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SO THIS LITTLE DIDDY IS DEDICATED TO MY MAIN BITCH @mermaidsonships!!!!!! we’ll consider it a belated birthday present, even though i’ve been working on it for roughly three days – her birthday was yesterday SO I FELL BEHIND ON MY DEADLINE! AS ALWAYS! but yeah. this is for N! i love you bitch! ain’t never gonna stop lovin u bitch! i also hope the rest of you enjoy, it’s cute and fun whether it’s your bday or not. we all have them at some point 💘 

It’s somewhere around half an hour later, and you feel like the two of you have really only been going in circles, but you never once questioned it. Your eyebrows furrow when Harry ends up just pulling into his driveway, though, and you look over him with a confused expression. “You know it only takes ten minutes to get to your house from my flat, right? And that’s when there’s traffic,” you deadpan, and he just smirks, shaking his head.

“I know. Had to make you feel like we were going somewhere else, though,” he explains, and you’re left feeling even more confused.

“So you made me dress up and drove me around for half an hour just so we could come to your house?” You question, and his bobs from side to side like he’s considering whether or not that’s what he’s done.

“I suppose so, yeah,” he answers, and you roll your eyes.

“There’s not gonna’ be some sort of surprise party when I walk in the front door, is there?” You press, and he laughs, shaking his head.

“Nah, ‘s just us. Just like you told me. I promise,” he assures, and you hold your pinky out and his eyes flicker from the finger to your eyes, just staring at you for a moment, before he locks his pinky around yours.


Harry grants Y/N the birthday wish she’s had since she was thirteen

6k+, fluff, smut, heart shaped sandwiches, and a plot synopsis of 13 going on 30

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Imagine Jensen flirting and giving you his number while you take pictures of him during an event. (Part 2)

Read Part 1 here!

“(Y/n)?” you heard a knock on the door and a voice soon afterwards.

“Yes?” you asked and saw your assistant peak in, giving you a small smile.

“Uh we’re starting to put the set for the photoshoot one and I thought that you’d want to… help? I mean since it always is up to you and yeah.” she shrugged and your eyebrow shot up.

“Photoshoot? What photoshoot? I thought the next one was in like- four days or something? With the cast of the Avengers.” you mumbled, flipping through pages and searching through papers for your schedule. You had a lot of things in your mind lately, the most important of them being a certain green-eyed actor that made your heart skip beats every so often, so everything seemed to be a mess. You had forgotten about certain meetings over the week and you were just thankful to your assistant for reminding you every time. You always ended up running there but you at least made it so that was what mattered.

“Uh no, there was one for today. I thought you remembered it and just- just left the settings to-”

“Hell no.” you breathed out, gathering your papers in a haste and placing them on the side along with plenty and plenty of photos. You tried to tide everything up the best you could but failed so you just stopped trying in the first place “No, I just completely forgot about it. Great, I’m losing my mind. That and probably my job pretty soon.” you grumbled, rubbing your temple.

“They’ll be fools if they let you go.” she shook her head as she made her way to your desk to put things in an order.

“I’d say more like smart. Gosh I am so not myself lately.” you said frustrated and she smirked, looking at you “And don’t you dare say it!” you added sharply, pointing a finger at her.

“I didn’t say anything!” she raised her hands in the ir, giggling “But if I did it would be something along the lines of-”

“Don’t you-” you started warning but there was no stopping her.

“Jensen and (Y/n) sitting under a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” she giggled like a schoolgirl and you gave her a hard glare.

“You are so not my friend.” you grumbled, checking on your camera. You never let it out of your sight.

“Oh but I am! Which is why I am not going to tease you any further.” she smiled at you “But, I am being serious here. We both know that Mr Ackles is to blame for this mess you are in. Come on, I know that you’ve never been able to resist him, being the huge fangirl you are and all. It’s no wonder you are over the moon ever since he gave you his number.” she shrugged and you chewed on your lower lip.

“That was nothing, really. He just- he’s a fan of my work, that’s all. It’s not what you think.” you mumbled.

“Right, sure whatever you say.” she rolled her eyes “So I’m guessing you have not used it yet, have you?”

