or any planet the person is

I still think it’s hilarious that the reason nobody ever figures out Superman’s secret identity or where he lives or what he does when he’s not saving the planet, is because he already told them all the Kryptonian stuff that can’t be tied to any of his human friends or family. I guarantee you the in-universe wikipedia article on Superman lists his name as Kal-El and the “personal life” section says that he lives full-time at his private fortress of solitude at the north pole. Nobody in the world looks at Clark Kent and thinks “oh my god, maybe he’s superman!” for the same reason nobody ever starts to suspect that their coworker who looks KINDA like Barack Obama is actually secretly Barack Obama – They know who Barack Obama is and know what he does and they know their coworker Greg is Greg and not Barack Obama. They have no reason to assume Barack Obama secretly moonlights as Greg The IT Guy at their workplace even though they’ve never seen Greg and Obama in the same place. At best, “Greg is secretly Obama” would be a running joke at the office, and the same is true at the Daily Planet. “Kal-El of Krypton, who lives in a CRYSTAL PALACE at the NORTH POLE and whose dayjob is SUPERMAN, sometimes puts on a suit and pretends to be a clumsy reporter and lives in a one-bedroom walkup in Metropolis” is a ridiculous concept to anyone who doesn’t already know it’s true

  • The male benders in ATLA: Really good. They worked hard to get where they are skill wise and while it hasn't always been easy, they are capable and can hold their own in a fight. One of them was even the Avatar, which is pretty impressive since he mastered the elements at age twelve, rather than start learning at 16 like most Avatars.
  • The female benders in ATLA: Inarguably the most powerful and unmatched humans in the entire world. Prodigies, masters, and creators of subbending styles. One was compared in skill to the Fire Lord at age EIGHT and able to perform one of the rarest and most difficult forms by 14. She couldn't be defeated by another's (even the Avatar's) bending alone. Only faced defeat when fighting two other master benders while on the verge of a complete mental breakdown (officially being defeated by different female bender). Another held an entire city up by a single turret while standing on unstable ground, and then went on to invent her own bending style at the age of twelve. One mastered her element in mere WEEKS, mastered bloodbending and defeated the woman who INVENTED IT the FIRST TIME SHE EVER ATTEMPTED IT, held her own against a master waterbender without ANY TRAINING, and fully healed someone from a fatal wound, making her a master at two vastly different forms of waterbending at the age of 14. A female Avatar quite literally reshaped the planet and created her own ISLAND. AND MOVED IT ACROSS THE SEA. These women shown in the show are not only the most powerful and talented females in their universe, but also in almost any known piece of television or fiction, all while being completely fleshed out and complex characters, not being defined as nothing but 'strong'. Each has their own personality, strengths, and weaknesses.
ASTROLOGY: who are you attracted to?

Most people think attraction has to do with sun sign. Everyone’s heard: “If you’re an Aquarius, date a Gemini or a Libra!” This is due to the fact that mainstream astrology does not consider other factors besides your sun sign, and most people believe this. But actually, this is not true, because most of the time sun-sun compatibility has little importance - no more than giving a general vibe that the relationship would give off. Instead, we should really focus on connecting energies between two charts. Read my post here about how compatibility really works.

Here are some common connections that indicate attraction between two people. It says that they must be in the “same sign”, but note that if the two placements are conjunct the bond is even more powerful.

SUN/MOON - 1st person’s sun in the same sign as the 2nd person’s moon:

  • both people feel like they’ve found their other half
  • the moon person looks up to the sun person
  • the sun person helps the moon person shine
  • there is an ease with each other that is very natural
  • both people “make sense” to each other
  • both have a similar attitude towards life

SUN/ASCENDANT - 1st person’s sun in the same sign as the 2nd person’s ascendant:

  • the two people are very similar
  • there are many common interests
  • they both view life in a similar way
  • the sun person likes the energy that the ascendant person naturally gives off
  • the ascendant person feels like they can be themselves with the sun person
  • self-expression is easy and harmonious together

MOON/MOON - having the same moon sign: 

  • this is a powerful, soulmate-like relationship
  • both people feel a sense of security
  • the other person feels “familiar” somehow
  • sharing feelings is easy and natural
  • both are very sensitive to each other’s feelings and needs
  • there is an intense emotional bond, sometimes overwhelmingly powerful
  • one can read the other like a book

MOON/ASCENDANT - 1st person’s moon in the same sign as the 2nd person’s ascendant:

  • both people feel understood by each other
  • the moon person feels at ease expressing their feelings
  • the ascendant person feels understood by the moon person
  • there is a natural emotional connection
  • both are aware of and receptive to the other’s feelings

ASCENDANT/ASCENDANT - having the same ascendant sign:

  • both people feel very comfortable with each other
  • both people sense a similarity in the way that they project themselves to the world
  • both have many shared values and similar attitudes
  • both are attracted to the other’s self-expression

SUN/VENUS - 1st person’s sun in the same sign as the 2nd person’s venus: 

  • the sun person is the venus person’s “type”
  • the sun person feeds off of the venus person’s love
  • both people give and receive much affection
  • the venus person values everything the sun person represents
  • the sun person appreciates the venus person’s expression

MOON/VENUS - 1st person’s moon in the same sign as the 2nd person’s venus:

  • the venus person makes the moon person feel comfortable
  • both care a lot for each other
  • both share a lot of values when it comes to a relationship

ASCENDANT/VENUS - 1st person’s ascendant in the same sign as the 2nd person’s venus:

  • the ascendant person embodies what the venus person finds attractive
  • the ascendant person appreciates the love the venus person gives
  • both are sensitives to each other’s needs and want to please each other

VENUS/VENUS - having the same venus sign:

  • both people are magnetically drawn to each other
  • there is an appreciation for each other’s personal style/aesthetic
  • both sense a similarity in each other’s romantic expression
  • both naturally understand each other’s romantic needs and satisfy them

VENUS/MARS - 1st person’s venus in the same sign as the 2nd person’s mars:

  • there is a sense of romantic chemistry
  • the venus person is attracted to how the mars person asserts him/herself
  • the mars person is attracted to the venus person’s charm and style

These are not the only indicators of attraction (there are many more involving asteroids or other points), but they are the most common ones involving personal planets. And also, having any of these connections does not guarantee a relationship will work out - they just give an indication of a strong connection between two people. There are both good AND bad sides to each of these connections, but here I’m showing the more positive side (meaning the reasons WHY you would feel the attraction in the first place). Having too many of these could potentially make a relationship overwhelming, while having only one might not be enough to keep a relationship going. It’s all about balance. :)

Clark doesn’t dress as Superman for the Daily Planet’s annual Halloween party just for the sake of irony. 

He also does it because he knows that Bruce will find out, because Bruce always finds out, and he thinks it’ll be hilarious. 

Well, that plus Bruce is always getting on his case about the fact that he doesn’t even bother to wear a mask as Superman. Clark has tried to explain it, how posture and body language can change people’s perceptions, how he keeps his Midwestern drawl as Clark, but drops it for Superman, how he wears intentionally ill-fitting clothing as Clark to hide his body shape… 

Bruce believes him, but only begrudgingly. After watching the fifth talk show where Bruce has to comment about how “Do the butts match?” Clark has to wonder if Bruce isn’t also maybe a little bit jealous. It’s a good thing that Clark isn’t the petty sort, (Except maybe he kind of is, just a little bit.) 

He almost buys the “Stripper Superman” Halloween outfit because it makes him crack up; only the fact that it’s a work party dissuades him. Instead he goes for the one that has fake muscles in it. They’re so awful, and so anatomically incorrect that he has to go for it. The fabric is shiny, and the “S” stretches funnily across his chest when he tries it on; the fabric is, after all, also cheap. The cape only goes down to his waist, and he has to buy the tights separately. It doesn’t comes with shoes, only boot covers, and he immediately decides he’s going to wear crocs.  

Because he’s Superman. 

He can do what he wants.

Bruce finds out about his plans (…because of course he does), and tries to talk him out of it. Clark listens politely, then mentions politely that he’s been watching episodes of drag race to get tips on how to make a fake derriere for his costume. After all, he’s got to make sure that the butts match. 

Bruce leaves him alone after that (except to mutter darkly that Clark’s secret identity is going to be blown, and is Clark really-?) 

