or youre in the verge of giving up

I’ll Do It

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: You’re struggling to do everyday tasks because you’re on the verge of giving birth. Sam decides he can help you out, since it is his child you’re carrying.

Word Count: ~1,200

Warnings: fluff, innocent nakedness, pregnancy, cursing

A/N: I wanted this to be a drabble but apparently I’m incapable of writing those right now. So, here’s this.

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You groaned as you pressed your palms against the corners of the tub, pushing yourself up so you could grab your razor. Just as you had your full weight resting on your hands, your left one slipped and your butt hit the hard porcelain with a loud thud.

“Fuck! Oh my God, ouch…” You leaned your head back against the tile wall behind you and let tears fall from the sides of your eyes.

Within the minute, the bathroom door was flinging open, Sam with his hand on his gun.

“[Y/N]? Baby? What happened?” He crouched next to the bathtub and ran one hand over your forehead, pushing hair back while the other hand reached for yours and gripped it tightly.

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Title: Negan’s

Characters: Negan x You

Warnings: NSFW, swearing, oral sex

Note: ………………..this just made me realize how much I suck at writing smut but I did try. Also, this may or may not have a second part…let me know if you guys like it enough to request for a second part lol. Advanced Happy Valentine’s Day to y’all Negan lovers! xoxo

Part Two

It was the night that Negan was going to make you his.

You were on the verge of giving up on life when Negan and his Saviors found you, trapped on top of a huge truck amidst the sea of the undead. All you wanted was to stop all the running and to continue living without having to worry about the walkers turning you into one of them. So when Negan had saved you and offered you a pretty interesting deal, you didn’t think twice and immediately said yes.

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Imagine Loki and you being in a relationship and madly in love with each other. However, at some point you have to break up with him, because staying with you could endanger him: you decide however to not tell him the truth, because you know he couldn’t ever accept it. Sadly, the day you find the courage to do that, he proposes to you in front of everyone, obviously expecting a positive answer. When you have to say no, adding that you don’t love him, you never did, he gets furious at you and, destroying the ring he wanted to give you only a few moments before and feeling betrayed, storms away from the room, leaving you broken and on the verge of tears. A few weeks later, when you think it’s safe for you and Loki to meet again, you try to make up and explain the situation to him: but he doesn’t want to listen to you, doesn’t answer your phone calls and firmly says to everyone that, to him, you are less than nothing. You are devastated and sure you have lost him forever, but nonetheless keep trying to make him know why you acted in that way. One day, at the end, one of your enemies finally finds you and manages to stab you right in the stomach; feeling that you are going to die, alone and without any hope to survive, you decide to try to contact Loki one last time, even if it’s been almost a year since your break up: you call him and when he doesn’t answer his phone you leave a message, saying that you love him, you always had and you always will, and asking for his forgiveness, because you only wanted him to be safe.

Loki sees your message only the day after and, annoyed by your insistence, decides to listen to it, only to know how to definitively shut you up: little does he know that you already closed your mouth forever, a few hours before.

Hey, so you know how I was taking commissions and donations? Well, between then (when I first asked) and now, shit has quite literally hit the fan. I’m not going to get into it with you guys, but basically my mom has a habit of dropping the ball, so to speak, and putting a fuckton of pressure on me to help provide for the family however I can. She relies on my financial aid way too much and since I’m not getting it for another month, she’s putting even more pressure on my shoulders. That’s why I’m still open to writing commissions and accepting donations. 

The prices for commissions are on my personal blog: http://trashlynns.tumblr.com/coms

I’m also accepting Paypal donations at: ashlynn.armendariz@gmail.com

There’s nothing I hate more than having to ask for help, but my mom’s leaving a lot of shit up to me now. Ever since my dad died a couple years back, a lot of the responsibility to keep the family afloat has been put on my shoulders, so I’m pretty much the ‘dad’ of the family at this point. If my mom isn’t going to try scrounging up some money, I guess I’ve gotta do it. 


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“We fought again,” Hyungwon muttered, sitting beside you on the grass. “She wanted to get married but I told her I don’t want to yet.”

