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It’s a late Friday afternoon at the Institute when Alec brings it up for the first time.

The two of them are sitting in the ops center. It’s been a relatively quiet day, by New York standards. So much so that Alec has the time to sit next to Izzy while she works her way through organising the Institute’s archives on one of the computers. It’s a simple moment, but Izzy cherishes the time she gets with her big brother by her side.

Even if Alec is on his phone the whole time, a ridiculously lovesick smile on his face as his thumbs move in a blur, typing out messages faster than lightning.

When he laughs out loud for the fifth time, Izzy finds it hard to wipe her own smile off her face. It’s an unabashed laugh, unstoppable in the way it seems to light up the room with its guileless emergence. A laugh that was pretty rare before Magnus Bane had entered Alec’s life.

Alec looks up to see Izzy grinning at him.

“What?” He asks, raising a quizzical brow.

“Nothing.” Izzy shakes her head, turning her attention briefly back to the computer, “It’s just - you’re turning into one of those couples that everyone hates because of how sickeningly perfect you are for each other.”

Alec makes a small, offended noise, but he’s smiling nonetheless, “I waited my whole life to be that couple.” He quips playfully, “I think I deserve it.”

The words hold more weight than they let on. Izzy senses it in the distant look, ever so slight, that forms in her brother’s eyes. She takes his hand in hers, squeezing it slightly, trying to put every ounce of love that she feels for him into it, for all his happiness.

“I’m going to marry him, Iz.” Alec says then, after a beat of silence, the steadfast conviction Izzy loves about him lacing every syllable. Like Magnus is a given, tied inexorably to Alec’s being. Like their love is infinite, the kind of love that could write itself into permanence among the stars.

Izzy squeezes his hand. His smile widens, and he glances down at his phone again. Alec, the man who would give up his own happiness in a heartbeat for those he loves, for his responsibilities. And it means the world to Izzy to see him like this, doing something for himself. To love a man, freely and unconditionally, with every part of his being for all to see.

She smiles at him, with all the fluttering warmth in her stomach, and says, “I can’t wait to welcome him into the family.”

sundays|kim namjoon

 prompt: “Not on the couch.”

rating: m

summary: Paint a picture with my hands. —smut.

photocreds: @lovelyjoons

The door clicks with a resounding tap, he shuffles into the apartment, sighing with relief as he shoves off his shoes, he tosses his duffle bag onto the countertop and takes in the sight of the time on the oven.


Namjoon is exhausted.

His bones feel heavy, it’s hard to walk when he felt like collapsing face-first onto the floor, he’s barely conscious of the fact that he’s yanking his jeans off, shrugging off his sweater and tossing it straight onto the bag. He walks into his room, his shoulders get a little lighter when he sees you curled into the blankets, sleeping freely, your arm tucked around his pillow and your mouth slightly parted.

He drapes himself into the bed, violently covering himself with sheets before pulling you into his arms and his world turns black when his head hits the pillow.

Namjoon doesn’t snore.

He used to.

But with his arms are securely around your shoulders and waist, he sleeps like the dead. His mouth is puffy as he breathes in, you bite your lip to prevent a smile, you trace the line of his jaw with your pointer finger, the feathery shiver against his jawline pricks his consciousness, but he’s not ready to wake up yet. So he snuggles deeper into your neck, his lips tickling your nape as he breathes, you can’t stop the miniscule shriek of half a giggle when he brushes the sensitive skin.

“You’re so loud,” He groans, he can’t find it in himself to be mad, however.

You swat him on his lower back and he pulls back to open his bleary eyes, his voice is rough, a wonderful rasp that has your eyes foggy as he frowns childishly, “You’re so mean.”

“Is this how you greet me after ten days?” You ask raising an eyebrow.

Namjoon scowls, but he still kisses you on the forehead and tells you, “Good morning.”

Your eyes soften when you see the silent adoration in his irises, you swipe your thumb over his cheekbone, humming when he leans into your touch, “Morning.”

“I’d kiss you but I didn’t brush my teeth,” He groans again, his fingers dig into your hips.

“I didn’t either,” You comment, your blunt fingernails scrape against his scalp, you ask, “What time did you get home?”

“Like three.”

You wince, “Sorry, I woke you,” You remove your fingers from his hair, “I’ll let you sleep.”

But Namjoon’s arms around you are like steel, so he pulls you back until your back is flat against his chest, his head presses intimately into the corner of your neck, cheek against cheek, “Where are you going? I didn’t come to bed just so you could leave me.”

“You came to sleep,” You roll your eyes, “Get some more rest, I’ll make breakfast.”

“I missed you.”

Your eyes widen at his declaration, normally, Namjoon isn’t this vocal about his feelings, he prefers showering you with attention, so you can really tell how tired he is, just based on the honesty of his own exhaustion, so you lift one of his hands up so he can cup your cheek and you press a kiss against his palm, “I missed you too. I’ll make you some waffles, so take a bit more time to get some rest,” You pause, “I’ll put whipped cream and strawberries.”

He whines, squeezing you with his arms before loosening his grip, he mumbles, “You’re too good to me.”

“I know,” You laugh when he growls playfully and slaps your bottom.

You drop a kiss onto his forehead and leave before he can pull you back into bed. You quickly run into the bathroom to complete your hygienic routine, speedily brushing your teeth, you scowl when you walk into the kitchen to see his duffle bag and clothes thrown carelessly onto the countertop.

Shaking your head, you grab the waffle iron and some ingredients for the batter. Namjoon walks into the kitchen when he smells the fresh, crisp smell of the new coffee, it’s slightly florally, but it’s warm and bitter enough to keep his blood quickening.

Namjoon dumps creamer and sugar into his coffee. Swirling the beige concoction with his spoon, not even caring as the liquid nearly sloshes outside of its confines, he sips the chestnut-colored, capillary-opening life water, and sighs, “You’re really too good to me.”

