or the distance to the doors

25th November 2016

Had to sleep late at night, due to work couldn’t have dinner at office..Had to come back prepare dinner and by the time it was prepared it was 12:30am! Had to sleep late too..

Morning at 6:30, received call from dad saying: have you woken up or not?! Hehe I, in sleepy mode, said yes yes pappa 😀 then brushed my teeth hurried up and was waiting for another call from pappa to know the status as till where they have covered the distance to reach the destination 😉

Hurrah! I could hear them near my door! Hehe 😀 mummy and pappa reached bahadurpally and even my flat (Knr). Had nice tea with long chats 😉☺ called Rajesh and said that since my surgery is there today in the afternoon I won’t be turning up for office.

Yup! Finally the day has come 😀 no more specs 😀 so left from bahadurpally to maxivision super eye speciality hospital opposite to cyber towers via miyapur 😀 had lunch at paradise in the middle 😉 and said vaishali (the counsellor) that I would be reaching an hour late.

The moment I reached hospital, filled In initial details and completed the formalities. I was asked to move to fourth floor and was taken to rest zone.. The warden boy(not sure what to call that guy) addressed me for eye drops to dilate the pupil/eye. Dr. Bhanu Prakash did the initial check ups. It was Complete air conditioned room mummy and pappa were like half asleep, I was resting for an hour with drops in my eyes.

Time had come when a lady(sunita) entered my resting zone and said let’s dress up! Made me wear a hospital topi 😀 apron, socks and gloves. Father wished me good luck and in turn said good luck too 😉😀 mamma as usual a little tensed mode 😀😀 gave a smile and said to myself nothing to worry chill 😉😉

Sunita took me to surgery room, dilated my eyes again with some more drops and she took me in, doc was ready and asked me are you fine. I firmly said yes of course 😉😀 doc gave local anaesthesia to my right eye, sunita rubbed eye so nicely that I was feeling a kind of relax mood. They covered my whole body like a dead body is covered 😂 then opened only at my right eye, he initially placed the lens later sprayed something with sprinkler kind of medical instrument later said finally the doc said I am implanting the lens now, it’s the most important phase don’t move at all.. I was like ok done boss 😀 meanwhile he used to ask: you alright? Nothing to worry, don’t put pressure keep your eyes calm.. Meanwhile songs were being played 😀😀 I asked doc is it to distract me 😛😀 he said yes so that you feel relaxed and me too feel the relaxation 😉😀And within 20-25 minutes surgery was done! Hurrah right eye was done with no pain at all 😉 (after all anaesthesia stays for more than 5 hours Hehe 😀) when opened my eyes….

Oh God! Double vision! It was literally horrible..I said doc double vision! He said don’t worry it will be off after some hours! Right eye had become red, continuous tears..with this condition sat In auto and starting heading back to bahadurpally (namrata lakshmi shilpa mruthunjay wanted to visit, I said let’s meet tomo.. As I had started feeling a little giddiness) talks with autowala, his concern about his eyes after knowing about mine.. And the distance that he had to take us.. He felt: phew! 😛😂

Reached knr had knr food after a long time, mummy and pappa felt relaxed…. 😀😀☺☺ continous drops were put by mummy and pappa all the time on an hourly basis with 15 min of gap between every eye drop 💧phewwwwwww!!!!!

That’s how the day was ☺

Escape Room vs. Claustrophobia

Umm, when religion class gets preachy I do this:

“Wake up in a room? I’m in a giant warehouse, realise I’m in a box. Then I notice how can I tell I’m in a warehouse. Then the realization comes that the walls on this box are transparent.

I go across the street and knock on their door. When he opens, I am greeted with a big smile and a gesture inside, to the living room.

The only thing I remember doing before coming up here. Remember also walking through that little distance between the door and the couch, seeing objects and how he decorated the place. Then I snap out of this memory, in the box I hear a loud voice. The familiarity of it makes me feel uneasy.

The darkness comes and goes in my eyes. Every time the light returns there are more and more objects. It slowly becomes some study, I look around and see medical books on the shelves. So a doctor of some time. I hope that that voice doesn’t come back, but I do. I need to know what has happened… And maybe an ibuprofen, I must have fallen last time I blacked out.

