or month and a half ago

everything i did between 4 months ago and 1 and a half years ago wasn’t directly uncomfortable but it was always associated with a feeling of uneasiness
Senior members of Spain's socialist party resign in bid to oust leader

MADRID, Sept 28 (Reuters) - A group of senior members of Spain’s socialist party offered on Wednesday a mass resignation in a bid to force party leader Pedro Sanchez out and help break the country’s nine-month political deadlock, Spanish media said.

The reports in Spain’s leading newspapers El Pais and El Mundo as well as Cadena Ser radio said 17 members of the 38-strong executive committee of the party had stepped down.

A source familiar with the matter had earlier told Reuters such a plan was under way but could not confirm it had already been carried out.

Given that two other members had already resigned months ago while another member died, the committee would now have less than half of its members, technically dissolving the body, ushering in an interim management and forcing a party conference to pick a new leadership in a few weeks.

Most analysts believe the move would pave the way for the socialist party to allow a minority government of the ruling conservatives, thus ending a political stalemate that started in December last year.

The socialist party was not immediately available to comment.

(Reporting by Julien Toyer, Editing by Sarah White)

Down 13 lbs on low carb and officially 1 month soda free!

Finally dropped the couple pounds I put on a few days ago. It was my mochas I was making at work the 3 days prior. So I switched those out with iced coffee with just a little bit of half and half and a teaspoon of sugar. I’m currently at 211.6 now and I hope to be under 210 by October 1st.

I had planned to start walking again when I get home from work but Avi has been fussy lately with her first tooth that came in. She only wants me and cries anytime she has to be with my husband so I can go lay down to get some sleep. So I’ve just been having her in the bed with me and I try to nap when she does. I really want to get back into working out but I think I need sleep more.

I need to find my Fitbit and start wearing that again. That would at least be a way to encourage me to move more (which I already do a lot of anyways) without actually setting time aside to exercise.

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I see in your more about Q I see no mention of the podcast he co-hosts Tell Em Steve-Dave. He was doing that before IJ came out. Or that he was a New York Firefighter that just recently officially retired about a month ago.

yeah i forgot. im not as naturally versed with Q as i am w Sal (plus there were lots of things i forgot for Qs post. like i didnt even include his birthday ????? im awful) plus, Sal’s post was one i had in my mind and thought about through two days. Q’s i worked on for maybe an hour and a half

Destiny Ninja 2+: Rindoh

Rindoh had a lot of buildup to his route because his route reveals motivations for things he does in other routes. Problem was, it still took a bit of patience and focus to follow those motivations and I had none at the time I was reading. (I thought I had done this review months ago until I checked and found I… well, hadn’t.)

So I kind of walked away with only half the plot digested. Still, there’s a rather cool feel of mystery as the MC attempts to unlock her senpai’s tragic backstory, and while Rindoh plays things close to the vest with some flippant one-liners, you can tell he does want to confide in her and work with her.

So, based on what scraps I can recall…

7/10 Would recommend as fictional boyfriend

Hi, my Life!

Six months ago we kissed for the first time. 28 is my favorite number ever since. I will kiss you until the end. And away.
Six months ago started everything. And now we have the perfect relationship. This half year ran so fast. I want to spend all of my half years with you, Honey!
I miss you so much! See you soon! Thank You for this wonderful half year!


This blog is on hiatus until further notice

I’m- I’m really sorry, i don’t want to do this, but it kills me to leave these blogs sitting here without any sort of unexplained unactivity.

Long story short: A friend of 3-4 years hurt me in one of the worst possible ways a month and a half ago. It’s taken a really big, depressive toll on me, and since i function on association, a lot of things are just.. suddenly triggering. Not on here, probably because i don’t come on here as often as i should, but just.. in general. Further wearing down what little sanity i have left.

Yesterday was.. I guess the final nail.

I lost my aunt, my mom’s baby sister of only 37, yesterday afternoon. My mom came home from work early in tears and just.. I think it’s still sort of settling in for me that she’s gone. The woman that talked and texted my mom every day for the past 13 years just.. gone. Gone. Never again. It’s.. hard to swallow.

I really, really hope i can get back to this blog soon, once my life has sorted itself out again, but i don’t really know when- or if- I’ll be back. I’m really really sorry to those i owe replies to- I wish i could at least write them all off before i did this, but.. dunno what good that wouldve done anyway.

I might still occasionally pop on to see if i have any messages, but other than that.. Guess I’ll see you alllater.


Just now I remembered that I never upoaded this one on tumblr even tho it was made like 4 months ago…

Well, the plan was to upload all the Character concepts together…but it didn’t really work.

This is Yuki! One of my very beloved OCs, from my original story. 

You can find some OLD stuff with him HERE

as you can see I changed him a bit.

Maybe I should write a whole description here? I have no Idea

I also changed another of my characters who used to be (and still is) his boyfriend~ so have them toghether too (they both changed haha… look at THIS )

Also! Yuki is only half japanese now, so yeah his hair is bleached

Please give my Ocs a lot of love because I love them very dearly hahaha <3

Meth seizures rise 300% in Calgary as police chief calls for more addiction support

Methamphetamine was relatively unknown on Calgary streets just five years ago, but police now say officers encounter the street drug virtually every day.

Meth seizures were up nearly 300 per cent in the second quarter of this year, compared to the same period in 2015, the Calgary Police Commission heard Tuesday.

