or the distance to the doors

Tyler took a deep breath as he studied himself, looking over his clothing and features. He looked straight ahead at himself now, his eyes shifting colors, causing him to shake his head quickly. He didn’t want to believe what he’d become, he didn’t want to be this way. Josh knew nothing about it, what Tyler was. He saw him as his best friend, how he’d always seen Tyler. Taking another breath, Tyler took one last look at himself before turning around and heading for the door. He was going off to meet someone he knew a long time ago, though he had no idea how she’d react to him now. He’d treated her differently back then, distancing himself from her, due to his thoughts. But now he needed help, and she was the only one who could give that to him.

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Do you think they hugged or felt the need to hug each other before they committed?

You mean, before they committed suicide? If so, no, the two were too disconnected and checked out. Think of it like the two are suddenly finding themselves in this surreal bad dream, where they find themselves going through the motions, maybe even detachedly sort of observing themselves preparing for their eventual end at a distance. They are almost in their own separate vacuums. Hugging is an action that is too physically grounding and by the time they reached the point of preparing for suicide, they just wanted to be gone and quickly. It’s like, well, especially in Eric’s case, getting into an escape pod on a spaceship that’s damaged and rapidly going down - so he quickly does what needs to be done: gets in the pod, shuts the door, flips the switches and jettisons himself off of it real quick. No time to think or hug or talk. Time to just..leave. Adios!

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max and isabel haunted house au??

“Look, I know it’s probably asking a lot, but could you at least try and act scared?” Max pleaded, giving Isabel a significant look as they approached the corner store. The sun was setting, now, reflecting orange off the blacked out windows. Bloody hand-prints dotted the glass and a sign hung unevenly on the door broadcasting BEWARE to any hapless person who walked by. It was kind of painful to look at.

Isabel was completely in the right to be doubtful, “Max, we fight ghosts on a day to day basis,” she reminded him, “And it’s not even October yet, why is your dad setting up a haunted house?”

As they came to a stop a reasonable distance away from the electronic doors, Max shrugged helplessly, “Dad’s just in the Halloween spirit early! He wants to test it out for later this year, I guess, and I’d feel bad if he got discouraged this early in the game,” Max admitted, sounding just a little bit guilty.

Isabel looked at him, looked back to the corner store, looked back to Max, and sighed, “Fiiiiiine, I’ll pretend to be as scared as my acting skills can manage. But you owe me, Max Puckett.”


So I was going though old boxes and found this poem my grandmother wrote for me when I was little. It makes me smile so much.

Moments With Julianne

Singing in my shower
I hear her in the distance
Behind me, voice mixed with falling water filling my peaceful space with the glow of love

I write, the door opens
Foot steps on the floor
Leaving over the back of the love seat
Wet hair, bright shiny eyes
Scented with magnolia that she had
Drenched herself in-
Her nannies body wash-
How she loves to use it!

Exploring all around
Waking over every possible place-
I unlock the screen door
She emerges there, through the glass door facing the lake

She sits beside me now cross legged
Talking of adventure, free, spontaneous, precious as any imaginable treasure that ever was

I soak up each word
I wonder if she understands?
Some passing moments, everyday occurrences, ordinary?

So how do I, in all my humanness, make words of all this?

How perfectly that she belongs, how this space is filled with her?
How very much she means?

Does she understand?

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#34 and Luke

for anarchyaustralia and wherekatewritesthings barista!5sos night!!

Heavy rain droplets splattered to the slick glass shop windows, dragging stained lines as plopped bits of precipitation raced to the concrete below. The lighting had grown black with the combination of growing evening hours and the ominous clouds parading across the skyline. Street lights flicked on, the bulbs blurring from the constant downpour of rain and the occasional flash of distant lightning. 

You ducked under the safety of your miniature umbrella, the half priced strip of plastic barely enough to save your head of growing damp. Stepping out into a storm wasn’t one of your best ideas, but seeing as your dorm was miles away, you were stuck in your predicament until the clouds cleared. 

A light in the distance was what caught your eye; the soft lighting filtering out the doors of the local coffee shop. Muttering thanks under your breath, you dashed for the door. The slick metal slung open without much protest other than the light ding of the golden bell dangling above the metal.