You looked sadly at him, pitying him.

“I told her that I’m on the peek of my career; that I don’t want to settle yet.” He massaged his temples and sniffed. You knew he was on the verge of tears. “She got angry and said that I couldn’t get over you.”

You bit your lip, shaking your head.

“What if I still can’t get over you?” He stared at the ground, tears falling from his eyes. “What if she’s right?”

You were tearing up as well. You couldn’t take it; seeing him breaking down yet you can’t say anything.

“____,” He called your name. You’ve always loved the way he lets your name escape his lips. “Please, give me a sign. Anything. I… I need you.”

Before he broke down in front of you, you were already a sobbing mess.

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Test Dummy

Group/Member: iKon/B.I

Genre: Drabble, Fluff

Word Count: 570

Summary: 151) “You really think I’m letting you do this?”

Requested: Yuuuup. Anon said: “151 to ikon’s hanbin (fluffy) thankssss”

Author’s Note: Woot woot! I wrote another Hanbin drabble because I just couldn’t resist… I love me some Hanbinnie!

- Admin Sonsee

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When you are depressed

Requested by @torn-and-frayed 



Sam is quick to catch on when you are having a “dark day.” He knows you prefer to stay in bed but that you see your depression as a weakness so you won’t. He lets you get up and go about your day without saying a word even though he knows you are feeling like crap. He won’t tell you to get back in bed when he knows you have had enough and are on the verge of tears instead he will fake feeling ill or being really tired and retreat to your room himself knowing that you will be in to check on him shortly. When you get back to your shared room he will simply have found your favorite movie on Netflix and ask you to join him knowing that being close to him and letting the movie take your minds off your troubles for a while.

You never thank him but you will snuggle up to him and give him a long tender kiss when the movie is over and to Sam that is always thanks enough.  


Depression is one thing Cas cannot heal  and he hates it. He hates having to watch you suffer and retreat into yourself. He tries his best to cheer you up by bringing you all the things you love wheter it be your favorite snack, your favorite beer (directly from the brewery in the country where it is made), your favorite flower (picked on a field in the land it originates from) or your food home cooked meal by himself (with a little coaching from Dean the first few times).

Even though Cas attempts does take some of the pain away the darkness in your mind never completely disappears until Cas accepts his defeat and lays down in bed next to you closing his arms and wings around you because maybe he cannot heal your pain but he can definitely share it with you.  


Dean is no stranger to struggling with the darkness in his own mind so he gets it when everything suddenly gets too much for you. He never thinks less of you as a hunter or a woman for crying against him as he pulls you into a tight embrace.

He always knows when your mind is spiraling down but he will never mention your pain or your tears in front of the others. He will rather make up and excuse for the two of you to leave the bunker whether it be him needing your help on a supply run or a fake case he needs you to check out with him he will always get you out of the door without the angel or his brother knowing the real reason why.

Dean will drive while you stare out of the window letting your hand play with the wind as the world pass by. He will drive and drive as if he thinks if he gets far enough away he will be able to outrun the darkness in your mind. When he finally stops the stars will be out and he will lay down with you on the hood of the impala silently reminding you no matter how dark or big the world gets he will always be right there next to you. Loving you through whatever might come or whatever tricks your mind will play on you. His presence is more comforting than he will ever know.  


A/N: Aside from I Love You ‘Til the Sun Dies, this has to be one of my favourite imagines that I’ve written! :)

For: I had three very similar requests from @mendozamaya03, and two Anons, so I combined them! Enjoy!

Imagine: Eric realizing that you are really weak so he plans on giving you private training lessons. By the end of initiation, you two become a couple.

You throw another pathetic punch at the bag, once again, it barely moves. You were weak, very weak; you had the willpower to be Dauntless, but not the strength. You feel as if you’re on the verge of tears and your face is burning up. 

You get a feeling that you’re being watch and you turn around, your feeling was right Eric was burning holes in your back with his eyes, he didn’t even have the courtesy to turn away when you caught him staring. 

