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it’s just like one of those renaissance paintings

consider this: an au where mike and will have never met each other and yet they are able to sense what the other is feeling

- one day without even knowing what is happening or why, mike is able to experience everything that will experiences when he falls off the swings and hits his head, mike can literally feel the pain and the urge to cry even though he is in the safety of his own bedroom.

- later that night they find a way to connect once more, and they learn that if they speak loud enough they can hear one another, they can see what the other is looking at, and, of course, feel what the other is feeling.

- that’s when it hits them that this weird connection is real and they agree that if they are going crazy at least they are going crazy together.

- after that, they talk a little bit more every night, they begin to get to know each other better, they show each other their surroundings, will shows mike his drawings while mike plays his guitar, they share their dreams, their fears, they talk about their shared experiences and after a few weeks they finally gather enough courage to step in front of their mirrors for a proper visual introduction 


[At twenty-three years old,] sleek and efficient was what Bakugō Katsuki had become.

– ESTE Project, Episode 5.

Sias here. I’ve been in a huge Bakugo mood while we’re working on getting chapter 5 up, and we needed a temporary banner image to open this blog… so, here he is! Older!Bakugo posing with wings for zero reason! 🤘

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alright so who do i have to kill for someone to write a fic based on your senior max freshman david au

you don’t have to kill anyone! just send lots of nice words and motivation to @neriseyk who came up with the au (freshman david and senior max was her idea, not mine she also did those sUPER RAD DESIGNS)

she is an amazing artist and writer and also created wasted teen au with me!

all those amazing ideas i have for the stuff i draw wouldn’t have been possible without her! she’s my creative fuel and THE BEST (is2g all her headcanons are sooooooo good and coming up with that highschool au? i owe her my life man…..)


stannis baratheon is a stern man and his wife, selyse, is no less stern. she’s foreboding, unforgiving, strict, and cruel, ofttimes even to her husband and her daughter. stannis, however, is a bit softer where his daughter is concerned. he knows she is a bright and kind girl, and that those traits must be nurtured.

shireen was born with an incurable disorder that resulted in the notable discoloration of her skin. for a time her father insisted on private tutoring so that she could avoid being teased by her peers. shireen protested, insisting she was a big girl and that she could stand up for herself.

I went to see Thor: Ragnorak today with my husband while the kiddos were at school (hello, we’re old) and for the record, besides the obligatory remark about how any Avengers canon movie SUFFERS without Tony Stark, I want to say that I’m officially tired of seeing the big baddie or hero kill a gazillion people in a 360 arc with whatever weapon or kicking or punchy-swording. I wanted to see Hela kill all those lined up warriors with a gorgeous, blood-curdling, operatic-quality scream-howl; I want to see them all drop to the ground with blood streaming from their ears and Hela finishing her song like it’s a lullaby.

I want to see feminine, female power and I want it to be new and unexpected and then totally, viscerally recognizable. And thus, terrifying.

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As we approach the Holiday season, think about those less fortunate, and the what the reality of being less fortunate means for millions of American citizens (ie fellow humans) as laid out by the incomparable @seananmcguire