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Iron & Wine -Two Hungry Blackbirds - Dreamers and Makers are my Favorite Peolple
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Lovers accustomed to tragedy

See every kiss in the window across the street

Breezes and blessings passing by,

I’m in the shade of the dogwood tree

Not the one where you told your name to me

Two hungry blackbirds land near by,

If I could be over you if the sky was falling

Would you be happy under me?

If I could be under you if the earth was burning

Could you be trusted over me?

Talked to a mother whose baby drowned

Gave me advice, or a rumor she once heard:

“Heaven’s a distance, not a place,”

She gave me an ear from the corn we grew

You were away but she gave her thanks to you

That was a year ago come May,

If I could be over you when the sky was falling

Would you be smothered under me?

If I could be under you if the earth was burning

Would you be trusted over me?

I could hear kids in the yard next door

Cats in the brush when the calendar fell down

Wait by the shade-tree one more year,

Poetry tempered with tragedy

Tempted and pulled when you cry upon my sleeve

Two hungry blackbirds take the air

If I could be over you when the sky was falling

Would you be happy under me?

If I could be under you if the earth was burning

Would you be trusted over me?



Aurelie just couldn’t take it. Not today, at least. She just wanted one moment of peace but of course the paparazzi wouldn’t allow that to happen. She was a starlet and already the buzz of her being off at a boarding school had them spreading awful rumors. They’d want every detail and wouldn’t leave her be until they got what they wanted to hear. Which basically meant they’d never leave her alone. Walking into one of the school buildings she spotted a camera and tried not to look panicked. Often times the people behind those things didn’t even try to keep their distance and Aurelie had grown used to the terror she felt when they did. She was much too exhausted today and so when she got to the hallway, before the paparazzi could follow, she slipped through the first office door and locked it, drawing the shades so that no one would see her. She waited, hearing the footsteps pound down the hall after where they thought she had gone and Aurelie gave a sigh of relief. A tear slipped down her cheek and she let it sit there. She was allowed a moment of grief. That was all. A single moment. Well, that was until she heard someone behind her. Turning so quickly she was surprised she didn’t get whiplash, Aurelie looked like a deer caught in headlights. “I-I.. I am so sorry. I just… I had s-someone following me and this was… this was the first door open! I didn’t know anyone was in here. I’m so sorry.”


It was weird having Teddy back in her life after all of these years without him in it. Once upon a time, Teddy would have been her happy ever after. They were pretty much perfect together, but then again, they were children when they dated. It wouldn’t have worked, anyway, considering the long-distance thing hardly ever does, let alone when you’re in high school. And it’s not like Quinn would have preferred being with Teddy now - her life with Sam is all she ever wanted. But she had to admit that it was nice to see Teddy again, which was why she insisted on spending some time alone with him before he came over to meet her husband and their kids.

While Quinn offered for Teddy to stay with them, he insisted on renting a hotel room. Reaching the door for the room, Quinn curled her hand into a tiny fist and knocked twice, taking a step back to wait for him. She wasn’t sure where to take him; maybe out for a quick bite to eat and then to show him some of her new hometown. Maybe she could even take him by the bakery and show him that she managed to make something of herself, after all. In any case, she was just excited to spend time with him again, so much so that she could feel butterflies building in the pit of her stomach as she anxiously waited for him to open the door.

4. Touch

The Corporal doesn’t like being touched for no reason.

It’s filthy, he says. Who knows where the bastard had laid his hands and how many fucking germs might be on said bastard’s skin? It’s annoying, he adds sometimes. He’s not your fucking buddy or lover or anything for you to go touching him for no good reason at all. He isn’t your family. He isn’t even your friendly next-door neighbor. And lastly, it’s unnecessary, because who the hell needs to initiate physical contact with a man such as Lance Corporal Levi, who needs to touch Humanity’s Strongest? It’s nothing short of suicide.