You kiss him when he least expects it, ducking back behind the counter to lift the handle of the waffle-iron, “How was Busan?”

He blinks at your sudden kiss and frowns because his brain is to slow to reciprocate, “I want a proper kiss.”

“And I want you to eat,” You quip, you place his plate in front of him, “How was Busan?”

Namjoon can’t speak with his mouth full so he chews roughly and swallows just as well, “Long. Very long. Jimin-ie kept having nightmares all night, so Taehyung had to sleep in his bed with him.”

You frown, “Why?”

“Because they were watching scary movies all night, he was convinced that a fucking alien would abduct him and rip out his organs—to eat,” He rolls his eyes, his tongue flicking over his lips to sip airy cream, “And then use his brains as a cushion while they take over the human race.”

You snort, “You’re joking,” You eat the last square of your waffle, “I told them not to watch those movies too.”

“Scary movies are great—”

“No they’re not,” You shake your head, you gave him another waffle slice, this time you drench it with honey and blackberries, “With those two, their overactive imaginations just may kill them—metaphorically, of course.”

“Except Guk,” He snorts, “He sleeps like the dead.”

“And Yoongs,” You grin, “I remember he nearly bit off Hobi’s hand for waking him up.”

Namjoon laughs at that, he drinks the rest of his coffee and rolls his shoulders, “I think these waffles are better than Jin-hyung.”

You make a noise of surprise, you turn off the iron, leaving the batter-drenched bowl to soak in the sink, you walk towards him smirking, “Don’t let him hear you say that.”

“He might go on a cooking-ban,” His arms are warm around your waist, he pulls you closer to him, you stand in between his legs as your hands interlace behind his neck, “You’re going to have to cook for me, then.”

You laugh, “You’re going to be stuck making ramen, some people have classes and a job.”

“Are you saying I’m lazy?”

You tease him, “Maybe.”

Namjoon leans down to kiss you, his hand on the back of your neck, his teeth run over your lower lip, his chest flush against yours, your head is spinning when he kisses your harder, his scent engulfs you like the sunlight in the winter, it’s cold at first, but then it’s raising every pore on your body.

You always hated how small your lips were in comparison to other girls, but with the way Namjoon’s plushy puffy petal lips swallows yours, you can’t bring yourself to pick at them. His lips are chapped from sleep, but it’s a pleasant friction when he runs his tongue down the side of your molars, his teeth clacking against yours and whimper when he pulls you closer.

You pull back to breathe, his lips already trailing your face, leaving light teeth-marks on your jaw, “Don’t you want to go back to sleep?”

“I want you,” Namjoon’s voice is darker now, his voice is raspy as arousal slams into his bloodstream, thick like brandy itself, his hands already shoving your sleeping shorts down your knees, and he’s pushing you back until your knees hit the back of the couch.

“Namjoon,” You warn him when he rips off the buttons of your—his shirt, hands already cupping your breasts, “Bed.”

“I don’t think I can make it that far,” He laughs breathily, his mouth sucks a bruise on your pulse point, “I’m a little occupied at the moment.”

“I couldn’t tell,” It’s hard to keep a humorous tone when his tongue is wet against your cleavage, you yank his shirt off his torso, your nails running lines down his pectorals, you huff when his mouth covers a nipple, teeth rolling the tiny bud like pinpricks on the cushion, it borders on the edge of teasing, your legs wrapping around his waist his tongue soothes the tiny zings.

It’s soft the way he’s taking his time with you, but it’s also fast the way he moves down your stomach, he’s a lot more worked up than you realize. His hands are still on your breasts as his teeth pulls down your underwear, you help him, lifting your hips so you can kick down the cotton.

“You’re always wet for me,” He marvels at the sheen loitering your folds, his finger brushes your clit and you flinch at the feathery shiver.

“I’m always wet for you,” You confirm, you dig your heel into his lower back, you tangle your fingers into his hair, pulling him up for another kiss, this time you’re demanding, you love feeling of his frame covering yours, your teeth grazing down his neck as he removes his boxers, “Don’t make a mess on the sofa.”

Namjoon quickly dips his fingers in you, his thumb already circling your clit, he’s always considerate of you, so you inhale sharply, the burning sensation in your stomach dials back up, your hips trying to match his rhythm, but he presses his hand against your mound, holding you still, just until he riles you up enough to have you dripping down his fingers, he smirks, “I’ll just come in you, then.”

Your eyes widen at his statement.

And then he enters you.

You exhale when you feel him stretch, he stills, wanting you to stop clenching around him, your knees widening, you want him closer, he’s so warm when he presses kisses against your sternum, his mouth moving over yours, and you grunt when you shift your hips to entice him to move.

Namjoon doesn’t appreciate you twitching, so he grabs your hips in order to steady you and grumbles against your lips, “Can you give me a minute?”

You laugh despite yourself, “Close already?”

His fingers are rough on your clit and you choke on your snicker.

“This is just a warm-up,” Namjoon scowls, “I have all day with you.”

“I thought you were tired,” You moan when he starts to move his hips, your fingers dig into his shoulders.

“Not for you,” He smiles when you arch your back, his teeth nibbling on the soft swells of your breasts, his fingers never let up on your clit, his hand raising your thigh to rest on top his shoulder, he repeated just as intensely, “Not for you.”

You’re embarrassingly close you realize, even with the ten days of abstinence, Namjoon’s presence is enough to bring you to your knees, and in this case your stomach. His thrusts are deep and hard, but they quicken as soon as he angles his hips to curve into that rough patch of nerves on the ceiling of sex.

“Fuck,” You hiss, you’re clamping around him sporadically.

“Close?” He wants to tease you, but even his stomach is knotting up.

“Yeah,” You whisper, “Faster?”

