or just touch you more idk


killing me softly


“And I have been ash turned to dust to dirt, “ 
       “-and from the earth I will grow again.”

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Andy BTS of 5x15 (ง •̀_•́)ง

please, please, please - jaehyun

pairing - jung jaehyun x female!reader

genre - angst, fluff, smut; college!au, basketball!au, fwb!au

warning - explicit language, alcohol abuse, explicit sexual content (drunk sex, choking, unprotected sex), me being pretentious

words - 15.331


summary - How is this supposed to mean nothing when you can feel your world shift every time Jung Jaehyun touches you?

Or; in which the only good thing in your life is your job at the museum and basketball star Jaehyun just really likes touching the art.

note - this fic is why i’m going to hell, please excuse the fact that it’s literally 90% smut. actually, please just excuse the whole fic idk what i was thinking.

!!! please be aware that there is a read more on this, the tumblr app simply doesn’t display it unless a post is reblogged. i apologize if you have to scroll through this post, but there just isn’t anything i can do about it as it is a technical problem that tumblr has yet to fix and therefore completely out of my hands !!!


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spare minecraft hcs

ive been thinking abt these for a bit so.. here ya go

  • netherrack kind of.. pulses. you dont really notice it unless you stand still/place your hand to the ground. in some places, it secretes a red liquid akin to that ketchup juice that happens if you dont shake the ketchup bottle
  • shaders and texture packs materialize in the minecraft world as glasses or contacts, if that makes any sense
  • endermen are really cold to the touch, and have little scales that break easily
  • the cry of a ghast is so mournful that it brings some players to tears. it makes you wonder, what are they crying for?
  • if you die to the wither, you come back with some black veins. zombies who were killed by the wither have black fingernails and bleed black.
  • the nether smells horrible, like rotting eggs and blood and burnt flesh.
  • creepers have very brittle bones and skin.
  • going through a portal-end or nether-is extremely nauseating and uncomfortable. its a bit different for everyone. nether portals make you feel suffocated and nauseous, whereas end portals feel like your head was just stuffed with cotton or a particularly unpleasant headrush.
  • endstone looks like lava rock, and is extremely cold to the touch. if you take endstone with you on your adventures, endermen will be more interested in you.
  • locking eyes with an enderman gives you an immediate feeling of static coursing through your limbs. the weaker-willed get paralyzed by this.

ok thats it bye gamers

ahhhh do you ever get into those weird introvert/anxious mood states where you just want to be distant and not really engage in conversation with anyone other than a few select people and just disappear for a while??? 


azulmay  asked:

just wanted to said I love your art! is one of the cutest I've seen! the soft and sweet way you make Tony and the tender way you make Bucky I always makes my day!

You’re welcome!! It’s true, I hope to spread the gospel of soft, fluffy Bucky/Tony through my art… 

Here, have a cute doodle!


Their love overcomes all obstacles… size.. species… or tony’s just stuck to bucky’s arm idk

Edit: Let me also take this moment to recommend some amazing wolf!Bucky and cat!Tony fics for those who want more of this!

Also Prey - by @tisfan (3,215 words)

A sweet, fun first chapter and a touching, heartfelt second. Packed full with wonderful animal world details! What more could you want??

Cat Nipped - by @akira-of-the-twilight (71,976 words)

Beautifully domestic, a very slice of life feel. Just charming! A journey through a relationship that warms your heart!!

anonymous asked:

Imagine Julian being touch-starved and, in the reversed end, it being so much worse to the point where he nearly cries when the Apprentice puts a hand on his shoulder, and sobs into them when they gently pull him into a hug Idk just some food for thought

this got a little angstier than what you asked for nonnie sorry
reversed!julian x you, reversed!julian x reader
below the cut: reversed ending spoilers, angst, hurt/comfort
no lemons, just a very sad and touch starved julian

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26 august 2019

Hello! I had such a great and wonderful weekend! I accomplished so much. I cleaned my room, even swept and mopped, did my laundry, finished one online assignment, went to work on both days, caught up with two friends, prep for the upcoming week, went downtown and browsed the bookstore, called my mom (it’s daunting for me) and all around did good. I folded all my clothes and hung up my fairy lights today + decorated my cork board with my favorite things. I also painted my muji notebook yesterday! I feel more energized and like myself. I’ve been better at keeping in touch with people I like, I feel! This week is my week I just know it <3

Hope everyone can receive this positive energy of mine lol! Love you lots! Have a wonderful week everyone! 