Eren gets it; he keeps his distance. Not that he’s overly physical himself or anything like that. He just doesn’t want to be subjected to the harsh beatings that were bestowed on him once upon a time in the court, especially because of something as careless as a touch.

Whatever others say, Eren isn’t a suicidal bastard.

But then there are those infrequent times where the man doesn’t mind being touched. Like when he’s consoling a dieing soldier in his classic, broken and highly roundabout way of speaking. Like when he’s helping trainees with their self-defense techniques, or consecutively, beating the shit out of someone. Like when his fingers just barely brush against Eren’s as he accepts the tea cup or some document or, at harsher times, a broom.

Corporal Levi doesn’t mind those touches, he has observed.

Eren staples a random bunch of papers that he’s been ordered to, watches the short man looking into a folder that Erwin Smith is holding. They are standing close; too close. The Commander’s shoulder is barely but surely brushing against the side of Levi’s hair. Levi is clicking his tongue at something the other is pointing at. Eren feels like he shouldn’t be watching; like he’s intruding on something private, which is absolutely ridiculous, because Squad Leader Hanji is there too, chirping merrily beside him as he staples papers, and the setting is anything but private.

And then the taller man touches Levi; strokes the skin of Levi’s undercut for hardly a moment. He’s laughing, quiet but amused, at something definitely snarky that Levi has said, and Levi continues to click his tongue, appearing thoroughly unimpressed.

The second passes, which feels like an eon, really, and Erwin Smith strolls back towards Hanji, joining in with the chirps that are making Eren go round the bend little by little. He can’t deny that the man has a nice laugh. He can’t deny that just looking at his tall form makes him feel hopeless. Eren’s stomach knots a little, because eventhough the Corporal doesn’t look back at Erwin Smith, he’s now running a hand through his undercut absently, the fingers lingering there a tad bit too long for Eren’s comfort, and that’s something not private at all, but still makes Eren feel like an intruder.

It’s hardly a nice feeling, so he concentrates on stapling the papers instead.

Eren learns that there are in fact times - rare, oh so rare, but there - when Corporal Levi likes being touched. It’s sad that it’s only a thing when Erwin Smith is involved.

~ Sayloni 

(Witten for Eruri week 2015, day 4, but I’m early :D)

Eruri Week Day 3 - Confessions

Erwin had a feeling that this was going to happen. He knew that Levi has been on edge lately, staring off into the distance, a yearning expression.

“I want to see the world, I want to find myself,” and Erwin had no idea why his chest hurt. What Erwin did know was that he said I, not we. Erwin also understood that Levi was wandering and lost and frustrated enough that Erwin was afraid he’d throw himself off the edge.

“I’ll wait for you,”

“You don’t have to,” and that worried Erwin. Levi threw what little he had into a backpack, walked out the door, and Erwin found himself waiting, anxious and patient.

Two years, five months, and four days come and go and Erwin is patiently waiting. Postcards come in every now and then, some of the most recent coming from Thailand, Russia, Turkey, and Greece. Levi is in Greece right now. He writes about a woman he met, her name is Hange. Erwin can’t wait anymore.

Erwin throws together what he can in a backpack, locks the door, and runs off to board the next plane to Greece. They text each other now and then, usually to tell Erwin where he’s staying, the room number, and reassurances of his well-being.

He knows that he seems ridiculous and silly. Levi has met many people during his travels, and Erwin wasn’t worried. Erwin understood that Levi might not come home. Erwin realized, and he had to tell Levi.

Erwin found himself in Greece, in front of Levi’s room, and his heart was pounding wildly at the thought of oceans and countries no longer separating them. Erwin realized that’s not what was separating them.

He lifted his hand, ready to knock when the door swung open. Levi. Erwin felt at peace, like the world was set right. Levi in all his wonderment wrapped his arms around Erwin, and Erwin returned this affection tenfold.

“What are you doing here?”

“Ah, may I come in? I have to tell you something,” and Levi stepped out of the way, leading Erwin in to the living room.

