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on language

So I’m sitting here thinking about feelings and language and how even tho my primary language is now English, my first language was Spanish and how, when push comes to shove, the language of my most intense emotions is my first. The words in Spanish bear more weight, are more evocative, exude the emotion much more so than in English. "Tristeza” sits tear-stained, hair matted with its clothes in shreds while "sadness” cast eyes downward and sits quietly in the corner. 

But then while the words in Spanish carry more weight for me, I am painfully aware of how little I can do with them given the self and family taught nature of my vocabulary and grammar. So while the words in Spanish, the primary words through which I learned to name emotion, touch the deep center of my soul, it is through English, the language that organizes those emotions, that I seem best able to communicate with the world  

The Astronaut

I’m building this house, on the moon
Like a lost, astronaut
Lookin’ at you, like a star
From a place, the world forgot

- “Moondust” by Jaymes Young

Another warm up sketch that went out of hand real quick. I didn’t plan for this to be fanart, but then I got inspired by the Chinese legend of Altair and Vega (the two slightly brighter stars. They were often refered to as lovers or soulmates, separated by the Milky Way) and uh… yeah… could be Shiro… or not… or both at the same time. … Schrödinger’s Shiro fanart XD God I need rest….

-Still working on those emperor!Keith installations by the way. It hurts.


best of bangtan’s non-title tracks (aka tracks you should really listen to) pt. 1 | pt. 2

The theory of projection was first coined by Sigmund Freud.  Rian Johnson has repeatedly stated there’s a lot of Freudian cues in TLJ.  If Ren were projecting his own feelings of abandonment onto Rey this is what he would actually be saying.

Friendly reminder that Ren is an abuse victim.  Friendly reminder that abuse victims are often constantly emotionally denigrated to make them feel worthless and powerless.  Friendly reminder that we saw Snoke do this exact thing to Ren.

If you want to talk about abusive relationships that’s fine but I think you ~might have missed one~

@novaedream has this thing about drawing amazing Sanders Sides Fusions and I just love their Deceit/Logan fusion, it’s so creepy and amazing! Someone had asked them what it would look like for this fusion to shout FALSEHOOD and I couldn’t RESIST. Hope you like it~

“Stop thinking of the Dark Side as some pathway to power. That’s the Emperor lying to you. It’s destructive. Darth Vader is miserable. He lost everything. He has nothing. He has no one in his life. Absolutely nothing, until his son comes back and says, ‘I love you.’ That’s it. Other than that, his life is a wreck. You get that power, but at what cost? The Emperor has no one, nothing around him but fear and hate. And that’s no way to live your life.”

-Dave Filoni