You were met with the sight of a broad back crouched behind the counter, the flimsy black material of the three-quarter length sleeves clinging to the mans muscular forearms. Pressing your lips into a firm line, you scooped as much moisture off the umbrella as you could while keeping your gaze locked firmly on the seemingly indifferent barista.

It was when he finally rose and shifted that you were hit with the shocking revelation and that striking blue in the man’s irises.


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“Sick of starting off with a crap Varmint Rifle all the time I used console commands to get myself a proper Hunting Rifle with all the trimmings.
I was so surprised at the difference it made. Hell, when Sunny Smiles sent me to the graveyard to get stuff for healing powder I not only was able to clear it of Bloatflies I was able to kneel on top of the fence and easily snipe Radscorpions in the valley next door without triggering the “Do you want to change your character” window.
I named my gun Thor’s Hammer and cut a swathe of long-distance smiting across the land.”

Fallout Confessions


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First things first: I LOVE painting weird details in a separate layer, so that sharing their design won’t spoil anything about the image. Insert some manic laughter here.

And - yes, it’s already a tradition: when my friends go to Britain, fearlessly prepared to wait at a stage door to deliver a hug, or share some love, or just stare from the distance at some talented person [whom I can paint], I PAINT.

Killed a week on this guy. Every detail is worth the time - which might be just me being a bit high on medication and sleep-deprived, but still. All hail bobsytherabbit for helping me with the weirdness - and wish my friends some luck in delivering this ;}


( Inspired by an imagine by fandomoftears I really hope you don’t mind me writing this. It was just such a fun idea! )

Warnings : Balthazar does make a sexual comment. This imagine is kinda lengthy. Sorry, I got carried away.

You didn’t want to go; you weren’t really the religious type, but when a few of the Angels offered to go with you on a trip to visit your old family church, how could you say no? Cas accompanied you in your jeep since he knew you hated driving long distances on your own and the two of you met Gabriel, Balthazar, and Lucifer at you mothers house. It really was the oddest situation. You walked through the door to see your mother fawning over ‘how adorable’ Lucifer was and the angel looked surprised at the attention to say the least. Your mother knew about what you did for a living and she was beyond excited when you told her about the Angels. She insisted on meeting them, so this trip really did work out for everyone.

“Oh, (Y/n), these boys are all just so cute! And they’ve been so well mannered. I can’t really get the littler one to talk though.” She whispered the last part, cutting her eyes towards Lucifer.

“Luce, you feeling alright?” You laughed at him and he stuck his tongue out at you.

“Better now that you’re here, (Y/n).” He soon replied and your mother made a small squealing sound, squeezing your elbow.

“He’s flirting with you, (Y/n).” You mother said excitedly. You rolled your eyes. “So, where is everyone sleeping tonight?” She asked, looking around at the five of you.

“Angels don’t sleep, mom.” You said, laughing a bit as you carried your bags upstairs. The Angels had begun following you closely ever since you walked through the door and your mother was more than amused by it.

“I want to stay where ever (Y/n) is staying. We wouldn’t be sleeping much anyways.” Gabriel winked and you turned around on the top step, quickly punching him in the arm.

“Oh, you kids.” Your mother giggled before walking out the front door.

“Could you be anymore obnoxious?” You snapped at Gabe as you reached your old bedroom, throwing you bag on your bed.

“I could, but you keep me on a leash, doll.” Gabriel threw himself on your bed, bouncing once in the air before settling down on the soft mattress.

“Can you boys imagine how many times a sexually awakened, teenaged (Y/n) has touched herself in this very room.” Balthazar waved his hand around the room for a dramatic effect and you groaned in annoyance. “Oh, stop stressing yourself, love. We’ll be on our best behavior tomorrow morning.” He promised, sitting down in your office chair, spinning himself a bit.

“I hope so.” You mumbled before laying down next to Gabriel. “Don’t make me regret this.”

“We’re just poking fun at you, sweets. Now, you should get some rest. Big day tomorrow.” Gabriel seemed more excited than anyone and you didn’t see why. It was just church.


“(Y/n), are you sure this is a good idea? Should I be here?” Lucifer was holding your hand like a lost child and you felt kinda bad for him. “Of course I shouldn’t be here. What kind of question is that?” He was uttering to himself and you stopped, turning around to face him before walking through the church door.