“Why are you here Erwin?”

“Levi, I love you. I’m sorry I was so slow to realize, and I’m sorry I waited this long. I can’t wait anymore Levi. I love you, and I want you to be free to do what you want and I was afraid you might decide to not come home, and I had to tell you that I love you,” Erwin was rambling now, his hands were shaking and he might have stuttered here and there. Levi hugs him tight, face buried in his chest, and Erwin hugs him.

“I was wondering when you’d realize,”


“I love you too, since we met, but I’m lost Erwin and I don’t think that I can come home yet,”

“May I come with you?”

“Yes, I’d love that,” and Erwin had no idea how this happened. He and Levi don’t really understand love, and yet here they are, trying to figure everything out one step at a time. They lost time, and now, they have the chance to rediscover each other, and become stronger. 


Here I am
In a safe distance
Quietly watching
Silently admiring

Stick to the wall
Growing gold and old
While you go and gone
Never know i was home

Holding hope like a spore
Watching patiently in front of the door
A kingdom grieves when they lose the war
And my heart breaks every time you cry alone

Wallflower, I’m a wallflower
Wallflower, I’m a wallflower

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I fixed ya door btw. How the hell does that much tape even count as a damn door?? What the hell're you doin...

holy shit !


i had like twelve really big rolls for a prank and i didnt use all of them so


Islands Unto Ourselves

Chapter 1

Summary: In the wake of Hannibal turning himself in, the survivors are left to put their pieces back together. However, not everything fits back where it did, and despite having distanced themselves from each other, they will have to reconcile their shared pasts. For Frederick and Will, this just happens to entail sharing a house. Or; in which Frederick discovers being a good dog-sitter is really all it takes to get into Will Graham’s good books.

Pairings: Frederick Chilton/Will Graham   

Word Count: 1921

Read on ao3

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What Did You Do?

No one but William was home. That Mason was sure of. In reality, that was the only reason he was doing this now instead of when William came to his home later. He didn’t even bother to knock, just slammed the door open and strode inside, a smile on his face that showed how angry he really was. “William.” He called. “We need to have a chat.”

William had been reading when he heard the door go. He opened his mouth to hail what was undoubtedly his fathers, come home early, but the noise froze in his throat when he heard Mason’s voice. What was he doing here? That tone of voice did not sound good. He walked to the hallway, a hesitant smile on his face, automatically keeping a distance. “Uh, sure…what’s the problem? Everything ok?” Mason’s smile was far from comforting, William swallowed thickly, heart starting to move the blood around his body faster- was that anger aimed at him? Had he done anything? What had he done? Every past mistake he had ever made flashed in his mind and his mouth was dry.

“I had a conversation with your father the other day and he was not exactly…. pleased with me.” He stuffed his hands in his pockets and eyed William sharply. “A few things he said made me think that you’ve been talking about us.” Stepping forward he grabbed William’s chin in his hands harshly. “And that is a very. Bad. Thing. To do.” His grip tightened and his dangerous smile disappeared to be replaced by pure anger. “So please, if you would, tell me what you told him? And do NOT lie.” Mason snarled. “Because lying will only make me more angry…” 

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Take A Trip | Chapter 4 Start

A new day brought with it a seemingly rejuvenated Smallchan. After the trial, everyone had so much to process. Either they weren’t looking, or she intentionally made herself scarce. But once the morning came around, she came a-knocking, beaming as she once did.

“Good moooorning! Good morning, sleepyheads! U-Um… I got another door open! T-There’s a new place for you to explore! C’mon, c’mon!”

She trotted up the stairs to the second floor, rounding a few corners around the rec room. Right… there was a door here, wasn’t there. Was it open now? It seems so. As you came around to it, you spied the wooden door in the hall. It was open, as expected.

What will you find on the other side of this one, hm?

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♈ ha h

This was not good. Not good at all. Who wanted to be Aichi Sendou? Not her.