Staff Sgt. Martin Schiavetta said most seizures are for small quantities, and meth is closely linked to the growing abuse of another drug – fentanyl.

“We know that the availability of meth has increased as well as the price points have dropped significantly, to almost half what they were five to 10 years ago,” he said.

Police Chief Roger Chaffin said dealing with the growing demand for meth is a major problem and, for those wanting help to beat their addiction, it currently takes three months to get into treatment.

“When you get control of an addict and they’re asking for help and they need help, the ability to get them that help immediately or as quickly as possible is important,” Chaffin said.

“Telling them, an addict, ‘come back in 90 days when we have an opening,’ then likely you’re not going to see that person again.”

Chaffin said the abuse of drugs like meth and fentanyl is escalating quickly in Alberta, a problem he feels requires greater government support to combat.

- MORE CALGARY NEWS | $3M earmarked to attract investment, head offices to Calgary

- MORE CALGARY NEWS | Slain Stampeder's mother was thrilled when he left U.S. for 'safer place’ in Canada

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Angela I am your gender anon from a month and a half ago (u know me but shh), I just wanted to say these pictures are so beautiful, I have been waiting for something like this for so long, my little non binary heart is swelling, these pictures cleared my skin and watered my plants. Damn it, Harry!!! Just... amazing. 😭😭😭😱😱😱🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

He rocks it so well, doesn’t he?!

my sister moved interstate two and half months ago and basically hasn’t spoken to me since. i went to message her just now, saw the string of ‘seen’ messages she’s not replied to and decided not to bother. we’ve always had a weird, inexplicably strained relationship, but every single time she does stuff like this it just kills me.

lol about a month and a half ago I wrote a paper for my italian studies class at uni and I realised a good few days after I handed in the paper that I mixed up the authors. I’m about to check the result because they were released yesterday.

the lord be with me please

I broke up with my boyfriend of a year and a half about a month ago.  Time does not measure the amount of love that can develop and a whirlwind month long romance can create stronger feelings than something that goes on for years. For me, it became stagnant - lifeless, little was left for me there.  I felt nothing then and I feel nothing now. It was purely my lack of emotion that I was unable to feel and I felt I owed it to both him and myself to let us go our separate ways.  

My long time followers remember my high school boyfriend, Chris.  That was a romance that took my breath away.  Today, I learned that our beloved Bon Iver is about to release a new album.  This band, Justin Vernon in particular, holds a lot of emotion for the both of us.  The pain I felt thinking about Chris while listening to these new songs was far worse than I ever felt at any point with my most recent boyfriend, especially while breaking up with him.  Why is that?  Why does your first love have this captivating, hypnotizing, enticing role that encompasses your whole being for the entirety of the time you’re together and long after as well?  Even now, at 20 years old, my 16 year old self still feels the joy, the ups, the lows, the sadness, the bliss, the deeply rooted, madly in love feelings that I did with him.  I just pray that I’ll be able to find a love like that again.  

That is all.  Just wanted to update.  Love you guys. 

This did not occur to me until well after the fact–until, like, five minutes ago.

This is also an experimental condition. The sudden declaration of love with renewed vigor, I mean. That’s no why I said it, but consider:

If my behavior stays as it recently has been 

(and we’ve been a solid peaceful streak for, say, like…a week and a half, which is, compared to the last few months…wow, actually. I hadn’t thought of it like–look, whatever. moving on.)

but yours changes abruptly and dramatically…

Or to say it more generally

If all other factors stay (roughly) (this approximate; this is messy real world conditions) the same, except for said love connection declaration

and something dramatic and terrible happens within the next few days anyway


Then it’s the love love looove speeches that are the trigger. And so after that the question would be why, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Maybe this one will go over well. Maybe.

I mean literally every other time it hasn’t, but I’m relentlessly optimistic or at least just relentless, and this time I’ve considered, in advance, that the lovey speech will backfire.

Steepled fingers. Patience, patience, self.

Even if we are in that kind of simplistic self destructive kind of feedback loop, you see, that’s solvable. Tedious, yes. Painful, absolutely. But solvable, once you catch it.

Admittedly, September has been very slow in terms of digital art, but in terms of coming up with ideas it’s been a bumper crop!

I have a file on my laptop called “Journal.docx” and I’ve been updating it with every single idea I have for the Storm Warning series, every single day since March 2013, with hiatuses only for illness, new Pokemon games, TSG Marathons, computer troubles, and my sister’s death six months ago.

It’s almost 250 pages long, and that’s with 11 point font and margins of only half an inch on each end.

11.4 of those were from this September.

That’s 4.5 percent of all documented developments since March 2013.

“Fresh is what we do.” – a subway cup Plato

You know what we do well? What Subway Plato does well – stay fresh. I don’t think there’s anything for ten months (there’s half-a-year for six months, full-term pregnancy for nine months, etc), but! if this was in years, we’d be running for a decade. We’ve been running for a decade when it comes to months. Our collective love child that was born a month and a few hours ago today would be a month old (and we can’t call it anything in years up until it reaches three, as you do). I’m not entirely sure what I’m trying to get at here, but thank you guys so much for the time and interest y’all’ve invested in this RP! It’s really strange to think that if we can make it another two months, we’ll’ve met an entire year of Brighton being open! Thank y’all so much! Stay gold, and, as Subway Plato would say, stay fresh.