“Listen to me, Luce, you’re fine. No one knows who you are and I want you with me. I need you with me.” You whispered to him. He smiled softly at you before taking in a deep breath and walking through the door with you.

“This is exciting.” Gabriel smirked, flopping down next to Castiel. Your mother was sitting in the front row, but you thought it would be best to keep your little party of angles in the back in case they got too rowdy. You were honestly worried at how happy Gabe was over this. He had to be up to something.

“Gabe,” you sighed, leaning forward so that you could see him past Balthazar. He shot you a wink.

“I’ll keep an eye on him, (Y/n). He won’t do anything out of line while I’m here.” Castiel promised you.

“Thank you, Cas.” You smiled a bit at him before the preacher took the stage.

“Let’s get this party started.” Balthazar said, resting his hand on your thigh. You never really noticed how close you were with all of the Angels until now. It was nice.


You were halfway through the service and you could tell the boys were getting antsy. Lucifer had both of his hands wrapped tightly around your right one. Balthazar was tapping your thigh impatiently and snickering quietly to you in between sarcastic remarks. Castiel kept leaning forward to look at you every time the preacher said something he didn’t like. Gabriel was just scaring you now. He was quiet. Too quiet.

You leaned forward to get a peak at him.

“Relax, darling. He knows better than to upset you.” Balthazar whispered to you, but you just couldn’t shake the worry you felt.

“There are signs everywhere of the Lord’s presence.” The preacher was saying. “When you’re in times of-” He fell silent, staring towards the back of the room. You and everyone else turned around to see a flag blowing frantically without a bit of wind in the room. Balthazar placed his head on your shoulder to hide his red face as he tried to hold in his laughter. You glanced at Gabe to see him smirking, at the amazed expressions on everyone’s faces.

“Oh my god.” You whispered, turning back around in your seat.

“God is with us ladies and gentlemen!” The preacher began shouting and the room erupted in applause.

“I’m gonna kill him.” You swore, looking up at Lucifer to see him smirking as well.

“He’s not harming anything, (Y/n).” He chuckled a bit. “If anything, he just gave these people a story to tell.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” You sighed, allowing yourself to laugh a bit and settle down in your seat. This actually went pretty well for having four Angels in church.


“It was great to see you, (Y/n).” Your mother hugged you tightly before kissing your cheek and turning around to look at the Angels. “Don’t think I don’t know that it was one of you who pulled that flag stunt.” She raised her pointer finger and looked at them sternly before breaking into a smile. “That was the most entertaining service that church has had since (Y/n) switched the piano music with an ACDC song.”

“You did what?!” Gabriel burst into laughter and you giggled a bit. “This whole time you thought that I was going to be the one to start trouble! We should have been keeping an eye on you instead!”

“Oh, hush.” You rolled your eyes before hugging your mom one last time.

“Don’t be shy, boys! Come back with (Y/n) and see me anytime!” She said as the five of you walked towards your jeep. You all waved your goodbyes as you pulled out of the driveway and started down the road.

“I actually had a lot of fun with you guys this weekend.” You admitted to the Angels, smiling to yourself.

“See? We’re not that bad.” Gabriel poked your cheek before turning up a song on the radio.

“Now we just need to meet your father.” Balthazar added with a devious smirk. Gabriel smirked as well when he saw a look of horror flash across your face.

“That is so not happening.”

It was their first time. 

Not their first time kissing, or even their first time fucking, but their first time where they were able to take their time.

Sam closed the door behind them, leading Dean into his dorm room and locking the door with a loud ‘click’ behind him. Surprisingly, Dean found himself nervous as he stood at the end of the bed, waiting for Sam to come to him. Sam gave him a smile, one of those melt-your-heart-all-teeth-and-dimples smile and slowly closed the distance between them. 

“Hey,” Sam whispered, reaching forward to let his fingertips trail down Dean’s chest. Dean shivered, swallowed hard. 

“Hey yourself.” Sam captured his lips then, a soft, deep kiss that had fire running through Dean’s veins. Suddenly, it wasn’t enough. He needed Sam, needed to touch him and kiss him, take his time discovering every inch of his younger brother’s body that he’d never been able to before. 

