUS!” the bar screamed in unison. “Where the hell you been, you ol’ air biscuit?!” “Hey-oh!” “Haven’t seen you in a week!”
Seamus chortled and walked in and found his seat at the bar. The barmaid walked up to him, smiling ear to ear. She has large curly red hair, a sturdy frame, and stood even sturdier.
Placing down a bar mat, she spoke. “I thought you dead, Seamus.“
“I felt dead, Blair. A pint of your finest please.”
“So, cheapest I got?“
“Same as any other day.”
Jennings stumbled up to him. Quite possibly the skinniest and tallest man in Dublin. He lovingly bonked Seamus on the head and howled “DID YOU GET LOST?“
“Ah, I’ve got a right pisser of a boss right now. Total arse.” Seamus said while taking his first sip. He stared at the glass and smiled. She gave him the good stuff. Seamus looked over at Blair and she winked.
“Treats me like I’m some bogger. Doesn’t know I run the joint!” Seamus said trying to sound big. 
“YOU STARE AT TINY SECURITY CAMERAS AND PUSH TINY BUTTONS!” Jennings spat out. They both laughed and cheers’d. Jennings went back to his table when he say Blair come back.
“So, having a hard time then?”
“This American. Hart. Total arse! Has me looking at every camera we have! And for what? I don’t know! Just looking for something! Hours and hours of empty rooms. Except I do keep seeing this butterfly. I have absolutely no clue how it’s getting anywhere, but it’s there!“
Blair laughed, “Gonna report it? Lock it up for good!?”
They both laughed and cheers’d. 

Bittersweet Remembrance. [r-x-v-i-k]

She jerked herself into consciousness and found herself in a barren, run-down room… Wallpaper was torn and exposed wooden paneling underneath, chipped away finish, with splintering edges…She did not recognize this place, and yet, it felt familiar. She knew she wasn’t in her asylum room anymore…
The door was left ajar, beaconing her to venture out, but when she heard indistinct groaning in the distance, she instead clung to the wall, and whimpered softly to herself.
Where was she? How did she get here?
These questions would linger inside a sane mind, but Lillithe’s was disturbed… Tainted with abuse and trauma. She couldn’t even contemplate…

She slowly slid down the wall, and stared out the door, shadows moving along the walls. She moved out of view, peering through the crack provided by the slightly ajar door now, waiting for someone or…Something, to show itself.

loki-stole-steve asked:

Please oh please write just a little ficlet about Loki answering the door naked. Please oh please.

(based on this headcanon post!)

Loki had been a guest at the Tower for two months, and they had been startlingly uneventful. Steve wished he could say that he wasn’t surprised, but he couldn’t quite go that far. Yet Loki had…behaved. Toed the line, stayed in his designated rooms. 

Kept a pollite but distinct distance from Steve that made him wonder if that frantic few minutes in the kitchenette had been a fluke, or a dream, or Loki just messing with him. 

(And if that’s all it was? Steve asked himself, and tried to tell himself it didn’t matter.)

Still, he went up to Loki’s four days a week for at least a visit, though Loki’s talkativeness varied. Today when he rapped on the door he was answered with a call of “just a moment,” and settled back to wait. 

It was only a moment, however, and then Loki opened the door, wearing - nothing at all. No towel, no boxers, nothing.

Steve thought he was going to choke on his tongue. He could feel his face heating and fixed his eyes on Loki’s, trying to keep them from straying anywhere else. 

“Good afternoon,” Loki said, his voice as polite and cultured as ever. He showed no sign of awareness that there might be something odd about his state of…undress. “I am afraid I wasn’t expecting you so early.” 

“I…meeting got out early,” Steve managed to get out, through his suddenly tight throat. “Thought I’d come up.” He needed to figure out how to tell Loki to put his clothes on without sounding insulting. “Would you rather I, um…”

“No, no, come in,” Loki said, stepping back and turning, and Steve lost his focus, eyes taking in the lean muscle of Loki’s back, his slender hips and long legs and tight, round-

Steve jerked his eyes away, staring at the couch. “Loki,” he started, tongue feeling thick and clumsy. “I…hm.”

Loki turned, eyebrows arched. “Yes?” Steve’s thoughts stalled, trying not to look but it was hard not to when Loki was just standing there looking, frankly, gorgeous, and the thought popped into Steve’s head that there was a couch right there and a bed not much farther away, followed by the memory of Loki’s head thrown back, lips reddened except this time Steve was on his knees, taking Loki’s cock in his hand and-

Steve cleared his throat loudly and looked toward the windows. “Could you put some clothes on? Please?”