Namjoon kisses you again, his hands brand themselves into your hips, he’s growling when slams into, your nails rake down his back, his voice is muffled, “You’re good—so good.”

You feel yourself run head-first into your orgasm, it’s like white noise that crumbles against your ears, your muscles jumping erratically, and whines leave your mouth without your consent. He’s not far behind because you can feel him spill into you, he’s so, so warm, his groan is long and deep in the crook of your neck.

“You’re all sweaty,” You crinkle your nose when you feel his damp forehead brush the side of your throat.

“Don’t act like you don’t like it,” He laughs breathlessly, leaving wet kisses down your torso.

“I never said I didn’t like it,” You squeal when he lightly runs over your oversensitive clit with his tongue, “Namjoon,” You gasp when he nibbles, “Stop—I’m gonna make a mess.”

You’re referring to the mess he left inside you, but he’s quick on his feet as he flips you onto his shoulder, liquids dripping down your abused sex, trailing onto the back of your thighs, your stomach sensitive underneath his shoulder blade, he shoves two fingers inside you, scratching you gently, you tremble as the blood rushes to your head, his voice deep, “You better keep that inside you, I’m not done with you yet.”

“Yes—we have all day,” You roll your eyes, your thighs twitching as he walks into the bathroom, his fingers still thrusting into you, massaging the unholy mixture of the both of your essence into your channel, and you keen, “Joon—stop I’m gonna leak.”

“Don’t care,” Namjoon turns on the water in the shower, placing you back onto your feet, and plasters you across the cold tiles of the walls, “I have you all to myself.”

“Greedy,” You tease him with your lips behind his ear, his fingers trail up to push your hair back, mouth already on your pulse.


Can You Hear Me Now? Part 2 (Bucky x reader smut)

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: Smut up the wahzoo, oral (F receiving), language, dirty talk, porn gifs under the cut

A/N: Continuation of part 1, hope you like it! Read Part One here

Originally posted by veronikaphoenix

 You barely made it through lunch with Wanda. The dark promise Bucky had whispered to you was echoing loudly in your mind. When you returned to the tower, you quickly said goodbye to Wanda and headed in the direction of Bucky’s dorm. You raised your hand to knock, taking a deep breath. You couldn’t believe this was actually happening after pining over Bucky for what felt like forever. You heard the lock click and the door cracked open, revealing Bucky in nothing but a towel, hair dripping wet. A predatory smirk appeared on his face at the sight of you.

“Hey doll, I wasn’t expecting you back so quick. Come in.” He said as he stepped aside to let you enter his quarters. The room was dim, recess lighting the only thing illuminating the room. R&B flowed through his Bluetooth speakers. You heard him shut and lock the door. ‘Holy shit this is happening.’ You thought as Bucky came to stand in front of you, towel slung low on his hips. “Why so quiet and shy all of the sudden? You had plenty to say before.” He teased, running his finger down your throat and the top of your breasts. You shivered at his touch, your mind instantly going blank. Bucky chuckled as he sat on his bed, motioning you to come closer to him. You swallowed thickly and somehow got your feet moving until you were standing in front of him. “You’re not the only one who’s had those thoughts, Y/N. Been thinkin’ about getting you under me, on top of me, hell anywhere near me. Tell me what you want pretty girl and it’s yours.”

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Blue [5]

Blue Masterlist

Summary: Bucky and Y/N take a road tip across the country to help Bucky’s recovery process. A question Y/N asks at the beginning of the trip sets Bucky searching his memories for an answer, one he finds he needs if he can move forward.

This Chapter: Bucky has a nightmare that hits a little too close to home and tries to open up to Y/N. 

Pairing: Bucky X Reader (eventually)

Word Count: 2532

Warnings: angst 

A/N: Feedback is always appreciated. Thanks for reading.

image not mine

The first thing he feels is the bone deep cold of winter.  

The next is the whipping of the wind against his face, white hot snowflakes burning his skin. He’s looking down a mountain, into a ravine, swirling snow obscuring his view. Train tracks run along the side of the cliff face opposite him.

He trembles, glancing down at the snow under his boots. It’s pristinely white, too white, falsely white, even though it’s trampled down, the prints of many boots having crushed it down. Was he pacing? Maybe he had been pacing.  

All he knows is that everything is already too much. He can’t get away from it, the snow and the ice and the cold and the blank white nothingness. He wants to go home and the wind is howling, screaming, ripping at his ears.

And everything is too fucking bright, so white. He can’t even close his eyes to it because it’s still there, the light, the colorlessness, seared to the inside of his eyelids.  

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the inevitable conclusion! @inkedinserendipity and i had the time of our lives collaborating on this, and we’ve been utterly overwhelmed by everyone’s positive feedback. really, truly, thank you all so much. it’s been a delight and, well… let’s just say this isn’t the last you’ll be seeing of us.

you can find where it all began here, and read the most recent part here!

“I need time,” says Kravitz.

Taako opens his mouth and freezes. Neverwinter phases into shades of grey.

Fate grants his request.

“How is he?” Fate’s tapestry grows longer by the day, and Death has taken to watching her work. The rhythm of destiny is oddly soothing. Although she understands little of the prismatic threads within, or the light that ripples across them like water, she’s found Fate and her company an inexplicable pleasure.


Fate’s eyes flare with surprise as she looks up from her weaving. “You’d introduce him to me? Wouldn’t that be… oh, I don’t know.” She lifts her chin and says, in an imitation of Judgment’s resonant voice, “A violation of the natural order, Death!”

Death hums with amusement, and a wry smile tugs at Fate’s mouth. NEVERTHELESS. HE IS IMPORTANT TO ME, AS ARE YOU. A MEETING SEEMED INEVITABLE.

“Oh.” Something shifts in Fate’s voice; something imperceptible except to Death, who is well familiar with the cadence of her speech and the soft, assured calm that accompanies it. “I’m important to you.”