His booming voice comes back after what feels like hours of nothing. This time the uneasiness is still there but I regain part of my vision that I wasn’t even aware of that I lost. I stand up from the couch I had been laid upon. He says if I can get out of … This, I can go "up a level”. I yell “what do you mean?” No response. I bang on the glass walls and scream. The speaker flicks on and asks “do you want to take another nap?” I stop and sit. I then look around, trying to find a camera of some sort. There aren’t any inside this box turned study. But there are plenty outside. So I write on a notepad I find on the desk “what am I to do?”
The speaker comes up *different voice* “Simply, just escape.”“

11 question tag

😇 I was tagged by @fluitketel :)

1. What’s your dream destination for a holiday?
Since I never go anywhere and haven’t been on a holiday for like 6-7 years, anywhere would be fine. :’) But I would like to see some of the world, like Australia, Japan, Paris & the Big Apple.

2. Which type cookies/biscuits are your favourite?
Bastogne koeken!! Too bad too many of them are laxating, I found that out the hard way  😂

3. What’s your pet called?
I have 3 snakes with are called Dungeon, Dragon & Angel (I also had a fourth one named Demon, so they all matched  😂  But he passed away some years ago)
My sister has a rabbit and a hamster which she calls Levi and Mimi

4. What’s the distance from your bed to the door?
Too much on a cold winter morning

5. What’s your fondest memory?
Lately, everything involving my mom or friends. I love winter, but it always gets me depressed and lonely because no one has time for anything  😞

6. What would you like to say to a someone you never speak to anymore?
Actually I did this last week  😂 I sent a message to my highschool-ex who I didn’t speak or hear about in 6-7 years and asked him and his friends to hang out with me at a bar I’ve been wanting to go for ages but I was too scared to go alone and I knew they were regulars. He has another girlfriend now (and I don’t mind) but we have been constantly messaging each other and thinking about the old times and I made a bunch of new friends! 

7. What is your favourite Pokémon?

From the new-ish ones.

Older ones is probably Gengar 

8. You know, eleven questions is a lot to come up with. What’s your lucky number?
22, but it had already changed a couple of times over time.

9. What’s the first book that comes up when you have to recommend someone a book?
A book never pops up when you need one  😂 I’m just going to be unoriginal and say Harry Potter.

10. What do you wanna be when you grow up?
At least 5 cm taller then I am now  😂 Without kidding, I’m not sure yet what I want to do. As long as it is a job with nice colleagues and work which I enjoy, I’m good!

11. What skill would you still like to learn some time?

Drawing, painting, sign language, piano, guitar. But who I’m a kidding, I’m never going to learn any of that  😇

Everyone I always tag is already tagged in this. SO if you want to you can do this set of questions, and please tag me in it! 

I did a project in art last year where we had to paint a 3D town- I picked Hollywood
But if I had an ounce of talent I would have done iconic movies- a street down the middle, in the distance in the “desert” is draculas castle, in the sky u can see the Death Star, on the right side of the street is bates motel and on the left side is walter and jesses RV parallel parked and u can see the bullet holes in the door and u can see a gas station behind them. Maybe one day! In my head it looks so cool. Can’t think of many other movies that would fit bc bates motel is in the middle of no where like????? U know??

By Your Side

The apartment is very quiet when Izaya gets home. He knows Shizuo should be there; the other’s key is still hanging by the front door, his shoes are still toppled one over another in the entryway. But there’s no trace of him in the front room, no sound of vague experimentation in the kitchen, and Izaya is left frowning in the doorway while he toes his shoes off and unwinds his scarf from around his neck.

“Shizu-chan?” he calls, deliberately lilting over the nickname so the sound of his voice will carry the clearer and still pass for offhand disinterest. “Are you home?”

“Yeah,” comes back the reply, faint with distance and the barrier of a door but still audible against the quiet backdrop of the rest of the house. Izaya waits for something else: a clarifying explanation, the sound of a door opening, the appearance of Shizuo himself coming down the hallway. But there’s nothing further, just that one brief acknowledgment, and Izaya is left to frown irritation down the silent hallway. He shrugs his coat off with more force than is necessary, casts it onto the hook alongside the door without any care for the motion at all, and when he steps into the apartment to continue down the hall it’s with his footfalls coming hard on the frustration along his shoulders.