Eric’s POV

I have to admit, she’s bad, but I don’t know why I feel the need to help her. If she doesn’t get better she’ll be factionless in no time. So? Why does it matter to you? It’s because she has potential, a lot of potential, she might not be good now but she can be. It’s final, I will help her.


“Alright initiates, you’re done for the day, get out!” Eric shouts, and everyone heads towards the door, you stay at the back, and just before you exit, Eric grasps your arm and whispers, “You stay back.”

“Y-yes sir." 

"You don’t need to call me sir,” He smirks at the term, and you blush.

“You’re weak,” He says and you scoff, “But, you have potential.”

You smile to yourself, “This means nothing, remember that initiate! You have what it takes to be Dauntless, and I’m going to make you into a fucking good member.”


“Private training,” He says nonchalantly, “meet me here, every evening after dinner, two hours then it’s straight to bed.”

“Private-” You think out loud shaking your head, “Eric, do you really need to do this?”

“It’s either that or being factionless, I’m giving you an opportunity of a lifetime Y/N, if you turn this down it’s your loss,” Why is he doing this for me. Out of all the initiates, why me? “Now go eat, and come meet me here at 7:00 sharp, not a minute late do you hear me?!”

You have a billon questions racing through your mind but you simply say, “Okay.”

6:56, your friends held you back as you tried to come up with a reasonable excuse, he may not of said so but you’re pretty sure that Eric wouldn’t want anyone knowing about this arrangement. You race down the hallways of the compound, panting as you finally barge into the training room, 7:01, shit.

“You’re late,” Eric says without turning around.

“By a minute,” You mumble.

“What was that?”

“Nothing sir.”

“10 laps around the gym, now!”


“For each minute that you’re late, you have to run 10 laps,” You stand frozen, “Do you want me to make that 20 initiate?!”

“N-no, I’m going!” You say as you begin running. By the last lap, you barely manage to drag yourself to the end. When you finally do, you collapse to your knees, wheezing from shortness of breath. 

"Alright get up and come to the bags.”

“Can I- at-least get- a- break?” You beg through gasps. 

“Tell me this; if you’re being chased by an enemy, and after an hour of running there’s nowhere to run to, so you have to fight, do you think they’d stop to give you a break?” You look at him as if he’s crazy and he sighs, “Alright fine, get a drink of water, then come join me.”

You quickly go before he can change his mind. You come back and for the remaining hour, he helps you with stance and attacking technique. 

That night you slept better than you ever had before. 

Tonight would mark the one-week anniversary of yours and Eric’s training sessions, and things were looking up, you were going up in ranks very fast. 

“Hey Eric,” you say walking into the training room, things between you two weren’t that awkward anymore. 

“Hi,” he calls over his shoulder as he adjusts the bags for you. He finally turns around, “today we’ll be doing a little bit of practice on the bags, and then we’ll move on to actual combat.”

After punching and kick at the bag for a while, as promised, Eric takes you into the ring and tells you to throw the first punch, you do and he easily blocks it, throwing you to the ground. This goes on for a little while, and you become increasingly frustrated, “Eric how am I going to learn anything if you just keep throwing me to the ground?!”

“Well don’t let me! You won’t learn anything if you just keep falling to the ground, attack again before I get the chance!” You do as he says and after a while, you have a good fight going on. Eventually he has pushed against a wall and before you see it coming he kisses you, for a second you don’t reciprocate, but when you realize what’s happening you pull away, flustered. “Shit, I shouldn’t have done that Y/N; I don’t know what got into me.”

“I-it’s okay,” you mumble, “I think it’s t-time for me to go.”

Without wait go him to respond you leave the training room. Trying to hide the blush that was forming on your cheeks. You idiot, you should have kissed him back, you’ve like him for so long and now you let go of the only chance you may have had! You drop down on your cot, the events of today reply in your mind. 

The next morning you walk into the training room, to your surprise, Eric is not there. Shit, he’s mad at me isn’t he? As if he read your mind, Four announces, “Eric had some important business to take care of today so I’m just going to go over a few things, then you guys can work on whatever you want to work on.”