And look where she was. In his body, somehow. Was she supposed to stay quiet about this? What was she to do?

“Nnn….” She was shorter, her arms didn’t feel right, and the glimpse of blue hair she saw from her ‘eyes’ was jarring. How could this have happened to her? Why Aichi, the boy she (almost killed) never really knew (who killed her, too) but watched from a distance?
It just wasn’t fair. She couldn’t go out like this! She didn’t know how the boy reacted to things. What if she accidentally ran into Toshiki-san? She didn’t know who to go to, or if this was just a dream…?

A door, opened, and her gaze lifted to meet that of her own. O-of her original body, that was. A stumbling, slightly off balance version of herself.

“…. Aichi?” Uegh, even her voice was his. This probably wouldn’t end well.

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|Avenger| Avenger ventures about in spirit mode, deciding to drop by the church he materializes himself and stops at the door as he hears the organ play. He opens the doors and enters into the church staying a certain distance from her as he simply watched her play the organ beautifully.

The organ’s music carried on with no error or pause. The one skillfully pressing down on its keys showed no sign of having noticed Avenger entering the church, nor his presence of listening.

A few minutes passed without her externally acknowledging the boy. But the girl soon gave into the realization that it was immature to punish Avenger for his late arrival to Fuyuki - it hadn’t truly been his fault after all. 


She finished playing at the first opportunity that the score allowed before rising to her feet. And, with nary a word, she moved towards her guest with a mild expression of annoyance.


I had come across this group before.  Apparently it was the only student-led Christian group on campus, and had weekly meetings in different buildings throughout the university.  I checked out their facebook page and thought nothing of it.  Then I found a video on YouTube that had this guy kind of giving a lesson in one of the open spaces near the food court.  Again, didn’t pay much attention to it.  But then I saw this group grow.  They started to add cool graphics, invitations to meetings and events and photos of their activities in their facebook page.  And finally, after some time of deeply introspection on my part, they happen to meet right outside my door, more specifically, outside the classroom where I meet for my Friday morning classes.  

During the first couple of weeks, I would watch them from a distance, as they would have a little lesson, then pray, sometimes sing and play the guitar.  I wanted to ask them about the group, but wasn’t sure if I could just join them like that, out of nowhere.  After all, they are students and I am a teacher, so there’s that awkwardness. But one day I approached this guy Manuel, a student I had seen before and knew was part of our department.  

He told me the group was called “Spoude” (I still don’t know what it means), and was part of a broader non-for-profit organization called “Unidos”, that served as an umbrella for Spoude, which was the evangelist side of it, and “DAR”, a social and community involvement unit.  The group was formed by members called “volunteers” (there are about 60 of them) who are committed to help with all the group activities.  They also have ties with other Christian groups in universities in Guayaquil, and sometimes they would work together for events. They do not necessarily belong to a specific church, but tried to maintain a similar doctrine.  

Manuel, for instance, told me he goes to this church in Urdesa, a very centric location somewhat close to the University.  When we talked, he asked me if I was meeting somewhere. I said no. He then opened the invitation for me to join them that weekend.

So I did.  

What is someone to do who doesn’t know what to do with himself? To utilize himself as body and soul to the advantage of his body and soul? Or to transform his strength into an alien strength? Or to wait for the solution to come from himself as a consequence? I can express nothing, not even within form. All I possess lies much deeper inside me. One day, after finally speaking, shall I still have something on which to live? Or will everything that I might say be beneath and beyond life? — I try to distance myself from everything that is a form of life. I try to isolate myself in order to find life in itself. Nevertheless, I have relied too much on the game that distracts and consoles and when I distance myself from it, I suddenly find myself defenceless. The moment I close the door behind me, I instantly detach myself from things. All that has been distances itself from me, quietly sinking into my remote waters. I can hear it drop. Happy and tranquil, I wait for myself, I wait for myself to rise and to emerge as I really am before my own eyes.
—  Clarice Lispector, Near to the Wild Heart