or the au where tony travels back in time

I’d like an AU where Steve travels back in time and meets a young!Tony who’s in his early twenties. He’s currently married to Tony in the future and he’s so surprised to be here with the younger version of his husband. They somehow end up meeting and Tony freaks out because oh my god, it’s actually Captain America. Steve has to pretend like he’s never met Tony in his life and the two of them steadily begin to become friends which blossoms into something more. 

Cue Steve having wild adventures with a young!Tony which is filled with arguments, lots of alcohol, traveling and a ton of self-realization. 

When Steve gets back into his timeline, time has barely passed and he’s been gone for an hour or so when he’s been there for years. 

Tony walks into the workshop, startles a bit at the sight of Steve before smiling in relief at that fact he’s back, having noticed he had gone. He then brings up a memory they made together when Tony was just twenty five. It’s a good memory, a fond one where they went to the beach and spent the whole day there, laughing and building castles while getting sunburned. 

Steve smiles back, glad to have been a part of Tony’s life then as he is now. 

Times Have Changed - Pietro Maximoff x (f)Reader

Words: 2909
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x (platonic)(f)Reader
Featuring: Skinny Steve, Bucky Barnes,  Howard Stark, Peggy Carter, Wanda Maximoff, Supersoldier Steve Rogers, Tony Stark
Warnings: talk of death, time travelling, swearing
Requested by anon
Idk if you’d do a time travel au, but maybe one where Piet and y/n end up in the 40s and meet Bucky and skinny!Steve but they have to be careful not to change the future.
Summary: Instead of Pietro dying in the Battle of Sokovia, Wanda did. Pietro was lost and unsure of anything without her. Determined to get her back by time travel, he overshot the time a bit and ended up many, many years off. The objective: Get back to 2017 without changing anything.
Authors Note: so i fucking love this au. i actually have plans to do more with time travelling (probably unrelated to this), so yeah! If you’d be interested in that I’d love to know :) This was so fun to write; how the fuck did i manage 2.9k words?

Pietro Masterlist. Masterlist.

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After Wanda died, Pietro had been a mess.

Pietro saved Clint and a little boy, but it was close. And even though the Maximoff boy was new and on the other side for most of the battle, no one wanted him dead. He was an important addition to the team, as speed could be very valuable. It was very lucky when it was found out he was only shot in the leg and arm, nothing that couldn’t be fixed with Dr. Cho’s help.

Everyone besides the flying heroes was on the Helicarrier and away from the danger. All except Wanda Maximoff, she was guarding in the church. And once Sokovia started to fall, she went to go see Ultron. She wanted to get revenge and see him die. He hurt her and Pietro, and she would not allow him to get away with it.

“Wanda, if you stay here, you’ll die,” Ultron warned her.

“Do you know how it will feel?” Wanda asked Ultron and before he could respond, her hand jolted forward and pulled his heart out. “Like that.”

Ultron groaned, and laughed. “You missed,” He told her, and she looked down. She didn’t grab his heart, she grabbed a bomb that was inside of him; it activated once it was outside of his body.

You would never forget Pietro’s scream when he saw an explosion and Vision flying out with Wanda in his arms.

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