The evening after dinner, you wait in the training room; you check your watch 7:09, you begin to think that Eric isn’t going to show up. However, he does, all he says when he shows up is, “I’m sorry I’m late.”

“I-it’s okay,” He gestures for you to join him in the ring. You spend the rest of the evening fighting with Eric in silence.

When it’s time to go, you walk away but Eric grabs your arm, “Listen Y/N, I’m sorry about what happened last night, it shouldn’t have happened.”

You see something in Eric’s eyes that you’ve never seen before, he looks truly sorry. You take his had, “Eric, it’s okay. I wasn’t mad or upset, the reason I didn’t respond when you k- when it happened was because I was in shock. If I’m going to be honest, I-I didn’t really mind.”

He doesn’t respond so you decide to take matters into your own hands by leaning up and pecking him on the lips. He smirks down at you as you pull away.

He turns to leave and you call him once again, “Oh, Eric?”


“You were 9 minutes late, I think you owe me 90 laps,” You smirk.

“Don’t push it initiate,” You laugh as Eric leaves.

Today was the last day of initiation, today you will learn you official ranking in Dauntless. You had been training with Eric even after the physical portion of training had ended; he thought it would be best for you to continue your training. You and Eric had shared a few more kisses after the first one, but nothing had ever been made official.

You’re snapped out of your thoughts as a few older Dauntless members lift you off the ground, cheering. You look up at the ranking board in confusion:

1. Y/N

2. James

3. Aria

What?! I’m first?! I’M FUCKING FIRST! You scan the crowd, looking for Eric, he’s nowhere to be found, someone puts you back down on ground and turns you around. You weren’t able to find Eric because he was one of the people holding you up.

“Congratulations Y/N,” He says before kissing you. This is the first time he kissed you in front of anyone, and it wasn’t just anyone, he kissed you in front of the whole faction.

Eric’s lips on yours, the sound of the entirety of the faction cheering and whistling, you’ve never felt happier. You were officially Dauntless, and you were officially Eric’s.

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tofujam  asked:

Hi i really like your art and i was wondering if you took commissions:) if you dont thank perfectly fine! Keep up the sweet art!

I do now.
My tablet is on the verge of dying and I need a new one, so I decided to give taking commissions a try.
If anyone wants to support my future art shenanigans, now’s the time and I’ll be grateful to the max for it.

Commission info can be found here:


It’s on Deviantart, but if anyone wants to commission me, feel free to message me on tumbluh if that’s more convenient.
EDIT :  But if you do it via an ask, please clarify that you would like a commission slot, so I know if it’s a regular ask or commission ask!

Of course I’m still drawing asks for free and all, this is more for ppl who want their OC’s drawn or want to make extra sure something gets drawn.

Horror Movies with BTS

How would bts react to you watching a scary movie with them but you keep jumping and being really scared? :)

J-Hope: (Just imagining this is making me laugh). I think out of all of them, Hoseok would be just as jumpy as you. I think the story itself wouldn’t scare him, but all the jump scares probably would freak him out. By the end of the movie I think you would both be curled up into each other, you on the verge of tears, while he has his arms wrapped around you protectively.

“·It’s okay Jagi, it’s just a movie” He would attempt at comforting you, but his quivering voice would give him away. You’d both be a screaming mess on the sofa, but even through your fear clouded mind, you would be happy seeing how even though he was just as scared as you, he would try to put on a brave act to make you feel safe. You’d smile to yourself, taking in the smell of his cologne, right before covering your eyes a little too late, and screaming loudly, Hoseok’s arms wrapping around you a little tighter. The moment Namjoon tripped into the room, turning the light on, you would both jump at least a foot into the air, screaming your lungs out, while the other guy bent over in pure laughter, looking at both of your faces. That is when J-Hope would turn off the tv, calling it a night, and picking you up into his arms, before taking you to bed, wrapping the blankets tightly around the both of you.

“Can we leave a night-lamp on?” you’d ask him sweetly, and he would nod, turning off all the lights but one, before kissing your forehead.