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ik teri khair mangdi na toote dil ki dor // aman&raina

general notes; very sfw, but also filled with angst and pain–oops?

timestamp; ummmmm december 8th 2016

Aman was currently stood outside Raina’s apartment after work. It might have been rude not to inform her that he was coming over but they were at the stage where those things did not matter as much. At least in his eyes they didn’t. Hands in pockets, he knocked on the door with a very obvious worry about his person. A lot of things were currently happening; a lot of ​not​ good things. On his personal front, he had fought with Tanya and felt Raina distancing from him a bit for some reason. The former he had not yet rectified for he felt he was justified in what he had said even if he was feeling horrible about the harshness that had coursed through his words. But with the latter, however, he was here to try and figure out if it was just a figment of his overactive imagination or things were ​slipping away​ between Raina and him. Of-course he hoped it was the former, but his instinct told him the work schedule combined with everything else was taking a toll on them as a couple. Still, he tried to put those things out of his mind as he waited for her to answer. She did not deserve to open the door to a visibly disturbed Aman.

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homra-no-artemis  asked:

// KICKS DOWN DOOR BC I NEVER SAW THIS AT FIRST LIKE WHAT? SO NATURALLY I WENT DIGGING FOR IT. but okay so i was a solid shrug emoji on neptune but after a couple of times rewatching the series i came to enjoy him bc he's pretty damn funny tbh and honestly the scene(s) on the motorcycle w yang were pretty cool bc he just put his goggles on and it was like (make a man out of you from mulan playing in the distance) bc he just whipped out the weapon and it transformed (right? ) there and that was

Come Tell ME what you think of how I RP MY muse, I can only publish.

// damn smooth. also whO DITCHES A MISSION THEY TOOK IMPROMPTU TO GO GET FOOD LIKE WTF but hey i guess neptune and sun do that (if older nep tries that with takehiko he’s going to get punted and wind up on the top of a house omf g). but i’ve come to rly enjoy his character aND I LOOK FORWARD TO HAVING MORE INTERACTION BETWEEN HE AND TAKEHIKO IN YOUR HUNTSMAN VERSE BC AYYYYY MISSION BUDDIES like shit man they’re two polar opposites of personalities and i have a feeling it’s not going to be // opposites attract in this case but more like opposites grate against one another coarsely but manage to be a kickass duo despite differences.

december 7th, 2016 5:05 pm

yesterday was the first time, in a long time, i felt some sort of peace around you. of course before i went over, my stomach was in knots, my hands were shaking, and i was struggling to remember how to breathe. and then you opened your door and let me in without a second glance or word. we scurried into your room to share a sweet i brought along with me and talk like nothing had ever come between us. not distance, not time, not miles—we were 15 and cutting class to hide in the corner of bookstores and giggle.

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Porchcat Dave

Porchcat Dave nearly moved in tonight. I was carrying my Kindle, picked up the packages at the front door and was holding Cardiff’s leash. As I tried to get everything in the door, Dave just walked on in. Luke sniffed him but didn’t react. Owen growled a little. Cardiff just looked resigned to having another cat who likes to headbutt and snuggle him. Charlotte glared from a distance.

I gently shooed Dave back out onto the porch. He gave me this sad, hurt look. I offered him the red plastic shelter. “The door is too small” he said. I brought it back inside and cut it larger. “It’s still too small” he said, even though it wasn’t. He went in, turned around, came back out again and looked at me again. “I thought this would be the night you let me live with you.”

“Sorry sweetie. Not tonight.”

“I’ll just sit out here in my little red tub and eat my Woe Crunchies, then.”

“You do you, sir.” Meanwhile I really want to bring this guy in.