Fallen Benevolence

Chapter Ten:
Our Mother’s Words
Daichi and Malati made their way down to where Sage and his companions were being held as prisoners. The guard was a giant boar with sharpen tusks. His fur was kept with care and his clothing free of strains.  His proper posture caused him to tower over the alchemist and Master Ajo’s student. The boar guard snorted at the sight of Daichi, but his displeasured expression dissolved at the sight of Malati. He bowed down slightly at her presence.  The alchemist bowed low as Maltai returned greetings back to the guard. He looked about the gardens and the pathway. Without any of the Winged People in sight, the guard nodded and moved aside from the doorway.
Daichi with a focused mind did not pay the guard mind as he resumed his sour presence as he went into the door. His stride was at a rapid pace until he realized his partner was far behind.  Malati walked in with a calm pace pass the guard and her fast feet made up the distance with ease. She placed her cold hand on the somber alchemist’s shoulder. The inside of the hallway had several other guards, who were similar in appearance to the boar at the door according to Daichi’s untrained eye, stood at their posts. Each guard eyed the duo standing in the hallway.  The air was hot and intense. Malati bowed to each of the guards in turn and tugged Daichi’s arm to the final doorway in the holding block.  
The boar guard before the door had much grayer hair than the others. He had a tusk missing and a large scar over his right eye. His outfit had several medals and ribbons. The colors on his outfit were much brighter of color of forest green. The gray haired guard took his lance from his holder.  His breath was pungent as he kneeled close to the snow monkey creature and the little human. His black eyes blinked slowly as he studied what he saw before him.
His voice was rough, “Miss Malati, I do believe you have not introduced your friend here.”
Malati bowed to him, “Sir Tusk, this is the second son of Salgo Yul, Daichi Yul.”
Daichi did a short bow.
Tusk greeted him with a quick greeting. He turned his attention back to Malati, “Miss Malati, you have gone to see the rascal in here already for his meal. Why do you return to this area?”
“Well, you see. Daichi needs to speak with Gawain Fia the Fire Sage.”
“Ah, well…” The boar guard pondered for a moment, “Representatives from the Forest Mountain Clan and Frost Forest Elves are currently speaking with him. If you want but a moment, I will allow you in.”
Who are those other people? Why would they want to speak with Gawain? Daichi thought to himself.
He leaned himself against a wall as Malati faced him. The alchemist nodded in approval at the arrangement. Malati sighed and waited against the wall with Daichi. Time passed at the two wait in the hallway with the guards. A tiny knock came from within the chamber.  Two beings walked out of the door. The first was a tiny squirrel wearing a heavy coat with an image of a fox on it. The little creature had on a winter hat with a red ribbon and yellow leaf on it. Her tail curled onto her shoulder as she walked gracefully back out of the chamber. Her green eyes studied the room and she bows to Malati, “Miss Malati, good day.”
“Good day, Miss Shiro,” Malati nodded.
The second person was a tall and slender woman with pointy ears. Daichi concluded she must be an elf. The elf had long white hair tied back into a neat braid. She wore a crown made of gold that glimmers in the light. Her armor was well engraved with patterns of leaves and flowers. It was polished with care and detail. On her waist was a fine belt of leather with a haltered blade. Her boots clicked together as she passed the chamber door. Her pale skin was as fair as Malati. Her brown eyes half close in worry and contemplation.
The elf stopped at the sight of Malati and Daichi. She bowed, “Good day, Miss Malati and friend. I am sure the word of his adventure here will be dealt in a respectful and quiet manner by Master Ajo. We of the Frost Forest Elves would like to deal with him directly. But we shall honor Master Ajo’s wishes.”
“Your Grace, I have no doubt my master will make a wise choice on the subject,” Malati said.
“I trust so. I do not know what the time with the humans has done to him… It has changed him…” The elf shuttered, “But he is still my son. I am glad he is found at last.”  
Shiro spoke, “Your Grace, Scout, I do standby my statement and debt of our clan to him.”
“Indeed, good actions can redeem someone. Still he is changed… I can see it in his expression, they did something to him,” Scout insisted.
“If it is a sickness, the healers will be able to cure it, Your Highness,” The tiny creature offers as she jumps onto the elf’s shoulder.
“It is not right,” the elf muttered, “Does he truly speak to no one now, Malati?”
“He keeps a fine zest of words with me,” Malati shrugged, “Otherwise, he idles his time looking into space and not eating. By all accounts his behavior only changes for me.”
“Pardon us,” Daichi pushed himself from the wall. His patience had gone from all the listening, yet his respect and manners ruled over his nature. Daichi tapped Malati’s shoulder for her to continue to lead the way. The snow monkey creature noticed the gesture and lead on inside of the chamber.  As they entered inside the door was bolted behind the two.