Jungkook: I get the impression at first he would be a little awkward, not quite knowing what to do. I think he is still a bit shy around girls, being the youngest in the group and that. I don’t think he would be scared of the movie, but he might jump if one of the scares took him by surprise. He’d grin sheepishly the moment you screamed and grabbed onto him, holding him tightly, hiding your face in his chest, and would make a mental note to watch more horror movies with you.

“Are you scared?” He’d ask teasingly, but you’d nod shamelessly, your hands gripping onto his tshirt. If he saw you becoming too scared, he would probably wrap his arms around you tightly, and would start telling you how it is not real, and you have no reason to be scared, running through all the logical reasons why something like that would never happen in real life. He would awkwardly kiss your lips, his last attempt at calming you down, but would soon get more comfortable when he sensed you relax into the kiss, kissing him back passionately.

Jin: I think Jin wouldn’t take too well to you being utterly terrified by the movie. I mean, as long as you were just jumpy, he would probably sit back and enjoy the movie, smiling to himself every time he looked over to you, with your face covered behind your small hands, eyes peeking through the holes between your fingers (I genuinely do this during horror movies).
However, if he noticed you getting too scared, to the point it began worrying him, he would probably suggest changing the movie to something more cheerful.

“Okay that’s enough. Let’s go to bed Princess.” He would say, turning the tv off, and picking you up in his arms, as soon as he saw two fear-filled tears rolling down your cheeks. He’d probably spend most of the night watching you sleep, checking you didn’t have any nightmares, and just looking after your shaking figure, whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

Jimin: I get the impression sweet sweet Jimin would suggest watching this movie with you, sitting behind you on the sofa, with you positioned between his legs, with the idea of being the night in shining armor, but his plan would fail slightly once he realized he picked a far too scary movie. He would jump a little with every scare, but if you turned around to look at him, he would play it off like it was nothing, and tease YOU, asking if YOU are scared.

“Awww are you scared my baby? Do you need me to protect you?” He’d teasingly whisper into your ear, but would cringe the moment the monster popped up on the screen unexpectedly, making you scream. He’d be relieved though, when you finally ask him to change the movie, but he would still make fun of you for being a scaredy-cat.

“Should I put the Little Mermaid on for you?” He’d ask, with a silly grin on his face, while you stuck your tongue out at him, secretly relieved with the change of atmosphere. You’d snuggle with him as soon as the Disney movie began, relaxing in his strong arms.

Suga : He would probably be completely unfazed by the movie, losing interest in it quite quickly. Instead, his full attention would be on you, on how much your eyes sparkled as you stared at the screen with your eyes wide open, and how adorable your soft whimpers of fear sounded. Overall, he would slowly die of cuteness watching you hide your face behind a pillow, not breaking your stare from the screen. He wouldn’t really say anything, he would just laugh to himself and wrap his arms around you tightly, peppering your cheeks with kisses, and playing with loose strands of your hair, closing his eyes as he takes in the sweet scent of your shampoo. He would feel you start shaking with fear, his eyes darting open, and would notice your eyes glistening with the threat of tears, and his heart would twist a little.

“I’m tired baby, let’s finish watching this later.” He’d tell you, though he had no plans of ever finishing this movie. You thanked him mentally for his act of mercy, letting you keep your dignity intact. You followed him to the bedroom, with eyes closed, too scared to look at anything that could trigger your imagination. Once you were both in bed, he would scoot right behind you, wrapping his body tightly around yours, and you relaxed into his arms, feeling safe. He began whispering sweet words into your ear, as you drifted off to sleep to the beat of his heart on your back.

V: Let’s be honest here, I think watching the horror movie would totally be Taehyung’s idea in the first place. He’d hold you close throughout the whole movie, rubbing soothing circles onto the back of your hand, resting his chin on your shoulder. If you started screaming, and hiding, he would probably smile widely, thinking you were the cutest thing he had ever laid eyes upon. He wouldn’t be able to stop himself from giggling slightly every time you jumped in fear.