When he gets dressed for the party, Clark makes sure not just to slick back his hair, but to make it obvious it’s slicked back. He parts it to the “wrong” side, like he was looking in the mirror when he did his hair, and forgot everything was backwards. He puts on the ridiculous, ill-fitting costume, the crocs, the boot covers, and adjusts all the foam “muscles” so that he “looks like Superman.” 

He wears his glasses, because everyone knows Clark Kent can’t see without his glasses. He makes sure to slouch at the party, to keep to the mannerisms that scream to the world “I Am Clark Kent And Definitely Not Superman Nope.” And if his drawl is a little stronger that night then normal? It’s probably the available drinks.  

Funnily enough, he’s not actually the only person to dress up as Superman; Superman is a popular figure at the Daily Planet, and there are enough costumed fans to have a “Superman look-alike” competition. 

When Bruce finds out that Clark came in last place… Well, it’s hard not to act smug. 

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3. how do you take your coffee?

4. how old were you when you had your first kiss?

5. museum date or aquarium date?

6. do you have any tattoos or piercings? do you want more?

7. favorite fruits?

8. favorite vegetables?

9. i’ll only date you if _____. (fill in the blank)

10. do you cry a lot?

11. who are your closest friends?

12. have you ever been a part of a protest or a march?

13. do you play any video games?

14. did you ever have an emo or scene phase?

15. what color is most of your wardrobe?

16. what do you like to do for fun?

17. what is your biggest fear?

18. name a subject you know a lot about.

19. favorite fictional characters?

20. do you read a lot? what are your favorite books?

21. how would you describe your style?

22. did you have a favorite stuffed animal when you were little? do you still own it?

23. what’s something most people love that you hate?

24. do you think you’re a good singer?

25. who do you live with?

26. favorite desserts?

27. what is the best decision you’ve made in your life so far?

28. favorite makeup brands?

29. favorite clothing stores/brands?

30. what was your first job?

31. do you take a lot of naps?

32. what is your favorite part about your body?

33. are you more dominant or more submissive?

34. are you more outgoing or more shy?

35. how tall are you?

36. what is your body type?

37. favorite flower?

38. favorite planet?

39. what do you want to dress up as for halloween this year?

40. do you prefer to date people the same age as you, younger, or older?

41. describe the person you’re in love with/have a crush on in great detail.

42. who is your biggest inspiration?

43. do you have any kinks?

44. do you own any pets?

45. which celebrity do people say you look the most like?

46. do you like sports?

47. have you ever seen a broadway musical?

48. what is your favorite kind of food?

49. would you rather be a fairy or a mermaid?

50. what is your instagram?

51. glossy lips or matte lips?

52. do you like cherry, grape, blue raspberry, watermelon, or green apple jolly ranchers the best?

53. what are your best personality traits?

54. what is your ethnicity?

55. what different hair colors have you had?

56. favorite disney princess?

57. favorite album of 2017?

58. have you ever had braces?

59. favorite holiday?

60. post a selfie.

61. are you a good swimmer?

62. do you wear jewelry?

63. can you play any instruments?

64. do you have any siblings?

65. are your grandparents still alive? how old are they?

66. who knows the most about you?

67. are you a more quiet person or do you talk a lot?

68. what advice would you give to your 13 year old self?

69. how many pillows do you sleep on?

70. ask any question you’d like.

Tom Bombadil is the best/most amusing character in anything I’ve ever read because here you have this dude who skips around the forest all day and sings nonsense songs about himself, and the One Ring, the single most powerful object in all of Middle Earth that a fucking ancient evil is furiously searching for, has absolutely no effect on him. He pops it on and doesn’t turn invisible like most do when they accessorize themselves with the pure manifestation of power and greed but instead pulls some sleight of hand shenanigans and makes it disappear into thin air like a party trick before casually flipping it back to Frodo. Frodo asks Tom’s wife who the hell he is and she just responds “He is” because Tommyboy over here is fucking beyond mortal description. The elves, who are essentially immortal themselves, refer to to this guy as “the Elderest” because he was there before any of even the oldest beings on the planet could remember. The only reason the Fellowship didn’t pick the guy to journey to and destroy the Ring in Mordor was because he might accidentally displace the whispering hellcircle that even Gandalf, a primordial spirit that helped in shaping the world, was afraid to touch because Tom Bombadil just doesn’t give a shit. So the character that many scholars speculate is the supreme being and one true god of Tolkien’s entire universe is just this secondary character that refers to himself in third person and fishes in the forest while writing iffy poetry

90s' Alt Bands Asks

Oasis: Do you wear sunglasses often? Are you a beer, wine, or liquor person? Do you prefer the stars or the moon, the land or the sea? Do you have a lot of regrets? Would you ever want to be famous?

Blur: Do you like sunny weather? Do a lot of people know about your sexuality? Are you a city or country person? Favorite brand of athletic wear? Do you like your smile?

Nirvana: Do you belive in God? Are you a flannel or sweaters person? Where’s your happy place? Do you like your family? What stereotype were/are you closest to in high school?

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Are you a go-with-the-flow person? What’s a dream you’ve had that you’ll never forget? Are you spiritual at all? What was the saddest point in your life? What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Manic Street Preachers: Do you believe that humans are good? What’s your signature makeup or fashion statement? Are you a books or a movie person, and what are some of your favorites? Do you see yourself as an outcast? Are you nostalgic?

Elastica: What’s your dream car? Favorite card game? Do you consider yourself cool? Vinyl, cassettes, CDs, or digital? What’s a haircut/style you’ve always wanted to get?

Radiohead: Is there possibility of life on other planets? What’s your favorite jacket? Do you like spring, summer, fall, or winter most? Can you recognize any constellations? Are you an extrovert, an introvert, or an ambivert?

Hole: Favorite kind of candy? Do you wear skirts/dresses or jeans more? Do you think you could ever kill someone? Who’s your favorite poet? Did you ever dream of being prom queen, even secretly?

Bikini Kill: Have you even been to a protest or rally? What was your favorite outfit as a kid? Have you ever had/do you have a girl gang? In a book, movie, or video game, what would be your character’s weapon? What’s something you love about your gender, and something you feel like you’ve missed out on because of it?

Pearl Jam: What charity do you donate to (or would like to donate to) most? Do you think art should be a mode of autobiography? What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever survived? Were/are you good at school? Where’s somewhere you’ve always wanted to roadtrip?

Smashing Pumpkins: Do you feel like you unload or bottle up your emotions? Are you the oldest, middle, youngest, or only child, and does your personality match that? Do you consider yourself ambitious? Aesthetically, what era of history most intrigues you? Do you like sunsets or sunrises, night or day?

R.E.M.: What was your biggest heartbreak? Do you like the feeling of leaving for new places, or do you get homesick fast? Are you an optimist or a pessimist, or other? Do you like jazz or classical music? Have you ever been nightswimming?

Marcy Playground: Do you like going for walks at night? What were some of your favorite childhood bands? Favorite planet in our solar system? Would you rather live in a different galaxy, or at the bottom of the ocean? What were the best days of your life?

The Midheaven and the Public Appearance

Many people who have been studying have become quite understanding of the nature of their rising sign and how this reflects their personality as an individual (as the 1st house of ‘I am’).

Though the Ascendant plays an important role as to how you recognise yourself, your personality and sense of individuality, your Imum Coeli, Descendant and Midheaven also play an integral role to core components of who you are in relation to the context of your family, relationships and in the eye of the public.

Ever noticed how your personality changes when you’re with your family compared to when your with friends or your romantic partner? And bringing the romantic partner into the family life can initially cause a sense of tension? (4th/Cancer square the 7th/Libra…makes sense!?).

In this segment, we are going to explore how the sign on your Midheaven can display how you are perceived in the eye of the public. This means how you will appear to people who barely know you, people who you walk by in the street or on the bus, to your social media platforms and the reputation you gain through your career. When watching celebrities on television, you are far more likely seeing their MIDHEAVEN sign (and 10th house activity).  

Take note the sign of the ruler of your Midheaven is in and read about that placement as well (especially if you have an empty 10th house) + you may also like to read about the planets in the 10th, though the sign of your midheaven and its ruling planet will be far more potent in relation to how you are perceived in the public eye and what you are most ‘famous’ for.