Lanterns were lit around the room. Surprisingly Daichi stood in wonder of the prison chamber. The room was carpeted with moss in the floor with trees growing in the room. The trees drooped down brilliant purple flowers. The walls of the odd prison chamber were painted with glowing symbols.  Daichi saw the different markings of the sun, the moon, and stars. The alchemist saw faint images similar to the ones Hikaru created. His eyes, however, came to a bed that is suspended by ropes in the trees. It had a tiny lantern hanging by it.
There sitting in the hanging bed was the half elf known as Gawain. He slumps over to the side of the bed on a pile of pillow. Unlike his laughable outfit of earlier and cocky attitude. Gawain kept his eyes closed in a subdued matter. Gawain’s clothing had been switched for a light tunic of blue silk and white pants. On his tunic is symbol of a snowflake and a pan flute.  His hat no longer hiding his dirty blond hair nor his scarred ears hidden under his hair. Someone had bothered to tie back Gawain’s hair. The scarring around his ears made them appear more like a human’s.  A green jacket had been wrapped around the half elf’s body with care.
As Daichi came further to inspect Gawain. He saw clearly the half elf. On his head had been placed a silver band with engraved with a sun and ruby on it.   Weighting heavy on Gawain’s hands and bare ankles were shining red stones attached to large silver bands. Gawain’s expression was zoned out appearance. His green eyes open with dismal tone as he seemed to be flicking his fingers together for a spark.  The dark mood lifts as he spies Malati and Daichi.
“Ah Doll Face! You are back!” Gawain’s eyes opened and he smiled at Daichi, “You brought my old friend.”
“Behave!” Daichi grunted.
“Aren’t you touchy!?” With a large grin, Gawain beamed.
“You had something you wish to discuss with him,” Malati said.
“How much I want to punch his face for what he did to my brother-”
“Daichi!” Malati nudged him, “You are losing your temper! Focus.”
Gawain stretches out from his hanging bed. His silver bands weighting him down. He sits up and combs his fingers through his hair. Daichi freezes as he can clearly set beneath the silver bands are the markings of experiment numbers. The markings twist down in Gawain’s palms. It was the same as the one Daichi and Gawain had worked on in the Venus Base. It was supposed to suppress the demonic powers of unfortunate children born with unholy magic. Daichi stared for a while. Gawain chuckled and held out his palms to Daichi. His voice clear as he wiggled his eyebrows at Malati, “Do you like them?”
 “I …” Daichi started as he felt Malati with her cold hand on his shoulder.
“They tried to make me human. I mean fully human. You ought to understand as you worked on the research alongside me,” Gawain chuckled, “You know the pain was not so bad on the first treatment. I being the stolen son of some commander. To be told that I, Gawain Fia Sinwen, had been taken by the elves,” His tone darken, “I-I was being saved by those bastards back at Venus Base. Why should I not be grateful? I was being cured. No, my old friend, the real pain came on the third treatment, when they tried to pull my magic from me and cut my ears… And the true test of my heart came when they tried to brainwash me in thinking I was human. Put someone in a dark room long enough with no food and drink and the weak break. The clever ones think of clever solutions.”
Horrified silence filled the air.  Malait covered her mouth in terror. Gawain put his hands on his knees. His smiling dissolved to a blank expression.  He shook his head went back to trying to flick his fingers together. The half elf folded his arms against his chest for security. When he saw no magic, Gawain rolled his shoulders, “Now… Now… I am here and of course my own people know how to suppress my magic… Daichi, you wanted to ask me something?”
“Yes!” Daichi said, “I found a speck of dust on Malati. The dust she had on her is only from the Humble Isles. I demand to know how you got this on you.”
Gawain became snug with himself. He cleared his voice:
“Hear the herald of the ages:
Great is the dawn of Grace,
As it birth sands that swirling and the revealing has begun
With a fallen star and man of blue.
Benevolence of loving-kindness
Tries the children of Gaia.”
Daichi marched close to Gawain. His body shook with a hidden fury. He pulled down heavy on Gawain’s clothing and made the half elf slip down. With a thump, Gawain landed below on the mossy ground.
He became calm, “Did you forget someone behind at home? For I do believe she had a message for you before they took her away to Venus Base Three.”
“When did they take my mother!?” Daichi growled, “Only Albert knew where she was hidden!”
Gawain dusted himself off as Daichi towered over him.  Malati inched closer with toward Daichi and Gawain. The alchemist was burning with anger. He made a fist and with distain went on, “Tell me how long was she taken!”
“Ah… I would say it has been a few weeks. You know as I robber I tend to incept human travel routes too. I travel a lot you, know?  The woman was in terrible shape when I found her and the humans took her back. She was in no shape to travel with me. So the humans took her. Yup, straight on to Venus Base Three-“
Daichi nearly decked Gawain in the face, when Malati’s hand prevented him. Gawain unfazed and bored now rose to his feet. The half elf rubbed his nose and continued, “She only had message to give you.”