“Noooo jagi! Don’t be scared! You look too cute when you are scared, you distract me!” He would tell you, holding you closely, reminding you once again monsters aren’t real. If he saw you getting more uncomfortable, he would probably start commenting on the movie, pointing out all the mistakes, and silly things about the movie, to keep your mind away from terrifying thoughts, and making you laugh at the same time.

“Great choice of movie Taehyung, you have officially become her hero” He would congratulate himself in his thoughts, smiling proudly.

Rap monster:

I think Namjoon would chuckle a little at the sight of you scared at something so silly, his dimples showing with every single one of your gasps. He would be holding you throughout the whole movie, not even uttering a single complaint as your nails dug into his forearm whenever the monster popped up on the screen, making you scream.

“It’s okay baby, I got you” He would tell you, holding you even closer if possible, grinning like a fool, because he loved the feeling of being able to protect you like this, even if it was something so silly. He’d constantly comfort you throughout the whole movie, turning your face to kiss your lips softly every time he could sense something about to scare you.

“It’s almost over baby, don’t look” He would laugh, covering your eyes with his large hands, as you nodded, holding your small hands over his, enjoying the warmth. Once the movie was over, he would uncover your eyes, and turn the tv off.

“I guess you are lucky you are sleeping by my side tonight eh? I will scare any bad monsters away” He teased, walking you towards the bedroom.

“If you don’t your snores will” You joked, earning a chuckle from him.

“That was low!” he would point out.

“It’s okay, I love your snores. They relax me” You’d shyly admit, and he would probably laugh at your confession, kissing you once again.

“You’re cute” he would say, before cuddling with you in bed, your head on his chest, and his arms wrapped around you.

looking down at the screaming baby in his arms, daddy!calum kinda wants to cry too. “i know, bubba, i know,” he coos desperately, his voice faltering from the exhaustion of having spent hours trying to console his crying son. he is on the verge on breaking down and calling you to come home from your girl’s weekend, but he hesitates when he remembers the time and how you always struggle to stay awake during late night car rides. the image of you sleeping in his passenger seat, snuggled up under his jacket gives him an idea. it takes a while to get the squirming baby strapped into his car-seat, but it doesn’t take long for the sound of the highway lulls the little one to sleep. calum could almost cry when he looks back in the rear view mirror, watching as the soft orange glow of the street lights dance on his son’s face, still flushed and tear streaked, but finally relaxed in sleep. he knew his son was basically a replica of himself, big brown eyes and pinchable rosy cheeks, but in this moment, curled up in his car-seat and using his daddy’s jacket as a blanket, he couldn’t have resembled you more. with a smile on a face, he decides that hood family late night drives are definitely becoming a thing.

11 More Questions

Got tagged back by @xxemoji-ogxx. Ahah, thank you! <3

  1. Copying Avi a bit here, but I really do want to know. What was your first impression of me, and how has it changed if it has?
    I thought you were really friendly at first, initiating conversations with me and giving me feedback on my art and writing. It hasn’t changed much; I still think you’re super friendly and a really cool person, and I’m really happy to have met you. [Thumbs up, smiley face]
  2. How are you? Honestly. And don’t just answer ‘good’.
    Right now? Tired and stressed. On the verge of tears from all the stress, but overall, I’m still alive, so that’s something.
  3. Do you have any beliefs?
    Kind of? Like, I believe that you shouldn’t mess with the deceased like with Ouija boards and stuff like that even though I don’t believe in ghosts, and uh…yeah. It’s hard to explain.
  4. What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
    It necessarily isn’t weird to me since it’s common in the Philippines but would be seen as strange to those who aren’t used to it (and I can’t think of any other weird food I’ve eaten), but balut which is basically a developing bird embryo.
  5. What’s one of your favourite childhood memories?
    Umm… I don’t really remember much, but I guess… I guess it was reading the Magic Tree House series (this series was my fucking jam, and now I feel like re-reading it) on my apartment’s balcony during the summer.
  6. Color, or colour?
    I’m Canadian, so colour.
  7. What is your ethnicity?
  8. If you could sit on a bench in a beautiful woods, who would you like sitting next to you on the bench and why?
    D-Do they have to be real? Because if not, then I choose Zen because I like him. If yes, then…my future boyfriend who I’ve yet to met, hah!
  9. Pick something in your room and share why it’s important to you.
    My drawing tablet. I love drawing as much as I love writing (sometimes more, even though I’m not as good as I’d like to be). Drawing helps me vent, and as a digital artist, my tablet means a lot to me. (Even though technically it’s my sister’s).
  10. If you could meet any historical figure, who would you choose and why?
    Beethoven. I like his pieces.
  11. Is there anyone on tumblr that you’d like to meet in real life?
    Call me lame or whatever, but all of my followers. I wanna meet them all in person and see what they’re all like and hopefully befriend them. And I wanna thank them for expressing interest in what I post and just sticking around, even if most of them are more lurkers. …I’m a sentimental person. “OTL
retail rewards