  • I have listed as many possible positive and ‘not so positive’ reputations you may gain in the eyes of the public. Those that apply will greatly vary on the entire natal chart.
  • I am specifically referring to the Midheaven though planets in the 10th house will affect the presentation of the public image so those may be accounted for.
  • Aspects to the midheaven such as the conjunctions and opposition may be accounted for, though trines, textiles, and squares can give energy to the Midheaven also, their manifestations will be slightly more subtle. If you are new or intermediate to astrology, aim to only read about conjunctions or oppositions to your MC if you have any. Oppositions will indicate conjunctions to the IC (Imum Coeli) and this will mean that planet is hidden from the public.

Aries (Mars)

  • Known for being a Pioneer and a self premotor
  • Being known as an entrepreneur
  • Independent and Passionate in the eyes of the public
  • Known for having a fiery personality
  • Temperamental and Aggressive in the eyes of the public
  • Talks about/focuses on the self
  • Selfie fiend
  • Social media tends to focus on the self
  • Sexual presentation to the public eye
  • Known for associations with sex
  • Not caring about the publics opinion
  • Being known for being Impulsive  
  • Made it to the top through their own efforts
  • Known for physical fitness/athletic ability
  • Number one (in their own world)
  • Competitive in the eyes of the public
  • Moving ahead regardless of what anyone else does/says
  • Possibly swearing/harsh language or humour
  • Self-focused role modelling for others
  • The public looking up to you for leadership
  • Taking the lead for the public
  • Fighting for your goals/ambitions/career  
  • Known for pushing through and fighting against all odds
  • Masculine sense of power and authority
  • Being recognised for ones own efforts
  • Fearless of the public
  • Known for starting (or contributing) online fights
  • Known for being combative
  • Being known for starting a new trend
  • Not scared to be on stage
  • Assertive, strong, persistent and forceful in the eyes of the public
  • A reputation for being single/doing things solo
  • Can be seen as naive to the public
  • Known for speed/doing things quickly/fast service

Taurus (Venus)

  • Beautiful in the eyes of the public
  • Sensual and natural public presentation
  • Known for wealth (how much or lack there of)
  • Known for being stubborn, persistent and strong willed
  • Known for being slow at progressing (perhaps mainly in career)
  • Bringing beauty and sensuality to the public
  • Being comfortable and calm in the eyes of the public
  • People see you for your beauty, water and what you have
  • People recognise you for the quality of what you have, your career and the things you make
  • Being recognised for your down to earth nature
  • Being known for being grounded and practical
  • Known for connection with nature, the land and mother earth
  • Known for the things you produce
  • Being known for your weight
  • Being recognised for your voice/singing/speaking
  • Being recognised for artistic endeavours
  • Known for being reliable and predictable
  • Can stay in the public eye for as long as you want
  • Being known to be cool, calm and soothing to the public
  • Known for body work (from body art, makeup, massaging, wrestling ect)
  • Recognised for being materialistic
  • Well known for disliking change
  • Well known for staying in a particular field for a long time
  • Known for physical strength
  • Known for being lazy, hedonistic and unmotivated
  • Known for doing little physical labour
  • Gaining a reputation for buying and selling things

Gemini (Mercury)

  • Known for written blogs, books, newspapers, magazines ect
  • Known for numerous posts on social media
  • Known for being very active on social media
  • Being talkative, communicative, inquisitive and curious in the eyes of the public
  • Known for your skills in technology/like-dislike of them
  • Being a teacher/source of a lot of information in the eyes of the public
  • Sharing a lot of information through all forms of communication
  • Known for being articulate, quick witted, humorous and good with words
  • Known for being a wordsmith and playing with the meaning of words
  • Known for written works/informative works
  • Having many usernames/nicknames/several personas, and constantly changing them
  • Having many social media accounts
  • Known for being inconsistent in the eyes of the public
  • Having serval careers/jobs at once
  • Doing many different things at once in the eyes of the public
  • Known for being a bit of a comedian
  • Known for what you say and how you say it (talking too fast/too slow/not much/or a lot)
  • Being intellectual and mentally stimulating in the eyes of the public
  • Known for the information you give
  • Known for your siblings
  • Well Known in your neighbourhood
  • Known for the neighbourhood you grew up in
  • Well known in the the local town
  • Known for association with technology and communication devices
  • Popular on the internet
  • Well known by people on public transport
  • Being known as a ‘know it all’

Cancer (Moon)

  • Being known for your family/family name
  • Being known for who your mother is/was
  • Known for your relationship with mother figure
  • Being known for your association with women and mothers
  • Being known as a gentle and nurturing person
  • Known for being at home a lot
  • Known for working at home/the home property/your home
  • Known for growing, caring and mothering people/things (animals or land)
  • Being recognised for being moody or ‘crabby’
  • Being known for being clingy
  • Known for being sweet and sensitive
  • Known for being a parent
  • Being emotional vulnerable in the eyes of the public
  • Well known for your emotional nature (for better or for worse)
  • Being protective and defensive in the eyes of the public
  • Known for being temperamental and over emotional
  • Known for being soft and timid
  • Known for addressing female/women’s issues
  • Known for real estate
  • Crying in public
  • Being well known for being protective
  • Being protective and defensive of your public image
  • Being vulnerable to the people of the public
  • Known fort your sense of intuition
  • Being at home in the eyes of the public
  • Being the mother figure for the public
  • Nurturing and caring for the public/the career
  • Known for being conservative, private and traditional
  • Having a motherly public image

Leo (Sun)

  • Known for being creative and playful in the eyes of the public
  • Known for being bold and courages in the eyes of the public
  • Shining on stage
  • Enjoying the attention and admiration of the public
  • Performing your absolute best when you know everyone is watching
  • Being a show off in the eyes of the public
  • Being over dramatic in the eyes of the public
  • Known for being confident and your authentic self in the eyes of the public
  • Being fun and childlike when relating to the public
  • Well known for your hair
  • Being seen as bossy and acting like a little princess
  • Known for being very generous to the public
  • Known for putting on a performance (for good or bad)
  • Well known for expressing oneself
  • Known for being vain and having an overwhelming ego to the public
  • Known for having a status of near royalty
  • Being seen as a king or queen in the eyes of the public
  • Known for relationship with the father figure
  • Known for being special, passionate, demonstrative and dignified in the eyes of the public
  • Being well liked and charismatic to the public people
  • Known for being happy, warm and friendly  
  • Having a sunny disposition in the eyes of the public
  • Being seen as a show off
  • Seen as having a bright, sunny and happy personality in the eyes of the public
  • Known for creativity and self-expression 

Virgo (Ceres - or Mercury if using traditional ruler)

  • Known for being practical, on point and on time
  • Well known for a sense of practicality and efficiency
  • Known for being nit-picky and fault finding in the eyes of the public
  • Being seen as quiet and shy in public
  • Known for being innocent and modest
  • Known for following the rules
  • Being observant and orderly in the eyes off the public
  • Known for being a health guru
  • Begin recognised for worth ethic and precision
  • Known for being an expert at what you do
  • Having a near perfect public image
  • Well known for service and employee status
  • Known for doing a job very well
  • Having a routine in relation to being in the public
  • Well known for being narrow-minded and perfectionistic
  • Being critical of the public
  • Known for cleanliness and orderliness
  • Known for self-deprecation and/or being an overachiever
  • Wanting to appear perfect in the eyes of the public
  • Well known for being humble, unselfish and hardworking
  • Know for being a specialist
  • Having keen observation skills in the eyes of the public
  • Putting the public into categories
  • Trying to perfect the public
  • Known for being minimalistic 
  • Known for playing the role of the nurse and caregiver 
  • Seeming as if you take care of your own problems (you’re your own saviour)

Libra (Juno- or Venus if using traditional ruler)

  • Known for being harmonious and sweet
  • Known for being beautiful
  • Well known for your marriage or relationship partner
  • Recognised when with, or in relation to the romantic partner
  • Known for having feminine qualities
  • Known for artistic/musical abilities
  • Known for being a fence sitter
  • Being peaceful and charming in the eyes of the public
  • Being agreeable to what they public wants/does/says
  • Known for being a romantic and attractiveness
  • Being diplomatic and a gentleman/woman in the eyes of the public
  • Known for being indecisive and compromising
  • Known for your business partnerships and deals
  • Known for your appearance (beauty)
  • Being known for your aesthetic tastes
  • Taking the opposing viewpoint of the public
  • Known for being flirtatious and flattering
  • A reputation for being superficial or too agreeable or passive
  • Known for always being with someone else
  • Being seen as a model
  • Being known for fairness and equality (either in or out of politics)
  • Gaining a reputation for not standing up for yourself
  • Known for being two-faced
  • Projecting a false public image
  • Gaining a reputation for being the ‘side person’ in tasks and careers
  • Known for being a councillor or a mediator