OF COURSE. Death tips her head. YOU MUST KNOW AS SUCH.

Fate doesn’t reply at first, and Death almost worries she’s crossed some unspoken line before she says, “I’d love to meet him. It would mean the world to me.”


She smiles a little wider. “What about the universe? Or would you prefer the planar system?”

Death tips her head in false contemplation, although she can’t help the delight that radiates from her in waves. I SUPPOSE THAT WILL SUFFICE.

They fall into an amiable silence. Normally such things remind Death of the astral plane, a home she is still settling into, but Fate’s presence dispels any semblance of discomfort.

YOU WILL BE A GOOD INFLUENCE ON HIM, she says, without any true reason to do so.

Fate laughs softly and says, “Stars below. We can only hope.”

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Here is an idea for prompt, if you like xD Beca and Chloe met each other online and been in a online relationship for few years now. Finally, Chloe decided to go the country where Beca lives. And Chloe being all shy when she finally see Beca for the first time, when they have their first kiss and date

enjoy the fluff!💕 

„I’m here.“

Chloe almost squealed out loud upon reading the message when she was finally able to use her phone again, as soon as the plane had landed safely on the ground. She managed to keep it to an internal squeal, but the bright smile on her lips was visible for everyone around her. Beca was here to pick her up and Chloe was going to see her in less than a few minutes. To say she was nervous was an understatement. After all, she had been anxiously anticipating this day for years. Had been awaiting the moment she’d finally get to see her girlfriend outside of her computer screen.

Her knees were weak and almost gave in as she left the plane and entered the airport, nervously looking around and trying to find a familiar face. Her face. She was scared. Scared that she was somehow about to disappoint the other girl. She rationally knew that it was stupid to worry, pointless even, considering that they knew each other already. Meeting her, being able to touch her, wasn’t going to change any of that. It wasn’t going to erase all of the nights they had talked to each other on the phone until one of them, or both, fell asleep. It wasn’t going to erase the millions of messages they had shared, the deep conversations, the pictures. She knew Beca better than anyone and vice versa. She had nothing to worry about.

And yet her stomach churned when she spotted those blue eyes she loved so much in the huge crowd of people in front of her. Beca was just standing there, waiting for her. And when their eyes met Chloe found that the other girl was looking at her with an expression that made her melt, that made her want to look at the brunette forever. She looked so happy. And Choe suspected that the smile on her face was matching that on Beca’s.

She barely comprehended Beca waving at her, walking up to her, and the next thing she knew, the next thing she felt, were two arms engulfing her in a tight hug. It took Chloe a while to hug her back, basically unable to move. And she realized then that this was it. This was what she had been waiting for, for two whole years. And now that she knew what it felt like to hug Beca, she wasn’t sure she could ever bear not being able to do just that whenever she wanted to. To just wrap her arms around her tiny body whenever she felt like it, whenever she needed it. She had just arrived and she was already terribly scared of having to leave again.

It took a while for her to realize that she had actually started crying, that tears were now freely running down her cheeks. She had completely lost herself in the embrace. But she was shaking slightly now and of course Beca noticed, pulling back softly so she could look at her.

“Chlo…” Beca whispered softly, using her thumb to tenderly wipe away said tears. “Are you okay…?”

A little smile was tugging on the corners of the redhead’s lips as she nodded softly. God how she loved that nickname. “Just overwhelmed,” she admitted.

“In a good way?” Beca asked, wanting to make sure that her girlfriend was alright. She wasn’t surprised by what was happening, knowing how emotional Chloe could get even over the smallest of things. And this definitely wasn’t small. It was huge, for both of them.

“In a good way,” Chloe nodded again, squeezing Beca’s hand reassuringly.

“Good,” Beca grinned, pulling away from the hug but keeping the redhead’s hand in her own, intertwining their fingers. “Ready to go?”


It was relatively quiet between them as they left the airport together, hand in hand, and Chloe was nervously chewing on her bottom lip. This was exactly what she had been scared of. Not knowing what to say, not being able to have a normal conversation with her girlfriend because she was just completely overwhelmed.

“Awww are you nervous?” Beca grinned after she had studied the girl next to her who had immediately started blushing as soon as the words had left the brunette’s mouth. She took that as a yes.

“I… I’m… I mean, I’m not…” Chloe stuttered, very much not convincing Beca. She was now pouting a little and Beca wanted to kiss away said pout as a way of showing her that there was no need to be nervous, but that it was okay.

“You totally are,” Beca kept teasing playfully and pecked Chloe’s cheek for the first time. It caused both of them to erupt into a bright smile. “It’s cool, I am too.”

“You don’t look like you are,” Chloe bit her lip again. She was an upbeat person. Loud, friendly, talkative. She was an extrovert and she loved people, yet Beca somehow managed to make her forget all of that. Managed to make her feel like a giddy school girl.

“I’m just a badass,” Beca flashed her a cocky grin and nudged her shoulder playfully, which made Chloe laugh softly in a way that almost made Beca’s heart burst out of her chest.

“You wish,” Chloe giggled softly which earned her a playful slap on the arm from Beca who was incredibly happy that Chloe was teasing her back now. It indicated that she was getting more comfortable again already, which was really all Beca wanted.

“Alright,” she hummed as they arrived at her car. “My place? Or do you wanna go out, get something to eat? You must be really hungry after your flight.”

“I don’t know… I’m pretty tired.” It was Chloe’s way of saying that she’d rather go to Beca’s place right away. That she’d rather get some alone time with her girlfriend. Finally, after so much waiting.

Beca immediately understood, obviously, and it was just about half an hour later that they arrived at Beca’s apartment.