“No, and I’m not going to. It’s best if I forget about it whatsoever. I don’t need to give myself any more false hope than I already have. It’s made my life come upside down already, I can’t afford to fall harder for him. Not now.” you sighed, shaking your head as you felt your heart tighten inside your chest.

“So you have already started falling for him?” she asked with a smirk and you chewed on the inside of your lip, looking down. Hearing her repeat it out loud made the feeling set in the pit of your stomach and yourself get scared even more because it was actually true.

You cleared your throat, trying to ignore her “I’ll get going and if anyone calls- you know your job, ok.” you shook your head.

“Absolutely.” she chuckled at you. Of course this seemed funny to her, maybe for a reason you could not understand either, but to you it was only worrying.

You couldn’t get the man out of your mind, not even as you made your way to the studio. You just replayed the events of only a week ago in your mind and couldn’t help but think of everything you could have done all these days. And it was thoughts like that that actually distracted you from everything going on around you. You thought so much about him, all the time, that you…

…Had come to see him in front of you too?

You froze in the doorway, blinking rapidly as you stared at the sight in front of you with a frown. You didn’t ask what the photoshoot was about or with whom but you didn’t imagine it would be… the Supernatual cast? You almost pinched yourself, thinking you’d somehow fallen asleep on your desk but no, you were actually awake. You willed yourself to take a deep breath and push the glass door open. The sound made everybody turn to look at you and you tried to force a smile on your face. A smile that, surprisingly enough, felt easier to put on your face when you saw the boyish grin Jensen had on.

And as that, as his eyes locked with yours his words actually came rushing back to you “See you in a week.” and realization downed on you harder than a ton of bricks. You had really forgotten about the photoshoot you had with Jared, Jensen and Misha but he obviously had not. Well, fan-reaking-tastic!

“(Y/n), hey! I thought you wanted us to take care of the settings?” one of your co-workers asked but you shook your head.

“No uh I- I just happened to… have forgotten all of this.” you mumbled, looking at Jensen from the corner of your eyes as he grinned softly at you. And boy did you already feel your knees going weak.

“Oh alright then. Uhm if you want to take a look at everything then…?” he trailed off, looking around him and you bit your lower lip almost not believing what was going to come out of your lips.

“Uh no, no you just do your thing guys. I trust you.” you said and his eyebrow shot up. Not at the trusting part, but at the fact that you let them have full control of the settings and all, because when it came to your job you always had a thing or two to say about it but now, well all your attention was definitely not on your job but rather the man standing a few feet away from you.

“Alright.” he chuckled, shrugging. And no sooner had he left than you heard a voice behind you.

“You must be (Y/n), right?” you turned to see a smiling Jared.

“Oh uh you heard it.” you said with a small chuckle.

“Wow it’s actually so great to meet you! I’ve actually seen lots of your work, and I don’t mean just the magazines and let me tell you it’s all absolutely stunning!” he grinned at you and you found yourself actually relaxing at his presence. Maybe it wasn’t going to be as hard aas you thought.

“Really?” you chuckled, your shoulders relaxing “Oh thank you, that really means a lot! But- but where have you really seen it may I ask?”

“Oh actually-” he chuckled “You know, Jensen’s trailer. And some in his house as well, it’s literally full of them.” he said with a proud smile and your eyebrows shot up.

“He- he does?” you asked in a small voice, feeling your cheeks heat up.

“Oh hell yeah! And Chuck help anyone that asks about a photo! He knows every single story behind them, he’s googled it all up and searched for your interviews and everything! The definition of fanboy!” he chuckled, nodding his head and you bit your lip glancing behind him to see Jensen’s smile had actually vanished and a mortified expression having take over. He was mouthing something to you but you couldn’t quite understand. You narrowed your eyes at him, especially at the crazy hand motions he was making. Wait, was he saying to… run? You couldn’t tell. And he couldn’t move because a grinning Misha was actually holding him back.

“Oh wow, that’s- certainly flattering.” you mumbled, laughing softly as you felt your entire face burn.

“No, just wait to hear him talk about you! He literally will never shut up about you!” he emphasized and you giggled. But before you could say a word you heard some shuffling and grumbling before you actually saw Jensen appear next to his friend.

“Yeah, must be a thing of the show, who knows.” he said, giving a glare to his friend “But be the example, Jared, will you?”