Scorpio (Pluto)

  • Hidden from the eyes of the public
  • Known for being mysterious and secretive
  • Barely seen in the public eye
  • Known for being transformative and intense
  • Known for being dark
  • Been seen as sexual and magnetic in the eyes of the public
  • Diving deep into the psyches of the public
  • Provoking a sense of intimidation in the eyes of the public
  • Known for being quite powerful
  • Known for being dominant and in control
  • Causing intense reactions in the public
  • Known for your powerful position over the public
  • Transforming the people of the public
  • Obsessing over your public image
  • Known for being taboo, raw and authentic
  • Having a love/hate relationship with people of the public
  • Known for healing, shamanistic and mediumistic abilities
  • Being known for associations around birth, death and transformation
  • Known for being intensely passionate
  • Known for being self-destructive (and to heal the self after)
  • Being known for being obsessive and destructive
  • Keeping yourself hidden from the public
  • Being known for associations with violence, horror and gore
  • Known for contact emotional fluxes
  • Known for witchcraft 
  • Epitome of a character from The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones
  • Known for having deep psychological penetrative abilities
  • Your shadow self on display for everyone to see
  • Exposing the truth to the public

Sagittarius (Jupiter)

  • Gaining a reputation for being philosophical and spiritual
  • Known for being a happy-go-lucky and a optimistic person
  • Known for publications and teaching
  • Being happy, fun and good humoured in the eyes of the public
  • Being playful and jovial in the public eye
  • Being well known overseas and or for associations with foreign cultures
  • Being known as stretching the mind of the public
  • Known for being religious or anti-religious
  • Known as being opinionated and/or argumentative
  • Known for being self-righteous
  • Being inspirational and giving hope and faith to the public
  • Well known for being blunt and straight to the point
  • Known for being brash and openly honest
  • Known for being a thrill seeker and a bit of a daredevil
  • Gaining a reputation for being a traveler and being a bit of a gypsy/nomad
  • Known for associations with horses and/or the great outdoors
  • Speaking the truth to the public, without censoring yourself
  • Known for being a freedom loving hippy
  • Known for being sporty and/or athletic
  • Known for ‘telling it like it is’
  • Known for going with the flow
  • Being known as someone who’s hard to pin down
  • Seeing being a bit wild in the eyes of the public
  • Known for casual, laid back attitude
  • Known for being philosophical and open minded  
  • Being known to casually drop an ‘f’ bomb and swear when feeling like it

Capricorn (Saturn)

  • Perceived as being older than you really are by the public
  • Known for being ‘mature for your age’
  • Known for the father figure
  • Known for being wise
  • Seen as being an authority figure
  • Seen as having a fatherly disposition
  • Looking older than you really are in the eyes of the public
  • Known for being strict and conservative
  • Known for creating structure and regulating the people of the public
  • Seen as a responsible leader in the eyes of the public
  • Known for being hardworking/very involved in your career
  • Seeming hard and cold to the people of the public
  • Being real and practical in the eyes of the public
  • Being seen as a professional
  • Being very well reserved and direct in the eyes of the public
  • Having a rigid public appearance
  • Not showing weakness or emotions in the public eye
  • Commanding the public’s respect
  • Known for being stern and serious
  • Known for being highly ambitious
  • Being seen as classical and traditional
  • Known as being the boss or the leader
  • Gaining a reputation for being in control (for good or for bad)
  • Being known for being retractive and limiting the self
  • Known for being hard on the self and overworking
  • Being known for your struggles and hardships
  • Being known for taking power back
  • Known for never asking for help

Aquarius (Uranus)

  • Being known as an eccentric
  • Being publicly known for doing things outside of the box
  • Known as being a bit of a nerd
  • Known as having a love of outer space
  • Being known for use of technology
  • Popular on the internet
  • Known for being a bit of a rebel
  • Posting weird things on the internet
  • Being known as been a political reformer/rebel
  • Known for wanting to change the way society works
  • Known for having a strange hobby/collection
  • Nerd culture (Star Trek/Star Wars/Game of Thrones/The Walking Dead ect…)
  • Known as being an alternative hippy
  • Known for Astrology
  • Public viewed as emotionally detached from the public
  • Public seeing you as a casual friend
  • Known for doing things in a unique and self-stylised way  
  • Being too unpredictable for the public to have an expectancy of you
  • Known as ‘The weird one’
  • Being known for association with aliens
  • Known for being all over the place and erratic
  • Public never knows what to expect of you
  • Feeling at one with the public
  • Known for being exciting, overwhelming and extreme

Pisces (Neptune)

  • Publicly known for spirituality and psychic abilities
  • Known for associations with angels and spirit guides
  • Being known for love of fantasy
  • Projecting an ideal self to the public
  • Having an illusional public persona
  • Known to constantly change persona
  • Known for being dreamy and unrealistic
  • Known for being a saviour/victim/martyr
  • Being known for being an over romantic
  • Being seen as gentle, sweet and having your head in the clouds
  • Being seen as being out of touch with reality
  • Being known for cosplay, dressing up as fantasy or fiction characters
  • Known for artistic abilities
  • Being known for healing
  • Gaining a reputation for being a storyteller and/or a bit of a lair
  • Known as being a great actor and moulding into different personas with conviction
  • Being known as an empath and hyper sensitive
  • Known for associations with drugs, alcohol or other addictions
  • Known for being unconditionally loving to the public
  • Being peaceful and soft spoken in the eyes of the public
  • Known for being a volunteer and charity work
  • Having a reputation for being a dreamer and having a strong imagination
  • Known for association with the water and the ocean
  • Public seeing that you live in your own dream world
  • Disappearing in the public
  • Known for magic (witchcraft/tarot ect) 
  • Blending in on social media

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©ellie-mae-astrology on Tumblr

Second House Insecurities

**If you don’t have any planets in the second house, look at the ruling planet of your second house cusp. These are the things the signs feel that they lack and therefore value and wish to have in themselves. 

Sun in the second: Insecure of personality, feels they are boring or lack charisma

Moon in the second: Insecure of deeply felt passions and desires, feels they’re unable to control emotions

Mercury in the second: insecure of intelligence, feels they lack good speaking and writing skills, finds it hard to confront others and communicate ideas

Venus in the second: insecure of sociability or social skills, feels they lack charm or are unattractive

Mars in the second: insecure of their ability to assert themselves, feels they may be too dependent on others

Jupiter in the second: insecure of wisdom and street smarts, feels they are inexperienced

Saturn in the second: insecure of their own authority, feels irresponsible or immature

Uranus in the second: insecure of individuality or ability to rebel, feels they may conform too much or be a stickler for rules

Neptune in the second: insecure of spirituality or religion, feels they aren’t understanding or compassionate

Pluto in the second: insecure of their own personal power, feels they are weak or unable to influence others

I hate when I see wealthy young people, teenagers and younger, brag about accomplishing huge feats as if it reflects in any way on themselves.

“I started a clothing line at 17!” “I built a company at 14!” no you didn’t. you threw your parents money at other people until they got stuff done for you. you don’t have work ethic, you don’t have intelligence, you don’t have drive. you have money.

and yes, that’s all you have. there is not a single rich person on this planet who has half the work ethic or drive of the average working class person. there are millions and millions of people who would have accomplished all you have and then some while being more efficient and more time conscious if given your same resources.

these ideas are of course foreign to rich people because they are of the strictly libertarian belief that they rose to power and wealth by their own merits. but, just to be clear: rich people accomplishing anything, ANYTHING, is not impressive and is actually insulting.

Friendly reminder:

Lapis does not only control water

Lapis controls any liquid.

Any liquid includes blood.

Lapis is the most dangerous gem in potential when we talk about being on earth, if she damn pleases she can control every single organic being and make them all do what she wants, not only a 70% of earth is on her mercy, also every organic being in it.

This planet could easily be on her feet so don’t fuck with her. 

