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I have this headcanon that Henrietta got Mitch those shoes he wears all the time for Christmas or a birthday or something. She totally splurged on them (cuz converse are expensive as FUCK), but they're his favorite color and HOW COULD SHE RESIST. He for sure DID NOT CRY when she wasn't looking.

WHAT thhehef. Fuk gET OUT OF HERE WITH THAT MUSHY SHIT I’m,,,,,, not crying shut up,,,,,,,,, tttthiis is so pure and good


I have recently discovered the very best Sonic-related thing ever.

Vigilante opm au pt 3

Meet sonic
Sos-You gonna pay for a lap dance this time?

Genos is getting ticked off at all these omegas approaching saitama.

Sonic sees genos and snears at saitma


S-why does everyone think this is a date?

Enter amai mask
Am-Sonic what has pulled your attention away from me.

Sonic’s smile dropped.

Sos-i was saying hello to some friends.

sonic is not himself body language changed

Am-Genos i didn’t expect to see you here.

Full attention on genos
Genos pissed
Mask pushes into the booth sit next to genos

M-i didn’t know you frequented such a place.

G-it is none of your concern.

M-“Why don’t you come to the VIP section where we can be more”-moves in close to smell his collar- “intimate”

G-I am clearly with someone
Genos is livid

Mask Eyes saitama up and down-“You could do better.”

S-oi! He’s not going anywhere with you. Fuck off.

Saitama doesnt normally get territorial with alphas but this guy was pissing him off.

M-That’s your choice if you want to slum it.-he wasnt starting anything with an audience. Mask puts out arm. Sonic leaves reluctantly.

S-still puffed up-

G-Saitama that was amazing.

S-Blush-I couldn’t stand the way he was talking to you. Like you were some slutty omega.

G-‘But i am an omega’

S-Who was that guy?

Genos explains
Mask owns a lawfirm that is Retained by rich corporations.
Throws money around, buys favors, plays dirty. Is rumored to have dealing with crime bosses and drug lords.
Is known for his pushy alpha ways, that he can have any omega and doesn’t take no for an answer.

G-He Is always trying to get me in bed with him


G-‘does he really not see me as an omega?’

Meet mumen and zm
R-Hey saitama!

S-Wow we’re seeing everyone tonight. Genos meet rider and zombie man. Guys Meet my aquantance genos.

G-‘That’s all i am? Am i really not mate potential?’

G-We were celebrating genos’s win in court today

R-i saw him earlier

Rider Goes over how amazing genos is; only 19 has finished law school and graduated with honors.

G-“I saw no reason to wait”

Saitama did not realize he was that young. Almost chokes.

R-He’s like a devil in the court room.
-relises that might be offensive, gets embarrassed and tries to applogise. Socially drowning. Zombie-man saves him.

Zm-wanna join us?

All sit at table out in the open close to stage. Order a round of beer. Genos sits with back to stage.

Genos Learns rider is a cop
Use to have cop car, but was taken away from him because he drives insane. Made bicycle cop. Got the handle licenseless rider.

Saitama and rider use to be roommates And saitama use to be in police academy
Rider still trying to get him back into the force

R-Chief Bang would take you.

S-too much red tape

Genos learns zombie man Takes on high risk bounties on criminals and vigilantes. Got the handel “zombie man” because of how beat up he gets on the job.

Z-Just busted paradise group. A buch of young people that didn’t want to work. By the end of it the leader, Hammerhead, was crying for his mommy. -laughs- we should do another job together. Lots of money in it.

S-eh, not my style

Zm-one I’d love to catch is that demon cyborg. Now that’s a pay day!

S-what do you think of over powered man?

Z-Hes a myth. A boogey man made up by criminals

Saitama visable deflates.

The conversation changes about their characters in a campaign. Genos doesn’t even know what D&D is.

Rider looks at genos-you comming to game night?

Genos gets invited to sit in on a session.

They stay late enough the show starts. Puri puri comes out to intoduce the dancers. He is wearing heavy drag make up, Heart nipple pastes, and a pink thong.

He gives the same speach every night before the show starts covering why he founded the jail house, a place were omegas could work and take comand of their sexuality.

He has organized many marches and protests for omegan right to work and over all independence, and started half way houses for abused omegas. He shattered social norms that omegas are small, shy, cute baby makers and became a professional body builder.

Pp- “Beauty takes all forms ♡”

Genos knew Puri puri is a famous civil rights activist for omegas. What he didn’t realize was that he was in that establishment.

G-you use to work here?!
(A lot of the reason genos could lead an independent life is because of the work puri puri had done)

Z-man and rider both admire sonic dance.
Genos feels uncomfortable.
Another round is ordered
Genos drinks
Rider and Z-man both mention Sonic’s flair for the dramatic and flexibility. (they have both dated him)

S- Im not into dudes

Genos drinks more, makes himself sick.


Mask corners genos next to the bathroom. Saitama goes to check on genos, finds him pressed up against the wall by “that” guy, trying to put his mouth on genos’s glands.

Am-get lost.
-Mask lets out his alpha smell intended to scare off rivals.

Saitama crosses his arms, serious face “is this guy bothering you?”

Bewildered genos nods. Saitama Hauls mask up by his collar

Am- “What do you think you’re doing? Do you know who i am?”

S-the evening trash

Pp comes over-“saitama ♡ i didn’t know you came to visit ;*”

Mask “rick people” complains and treatens to sue etc.
Pp looks at saitama

S-he was trying to force a mark.

Pp aint having none of that. Takes saitama’s word over mask’s. Throws mask out into alley, bands him from the club.

Sos-i hate that smarmy guy.
He pays well but he creeps me out.

Pp offers saitama a job to strip.

S-you know I cant dance

Pp-i would have sonic teach you♡

S-not a chance.

Pp does final show. Saitama still isn’t phased. Genos thinks of saitama as a stripper. Drinks more. Genos gets sloppy drunk and is hanging all over saitama and they call it a night.

Saitama has genos’s arm over his shoulder and an arm around his waist. Genos is tring to rub his cheek into saitama’s neck and smell him.

G-you were amazing tonight

S-you dont need to butter me up

G-you looked so handsome challenging his dominance.


G-and so manly dragging him by the collar. His face was priceless.
-sigh, then leans on saitama
G-my hero.

S-oi, you’re acting like some love struck omega.

G-giggle-but i am.

Saitama really didn’t know.
Acts awkward
(like finding out your best bro is a chick awkward)

Slowly it comes to him why everyone thought he was on a date, and thinks maybe a strip club wasn’t a good place for a drink. Then saitama realizes genos is too drunk. Tries to get him a cab.

S-we need to get you home.

G-i’ll just call my driver.

S-its 2am?!

G-its ok, ill just
-passed out, saitama caught him before he hit the pavement.

Genos Wakes up in saitama’s place. Is ashamed of himself for getting too drunk and needed rescuing. Then the shere embarrassment of being in an alpha’s domain.

Genos Finds out saitama is a squater in an abandoned apartment complex in an old part of the city. No one had bothered to turn off The power and water.

This is why Saitama doesn’t bring friends over and asks genos not to say anything.
Saitama expects genos to judge his level of poverty.
Genos is a rich successful omega, why wouldn’t he?

G-If you ever need a place to stay…

Saitama is suprised by the offer and heart warmed.