“Sorry buddy, kinda hard. I mean first I got get back to you for that and second I am just bonding with our photographer!”

“Yeah, yeah bonding can happen later. Just- go to Misha and-”

“Hey!” speaking about the devil- well maybe not “So you must be (Y/n), right?” he grinned at you and you couldn’t help yourself but chuckle at the look of desperation on Jensen’s face. Just as he was about to get rid of Jared there came worse.

“Uh yeah, and you Misha. I know, I am a fan of the show. It’s great to meet you.” you shook his hand as well and he grinned.

“Oh so you do? So, who’s your favorite then? You seem like the angel type to me.” he smirked, resting his weight on Jensen who only rolled his eyes and you just giggled. These guys were really amazing.

“Well, I feel sorry to disappoint you but I am certainly the hunter type. Older hunter to be more specific.” you shrugged, glancing at Jensen to see a smirk on his face even if he tried to hide it.

“Huh? Hear that Ackles, she prefers papa!” Misha said with a grin, patting him in the shoulder but you just laughed.

“Uh I actually didn’t mean John.” you shook your head and he nodded his.

“Oh Henry it is then, right.” he mumbled and you laughed again.

“No, actually I mean Dean.” you said, fidgeting with your camera.

“Oh sorry, I thought you said older- not ancient!” he said with a shake of his head and you snickered.

“What?!” Jensen exclaimed “Dude, you’re older than me!” he just shook his head “You know what? Nevermind, I am not going to keep this up. Just- why don’t you go take your places? Just go get some make up or whatever, go go go. Just go.” he pushed both of them.

“Alright, if you want to spend some time with your girlfriend just ask for it geez!” Jared said with a roll of his eyes as Misha just chuckled.

“Sorry about that.” he huffed, rubbing the back of his neck.

“It’s alright, I understand and I know. I have friends like that as well. Will find anything they can to embarrass you in public.” you chuckled, glancing down at your camera.

“Yeah, especially things that should not be told out loud.” he chuckled, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

“So what? Don’t tell me you really have photos I’ve taken in your trailer.” you bit your lower lip and he shrugged.

“Not as many as in my home.” he chuckled and your eyebrows shot up.

“Wow” you let out a shy laugh “I never thought there would come a day when I’d hear Jensen Ackles say this to me.”

“Why not?” he asked with an adorable frown “You are an amazing photographer and the shots you take are out of this world.”

“I- Thank you, thank you so much Jensen.” you looked at him with a sheepish smile and he just shrugged.

“I’m being honest, but-” he bit his lower lip and for a moment boy did you get distracted “Can I ask you something?”


“Why didn’t you call? Or even text?” for a moment it felt like you had an unsure teen in front of you, doubting is his crush wanted to go out with him.


“I mean-” he laughed nervously “-I kinda really waited for that but you just never did anything to be honest. I thought that maybe you’d want to talk sometime but I obviously- I was-”

“I was busy.” you blurted out the first thing that came to your mind just because it broke your heart to see his crest-fallen look “I was just very busy, I’m sorry.” you bit your lip and he looked hopeful for a second.


“Yeah, so much that I actually forgot about today’s photoshoot. But I- I thought about it.” well it was the truth after all, you did think about it all the freaking time “I really did think about calling you but I- I didn’t have the chance, that’s all. I’m sorry if you thought any different, Jens.” the nickname left your lips without realizing it. But the boyish grin that spread on his face at that was enough to make your heart flutter.

“No, it’s fine. I realized it myself today but to be honest-” he chuckled lightly “For a moment I thought you had also forgotten about me.”

“Forget about you? Oh no, no Jens I- I certainly didn’t.” you shook your head “It’s impossible for a woman to forget you and such a meeting to be honest.”

“That’s really great to hear, then.” he smirked “So maybe when my turn comes we could a lot more talking than last time then, right?”

“Your… turn?” you blinked, tilting your head to the sie without realizing it. A habit you’d gotten from the show.

He chuckled, looking at you with sparkling eyes “Oh sweetheart, you really are adorable sometimes.” he bit his lower lip as he looked at you with a smile and you just tucked a few strands of hair behind your ear.