If you really think about it, 99% of MOGAI identities are useless.

By mogai identities I mean the ones like “cupioromantic/sexual” or “requiesromantic/sexual”.

Sexual/romantic identities are already too confusing to go around searching for another 15 labels just to feel “valid”. 

If you’re a lesbian it doesn’t mean that you always feel sexually attracted to girls, or that all girls look pretty for you, or that you find all men repulsive. It means that you only want to date girls. That’s all. Everyone has different experiences. No one feels love or sexual attraction the same way. 

If I go into a mogai sexual/romantic attraction masterlist, I could easily identify at least with 10 labels. 

Example: I could identify as “Idemromantic”( a romantic orientation that finds difficulty in distinguishing platonic and romantic attraction, but can usually figure it out by usuing other factors. ), because when I start falling in love with someone, I wonder if I just want to be their friend or if im really attracted to them. You know why I don’t go around labeling myself as Idemromantic? Because it’s not necessary. Why would I ever need to say im Idemromantic? It would only make me more confused about my identity, because feelings change, my relationships change. Maybe that girl I met last year made me confused when trying to figure out if i wanted something romantic with her or not. But this girl I met last month doesn’t make me feel like that. Should I stop identifying as idemromantic? am i still valid?

That’s what i’m trying to say. Most of mogai identities are based on how the person experiences sexual/romantic attraction, which, I must say, it’s pretty useless since every single person on this planet has different experiences and feelings. 

Sexual and romantic orientations are about who you love, not how you love.

Terms like gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual and heterosexual exist because it helps to clarify which genders the person feels attracted to. If a guy asks me on a date I will thell him im not interested in it because im a lesbian, and that might clarify that I only want to date girls. If someone goes into a dating app and puts in their profile they’re pansexual, that helps to clarify they could date a person of any gender.

You don’t know how stressful it is to be a 13 y.o on tumblr watching everyone label themselves with at least 5 terms (regarding their sexual/romantic attraction). I was just coming to terms with my lesbian identity, but I felt like I should put more labels on me, because it was more “progressive”.

No one should go trough that. No one should feel pressured to label themselves in every aspect of their sexual and romantic life. 

Astrology: The 7th house and the relationship partner

Our ascendant sign indicates how we distinguish ourselves as an individual. It depicts the characteristics we project into the outer world and how we proclaim our “I am”.

In regards to this, our descendent then indicates who we declare as “They are”. The sign here indicates the type of people we attract or are attracted to as they provide contrast to who we define ourselves as - Ever heard “opposites attract”?

The 7th house is often associated with romantic relationships, however this is commonly the simplified modern interpretation of this house.

Essentially what the 7th house represents is any situation where you are in ‘contract’ with another person in a one-on-one circumstance. You come to agreements here, and this is why this house is associated with the marriage partner (and also business relationships and deals, as well as law and close friendships).

The sign here indicates the characteristics attractive in another person, and also indicates who is drawn to you. It is often 9 times out of 10 that we have our longest and most successful relationships with people who have the sign on out descendent on one of their personal planets or their rising sign.

Many other factors can alter this such as:

  • The ruler of the sign on our DC (sign/house and aspects play a vital role in interpretation)
  • Venus house, sign and aspects
  • Juno house, sign and aspects

Looking at the ruler of the 7th house and its condition is very important if you 7th house is empty!

No…this does not mean you’ll live alone with 9 cats and a parakeet called Charlie…your 7th house ruler will give you more information as to the nature of your potential future relationship partner.

In fact, if your 7th house is empty, the bond you can create when someones planet falls into this house can strengthen your connection with them as their presence seems to ‘complete’ you in a way you find magnetic and romantic.

Check the sign on your descendent + the sign the ruler is in (regardless if you have planets in the 7th or not) as this will highly indicate the most likely people you’ll form relationships with.

Note* This will also indicate how you will act in relationships with other people! (This will greatly depend on if you subconsciously project these characteristics onto another person/if they have planets in this sign)

  • Also take note of any planets in the 7th house

* The house of the 7th ruler (+ aspects) will also have an influence - for advanced readers

Aries 7th (Look for Mars Sign)

  • An independent relationship partner
  • A hot headed and temperamental partner
  • A masculine and driven partner
  • Someone who is sporty and always on the go
  • Having a partner who takes the lead in relationships  
  • Being competitive with the relationship partner
  • The partner is fiery, passionate and highly sexual
  • Play fighting with the partner
  • Having a tomboy partner
  • Someone who is defensive and aggressive
  • Someone who goes head first into things without much forethought
  • A partner who can be selfish
  • A partner who is a fighter and daring
  • Having a partner who’s are pioneer and aims to reach the top
  • Having a partner who’s into weapons, fighting, sports and/or competing
  • A partner who’s into violent movies and/or video games
  • A partner who can put themselves first
  • The relationship partner is daring, courageous and has little to no fear of anything or anyone
  • A partner with a “Try me” attitude
  • A partner who doesn’t take “no” for an answer
  • Having a partner who prefers to do their own thing
  • Having a partner who makes it hard to pin down because they want to be independent and solo
  • A hot headed and boisterous partner
  • A partner who is physically fit, athletic and sporty
  • A partner whines always looking for something new to do
  • A masculine partner
  • The relationship partner tends to start things but not finish them

Taurus (Look for Venus Sign)

  • A slow moving and steady partner
  • A very attractive and aesthetic partner
  • Having a partner who’s artistic and enjoys making things
  • A relationship partner who enjoys makeup, hair, beauty, perfumes, jewellery clothes
  • A partner who has a love of money and material possessions
  • A Possessive partner
  • Having a partner who can be stubborn and/or lazy
  • Partners favourite date is Netflix and chill…
  • Having a partner who spoils you (buys you things, takes you out for dinner)
  • A hard working and determined partner
  • The relationship partner makes the most money
  • The relationship partner enjoys living on the land, nature and animals
  • Partner is simplistic and repetitive
  • The partner doesn’t like change
  • A partner who enjoys buying and spending
  • The partner can be a bit of a hoarder
  • Having a partner that only wants the best and finest things in life
  • A partner who love giving and getting physical affection
  • A sensual and hedonistic partner
  • Partner can’t keep their hands off you
  • The relationship partner loves food, soft blankets and has ‘their’ seat/spot/side of the bed ect…
  • A partner who can be stingy and holds onto money
  • A partner who provides you a sense of security in the relationship
  • The relationship partner grounds you in the here and now

Gemini (Look for Mercury Sign)

  • A chatty, funny and quick witted partner
  • A partner who does all the talking
  • The relationship partner is glued to their phone or other technology
  • A partner who love to socialise and go out in the town a lot
  • The partner constantly texts, snapchats, calls, even face time you
  • A partner who loves to read and/or write
  • The relationship partner constantly changes their mind and opinion on things
  • An intelligent and bright partner
  • The relationship partner asks a lot of questions about…everything
  • Having many conversations with the partner
  • Can talk to the partner about anything
  • The partner is curious and is always wanting to learn and know about ‘what’s new’
  • An inquisitive partner who will always find out the information they are looking for
  • The partnership feels more brotherly or sisterly
  • Having a partner who’s constantly ‘In the know’
  • A partner who seems to mimic what you do
  • The partner takes on the same trends as you do
  • A youthful (or younger) partner
  • The relationship partner sometimes doesn’t listen because their mind is somewhere else
  • Having a relationship partner with someone you grew up with
  • A partner who’s light hearted and tends to avoid things that are deep and emotional in nature
  • Having a partner who constantly changes their ideas, thoughts and opinions on things
  • A partner who enjoys exploring the neighbourhood
  • A partner who has a strong association with their siblings (or cousins)

Cancer (Look for Moon Sign)

  • A sweet, gentle and caring partner
  • A partner who greatly enjoys physical affection - especially hugs
  • The relationship partner has a soft, feminine nature about them
  • The partner is a bit of a homebody
  • The partner enjoys cooking/home made meals over going out
  • A partner who is family focused/wants to create their own family
  • The relationship partner is strongly associated with the mother figure (for better or for worse)
  • The partner can be moody and irritable
  • The relationship partner can be overly emotional about things
  • A partner who prefers to have their own privacy
  • The partner wants to be cared for and coddled like their mother would
  • The partner likes family tradition
  • An intuitive and receptive partner who seems to know what you’re feeling all the time
  • The partner likes to stay at home while you go out and do work
  • The partner has a soft bodied figure
  • The partners sensitive and their emotions can be unpredictable at times
  • The partner can be needy and clingy at times
  • A partner who acts like a baby when they don’t get their way - “But _____, I waaaant iiiit!”
  • The relationship partner is sentimental about things in the relationship - “Remember when we ___?”
  • The partner is protective and defensive (For you and/or themselves)
  • A partner who loves their home and being comfortable as much as possible