Sam seemed to be on the same page; he reached between them, fisting Dean’s shirt and pulling it over Dean’s head before removing his own. “Bed,” Sam whispered and Dean fell back, fingers catching the hem of Sam’s jeans and pulling him down along with him. 

Sam laid over him, claiming Dean’s lips again and Dean forced himself to pull back. It wasn’t going to be like this, not this time, not when they had time. Dean reached for Sam’s hand, pressed his younger brother’s palm flat against his chest and kissed Sam again, soft and slow. When Sam pulled back to catch his breath, Dean caught his lower lip between his teeth and tugged gently, his hands moving to slide up Sam’s side. 

“Dean,” Sam breathed out against his mouth and Dean nodded. 

“We’ve got all the time in the world.”

There Are Such Things by bleep0bleep

The door to the office opens, and a figure steps in front of the window that reads “MCCALL & STILINSKI, PRIVATE INVESTIGATION.” It’s as if Scott’s at the pictures and everything has slowed down to this one moment, the man taking off his hat and flicking the rain out of his hair, as a saxophone croons in the distance, slow and sensual. 

2015 Teen Wolf Reverse Bang

Morning Kisses x Jiyong

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The soft bright light of the sun coming through the light blue curtains you had covering your french door stirred you from your slumber. You turned away from the light and curled up with the body that lay beside you. His warm embrace held you as you snuggled your head safely into his chest.

“5 more minutes?” You asked him. Your voice was muffled but he understood you.

“Make it ten” he said holding you closer. You sighed and your lips held a small smile. It wasn’t often that you got to wake up with your boyfriend and when you did it was worth the wait every time. Sometimes you were glad of the distance you and Jiyong had to endure because it kept you both on your toes and the love lasted for longer than you’ve experienced yet. You’ve noticed that when two people stay together too long they tend to lose the attraction they had at first because you become more familiar with the person. This hasn’t happened with Jiyong. 2 years in and you’re still in the honeymoon stage of your relationship because you spend so long wanting desperately to see each other, so when you do you can’t help but fall in love with each other more and more each time. Everything you both uncover about the other draws you in and the mystery of all the things still there to discover leaves you wanting more time with them like a good novel. As you were lost in thought you hadn’t noticed Jiyong shift in bed, you were pulled from your thoughts when he lifted you onto him so you were lying on top of him, facing him. He smiled at you sleepily and pushed the hair that fell onto your face back.

“Morning baby” He said in his slightly raspy morning voice that only a handful of people could ever hear. You loved that even though he was so well known around the world and everyone knew so much about him, there were still things that you knew the world didn’t. Like how he sounds in the morning. The word you would use to describe it… Actually there is no word to describe it in your dictionary. You reached up from the bed and stroked his cheek, feeling the prickling of his facial hair on your fingers. He didn’t have any TV appearances, or stage shows or any media related thing for a couple weeks so he decided to skip the shaving and let his face do it’s thing. You loved his stubble, the way that simple change brought a new look to him, the way it felt against your cheek, your fingers… your thighs. You bit your lip slightly and smirked.

“Morning, Ji..”

He raised his eyebrow looking over you. “I know that look baby..”

“Do you now?” You crossed your arms on his chest and lifted yourself slightly to lean over him more, your hair became a curtain that hid you both from everything else. “What am I thinking then?”

He made a thinking face and stared into your eyes, “I’m not sure exactly what but I know it’s dirty.” His hands slid down yours and took hold of yours as he said this. Before you had time to react he flipped you both over so he was hovering over you.

“What you been thinking about, hm?”

You shook your head and tightened your lips.

“Come on, Y/N….” He pleaded, leaning down slightly and brushing his nose against yours.

“You have to go to the studio soon, it wouldn’t be appropriate” You say trying not to laugh but a smile managed to grace your lips nonetheless. So much for the poker face tactic.

He chuckled and held your hands above your head on the bed. “Okay now i’m more than curious..”

You shrug in response and he raises an eyebrow again. “You’re playing it that way are you?” He asked before leaning down and running his nose down your neck. “You know I have my ways of getting you to spill.” That’s where the sweet torture began. His lips pressed against your collarbone and created a line across the bone up the other side of your neck, until he reached your ear to whisper. “What were you thinking about honey?” He nibbled on your ear slightly before continuing with his onslaught. He kissed your cheeks, nose, forehead. His lips hovered over your lips and your tried to free your hands from his gasp.

