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I'm super tired and my brain filter has disengaged. But seriously like??? Your art??? It's the ducking best. Like holy cow. I love it. Especially the Star Wars stuffs. Your inquisition is ridiculously adorable and I love him. Like seriously you're amazing <3

Oh man, thank you so much tired anon! I feel you on that level man… but glad you enjoy my stuff 

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I may be the only person who laughed at how Ae basically just went for it after Pete told him that he had the moisturizer. Lol. He didn't bother arguing any further! Smh. Did he resist a bit more in the novel? Or is he just a sucker for Pete on paper and on screen?

He’s worse in the novel in my opinion, because it’s not censored at all. Him and Pete are DTF at all times and they do. 

The only reason he protested a little bit is because he didn’t want to leave a bad impression on Pete’s Mother, he wasn’t worried about hurting Pete lol.