Leo (Look for the Sun)

  • A happy, cheerful and bright eyed partner
  • The partner is dramatic, fun and playful
  • The relationship partner is a bit of a show off (will do/say things to impress you or make you laugh)
  • A flamboyant and eye catching partner
  • Your partner can steal your spotlight
  • The relationship partner is bossy
  • A partner that treats you like a king/queen (and expects the same)
  • A generous and gold hearted partner
  • The partner is fiercely loyal and defensive
  • The partner can have a lot of pride in their relationship with you (and/or you to them)
  • The relationship partner shows you off (e.g. selfies on Facebook, snapchat and instagram with every #love tag they can think of)
  • The partner enjoys romantic dates such as going out to movies and to dinner
  • A partner who makes you feel special
  • The partner can be quite jealous
  • The partner can put themselves first at times
  • The partner will act like a clown just to make you laugh (being a bit of a show off at the same time)
  • The partner will do things to receive your love and praise
  • The partner can blow things out of proportion
  • A partner who can pout and give the silent treatment when mad - or flip a table or two
  • The relationship partner wants to be seen by others with you (look at how cute we are everyone)
  • The relationship partner is creative (either artistically or in the way they think/go about doing things) eg. Cook a recipe in their own creative way
  • A partner who can be extravagant (and depending on your other placements, you may or may not enjoy it!) e.g. Buys you a massive teddy bear on Valentine’s kind of extravagant
  • The partner can be vain at times (e.g. its date night, and they’re in the mirror checking their hair or outfit when its time to go - “Hang on babe, I don’t look amazing just yet”)
  • An attractive, passionate, charismatic and magnetic partner

Virgo (Look for Mercury/Ceres)

  • A modest and quiet partner
  • The partner is perfectionistic and does things in a particular way (because its the right way)
  • The partner is critical and fault finding about practically EVERYTHING
  • A partner who is very helpful and loves to use their skills to assist you in anyway they can
  • The partner acts like a bit of a servant for you at times
  • The partner enjoys cleanliness and organisation
  • A partner who gets mad when you move or rearrange their stuff
  • The partner is a workaholic and can at times be too focused on doing their job
  • The partner is a skilled labourer and craftsman (can be one of the top people in their field)
  • A partner who is efficient in the things they do
  • The partner is very picky and choosy about particular things - “You want to go to X for dinner?…what’s on the menu?…where else can we go instead?”
  • The partner likes keeping journals, records and sticky notes
  • A partner who can be quite particular about their appearance
  • A partner who is very health conscious (Fitness powders and supplements galore)
  • The partner enjoys healthy/clean eating and exercise
  • The partner loves pets and small animals
  • A partner who has a particular morning and/or night routine
  • The partner can be critical of the way you do things (usually its because its not the way THEY would do it)
  • A partner who does things exactly by the book
  • The partner prefers to do the chores (To be helpful…and because they want it done a particular way)
  • The partner doesn’t like to get dirty and dislikes anything they define as ‘gross’ (bugs/toilets/feet)

Libra (Look for Venus/Juno)

  • A partner who is fair and desires equality in the relationship
  • The relationship partner is considerate of your ideas, what you want and your opinions
  • The partner’s favourite phrases with you are “If you want/What do you want to do/If you’re happy, I’m happy”
  • A pleasing and charming partner
  • The partner can’t seem to make decisions for themselves
  • A relationship partner who loves beauty, fashion, makeup and is quite attractive
  • The partner is a diplomatic and tactful towards you
  • The relationship is very sociable and enjoys making conversation
  • The partner can be very agreeable (sometimes too agreeable)
  • A partner who will defend you and take your side or try to make you come to their side of the argument
  • A partner who can avoid issues in the relationship just to keep it happy and harmonious
  • The partner dislikes coarseness and rude behaviour
  • The partner can avoid problems and issues
  • A musical, artistic and/or aesthetically inclined partner
  • A partner who tends to not defend themselves
  • The partner can talk their way into getting you to see things from their perspective
  • The partner can give up things they like and take on things you like
  • The partner mirrors you
  • A partner who avoids confrontation and disagreements at all costs
  • The partner is passive aggressive
  • The partner says they’ll do something, then decide not to (inconsistent)
  • The partner is a traditional romantic
  • A relationship partner who would rather avoid diving deep into emotional issues just to keep the peace
  • A partner who is a champion at arguing and making a point

Scorpio (Look for Pluto)

  • A deeply sexual and magnetic partner
  • The partner is greatly aware of everything you try to hide from them
  • The partner sees through you like glass
  • You feel completely merged and at one with your partner
  • Your relationship partner is deeply raw and authentic
  • A relationship partner who is attracted to the darker the darker, more taboo aspects of life
  • A relationship partner who feels, thinks and does things in an intense or an extreme way (eg. Workouts for a solid 2 hours)
  • Having a love/hate and extreme highs and lows with the relationship partner
  • The partner is obsessive and possessive of you (and/or you to them)
  • The partner is easily jealous
  • The partner can be intimidating
  • A relationship partner that provokes emotional extremes in you
  • A partner who has great healing and transformative abilities
  • The partner takes an all or nothing approach to the relationship
  • Feeling possessed by the partner
  • The partner is into the occult, shamanism, reiki, tarot and mediumship
  • The partner can be a bit controlling
  • A partner who can make you feel secure but can take it away just as easily
  • Being completely energetically connected to the partner
  • Sharing everything you have with the partner
  • The relationship feels like a birth, death and re-birth cycle
  • The partner heals you
  • You change who you were/are during and after being with the relationship partner
  • The partner is secretive and may not reveal much about themselves

Sagittarius (Look for Jupiter)

  • An optimistic, happy-go-lucky, and humorous partner
  • A religious or spiritual relationship partner
  • A partner who loves travel/is from overseas
  • The relationship partner is philosophical and open-minded
  • The partner is jovial, light hearted and playful
  • A relationship partner who likes to live on the wild side
  • A partner who enjoys freedom of doing what they want, when they want
  • The relationship partner doesn’t want to be tied down
  • A partner who is hard to pin down
  • The relationship partner enjoys big conversations about life and the universe
  • The partner is sport and athletic
  • You become a nomad with your partner
  • Travelling a lot with your partner/Travelling to meet the partner/meeting the partner through travel
  • A partner who has a hard time committing due to wanting to be free and go and come when they please
  • The relationship partner loves the great out doors
  • A partner who loves big animals (horses for example)
  • Doing wild and adventurous things with your partner (e.g skinny dipping under a full moon)
  • Camping and living a gyspy life with your partner
  • The partner is a bit of a hippy
  • The partner can be self-righteous and opinionated
  • A partner who avoids deeper emotional issues in the relationship
  • A partner who has a hard time being deeply emotionally intimate
  • Expanding your life experience with your partner
  • The partner helps you explore different cultures and has adventures experiences with you (e.g. bungee jumping in New Zealand)
  • A partner who acts as a teacher or guru

Capricorn (Look for Saturn)  

  • A responsible and mature relationship partner
  • The relationship partner may be older than you
  • A partner who tends to claim the authority in the relationship
  • An ambitious, driven and a career forced partner
  • A partner who desires to achieve their goals
  • The partner is practical and grounded in ‘reality’
  • The partner is hardworking and can be a workaholic
  • The partner pushes you towards your own ambitions and becomes the driving force to help you achieve your goals
  • The relationship partner brings structure to your life in the relationship
  • A partner who doesn’t stop working and has a hard time relaxing
  • The relationship partner doesn’t quit until they achieve the
  • The partner has a sense of seriousness about them
  • A relationship partner who is conservative and traditional
  • A partner who can be a bit stingy with money
  • The relationship partner affects your public status (for better or for worse)
  • The partner is dutiful and loyal
  • A partner who can be controlling and a bit demanding
  • A partner who has a hard time showing their emotional side
  • The partner sees the relationship as ‘business’
  • The partner doesn’t deal well with emotional turmoil
  • The partner has a strong connection to their father figure (for better or for worse)
  • A partner who can push you to the top
  • The partner likes to be dominant in relationships (or you)
  • Meeting the partner through career, family meeting or a business meeting