“I was thinking about your stubble” You whispered, giving in.

“What about it?” He asked, also in a whisper.

You blushed slightly and turned your face away from his. He pouted slightly and nudged you cutely trying to get you to turn back.

“Pleeeeeeeease?” He asked. “I won’t get any work done today if you don’t tell me”

You laughed at this and shook your head. “Knowing you love, you probably won’t get any work done if I DO tell you.” You looked at him and shrugged.

He pouted and resorted to aegyo to convince you.

You sighed and decided to tell him, since he was stubborn and to be honest you wanted this to go somewhere anyway.

“I was thinking about how your stubble feels…” You met his gaze and continued, “Against my thighs..” His eyes widened slightly and the corner of his mouth turned up, you leaned up and whispered in his ear for some icing on the cake. “When you’re eating me out.”

You heard his deep moan and lied back down to see his eyes closed. When he opened them again the irises were much darker than before. Yup, he was going to be late again today.

Inspired by G Dragon’s Facial Hair……

Inspired by this text post provided to me by the awesome imagine-narusasu ;///3///; Love you my precious pea!!!

It was roughly 20 minutes to walk from the train station to his work, and Sasuke wasn’t lazy enough to catch a cab to somewhere he could easily get to in a walking distance. Besides, Sasuke never shrugged off the chance for physical exercise, what with being a desk jockey and all, he didn’t get a lot of time to walk around just for the fun of it.

A couple of months ago, however, Sasuke’s morning train rides had become slightly different. And it was all because of that blonde idiot. 

It had been a perfectly normal morning that day, with Sasuke looking at his watch and satisfied the train was running on time as usual. Then, when the doors opened and the train stopped, just as Sasuke made his move to exit, some guy with the most vibrant blonde hair - it was almost yellow! - dodged out in front of him and walked straight off the train, the first one off. 

Sasuke was perplexed. He was always the first person on the train, and he was always the first person off. Each and every time, he was ahead of the crowd and off on his way to work. No fuss. Simple.

But this guy, he had just mucked up Sasuke’s routine!

Having come out of nowhere, Sasuke was boggled from the unexpectedness long enough to become caught up in the crowd as they shuffled out of the train. Sasuke was positively glaring. How dare that moron do something like that! Didn’t he understand the protocol, damn the fact that it wasn’t written down! People just knew, and they didn’t mess with it. Until now

Narrowing his eyes determinedly, Sasuke moved swiftly through the clumped bodies, stepping out onto the platform and moving ahead of the crowd with ease. His ebony orbs were already darting around, searching for that person.

And off in the far distance, Sasuke saw him. Walking with a swagger in his step, there was the head of blonde hair that belonged to the guy who ruined Sasuke’s morning routine. Found you.

Just as Sasuke had locked onto him, the aforementioned man looked over his shoulder and his eyes clicked with Sasuke’s. They stared each other for the briefest of seconds, yet somehow Sasuke felt like it was more. Then, a rather mischievous smile formed on that face in the distance, as he turned around and started walking with even more vigor. 

What the fuck? Sasuke thought, quickening his pace as well. He was only about three steps behind the idiot, but he wouldn’t give in or let Sasuke overtake him. He stayed in front the entire way and even beat Sasuke to the street corner, leaving the Uchiha stranded at the lights. 

Things had been that way for the past two months. Sasuke hadn’t ever exchanged words with the curious blonde man - didn’t even know his name, and yet it didn’t bother Sasuke as much as he thought it would. Usually he had low tolerance for idiots like this, but something about the way blondie was resolute to throw a wrench in Sasuke’s routine, it made the Uchiha all fired up. 

And today he would beat that moron for sure. He had it all planned out. Sasuke had situated himself near the closest possible position to the exit, and was standing for once, rather than taking his usual seat. His uncharacteristic behaviour prompted strange glances and looks from the regular passengers, but Sasuke wasn’t interested in them. 

Whilst the idiot always made himself clearly visible to Sasuke when they stepped off the train, Sasuke could never seem to find him on the train. He had gathered that blondie got on the train before he did, but that was it. 

