or zombie sonics

zombie apocalypse au

might do some more stuff for this, got the idea when me and my friends were playing L4D2 as sonic models

also, in this au nobody really has any special powers. they’re normal civilians. like sonic is a fast runner and knuckles is stronger than most people but not to the extent in the main canon

sonic-zombie  asked:

I have this headcanon that Henrietta got Mitch those shoes he wears all the time for Christmas or a birthday or something. She totally splurged on them (cuz converse are expensive as FUCK), but they're his favorite color and HOW COULD SHE RESIST. He for sure DID NOT CRY when she wasn't looking.

WHAT thhehef. Fuk gET OUT OF HERE WITH THAT MUSHY SHIT I’m,,,,,, not crying shut up,,,,,,,,, tttthiis is so pure and good

Ok I need to get this off my chest.

This is a mad scientist au my bro and i were making,
I really like how i drew this. Except tails, he looks terrible.

Anyways… is about Sonic and Knux just died on a mission?… and tails kinda get mad in trying to bring them back to life, so… finally he could… but not at all, they aren’t the same. They are more like a kind of zombies.