Prompt: a combo of Hey bastard this store is already closed oh wait you’re hot never mind please do come in’ & ‘I’m on the verge of tears because of a rude customer and you step in and stand up for me’ 

Word Count: 1072

Warnings: Implied smut?  

Pairing: Balthazar x Reader

Author’s Note: For retail workers everywhere. 21 yr old UQ totally understood your pain and current UQ just wants to give you hugs, because seriously, to hell with retail. 

Jobs in retail are awful. Even if you happen to get along with your co-workers, even if you enjoy the merchandise you sell - customer service is the worst. You totally understand bad days, you have them frequently while working here, but do you go to other business establishments and scream at people who make minimum wage?
No. No you don’t.

“The tracking number says it’s here!” The man repeats for the fifth time, tapping angrily at his phone. “It came out this morning, I got the email and everything, my movie is here.” He turns his phone towards you, half leaning over the counter to shove the screen into your face.

“Sir, please - I can read it, yes, and I know it came out today. Did someone call you this morning saying that we had your order set aside for you?” You can tell this isn’t the case (and if it is, god help Royce for doing this, again, you’re going to murder him), because the man’s cheeks flush red and his eyes bulge. Definitely not what he wanted to hear, then.

“The package is here!” He insists.

Christ, retail. 

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christmas with seventeen

S.Coups/Seungcheol: claims he doesn’t want to watch the cheesy romance Christmas based movies on TV all day but when you come back from like the kitchen with hot chocolate there he is, wrapped up in the drama and on the verge of tears, turning to you only to say something like “It’s Christmas, they can’t break up on Christmas!” 

Jeonghan: gets you guys matching sweaters and hats and gloves and scarfs and takes you out to see the pretty decorations in all the store windows and the big tree somewhere in the city and you two take cute photos under the glowing lights and even when you give him your gift he tells you you didn’t have to bother because having you is a gift big enough for him.  

Joshua: wishes he could take you to see his family, tells you really heartwarming stories about the things they used to do to celebrate and you cheer him up by asking him to re-read ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ with you while drinking coco out of matching Santa mugs. 

Jun: lives under the mistletoe the whole day and whenever you walk under it, he’s there and he’s ready. “Jun, this is the like fifteenth time we’ve kissed in the past hour.” “I know, I love the holidays.” 

Hoshi: gets way too into decorating the tree that he probably overdecorates and the tree falls over from the weight. Puts a photograph of himself at the top of the tree because “Hoshi means star in Japanese”. When you tell him to take it down, he huffs and instead puts up a photo of you on top because “You’re the shining star in my lif- ok I’ll take it down.” 

Woozi: doesn’t get the hype around the holiday, like it’s just a holiday, but at the same time you hear him humming ‘jingle bell rock’ under his breath at some point. You two don’t do anything too big, just exchange gifts and maybe get a little deep when Woozi tells you he loves you right at midnight on the Eve and you’re like “did you plan this” and he’s like “what……..no…..it just happened ok…..” 

Wonwoo: you both get into Christmas themed pajamas and make like a gingerbread house together while watching Christmas themed cartoons like two little kids and cuddling as the snow falls outside. Mingyu calls you guys to come join a snowball fight, but you two think being home toasty and not drenched in snow is a better way to spend the holiday. 