Today was no exception, and Sasuke sighed in frustration. Well, no matter, he would still win today. Sasuke was certain of that much at least.

Sure enough, when the moment of truth came, Sasuke was out and onto the platform for the first time in two months, and couldn’t hold back a tiny, triumphant smirk. 

Then, all of a sudden Sasuke felt a whoosh of wind pass him, and his eyes widened in their sockets as he watched the blonde moron run past him, no! Is he sprinting!? 

Sasuke was so shocked he had stopped for a full three seconds, staring at the idiot in awe. 

“I’ve been winning for 2 months now, can’t stop now!” Blondie yelled excitedly as he turned around, and Sasuke could only blink in amazement. Was this guy for real?  

“Have a good day, see you tomorrow!” The guy said, crossing the street just as the light turned green, waving over his shoulder and flashing Sasuke a fleeting, bright smile as he left. 

Dammit! Sasuke scowled as he watched the guy running ahead of him, his blonde head still visible through the brown and black mops of hair throughout the drab crowd. Sasuke had thought for sure he was going to make it through first today! He had it all planned out and everything!  

He begrudgingly began walking again, and looked down to notice his polished, black shoes clacking against the pavement heavily. A sly smirk curled his lips, his hands slipping into his pockets as Sasuke looked up at a very blue sky. 

Tomorrow I swear I’m going to wear running shoes to work.

‘Spaces’ Songfic

As soon as I heard the bedroom door open I immediately closed my eyes, hoping that he would think I was asleep. With my back facing him I had to rely on my hearing to try and figure out what he was doing as he half walked half shuffled through our otherwise silent bedroom. Opening and closing a few drawers he walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. I sighed but kept my eyes closed. Moments later he returned, switching off the lights and plunging the room into darkness. Slipping into bed beside me he shuffled for a few moments before settling with his back towards me and his body a safe distance away from mine. I wondered which one of us would fall asleep first but when his snores echoed through the room shortly after, I had my answer. 

Rolling onto my back I turned my head to the side where I could faintly see his outline in the dark. His long hair was fanned out across the pillow and his broad, lean back was visible above the covers which covered him from the waist down. I resisted the urge to reach out and touch his smooth skin and instead looked up at the ceiling. I wondered how we got to this place. This lonely place of forced conversations, distance and silence. There was no love here anymore and I don’t think there has been any for a long time. Something changed when he came back from tour for a yearlong break with the boys. 

The first few weeks were full of love, touching, hugging, kissing and joy. Much like the early days of our relationship we could barely keep our hands off of each other. But after 3 months of seeing each other every day, something changed. Harry became agitated and irritable, snapping at me whenever I would question his sudden change in behaviour. Thinking it was a phase I left him to it, allowing him to wallow in his own thoughts while I carried on with my life like normal, just without my boy sharing in most of it. Gradually, the space between us grew, he wouldn’t hold me while we were watching TV and would move away when I sat close to him. He was quick to cut conversations short over dinner which led to us eating in silence and eventually he even stopped holding my in bed, finding his new favourite position was with his back to me, rather than with his head buried in my neck while he held my body so close to his you couldn’t even fit a sheet of paper between us. 

Eventually I came up with a theory for his behaviour. He was sick of seeing me every day. Before we hated the distance, always saying that he would rather be right next to me than anywhere else in the world, even his precious LA. But perhaps the distance was the very thing that made us so crazy about each other. That inability to touch the other for months on end only made us crave each other more, which meant that when he came home there was so much passion, so much heat it was almost too much to handle. But with a year ahead of him, a year of seeing me every day without having that ability to escape to the other side of the world, Harry was becoming bored and would rather be anywhere else in the world except here, next to me. 

I don’t know when I started crying. I only realised it when a tear ran down my face and dripped on to my neck and my nose was running so much I could hardly breathe. I tried to smother my choking sobs with my hand so that Harry wouldn’t wake but when he stopped snoring and his breathing changed, I knew I had failed and he was lying there beside me fully conscious. He made no move to comfort me, no attempt to tell me that the past few months have all been a dream and he loves me more than anything, he just lay there in silence while I cried myself to sleep. 


The next morning I woke before Harry, a throbbing headache from my crying the night before disturbed my sleep and forced me to get out of bed and stumble to the kitchen to get some water and paracetamol. 

