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Adding on to my popular Vinyl Of The Week photo series I’m going to start blogging about record shopping as well with my new series:

Adventures in Record Shopping

with Alyssa Panda Eyes

Store: 2nd Avenue Records

Location:  Portland, OR, USA

Spotted this place driving through downtown Portland and decided to stop in.  It looked from the outside like it would be a good store and it definitely was!  I appreciated the large selection of tee-shirts, although I wish they’d had more post punk choices.  I bought a really nice Love & Rockets tee shirt, and had a chat with the clerk about when he saw them live in the 80s.

They had a small but quality section for Garage/Psychedelia, so I bought 3 of my favorite 60s albums that I’ve been wanting to own on vinyl for some time now.  It seemed apt to buy The Sonics there as I was so close to Washington and they were from Tacoma!  Pictured in the last photo, me with my record purchases:

Monks - Black Monk Time

The Sonics - Introducing…The Sonics

The Zombies - Odessey & Oracle

The record selection was very good for a store of this size, it was diverse and included a lot of new vinyl at reasonable prices.  I wish their electronic/house section had been bigger but hey, I usually say that. lol

My outfit details:

Dress:  shoptunnelvision

Fur collar: Asos

Shawl: eBay

Shoes: TUK

Choker: shopspacetrash

Lips: LASplash


Here it is! My 200,000 subscribers special!


The very final installment of the Sonic Zombie series!

I’ve been drawing doodles lately, so I’m going to try and draw a huge proper drawing. And it’s going to be Sonic Zombie Thing by BalenaProductions (I forgot how it’s spelled, sorry!). I laugh every time I watch those videos, so why not draw it!

I might make it a livestream if a couple people want to come watch! I haven’t done one in forever!

Copypaste from Facebook:

So a lot of you are understandably upset about the end of Sonic Zombies. Maybe I can clear some things up to help you better understand.

Originally the series was meant to be a small break from my normal videos (Sonic in JAWS, Scared Stupid, Christmas With Sonic, and so on) but they quickly gained millions of views with each new episode and the pressure was on to create more. Every time I created one the unquenchable thirst of the fans of these videos showed. Almost an hour after uploading them the question would arise of “When is the next one?”. I am not a content creator hellbent on becoming #1 or making a boat load of money off of my content. I’ve always held a high standard for myself to keep my channel as quality as I see fit and Zombies clogging up the entire channel isn’t something I ever wanted to see done.

There are a lot of you that legitimately love the videos and I’m not trying to punish anyone. It’s just very disheartening when I can spend a week or two on an animation only to have the entire comments section flood with demands for a new Sonic Zombie when they were meant to be a treat.

The series also just drains me. I am so out of ideas and drive for this series. It’s getting very old very fast. You can only say Hooba Dooba so many times until people who enjoy ALL of my content have had enough and move on.

This is NOT a sign of me leaving or slowing down. This is just me putting an end to the monster I have created. With Sonic in Scared Stupid 3 coming up I don’t need it overshadowed by more Sonic Zombies.

This is not a break from Zombies nor is it a joke. This is the very last one forever. So enjoy it, because I will not be giving in to any pressure. If you want to unsubscribe that’s totally okay with me. I don’t really care about numbers. I care about what I create and the people that enjoy it.

I hope you guys understand and if you’re going to “leave” then by all means I’m glad you were here for a bit and enjoyed what I had to share.