Nel wasn’t lying when she said she was running, taking a few steps at once she was rushing to the room. The thought of having a new little member of their family was even more exciting than holding a gun at the moment and that said a lot. She stormed into the room before she saw the fluff-ball on his bed. A gasp escaped her lips when she cut the distance between the door and the bed and knelled in front of the bed, before instantly moving her whole attention to the dog. “It’s even cuter than you.”

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Slender Man Mod for Minecraft 1.8.4

Not getting enough thrills in your world of Minecraft? Then try the Slenderman Mod Version 2.1! Think of the time when you first saw a creeper walking towards you. It gave you chills down your back, didn’t it? However, you might not care so much about creepers anymore. They are no longer the symbols of fear. That’s why you should try this mod! The Slenderman Mod will create so much excitements for the game. Just pray that you won’t have nightmares after seeing a Slenderman in your Minecraft world.

Slenderman has the ability to teleport frequently. At one moment, you might see it standing in a distance. At another moment, it might be right infront of you, staring down at you. Don’t think light will keep the creature away, because it can instantly take away that light without even getting closer. It can open doors and it will know exactly where you are, so don’t try to hide from it. The only way to get away from it is to fight it. But remember! Only diamond or slender sword will give damage to the creature.

Basic items and their recipes in Slender Man Mod for Minecraft 1.8.4

  • Slender Mask  

The slender mask is as strong as diamond, but more durable.

  • Slender Sword  

Slender sword, similar to the slender mask, is as strong as diamond, but possess better durability.

The child soul is dropped by the slenderman when slayed, but rarely.

How to install Slender Man Mod for Minecraft 1.8.4

  1. Download the mod file.
  2. Install the Minecraft Forge API
  3. Open up the “run” search bar and type “%appdata%”.
  4. Open up your bin folder found in the .minecraft folder.
  5. Open up your minecraft.jar.
  6. Move all the contents in the “place in minecraft.jar” folder into your jar.
  7. Move the “resources” folder into your .minecraft folder.
  8. Delete META-INF.
  9. Enjoy!

Download Slender Man Mod for Minecraft 1.8.4

I’ve been writing the next few chapters of Stoplights listening to the dirty beats the DJ used to spin in Manhattan dungeons at 1:00 AM on Thursday nights when I, clad head to toe in latex and probably drunk as a skunk, would greet visitors at the door with a bow as they emerged from the elevator, “Welcome to The Play Soiree.  The cover is $20 and safeword is safeword!  Please enjoy.”  

//stares off into the middle distance considering writing Noya-centric S/M club AU that’s true to how gritty, dramatic and twisted that scene is in reality//

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Sleepy Sheep and Squid-man get a good distance away from the taxi cab and Sleepy Sheep stops. “THAT WAS SO SCARY!!!! That driver reminded me o-oh no!” the sheep stresses as he reaches for something that isn’t there. “oh no no oh NO!!! My pillow!!! WHERE’S MY PILLOW?????” the sheep screeches as he searches frantically for his pillow. All of a sudden the little lamb freezes “the cab!” he gasps and he looks at the taxi with the still open back door and can see his bloodied pillow case poking out.

Before Squid-man can do anything, the little sheep rushes back to the cab and tugs at his pillow but it seems to be stuck on something inside. He pulls and yanks and heaves as much as he can, getting more and more frantic and terrified with each pull. 

Then suddenly he gets pulled INTO the cab by an unseen force and the door slams shut behind him and the taxi screeches off and speeds away while the sheep child is heard screeching in the backseat