(P.S. could you refrain from reading my journal log? I don’t really remember what I wrote but Idk i didn’t feel like blurring it, but I don’t want people to particularly snoop lol) 

you know how, when shadow weaver died, catra placed her hand on adora’s shoulder? does anyone know if that’s the only time this happens in the series? if so its likely this was an intentional moment… because even though adora hated her at the end i think she still held a little more fondness for shadow weaver than catra ever did, just due to the different nature of their relationships. you can also see it in the way catra’s standing but adora falls to her knees. plus this is the second time adora is experiencing the loss of a parental figure. so in my head catra touching adora’s shoulder is kind of her saying, this is one thing where /i/ will take care of /you/. am i off the mark or like idk what do you guys think

EDIT: catra does do it a couple other times, once when she’s mind controlled (terrifying but irrelevant), once in the heart pt. 2 which makes sense as she’s desperate to protect her, and another time in adora’s dream vision of the future…. oh my god…. the implications of that 😭💘

nct dream reaction to your cousin trying to flirt with them

request: Hilo~Can I request a reaction with NCT dream, where your cousin is flirting with them a lot when you’re not around, and insulting you and stuff. To try to get them to cheat. But they’re not having it

a/n: my first reaction request!! i hope it did it well lol idk how to format these,,

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Can I just say for a second, how Jonny talked about the Archivist being ace just, really touched me? Like, casual representation is the best kind of representation. The fact that they didn’t expect such a big reaction from Jon being ace so that they could just naturally put it in there is what made all the difference. He’s Asexual! and thats it! there isn’t some deeper meaning or anything thats just an aspect of his character. Thats why the impact was so huge, and honestly thats how i heard of TMA. and im *pretty* sure many other people too, considering the amount of ace people i’ve seen in this fandom relatively too, like, the world,
casual gay rep has really started kicking off in the past few years and that is amazing, but most ace rep is usually revolving around being ace and that is just not something that is very appealing to most people. Jonny Sims just thought, I think the Archivist is ace, and proceeded with the rest of the story, not expecting anything. This touches my heart so much more than anything else could have. Simply, considering ace people not as special, but just as, existing. 

Mega Good Omens Fic Rec Post 1


This is the first string of fics I would wholeheartedly recommend from my bookmarks (probably first of three, we’ll see). There are 65 fics sorted into 9 categories: Jaunts Through History/Canon; South Downs; Post-Apocalypse; Bus Ride/Night Before/Heaven and Hell; AU/UA (UA is Universe Alternate, where everything is the same, just…a bit to the left. I feel like that term has more nuance, idk); Soft; Touch-Starved/Body Worship/Wings; Bonus; H/C /Whump/BAMF. These will be the same categories for every fic rec post in this vein. I try to include warnings for sex and gore, if applicable, but please check the tags of each fic before you read, just in case.

Other Mega GOmens Fic Rec Posts:

2 3 4


I don’t read explicit works and I’m not a big fan of Human!AUs so there’s not any of those, but there’s a bit of just about everything else. Please enjoy! Hope the ReadMore works, sorry for folks on mobile if it doesn’t!

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🕯Candle tutorial🕯

So I love candles but I also love jars. I’m going to show you a quick way I recycle my old candles to save wax and the jar.


So I have this candle but the wick has burned down so I can’t use it anymore but there’s still a ton of wax left.


Boil some water! (I only have a picture here because my kettle is cute)


Pour the water in there but DONT TOUCH THE JAR, it’s hot and you will burn yourself. Eventually the wax will melt and rise to the top.


Once all the wax solidifies, you can touch the jar. You’ll know it’s safe once the wax on the top is not see through. (You might have to repeat the first step if you have a big candle and lots of wax. Just drain the water and boil some more). If your candle doesn’t have a lip you can just pop that disk of wax out. My jar does have a lip so I break into smaller pieces (just two or three) and keep those.