Aquarius (look for Uranus)

  • An eccentric, out of the box and unusual partner
  • “They’re weird but I like them that way”
  • A partner who’s into all things ‘space’ (Astrology, astronomy, aliens 👽)
  • A partner who is a humanitarian and has dreams to re-invent the world (or at least in government or politics)
  • A partner who is helpful and caring towards their friends and strangers
  • A partner who does charitable services to help others
  • The relationship partner has a odd quirk about them
  • The relationship partner is highly intelligent to the point of genius
  • A partner who has a weird and unique way of thinking and seeing the world around them
  • Experimentation in the relationship
  • The relationship isn’t a ‘traditional’ relationship (eg. Only seeing each other so often to something like polygamy)
  • A partner who can be more focused on their friends then the relationship
  • The partner has a fear of intimacy/doesn’t want to be held down
  • The partner is into nerd culture (GOT/Walking Dead/Star Trek/StarWars. Ect…)
  • A partner doesn’t see themselves as being ‘special’ but ‘just like everyone else’
  • Having an open relationship
  • There is a distinct need for ones own personal freedom in the relationship
  • Going through ups and downs/ on again, off again relationships
  • The partner can be emotionally distant and aloof
  • The partner rebells if you impose rules on them in the relationship
  • Same sex relationships
  • A relationship partner thats more like a best friend than a romantic partner
  • Breaking all the rules when it comes to relationships

Pisces ( Look for Neptune)

  • A sensitive, gentle and compassionate relationship partner
  • The partner is dreamy and somewhat ethereal in their nature
  • The relationship partner is spiritual and ‘new age’ inclined
  • A partner who cares about all life
  • The partner is psychic, empathic and a mystic
  • The partner acts as your knight in shinning armour (saviour)
  • The partner can act like a victim or martyr (most likely because of their own demise)…and you have to be their saviour
  • A partner who needs taking care of
  • The partner is unconditionally loving and caring
  • The relationship wants to merge themselves with you, body, mind and spirit
  • The partner is attached to your hip
  • The partner is overly romantic (though may not always act on their relationship fantasies)
  • A partner who has addictive tendencies (not just drugs and alcohol, but to anything in general - food, movies, video games, psychic readings ect)
  • The partner can have a bad habit of isolating themselves
  • The partner is artistic and imaginative
  • A relationship partner that can lie to get themselves out of trouble (and they’re often convincing)
  • A partner who can be overly sensitive and emotional
  • A partner who has a lot of dreams but doesn’t seem to act them out (without your assistance at taking care of the details)
  • The partner isn’t overly interested in sex and finds satisfaction in just being near you
  • A partner who can be clumsy because their head is always in the clouds (and you ground them)
  • A partner who loves fantasy
  • Non binary sexual relationships
  • A partner who loves film and photography
  • The partner can be impractical and somewhat gullible
  • The partner is sympathetic and forgiving  
  • A partner who has no sexual preference (and/or you)

“If Only The Sky Would Disappear” by Cameron Gray

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Leo Moons feel the need to perform their emotions, dramatically or intensely. It’s a conflict, but if they are in public they usually can control themselves. Good luck to their home life.

Pisces Moons feel everything so deeply that it gets lost in the waves of emotion and sometimes it’s just too much to express. There is no other moon sign like Pisces. They are sacrificial lovers with the deepest and most psychic emotions.

• The Cancer Mercury mind lives in memories with defenses all around shielding them from unwanted thoughts. They store everything they have experienced with their loved ones and are so creative. The facts and details of memories, however, could be lost. For most water mercury signs, the details of their memories can be blurry at times or enhanced in some way.

Sagittarius Mercury can be detrimental if you have no earth or air in your chart, because things can be exaggerated. Quick to question but also quick to believe. High minded thinkers.

Aries Venus is restless when it comes to relationships and experiences with people. If you have no signs or aspects in your chart that keep you grounded or loyal, it could possibly indicate an unfaithful lover, but it’s because they want and need freedom, not out of malice.

• Since Venus and Mars both can indicate romantic, intimate or sexual relationships, I’ve noticed if you have sister/opposing signs in these planets it can balance out how you approach and seek out love/relationships/friends/sex. For example my Mars is in Cancer and my Venus in Capricorn and while some would say this could clash, to me since the planets involved are somewhat similar with relationships, it can bring a balance.

Sun in the 12th house is honestly one of the most difficult placements. It doesn’t mean there aren’t great and amazing qualities about it, BUT, you are most likely going to have an identity crisis no matter what your rising sign is. I have this placement and it often feels like I’m an alien in this world, someone reflecting back what I see in the world and in people. What is my identity? It’s blurred, hazy, hidden. It’s a constant search of self discovery. It also gives you great compassion for the collective unconscious. It just makes it hard to act because the ego/self is not clear. Different signs in this house, depending on which ones, could lessen or increase these issues.

• Your placements can appear contradictory, paradoxical, confusing and not make sense sometimes but that’s not a fault with astrology. Humans are complicated and we contradict ourselves a lot. There’s so much detail and astrology recognizes that. Dig deeper.

Aries Moons can have a childish temper if things don’t go their way. Their emotions appear much more aggressive than a Leo or Sagittarius moon.

Venus square Jupiter can indicate beautiful love but also overly self-indulgent behavior/habits.

• While I don’t know tons of Libra Moons, the ones I do know, have or had mothers who weren’t the most close emotionally or uplifting. Kind of a cold relationship. This could change depending on other placements and aspects.

Taurus truly is the most stubborn sign of the zodiac. For the sun, you’re stubborn in general, moon , you’re emotionally stubborn, and for mercury, you have a stubborn mind. You know what you want, and you know how to say no. That’s a blessing. Taurus is also very loyal so the only way No is hard is if you have to leave a relationship that’s been going on for awhile because you want to keep trying. After all, Taurus is a fixed sign. Could be hard to let go.

• Without Cardinal signs in your chart, especially personal planets, it could be difficult to start projects or things in general, without help.

• Any Gemini placement honestly can appear deceiving or contradictory but it’s not their fault. To me, mutable signs in general can be confusing and hard to grasp because they are and can be so changeable and fluid.

• It can be helpful to look at your Draconic and Birth Charts together to see how you relate to both charts. To me, I’ve seen the fusion of these energies come out. Of course, your draconic chart is mainly seen when you’re born and as a child which eventually shifts into the energies of your birth chart but I’ve noticed some things stay or fuse with the energy of your birth chart.

Chiron in the 5th house can really show up as wounds and insecurities to do with your talents and creativity. Helping others with flourishing their creativity will help you heal.

Saturn in the 3rd house is a lesson in the struggles of communication and what really needs to be said. It’s a hard lesson, but one that’s worth it. It will grow you as a person. Very difficult in childhood but can be mastered into adulthood.

full voltron q/a transcription

Q: Can you guys give any hints about season 7?

BEX: So many.

JDS: It’s gonna be awesome.

LM: [nonsense word???] [Bex laughs at her.]

RHYS: You’ll learn the Altean alphabet. [everyone laughs, agrees, “fun and educational!”]

BEX: Here’s the thing. If you guys thought season six hurt? [laughing] Get ready.

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imagine instead of a peaceful and graceful first contact, aliens are pissed at us and the first contact is just them complaining how hard it is to study us.

“DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD IT WAS TO STUDY YOU PEOPLE!?!?! OURS BIOLOGISTS HASENT HAS SLEEP IN WEEKS TRYING TO STUDY THE ECOSYSTEM YOU KEEP CHANGING! one generation its on the verge of collapse, with clear intentions of killing it. then the next generation you are hell bent to repair it! dont get me started on how much of a headache it was that you kept reviving extinct species you killed! we look like total idiots having to go back and change reports to the empire! not to mention are engineer also wants a word with the person who keeps changing tech so that they have to start almost from scratch studying it! like you went from not knowing anything about space to ‘oh we know the composition of near by exoplanets, how they formed, and how the universe was created’ and ‘we should colonize and terraform this planet.’ WITH IN FOUR GENERATIONS! YOU EVEN LANDED ON YOUR *(&(*^(^*&^& (translation unknown…likely to be a swear worse then any word we have) MOON WITH IN TWO DECADES OF DISCOVERING THE TECH TO GO INTO SPACE! oh and our scientists studying human culture wants kill you all herself  because you keep changing culture almost on a daily bases!!! and not to mention you somehow DOUBLED YOUR LIFESPANDS SOME HOW. AND OUR GEOLOGIST IS FREAKING OUT BECAUSE YOUR PLANET DIDNT EVEN HAVE OXYGEN ORIGINALLY AND A FREAKEN CORAL MADE ALL OF IT, FROM WHICH OTHER LIFE FORMS ADAPTED TO THE OXYGEN! oh and dont even get me started on your ‘internet’!”

this would then launch a new golden age of human progressiveness and technological advancements greater then anyone has ever dreamed for one goal, and one goal only. to troll the aliens as much as humanly possible. 

it will be the galaxy’s greatest prank.

The truth abt Donald Trump and every other rich person who wants to stop any and every attempt at environmental conservation is that they truly don’t believe they, themselves, will ever be affected by it. They literally believe that their riches and money are the things that will protect them against climate change. They really believe that they are above any havoc that they might be causing to the planet because they have billions of dollars in their bank accounts and it’s seen them through escaping responsibility for every other disaster. The way rich people think about and perceive their money/wealth is not just deeply disturbing, but fucking destructive to everyone else who wants a shot at the planet actually being livable in the next 200 years.

Major Aspects in Astrology

Conjunction (Hard)

  • This aspect is form when two or more planets are within 3 degrees of one another (the tighter the degree is to 0, the more powerful and profound the integration of the two planetary energies into one another).
  • Each planet has their own individual energy, however in a conjunction, the planetary energy is expressed simultaneously in the style of the sign they are both placed. These planets will act together, not individualistically.
  • This aspect is considered a ‘hard’ aspect due to the fact they can express more positive or negative qualities depending on the style of drive of a planet.
  • Conjunctions to other planets can give that planet a style of expression as the conducting planet rules (Example: Sun conjunct Jupiter will give the native a Sagittarian style of expression to their self identity, regardless of sign. Conjuncting Jupiter will also greatly enhance the sign of the sun, making them far more prominent than without the conjunction).


Easy - Moon conjunct Venus: Love and affection is also integrated into the natives style of nurturing and what they need to be emotionally satisfied. This is an extremely gentle, and affectionate conjunction.

Hard - Sun conjunct Saturn: This can be a very self limiting aspect, as Saturn puts blocks on the natives drive for self expression, making the native rather quiet and shy. This can also be an indication of someone who is prone to depression and self doubt.

Opposition (Hard)

  • This aspect if formed 177 - 183 degrees from one another (the closer to 180 degrees, the more prominent this aspect is felt).
  • This aspect show two conflicting energies within the self, that are contradicting and conflicting.
  • These planetary energies will make a ‘swinging’ motion, going back and forth as they try to gain dominance of expression.
  • This aspect feels internally tense, irritating and uncomfortable, as if no matter what you do, you can’t get exactly what you want.
  • Though this is another hard aspect, like the conjcuntion, it does carry benefits and can be balanced.
  • The first step to balancing this aspect lies in the realisation that you need BOTH energies to be expressed, not just one.
  • This aspect is easier to resolve if a trine to one or both planets is involved or is part of a T-Square.  
  • The opposing planet, like the opposition, will integrate the style of the sign it rules (Example: Mars in pisces opposite Pluto in Virgo would indicate someone who acts passive in times of confrontation one time, than becomes explosive and aggressive - much like a mars in scorpio - another time).
  • This aspect can also be balanced as planets will more often than not share the same modality and be a in compatible element (apart from the cases where this aspect is formed by out of sign planets).


Venus opposite Uranus: To balance this opposition, the native would need a sense of personal freedom in relationships in oder to form a functional relationship. This person may also fluctuate from being affection to passive, and in these time, some personal space will be needed, and they are ready, can return to the partner - unconventional relationships tend to manifest from people with this aspect.

Trine (Easy)

  • This aspect is formed when two planets are 117-123 degrees from one another  (the closer to 120 degrees, the more prominent this aspect is expressed).
  • Training planets are often in the same element.
  • It is a easy, flowing aspect whereby planets interact with ease, often providing the native with a ‘talent’ or strength in and between characteristics and energies.
  • This aspect is so easy, the native will not notice this aspect in their own personality, and are often puzzled by others who can not express the planets training in the same way they do.
  • This aspect holds a lot of potential, though because the nature of the aspect is so natural and laid back, a transit or interaction with another who activates the trine in synastry may be needed for the potential to be manifested.
  • Acknowledging this aspect in your chart will help you better understand and utilise this talent/gift.


Sun trine Mars: This will show a native who’s self-expression and self-drive flow together with ease. This person will have no problem expressing who they are and what they want, and have a great amount of personal drive to achieve goals. This can also give the native an aura of sexual magnetism and a heroic and stand-out presence.

Square (Hard)

  • This aspect is formed when two planets are 88-92 degrees apart (the closer to 90 degrees, the more prominent this aspect is expressed and felt).
  • Planets squaring one another will often be a planet with the same modality but with an incompatible element.
  • The tension caused by this aspect is described as a type of ‘friction’ - two planets having the same aim (modality) with a different style/method (element).
  • This aspect can force and issue/compose a challenge externally as the aspect is projected outside the self onto the outside world to be dealt and resolved with.
  • This aspect can pressure to to find a resolution based on the lessons of the planets (in signs) that are involved.
  • A lot of effort is required to resolve the issues proposed by this aspect.


Mercury square Neptune: This native may have difficulty in differentiating facts from reality. There may be a lot of mental confusion with this aspect and a tendency to get lost in conversation, being spoken to and to transverse into a world of daydreaming and fantasy. Their concentration may be short, and may also be delusional in their thought. This aspect could also manifest a lair, or through a more positive manifestation, someone who can express their mental confusion through creative writing and materialising their fantasies into words/poetry.

Sextile (Easy)

  • This aspect is formed when two planets are 58 - 62 degrees from one another (the closer to 60 degrees, the more prominent this aspect is expressed and felt).
  • This aspect links planets of different modalities and elements, though the elements will be compatible (Earth/Water - Air/Fire)
  • These planets have compatible styles of expression and will ‘encourage’ one another in their form of expression
  • They can excite/stimulate one another, feeding each other productive energies
  • This aspect can manifest opportunities, but it is up to the native to decide whether or not they chose to use them. More to gain if taken, and if ignored or declined, nothing is lost.
  • This aspect is also another indicator for talents, possibly more active than the trine. You are more likely to notice and work on these talents.


Mars sextile Pluto: This aspect would give the native formidable ability to incorporate raw plutonic  power into their will power and drive. This can give great ability to put a lot off personal power into tasks and to achieve goals. This natives drive would be persistent and they would possess tremendous durability. This native may posses great physical power and have a large sex drive, not to mention quite sexually skilled and magnetic.

Inconjunct/Quincunx (Hard - often debated as a major or minor aspect.)

  • This aspect is formed when two planets are 148-152 degrees apart (the closer to 150 degrees, the more prominent this aspect is expressed and felt).
  • This is a point of major conflict between planets. Two planets that have no compatibility by sign or modality, yet are forced to interact with each other.
  • This aspect must be balanced and adjusted (either by escape rout via sextile or trine to one of the planets involved).
  • Those who poses this aspect in a tight orb (0′-2′) between planets often tend to compartmentalise the two areas of life indicated by the planets and points involved, acting out one planet at a time until the other planet becomes frustrated and takes over and is expressed.
  • Through the inflexibility of this aspect, it can manifest as an either ‘make or break’ situation.
  • A new, inventive and personal outcome can be created with this aspect.


Venus inconjunct Saturn: This aspect can indicate a native who’s ability to express love and tender affection clashes with their sense of authority, structure and patriarchal nature. This person may give excessive amounts of affection and love and may begin to feel like they aren’t getting the same amount in return, thus resorting to becoming cold and rejecting any affection that the partner tries to give. This person may also try to be patriarchal and directing in a situation that really requires gentle affection and care.

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