“Still nervous?” the brunette asked as she took Chloe’s hand again and led her into her small apartment. Her girlfriend already knew what it looked like because Beca had given her a house tour through skype after she had moved in just a year ago, but she was still really excited as they walked in the door. She instantly felt a lot better as soon as they were inside and she could take off her bag pack, jacket and shoes.

“Do you wanna go put on something more comfortable?” Beca offered with a smile and Chloe nodded eagerly. She was dying to get out of her uncomfortable pants and into some more comfortable sweatpants. So Beca showed her the bedroom and then went back to the kitchen so she could prepare some tea for both of them. Chloe loved tea.

Her heart almost burst out of her chest when Chloe came back, looking as comfy and sweet as ever. She was wearing an oversized sweater and her beautiful, red curls were framing her gorgeous face beautifully.

“I’m so glad you’re here,” Beca whispered and wrapped her arms around Chloe’s waist, losing herself in the redhead’s big, blue eyes once again.

“I’m so glad too, Becs,” Chloe smiled brightly and giggled softly as Beca started playing with her hair.

It was really impossible for Beca to not lean forward and kiss her. And so she did. Chloe was still incredibly nervous but immediately forgot all about that as soon as their lips finally met. And she realized she had been wrong earlier, because this was it. Not seeing her for the first time, not hugging her earlier that day. This moment, this kiss, this was it. It was sweet and beautiful and all she had ever wanted.

anonymous asked:

Consider: Keithy boi grows out his mullet but eventually he has too much hair to fit in his helmet so our lad Lance offers to braid it for him and it just becomes part of their daily routine

even better if they’re still in the pining stage 

keith doesn’t know how to braid and can’t do it himself (excuses), lance knows how to and doesn’t mind doing it even tho “it’s not like i’m enjoying this samurai!!!” (excuses)

but it slowly develops into a routine, and keith’s hair is long and soft and lance is really skilled with handiwork (he played piano, he can change a tyre, his fingers are long and skilled and braiding is nothing). they talk about nothing at first, then small jabs to hide the awkwardness, then short conversations about the ship, then memories of earth and their family 

and keith closes his eyes and dozes off because who’s ever coaxed through the tangles in his hair before? and lance takes liberties and presses his nose close to breathe in his shampoo or tug at his ear (that always makes keith hiss and lance laughs)

but slowly keith becomes more pliant, not just his hair but his whole attitude. he smiles at lance. he flushes slightly when they make eye contact. the tips of his ears and the back of his neck burn when lance brushes his knuckles across them. lance can’t wait to go to his room and sit close, braiding his hair, while they talk about their favourite movies and what they’ll do back on earth

and one day he hasn’t even finished braiding but keith turns around. half his hair spills over his elbows, the other half is tied up, and he kinda leans into lance’s open palm and pulls him in for a kiss

and then sike!!! they start dating !!!! 

this fic is dedicated to @otasucc @arahir & @phaltu the three of you make my fandom experience so much better and while there was some stupid drama yesterday, i want you guys to know i appreciate you every single day as friends, people, and creators who i admire

so anyway, have some fluff to soothe your souls from yesterday’s bullshit

The new manager stood taller than anyone else on the floor and with shoulders and biceps that could make Atlas blush, Takashi Shirogane was hard to miss. Shiro worked his team hard, but his kindness and understanding made an impression on the department in seismic waves. Everyone wanted to be a part of Shiro’s team.

Keith couldn’t blame the jealous many. Shiro believed in everyone he ever met and he never gave up on anyone. His team started at the bottom with the lowest metric stores across the board and the worst attendance record across the various teams in the office building. Within three months time, Shiro’s team now stood at the top with the highest metric scores and the best attendance record in the entire building. Soft spoken Shiro with a knack for leadership created a safe and welcoming environment for his team members as well as for anyone who needed help across the floor.

Takashi Shirogane was a good person and Keith would know. After all, he’d been Shiro’s boyfriend for the past two years.

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(im)perfect | erik killmonger/reader

words: 2k even

notes: this idea came to me post watching the movie while trying and failing to fix the straps on my bra and being jealous of the dora milaje’s armor, knowing that they’re designed for maximum support and comfort. it was supposed to be joking and then it wasn’t because thinking of erik gives me mixed emotions that are hard to articulate except maybe in reader insert fic

notes 2f2f: this is a black!reader to be clear, like read it how you want but she’s black

Despite the very warm, hands-on (and they’re all over, all over), distraction flexing beneath you, you stare at the clothes scattered on the carpeted floor. But Erik’s hands keep moving and you keep having to catch your breath, so eventually, your deep consideration gives up the ghost, and you ask, “Do you think Wakanda has perfected the bra?”


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[REQUESTED] “lavatory intimacy” (M) || sehun/reader

Originally posted by fy-sehun

pairing: sehun/reader
genre/warnings: smut, fluff, erotica, fingering
words: 4597
summary: Sehun happens to discover the reader on a date with another man. After a sequence of unforeseen events that night, Sehun and the reader find themselves in an unexpected encounter in the bathroom of a fancy club
anon request: I would like a scenario where you are in love with sehun but he seems to see you just as a friend until the day you decide to make him jealous by going out with chanyeol 🐇✨
song rec: velvet (LE solo) by EXID 

In the midst of wearing my nice pair of dangle earrings, I abruptly stopped to properly look at myself in front of my full length mirror. I didn’t have a full face of makeup on, but I had definitely decided to go all out on my outfit. A short black dress with a dangerously low neckline, curving over my chest in all the right places, paired with a pair of black stilettos? He doesn’t have a damn idea what’s coming for him tonight.

My phone buzzed twice signalling that I had just received two texts. One from Chanyeol and one from Sehun. I decided to open Chanyeol’s first.

Chanyeol: are you sure you don’t want me to pick you up?
You: yeah I’m sure. I’ll see you at the club.
Chanyeol: don’t girls usually like being picked up by their date in a nice car?
You: were you under the impression I was like other girls?