Anyone interested in him? He’s really sweet, very soft, and is probably a father/uncle/cousin of Charlotte and Owen. He’s been neutered and had at least the basic shots through a TNR program, but he’s really not happy being a street cat.

cont’d @war-machine-of-shield

“I won’t lie.” She said, the same playfulness as she caught in his tone reflected in her voice. Her long, gazelle alike legs slowly cut off the distance between them after what she closed the door, locked them as well, only for the case. “Um, I just wondered, you know..” Her brows cheekily raised and she momentarily cleared her throat when finally reached his desk and sat down at it. “The last time, it wasn’t so bad, was it?” Her green eyes met with his, tiny fingers played with the hem of his shirt. “..and I had a meeting near to your office, and eh, maybe a crazy idea, but quick, unexpected sex is an advantage of dating.”

FURTHER REDUCED to $3,000,000!!!


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·Oversized Patio & Pool perfect for Entertaining

• Oak Wood Floors, French Doors & High-end Finishes throughout

• 2,627 sf Interior Living Space

• Formal Living Room with Fireplace + Media Room + Formal Dining Room

• Incredible Location walking distance to Lincoln Road Shops & Cafes

Please contact me for more Info at 305.613.2118 Dora@dorapuig.com or

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(Sunset Island 3 - 1745 W 23rd Street, Miami Beach, FL 33140)

;&^�{u� �

Sorry sorry sorry I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to embarass myself in front of everybody. I did not know that they’d be there; I only wanted to be near you. I saw you as you looked at me from a distance. so did everybody else. I tried to sprint off and you still looked at me through the doors as I ran away. I’m sorry. I could have cried as I walked home, guilt and shame taunting my mind with torturous force. Right place at the wrong time. I won’t speak to you anymore if that’s what you want

anonymous asked:

You have great taste in fanfics! As for recs, I'm a bit behind in my fic reading myself. Most of my recs include you and kitlee, philinda, marvelelle. I adore "Subtract the Distance" and "Just Next Door". I'm a huge fan of AU fics, so I love all the mini AUs people write. What particularly interests you about high school/college AUs? And is there any Philinda high school/college AUs that you have enjoyed previously?

I’m not sure why I like high school and college AUs so much other than the fact that they’re situations I’m very familiar with, so it’s easy for me to relate to them.

I haven’t seen a lot of high school or college AUs for Philinda, actually, which is partly why I requested it for the Philinda Secret Santa. I can’t wait to read what you write!


this inspired from another users story she wrote the girls view. it inspired me to write the mans view. 