DK: volunteers to dress up as Santa for the younger kids in the neighborhood, goes around handing out candy canes and promising kids that he’ll get them like dinosaurs for Christmas if they’re good. It’s silly to see him so into the role, even up to the point that he has the jolly laugh down pact. At some point he walks back to you and asks “What do you want for Christmas?” when you jokingly say “Your love” he grins and says “That’s out of stock!” and then begs for your forgiveness when you give him the fake cold shoulder. 

Mingyu: before you get home he hides behind the Christmas tree and you don’t even notice because he’s practically the same height as it and when you walk by he jumps out to scare you and you’re like “Mingyu, I swEAR”. The rest of the day is spent with you two trying to make Christmas shaped cookies in the shapes of like reindeer and bells, but somehow they all come out looking a little funky. At least they taste good. 

the8: gets you the best most thought out present and his card is like a letter listing off all the things he loves and is thankful about this year that happened with you and you’re in tears by the end of it and he’s just as innocent as ever patting your back and saying it isn’t that emotional but he’s a liar, everything he wrote is so cute and romantic and wow you’re just like dating the8 is a real Christmas miracle. 

Seungkwan: breaks out the Mariah Carey Christmas album, gets the radio onto the station titled ‘Holiday Hits’ and basically gives you a one man concert of every jingle that has ever been written about romance on Christmas. He adds in his own personal dance moves and your neighbors probably knock on your day at some point and ask you to lower to volume on your TV. Too bad you can’t lower the volume on your boyfriend. 

Vernon: keeps reminding you that he never thought Santa was real, that Santa’s for ‘kids’ and you’re just nodding your head like mhmm totally Vernon, uhuh sure and when you break out the matching reindeer headbands he gives you a headache about how he doesn’t want to put them on. But when it comes to opening presents his whole chic, I-don’t-care-about-the-holidays image goes out the door as he bounces up and down and asks “what did you get me?” like three hundred times before actually opening the present. 

Dino: convinces you to stay up with him all night and he could probably do it if the Christmas re-runs weren’t so boring and if his head on your lap wasn’t so comfy. When he wakes up and sees the presents he’s convinced Santa cast a spell on him to sleep so he wouldn’t see him coming into the house. You play along because he’s cute. 

「 I like you too 」

Title → 「 I like you too 」

Genre → fluff

Member → hoshi/soonyoung

Description: A scenario in which reader likes Hoshi but pretends that she doesn’t.

A/N* I just wanted to say I used a bit of the lyrics from the song “Lacrimossa” by Kalafina, featuring Wakana, Keiko, and Hikaru that was used for the anime 『黒執事』, or also known as Black Butler.

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    You were on the verge of boredom. There you sat, your spine hunched over, giving up on sitting straight, in the middle of the average sized classroom. The palm of your hand became a rest for chin and you struggled to pay attention. The room was filled with snoring students, classmates whispering and throwing crumpled pieces of paper across the room, and a petite , old man, attempting to teach his students something.

Yes, Geography was normally like this. Students not paying attention or taking notes in class, but complaining when they fail a test. It was not like you felt like you were a star student, but you usually followed the rules.

Feeling your eyelids become droopy, you slapped your face to prevent yourself from sleeping and pulled out a thick notebook from your school bag. It wasn’t just any notebook▬it was  your diary. The thick notebook was was painted a light shade of coral and contained a countless amount of personal information about you, yet the main one of all, was your liking for Hoshi.

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what advice would you give someone if they are on the verge of giving up?

Things will happen. People and things are going to be thrown at you, and for what? For you to throw in the towel?
Things get thrown at you for you to get back up stronger than ever because nothing is stronger than your spirit.

Think marilyn monroe got where she got by giving up? Steven hawking? What about Oprah? No, they got boulders thrown at them and they still managed to get up.

You are better and stronger than what ever you’re in, and I know you have enough fire to keep going, so don’t throw it away and KEEP GOING