It didn’t take much for Chanyeol to shut right up after that text. He was a good-looking guy, but he didn’t pay much attention to the intricacies of social interactions. I caught myself blankly staring at the text Sehun had sent me.

Sehun: wanna’ hang out at the new club downtown tonight?

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oh no; tom holland

pairing: tom holland x osterfield!reader
word count: 1,400
summary: after a night of partying tom wakes up with a headache and a mystery girl in his bed.. who turns out to not be such a mystery 
just fluff
my other work

Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy

Tom was awakened by the sunlight peeking through his curtains. He slowly opened his left eye. He closed it soon after and rubbed both of his eyes. He sighed and turned in his bed to put an arm around his girlfriend. He nuzzled his head into her neck and inhaled her scent through his nose. They stayed there in peace.. for about 20 seconds. Tom’s eyes shot open and he took a sharp breath through his nose. He realized he did not have a girlfriend. He was cuddling a random girl in his bed. ‘Shit..’ He whispered. He carefully removed his arms from the body and rolled away. 

Tom hadn’t identified the girl. He couldn’t see her well so he sat up. Then a headache kicked in. ‘Ouch’ he said loudly. The girl shifted, but did not wake up. Tom had forgotten to look under the covers. When he did he saw he was naked. He took a look at the girl. Her back was exposed and her (y/h/c) was messy. He could not see her face. He decided to put some clothes on, boxers and a pair of sweatpants. Now he could walk over to her side and look who this mysterious girl was. He tip toed around the bed and took a good look.

His heart sank in his chest when the face of Harrison’s little sister, or your face, was revealed to him. 'Shit, shit.. Haz is gonna be pissed.’ he mumbled and sighed. He had a problem. The problem wasn’t that the girl was you, not at all, Tom had had a crush on you for as long as he could remember. The actual problem was that he was going to have to hide what happened from his best friend.

You were still sleeping. Tom decided to see if Harrison was awake or not. Harrison stayed in the guest room that night. Tom found it odd that he remembered Harrison had slept in his apartment, but he forgot he slept with his best friend’s sister sister. 

Tom pressed his ear against the door of the room Harrison was staying in. He heard him snore. He took a deep breath and went to the kitchen to make some tea, two cups to be exact. If he went down on his best friends sister and she was still there the morning after, he was trying to make it the least awkward as possible. So he was gonna treat her like a lady and bring her some tea. He put the kettle on and took the milk out off the fridge. He was shaking because of cold floor beneath his bare feet. The kettle was taken off, boiling water was poured into large mugs and Tom started to hum. ‘Makin’ the tea and pourin’ some milk’. He went back to his room and drank his tea, sitting on the edge of his bed. “How am I gonna do this?” He was thinking when he heard the covers shifting and a sigh. ‘Ouch, jeez’ she said.

Tom put his tea on his night stand and stood up. He turned around. You looked at him with confusion. 'Tom?!’ You almost yelled. 'Shhh’ Tom’s hands went up in the air to defend him self. 'Harrison is sleeping next door’ he whisper-yelled. You raised you brows and your mouth was opened. You nodded and closed your mouth when everything finally came to you. Then you looked down and realized you were naked. A blush crept up on your cheeks. 'Relax, I’ll go to the living room you can change and we’ll talk. Here I made you some tea.’ Tom gave you the cup and then walked out leaving you sitting on his bed, naked, with tea in your hands, feeling despondent. You chuckled and looked around and shook your head. ‘What the fuck’ you said to yourself. 

Tom usually freaked out about the tiniest things. But when he’s in the situation where he might’ve got his best friends sister pregnant he’s frequently calm. Makes no sense. You drank your tea and changed into one of Tom’s shirts. Your clothes were a dress and heels, it was 10 am so you decided to not even. You texted Tom that he could come back, you did not want to talk in the living room. When he walked in he wasn’t surprised she was wearing his shirt. ‘You look.. cute’ Tom commented with a half smile and a wink as he was leaning against the door post. You rolled your eyes. You honestly did not know what to do or how to react to anything. 

‘Do you remember what happened?’ You started to get frustrated, although you seemed chill on the outside you were overthinking every little thing on the inside. Tom noticed you started taking quick breaths and your head flushed a bright shade of red. 'Hey, hey calm down’ He embraced you and kissed the top of your head. ‘We’ll figure this out! We’re a good team (Y/n). Please don’t cry. There’s nothing to cry about. We don’t have to make this a big deal, love trust me..’ he went on for a little while trying to soothe you. 'Oh so you think this isn’t a big deal? Let me remind you we got drunk, we slept together and I am Harrison’s sister!’ You yelled and lightly hit Tom in the stomach. He bent down a little because of you hitting him and moaned ‘Keep your voice down!’ 

'Of course it’s a big deal. We just don’t have to make it a big deal. We could pretend like it never happened? Why are you so mad anyway we just had sex. We didn’t kill someone’ Tom chuckled. You rolled your eyes. 'Forget it, you know what. Just forget this happened. I’m out of here’ you took your stuff and walked to the bathroom to put on the clothes from the night before. ’(Y/n) come on,’ Tom said and rested his forehead against the door. You came out of the bathroom. 'I’m keeping this by the way’ you said referring to the shirt in your hands. Tom shrugged and said; ‘Be my guest’. 

'Well, I’ll see you around’ you said. You were still mad. But you weren’t mad about the night before, you were angry with Tom because of how he had reacted. It was a big deal to you. You like him a lot. That’s why you kept the shirt. 'Hey,’ Tom twisted you around by your shoulder. You looked into his eyes. Your eyes were watery. 'What can I do to make this up to you?’ he asked. 'Why would you want to make it up to me?’ You asked. Tom sighed and looked up. 'I sort of like you..a little bit so’ he confessed as he scratched his neck. You just stood there with wide eyes. He sighed and looked down at his feet. ‘Look, you can just forget I said that and I’ll forget this happened, is that a good idea-’ Tom was cut of by your lips. Your stomach turned and you were debating if this was a dream in your head. It was real and this time you weren’t drunk. This time it was real. 