So today I decided to go to the park for my break. Ten hour shift patrolling the middle of nowhere gets boring at times. So I park my patrol car and try to relax for an hour or so. About ten minutes in a see a car pull into the lot across the way, I watch make sure it’s not some kids destroying property again. Just a middle aged lady getting out, wearing a surprisingly skimpy outfit for this time of year. She is a decent distance away so I get my binoculars “just to investigate” lol. She has a light top and I can clearly see her nipples pressed against her shirt. I watch as she takes off her panties, and tosses them to her car. She doesn’t notice but they fall short she closes her door and walks to a nearby bench. I figure I watch for a while see where this goes. Not long after a second car shows up. A middle aged guy get out, and hurriedly walks over to her. Must be married couple spicing things up. But I run their plates just in case. HHH they come back two different addresses, and they both live well over and hour away. What I got here is an affair. This should be good, doesn’t take long and the guy kneels and buries his face between her legs. They are to far for me to hear anything, but by the way her head is moving around I’d say he is tearing that pussy up. My dick is so hard, damn I could use a secret rendezvous. Maybe I should go interrupt tem just before they are finished?…” na they are not hurting anyone” I say to myself. I imagine what her pussy smells like…the taste. Fuck I need some pussy. Then the guy stands and pulls his pants down. The woman push him to the bench and straddles him. She slowly lowers herself onto his rigid cock. She sits there for a moment I assume enjoying her lover dick buried deep inside of her. I imagine this might be their first time meeting. They look around as if the hear something. I’m far enough away to be out of their field of view. They are savoring every moment. They then start to furiously start to fuck. I can see the bench moving with the force of their motion. It doesn’t last long they both look to the sky as the mutually climax. He must’ve filled her cunt for of his seed, she just rests there motionless on his cock for a moment. Fuck I’m so horny I need to fuck, I’d like to fuck this woman, but sigh that’s not happening. I watch as they both quickly get up and leave, they must of realized the time and have to get back to somewhere. After they leave I drive over to the area they were parked. There right where she was parked are her bunched up panties. I grab them, look around no one in sight I smell them. Holy shit she smells fucking delicious. Fuck I need to have her now…..I leave the park on my mission. They have to take the long winding road down the hillside. I take the private utility road far more direct. I park at the corner, I see him drive by. A few minutes later I see her. Yes she is speeding here we go. I flip the light and pull in behind her. She pulls to the side, she must be sweating bullets. I walk up and ask for her license and registration. She looks up at me I can see the fear in her face. Think how am going to explain this ticket to my husband. As she lean to the glove box to get her registration I catch a glimpse of her ass, their mutual climax still moist. “Fuck” I think to myself she didn’t have another pair of panties great. I walk back to my car letting her sweat for a bit. “Ma’am I need you to step out of the vehicle” I open the door she stands trying to not let her skirt up. “Go to the back of the car and place your hands on the trunk”. She does as instructed, I stand behind her enjoying the view for a bit I can see a bit of cum streaming down her thigh past where her skirt ends. She asks “officer can I ask what I did?”   “Sure you can” I snip back. “Ok can you tell me what I did” she asks again? I reach in putting my hands on her waist. I just want to lift her skirt and fuck her right here but I hold back. She doesn’t remove her hands but she does jump a bit at my touch. I run my hands up cupping the side of her breast. “Yes no bra still” I think to myself. “I could smell the scent of sex on you when I pulled you over. I see the wedding ring on but yet you are here far away from home if your address is correct on your license. With no one else with you. Were you being a naughty girl and fucking a man who is not your husband?” I ask her. “don’t try and lie little girl. I KNOW what you were doing. I’m not judging, he’s a lucky man to get to fuck you.” I say as I kneed her breasts they feel awesome so big and soft. “should I punish you for being a bad girl?” I say. She finally responds…”uummm I don’t know??” “bad girls need to be taught a lesson” I bark out. She turns her head as I lift her short skirt and slap her glorious ass. I lean into her ear and say “I’m going to teach you a lesson little girl. Are you ready for it” she tries to stand, I push her in the back, forcing her to lean back to her trunk. I slap her ass again. I lift her top I have to feel her tits. Her nipples are hard as rocks, this little cunt is turned on by this. “you let him cum in you” she’s about to answer and I slap her ass again…lets see her explain a red as to her husband. “ I’m going to own your pussy….im going to on your asshole to!!” I lift her shirt off, I see her tits bounce as her shirt passes over them. I slip my fingers down feeling her cum soaked pussy. It’s so wet and slimy. I unzip my pants in feel my aching cock. She tries to turn and look. I mumble something to her…really I can’t remember what I said as I guided my cock into her dripping pussy. I just stand there my dick inside her feeling her searing heat. Fuck she feels good I want to just ram away but I restrain myself. I grab her hair and ask…”you need it hard or fast” “yes!!!fuck me!!!” she says. Not that I cared what she said as I take what I need and start pounding her awaiting cunt. Slamming my cock into her hole as hard as I can. I grab the tit squeezing it hard using it as a handle to balance myself while fucking this hot tramp. “I’m gonna cum oh my god officer I’m gonna cum!!” she screams. Fuck she’s hot as she goes off like a rocket I feel her whole body tense as she creams my cock with her climax. “Your pussy is great baby, but now I’m going to take that ass”! I pull my cock out and use her wetness to lube up her ass a bit I run my cum cover cock around her ass. Then bury it back into her drenched cunt to get more lube on it. I place my head as her ass and push in. I slide in her ass stretching around my engorged shaft. “do you want me to cum in your ass my good girl”? She nods her head unable to manage word as my cock stretches her tight ass. I don’t hold back I start furiously fucking her ass. Watching the ripples travel up her body as I slam into her each time. Fuck I’m not going to last long. Her as is fucking glorious. I feel her body rock again as she orgasms around my cock. Fuck this woman goes off like a fire cracker. Wonder if her husband know what I live wire he has. I feel my cock swell as I empty my load into her. Filling her insides, releasing all my sexual frustration into her ass. I stop and enjoy the moment as my softening cock pops from her ass. I see cum still oozing from her well fucked pussy and now her wide open ass. I help her put her shirt on catching a lst glimpse of her great tits. She looks at me and asks “did that get me out of a ticket?” I laugh and tell her there never ws a ticket. I saw you fucking in the park, I knew it was a unscrupulous encounter. I needed to have it for myself. She walks back to her car. I walk to mine, I see her panties on my seat I grab them, walk back to her car lean in and feel the slimy mess between her legs. “Here you may need these” as I hand her her panties. I walk back to my cruzer and see her drive away. “I may pay her a visit one day…….”I think to myself.