It was 9.30 when Harry surfaced. He stumbled into the kitchen where I sat at the island with my now empty glass in my hands, staring at it as I twirled it between my palms. He said nothing as he went to the cupboard and grabbed a box of cereal and a bowl before grabbing the milk and a spoon and taking a seat opposite me. He sighed as he filled his bowl and began to eat noisily. I continued to stare at the glass. 

“We’re out of cereal” he mumbled through a mouthful of food. 

“I’ll get some more this afternoon” I said quietly, keeping my eyes down. 

“Not the cheap stuff, I don’t like that stuff” he said. 

“Okay” I mumbled. 

Silence. Harry continued to chew his breakfast while I snuck a glance at him, only to see him already looking at me. I looked away and got up to wash my cup in the sink. He finished his mouthful before he spoke. 

“Why were you crying last night?” he asked. Keeping my back turned to him I shrugged my shoulders. 

“I’m a girl, you know sometimes we cry” I said nonchalantly. 

“I don’t believe you” he said accusingly. Spinning to face him I spat:

“Well I don’t really care if you believe me or not, why do you want to know anyway?”

“What is your problem” he growled, dropping his spoon and leaning back in his chair, folding his arms across his chest. Great, another fight was about to start. 

No, I though, not this time

“Do you know what,” I said, raising my hands in mock surrender, “I’m not doing this” I said, walking out of the kitchen and up the stairs. Enough, I’m not putting myself through this anymore, I thought. 

Storming into the bedroom I pulled my suitcase from under the wardrobe and threw it on the bed, the lid falling open as I pulled clothes off the hangers and tossed them over my shoulder, hoping that they landed vaguely in the zone of the bag. 

From along the hall I could hear Harry trudging up the stairs and towards the bedroom where he called:

“Y/N I’m not finished talking to you!” he exclaimed as he barged into the room where he quickly stopped, watching me hastily stuff my clothes into the bag. 

“Well I’m finished talking to you” I said, walking into the bathroom and grabbing my toothbrush and hairbrush. I could get the rest at a shop later I just need to leave, I’m not putting myself through this anymore. 

“What are you doing?” he asked. His voice was calm but when I looked into his eyes I could see the panic behind them. 

“Leaving” I simply stated. 

“L-leaving. Why are you leaving? Where are you going? You don’t have to leave. You are coming back… right?” he rambled, stepping towards me slightly as his hands fiddled nervously with each other in front of him. 

“No Harry, I don’t think I am” I said. He started to panic and made a grab for my arm but I quickly avoided him. 

“What? No, you can’t l-leave, you have to stay. You can’t leave me!” he exclaimed. 

“Yes Harry I do” I said. 

“But why-?”

“Why?” I said, “Because this is the longest conversation we have had in 3 months Harry, because I can’t sit around while I wait for the next fight to come, because I can’t sit here and watch our relationship go up in flames. Because I can’t sit here while I watch every promise you ever made to me get broken while we sleep at different sides of the bed each night” I said. Zipping up my poorly packed bag I walked around Harry and headed to the stairs. He hesitated for a moment before he came running after me, calling my name as I fled down the stairs to the front door, slipping my shoes and jacket on. 

“Y/N please don’t do this, please we can talk this out!” he said as he reached the bottom step and stumbled over his own feet in his attempt to reach me. 

Shaking my head I opened the door.

“No we can’t Harry, I have tried but it’s too hard to reach you. You have just created this space between us and I can’t get through it. I’m not going to put myself through this heartbreak any more” I said. 

“Please don’t leave me, I can’t lose you” he sobbed as tears ran down his face. 

“You lost me a long time ago Harry, I was just foolish enough to wait around because I thought you might come back to me, but I see now that isn’t going to happen” I said, taking my car keys and walking across the drive, throwing my bag in the boot and walking to the driver’s side. 

“Please” he begged from the doorway. Shaking my head I hopped into the driver’s side. I always knew one of us would say goodbye in this relationship, I just never thought it would be me. 

I took one last look in the rear view mirror where I saw Harry crumble to his knees as he watched me drive away. 

“Goodbye Harry” I said to myself quietly, waiting until I was on the open road before the tears cascaded down my cheeks.