Tom turned his head to the side to deepen the kiss. One of his hands snaked around your waist and the other made it’s way up to where your neck and jaw connect. He pulled you in close and you threw your arms around his neck. You smiled through the kiss now both knowing how much you each of you wanted this. 'Morning’ Harrison walked in with a smirk on his face. He had known about you liking each other, obviously. Tom wouldn’t shut up about you, he’d stalk your Instagram and comment cute things on your pictures. You were all over Tom when he was over and when you guys went clubbing together Harrison definitely saw you were into Tom as well. 

You and Tom pulled away from each other. Tom coughed. You said ‘Good morning’ in unison. Harrison laughed and left you two alone. You and Tom turned back to each other. He caressed your cheek. ‘Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?’. Before you answered that he pulled you back in for another kiss. ‘This really was a good morning’ you said and smiled. 

‘It was splendid, love’.

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At some point on Hoth, after Han and Leia have had yet another exchange that has Leia storming off in fury, Han is left alone with Rieekan. And Rieekan looks at him, staring after Leia with a scowl on his face, and hesitates. It’s none of his business.

(Except it kind of is; it should have been Bail’s, but Bail is not here. And Leia is his princess, and Han is a good man, really, if he just lets himself. Rieekan knows that.)

He says, “Solo.”

Han blinks, like he’s only just realised that Rieekan is there. (That often seems to happen whenever Han and Leia come to blows; they forget about their audience, which they frequently have.)

Rieekan chooses his words carefully. “Just… don’t hurt her.”

Han’s head whips up and around, and he glares at the general, all sneering bravado and belligerence. “Or what? You gonna kick my ass?”

Rieekan doesn’t rise to it. It’s all Corellian bluster, anyway, and Rieekan is Alderaanian to the core. “Or,” he says quietly, “she’ll be hurt.”

The glare fades. The bluster dies. Han swallows, scowling again, the same odd, introspective scowl he had on his face before. “Yeah, well, don’t worry,” he says, clearly trying to sound casual and failing miserably. “Not gonna happen.”

It doesn’t sound like a reassurance. But Rieekan hears the truth in it all the same.

evermore (1)

Requested: No

Summary: Prince!Harry is a hopeless romantic with a newly, burst bubble.

Word Count: 607 

Warnings: None

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Originally posted by nymeriabitme

                   Billy x Original Character | Harrington! Sibling

                        THERE WILL BE NO PART TWO

Summary: Samantha Harrington never expected to spend her entire spring break with Billy Hargrove and Billy Hargrove never expected to fall in love with Samantha Harrington.

Word Count: 9.9k  

Co-written With: Lidious( @letmeletmetrashyourlove )

A/N: loosely based on the Chateau video Dacre Montgomery is in, credit to Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstine for the quotes in this, and shout out to all my faves who we name dropped in this.


“Hey….Emily…..No, Amanda? No-no, it’s Laura!” Tommy H. sputtered, leaning against my locker. I rolled my eyes, grabbing my books and balancing against my hip.

“Tommy, we have literally been in the same class since we were seven and you still can’t remember my name.”  I muttered, slamming my locker shut.

“Shit, it’s Andy isn’t it? Or is it…something that Starts with an R? Or is it a K? Kiki right?”

He could have gone on for hours guessing my name and would still get it wrong. I held up my hand, shaking my head,

“Stop before you hurt yourself. What do you want?” I asked, shifting the weight on my feet.

“Billy is busy today, he said his brother is in town or something and I was going to ask you to-“

“If you finish that sentence with ‘ask Steve’, I will punch you.” I cut off, turning on my heel and strutting towards the parking lot.

“Aw, come on Lidi lighten up! ” He yelled as he ran to catch up with me.

“That’s not my name either.” I groaned,  “Give it a rest will ya? And last time I checked, you and Steve are not friends…like… at all so go find someone else to blindly follow.”

Tommy crossed his arms glaring at me,

“Oh my god. Yes, I’ll talk to him.”

He smiled at me as I kept walking,

“Thank you, Dot!” He yelled out as I stuck my middle finger in the air.

“That boy really needs to get his own personality.” I breathed

I plod out to my car unlocking it,

“Maddie wait!” I let out a defeated groan. “What do you want Keith?”

“Can you cover my shift tonight?”

“I quit The Palace like, three weeks ago.” I huffed, leaning on my car.

“And for the last time my name is Samantha. Like the show Bewitched”

“I thought your name was Krista?”

I rolled my eyes, getting in my car driving home.

“Not one, but seven. Seven different names Steve. All of which are nowhere close to mine.” I grumbled laying across his bed.

“Sammy, relax.”

“It’s kinda hard to when you have lived in the same town your entire life and nobody can remember your name. Samantha.”  I drew my name out slowly, “It comes after ‘Steve and’.”

“Uh so i’m taking Dustin and the others to see a movie tonight. I won’t be home until later.”

“Way to change the subject, asshole.”


“I’m telling you that your friends are being pricks to me and you just mention going to the movies with some random kid.”

“He’s a good kid, Sam.”

“Doesn’t matter if he’s the goddamn president of the United States, I’m telling you that something upsets me and you’re blowing me off!”

“Sam, you can’t let things like that upset you, okay? Now I gotta go or we’ll be late for the showing.”

“What I really need is to spend time with my big brother and just forget about this whole stupid thing.”

“Maybe later!” He hollered, already out the bedroom door and trotting down the stairs.

I rolled my eyes, rolling onto my stomach and letting out a frustrated groan, blowing the hair away from my face.

Those were always the words I got from Steve when I asked if I could hang out with him; maybe later.