If you have a wax burner (idk the word, it’s like a little heating plate so you can heat wax without fire) you can throw the leftovers in there and they still smell really good. If you don’t have that, keep your wax and eventually you’ll have an enough to make a new candle.

Wash your jar out really good (this’ll take a while, just keep at it and use hot water) and take off the stickers. And now you have a new jar! Paint it, put stickers on it, put rocks in it, live life to the fullest! (I decided to put my knitting needles in mine)

(NCT) Cuddling with Lucas

Originally posted by fruitjeno

  • idk if yall noticed but he can’t not be touching someone and i live for it
  • and we also know that this boy is giant
  • and just a gigantic puppy
  • which means
  • let me just set the scene a little bit
  • so its a winter night right
  • both of you are staying in and you’re both wearing casual wear like hoodies and sweatpants
  • and you decide to watch a movie
  • and you start off on opposite sides of the couch but lucas is lucas so it wont take long for him to start intertwining his legs with yours when you both lay down
  • but also this boy big af so he’s gonna be touching you anyway because he wont fit any other way lmao

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Keith vs the Forces of Evil

like bro, i am so obsessed with Star vs the Forces of Evil that i thought about this. if no one has made this before then please spread this shit like wildfire because i need klance SVTFOE AU’s.

keith is a galra-human hybrid and is the son of the blade of marmora leader (his galra mom). 

he is sent to earth when he is just a teenager who is angsty and stubborn about being part of his mother’s resistance group

let’s say his human, texan, cowboy dad is apart of the blade of marmora too!

Keith is forced to go to earth to become more “human” and get in touch with his human side and then eventually will learn responsibility and to appriciate all life, especially his fellow human.


this lovely fan art: http://yaboybokuto.tumblr.com/post/151472717518/if-any-of-you-thought-i-wouldnt-go-here-i-just

and then idk who jackie would be, but they would have to be super chill and supportive of lance, but at the same time be friends with keith too! 

i’ve been listening to “Just Friends” a lot too and i can just imagine the whole klance thing. pinning keith is real, y’all. 

EDIT: only reblog this updated post because i sourced it. 

jojothesplatoonnerd  asked:

AOKI!!!!! I had a random burst of enthusiasm last night and it wore down a lot cause I obviously had to sleep but do you have any side ocs (that aren't related to the comic or are already revealed) that you would be willing to talk about??? Also I don't wanna devalue the phrase but your art is still fuckjng astounding as always, keep up the great work dude!!!💙💜💜💜💙💙💙💜💙💜💙💜💙

Oh my goodness, thank you! You’re so kind! 

I have too many side characters that aren’t related to the comic (both human and splatoon ;; ), but there are just a few I really wanted to bring up more, but no idea how. Here are some brief info on them!


the first is Damien’s boyfriend… I thought about him before I even thought of Damien kdjfksdjfks.. He still doesn’t have a name tho. I just call him big brows

Next is Zeno! (the inkling from this post)


He was originally Eli’s little brother. In a long, sketched out comic I didn’t finish, I went into Eli and Zeno’s childhood a bit. They lived with their mom in an apartment above the mom’s salon. 

Honestly, I was a little indecisive if I wanted to keep Zeno as Eli’s little brother?? I drew Naoki (the blue and white octoling) while playing with that idea that they were two separate characters that didnt know Emilio or Rocco. But, Zeno looks so similar to Eli that I couldn’t completely throw away that idea. 

Speaking of Eli…


GOD I WANTED TO GET INTO THEIR STORY WAY MORE THAN I DIIIDDDD!!! There is so much about them that I wanted to go over and build up! But it would’ve been WAY too long. I sketched out some scenes and wow, it was waaaayyy too much. 

Anyway, their relationship was very important to the story. Eli and Emilio’s relationship is actually the reason why Trent became so terrible towards Emilio. This was something I wanted to touch on in the most recent chapter, “Memories”, but it ended up being too long as I said. I hope I can go into it sometime!! I think it helps explain Emilio’s character.

There is plenty more (especially related to Rocco) but some will be revealed later or just doodles. Thank you for your ask!! This was fun!