Her loyalty was slipping.  It had been for a while now but she’d pushed the niggling doubts down deep, right beside where she kept her past. She locked it up, barred the door, turned her back.  Plasma was her family, the kids her friends.  A voice hissing that she didn’t even know their names, they had their own families, what use did they have for the pathetic option she presented.  One person, a liar, not a single thing about her was true.  Numbers to keep her distance so she didn’t have to get involved, didn’t have to let them drag it into the light how much she was lacking.  

Her loyalty was cracking. No boss, no sign of either of them, the real one or the fake figure head.  They were dead in the water, no captain to steer their ship.  Sinking slowly but everyone was too busy pretending they were fine, ignoring the water seeping in through tiny crack in the lower levels.  Too busy pretending they were fine to notice the lack of life boats.  They were going down with this ship because they had no other choice.  Abandoned by their captain, the first mate scrabbling to keep the crew in line, to patch up the cracks with tape and hope it stuck. Hoping it was enough to weather the storm and keep them afloat.  

Her loyalty was eroding.  Nothing here to hold her.  There was nothing Plasma could do for her that she couldn’t do for herself.  No cause she wanted to stand behind anymore, no cause at all if the rumours were to be believed.  Nothing to rally against, nothing to do, except let the boredom seep in and make itself at home, poking at the door she kept locked for a reason.  

Her loyalty was fading.  It would be easy to leave.  She’d done it before.  Disappeared, erased herself, no trace at all of who came before.  She could do it again.  Control, Delete.  Simple.  No more Theta, no more Agent 43.  Just a blank space where she had once been.  No one to miss her, not for long.  #52 maybe, at least for a little bit. Petrel maybe, though she’s sure he’d get over it quickly.  It wasn’t a strong friendship, no matter how much she had come to treasure it.  Easily breakable, she could do it, make it so he wouldn’t even care if she disappeared, hit the right spots and he’d hate her, be glad she was gone.  Better that than hurt him.  

Her loyalty was slipping.

I read a page or two or three or 15. Throw the book in the garbage on trash day so that I can’t take it back out. I’m confident today, more than usual. I’m cracking a half smile with pain just behind my lips. In the distance I can hear the Diesel engine humming, followed by the squeak of loud brakes as they stop at each trashcan before mine. Suddenly the smile is gone and I desperately sprint for the door, down the steps and out to the street. Just as the truck approaches I rip the top off and there it is. This ouija board like object is laying before me, I can’t escape it as if it haunts me! I grab it go back in the house frantically searching for the makeshift bookmark I cut from paper. I find it, and I read a page or two or three or 15. It’s a vicious cycle…

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Last :)

— the most recently written two sentences of my current project.

With one last charming look your way, and an amused laugh following suit – most likely with himself – he was out the door in a slowed grace, raven hair furthering into the distance while you were still left somewhat speechless and a little more flushed. Not only at his previous statement, but at the completely random endearment right before he left.

You were sure if he’d stayed, he would have heard the thunderous pace of your heart drilling within the confines of your chest.

Coincidental Finding

Closed No Mercy w/ @wehaveaprxblem & @masterminding-my-manners

He sat there in utter silence staring out the window, the only noises coming from him sharpening his knife and the rustling of the map. Nathan seemed to know what he was doing. He’d surely get them both somewhere safe.

In the distance a car alarm went off. Poor sod. Hope they die quickly. Part of him hoped it wasn’t his fellow colleagues who’d chosen to go their own way. Part of him blamed himself entirely for the situation that person would now be him. 

Jim was brought out of his brooding by the sound of something smashing down the hall from them. Putting the knife away, he readied his cricket bat and looked cautiously toward the door. “Nate, I thought ya said this floor was clear.”