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anonymous asked:

emmaa i think you should post a snippet of your wip because of the wip meme thats going on 🙏🏾🙈 if you want thouuu xx

I have no idea what meme is going around, but since I’m sooooooooo late in posting the actual fic, I’ll post a snippet. This is part of the first chapter of my fic. If you want some context for it, this snippet is from the fic that I describe briefly in the second to last bullet point here.

Also, fair warning - there may be typos in this and it may change somewhat before the final fic is posted.

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Organized Chaos (T.H.) Part 6

hello!! Here part 6! Hope everyone is doing well :) once again, i have to shout out @southwest-london-darling for dealing with me and my writer’s block again. If you guys aren’t following her, please do!! She’s the best :) Tag list under the cut. Enjoy :)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 

Pairing: singledad!tom x nanny!reader 

Warnings: Yelling, angst 

Word Count: 1066

Originally posted by tom-hollcnd

Routines are so important. When you have kids that rely on you, you can’t let anything seem out of place. Life has to go on, things have to keep happening and that’s all there really is to it. At least that’s what Y/N and Tom told them. After that weekend, Y/N called Heath, thinking it better to distract herself- she made plans to pursue things further with him. She was happy. Heath was good to her, but there was something missing. She was sad, her relationship with Tom had shifted dramatically, and she would look in his eyes for anything.  

Tom on the other hand seemed to be doing just fine.  He had gotten more involved in work, actually going to the office more. More projects were being done; he was getting bonuses and new clients left and right. When he wasn’t at work he was with the kids, he would often wave Y/N off, telling her to go and see her boyfriend. Even though he would change his tone when letting the word drop, often times giving her a slight glare. He even had gone on a few dates, he was sure to let Y/N know about that. Leading with things like, “I need you to do bed time tonight, I have a date.” He would let the words drop like they were nothing. She would always respond with, “That’s fine, I have a date with Heath tomorrow night so that should work out just fine.” Snarky smile implied.

The nights when Y/N didn’t come home were the worst.  Tom would pace, he would spend the nights camped out on the couch, often falling asleep. Only to wake up to a blanket on top of him and the light from Y/N’s room disappearing as she shut her door. He would sigh and close his eyes again. 

Y/N would always find her self in her room. She would tuck Charlotte and Oliver in, eat then end the night in her room, waiting for the front door to close. She never dared to step foot outside her door once 9 rolled around. Tom always came back at the same time. Spent the same time in the kitchen, walked down the hall, stopping in front of Y/N’s room- hesitating- then onto Charlotte’s room, Oliver, then to his own. 9:30 would roll around and she knew he wouldn’t step out.  

Not tonight though. 

As soon as she opened her door – she was desperate for a glass of wine- the door at the end of the hall opened as well. She didn’t even hear it, it was so quiet. Tom had made sure all the doors were noiseless, Oliver hated the sound of squeaking door, and he almost always woke up when he heard one. 

Y/N found her wine glass, and poured herself a small amount. She looked on the counter and saw Tom’s phone, her gaze shifted up to the view of Tom, biting his lip and his eyes staring back at her. 

“I forgot my phone.” He pointed then scratched the back of his neck. 

“I see that.” She took a swig of her wine, “You want some?” she pointed to the bottle. 

“Yea, actually that’d be great.” Tom smiled before she poured him some and handed it to him. 

“We need to talk.” They both spoke at the same time. Y/N let a smile creep o her face. 

“Yea. We do.” She sat on the leather recliner in the living room, Tom followed, sitting on the couch. “So, this isn’t working. The whole tip toeing around each other. We avoided one problem but now we have another one. We need to find a good balance, Tom.” Y/N sighed into her glass before looking up at Tom.

“I know. Charlotte knows something up. I didn’t realize how smart she was already. She catches on to things fast.” Tom chuckled lightly. “She asked me ‘Daddy, why are you and Y/N not friends anymore? It’s weird.’ And I had no idea what to tell her, so I just changed the subject really fast.” He ran a hand through his hair. 

“That little genius.” Y/N’s smile grew wider. “What if we implemented some sort of thing where we spend an evening together once a week, get a new routine going? Like Sunday night in dinner night?” 

“Yea, that works.” Tom nodded. “We can’t cancel, for any reason. It has to be a priority. No matter what. We spend Sunday evenings together.” Y/N felt tom’s eyes bore into her own. “Not even a significant other.” His voice was low, grim even. 

“There you go again! My god, Tom! You can’t get jealous every time I date someone else! That’s why were having this conversation. You are not my boy friend. You cannot get mad that I’m dating anyone else. You don’t get that right.” Y/N’s finger was digging into Tom’s chest now; he had a look in his eye. Lust 

“I’m allowed to do what I want. You can’t talk to me like that.” He was closer now. 

“What are you going to do?  Fire me? You know damn well that’s not an option I’m the closest damn thing those two have to a mother. With you acting like this, they sure as hell need one.” She stood her ground. They were going in circles; they’d get better, then go back to how it was before. Then repeat. Tom was about to grab her face; he was going to make a move again but, a little voice made them snap their heads away. 

“Daddy?” The soft English accent filled the air, making Tom go soft. He looked in the entry to the living room at a sleepy eyed Charlotte, rubbing her eyes. “Why are you yelling? I heard you from my room. Olly is awake too.” Charlotte looked over to Y/N. Her guilt flooded her. She had let their problems get in the way of Charlotte’s well being. 

“I’ll get Oliver.” Y/N mumbled before excusing herself from the room. 

“Come here, Love.” Tom pulled his daughter in for a hug before walking down to Charlotte’s room, watching Y/N through the crack in Oliver’s door. She was cradling him. He looked so natural in her embrace. That was when tom knew. They were going to end up together, even if it took years. It was going to happen. He would make it happen. 

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