“Thanks for that but I am still completely clueless as to what you’re saying.” you said with a giggle and he grinned.

“I’m talking about the photoshoot today. Or mostly photoshoots.” he shrugged and you raised an eyebrow.


“You know, there is one about the show first and then one I may or may have not tried to set up just because I want to know you more.” he gave you an innocent shrug and this time all air did get knocked out your lungs.

Well, it was going to be an interesting experience when it happened because, well, you were so not going to ask about its theme at the moment. Let it be a surprise and oh you had a feeling it would be.

No More Shared Rooms

Summary:  The reader and Sam are on the road working a case with Dean and run into some old friends?  

Characters:  Sam x Reader, Dean, Ed, Harry

Word Count:  1255

Warning: language, smut (unprotected sex)

A/N:  This is for my wonderful friend @pinknerdpanda ‘s #mandabirthdaychallenge.  My prompt is bolded in the fic.  Happy Birthday Manda!  I hope you like it!

My words were checked by the mastabeta @wheresthekillswitch, thanks Lee!

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Sam’s leg was brushing up against yours again.  You met his gaze across the table, arching your eyebrow at him when he tried to throw an innocent smile your way.  Don’t tease, you mouthed to him.  You‘d been working this case all week, sharing a room with Dean, which had grown old by day two.

The three of you were sitting in one of those high-backed booths that created dividers between each table.  You loved these kinds of booths, even if the privacy was a sham, you appreciated it anyway.  Dean was, blah, blah, blah-ing to the waitress and you were about to cut in with your order, when a voice broke through the din of the diner.

Ghosts, I said ghosts.  Who has any strong opinions on goats, Ed?”

The waitress stopped writing, her mouth dropping open.

“Uh, Dean?  Does that voice sound familiar to you?” Sam asked.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”  Dean slid out of the booth, stepping over to the one just beyond yours, with you and Sam right behind him.  “What the hell are you two doing here?”

“Oh, if it isn’t Dean and Sam,” Ed said, looking at each of them.  “We’re working a case, obviously.”  He rolled his eyes at Harry and you had to stifle a laugh.

“Working a case?”  Dean’s agitation was growing with each breath and he looked more and more like he was going to pull out his gun.

Sam moved in front of his brother.  “Hey guys, you know, we’ve got this one covered.  Maybe you could hit the next town over?”

“No, no way, you’re not chasing us off this-.”

“Wait, Ed and Harry?” you broke in.  “The Ed and Harry?  The one’s you guys were telling me about?” you gushed, hoping it sounded believable.  The two men sat up straighter.  They’re buying it.

“What did they say?” Ed asked.

“Well,” you said, scooting in next to him.  “They wouldn’t want me telling you this,” you dropped your voice to a whisper, leaning across the table toward Harry, Ed mimicking you, “but they said that the last time they saw you, they wouldn’t have solved the case without you.  And it just so happens that there’s a case a few towns over.  If you guys could head over there and start the groundwork, I would be so, thankful.”  You dropped your hand on Harry’s, he looked down at it then back up at you.

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Also ps Andy Your hair and eyebrows are majestic Can you teach me how to do my eyebrows that way without looking stupid? (I feel like I'm spamming you and I'm really sorry about that but the eyebrows and the hair needed praise)

Andy: SPAM ME, CHILD! And sure! My eyebrows are super thick already though

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Your tip on shaving with coconut oil was amazing! Do you have any other tips/recipes/techniques?

I’m on mobile rn but I have a few:

- If you’re having a hard time keeping bushy eyebrows in one position, like me, spray some hairspray onto your finger. Dab that along your eyebrows, and then quickly use a clean spoolie brush to shape/brush them.

- Put sunscreen on your hands, if nowhere else. Your hands are one of the first things to wrinkle. (Thank my Nana for this tip, she’s a beauty queen.)

- Don’t use tape on your eyes. Just don’t.

- Heat protectant spray for your hair is real and a necessity if you use a lot of heat tools, especially if your hair is damaged from colouring.

- If you’re like me and you wax your own eyebrows/upper lip/underarms, have baby powder handy, it’s really soothing and prevents chafing.

- Those homemade hair treatments for split ends (usually include eggs, coconut oil, mayo, etc.) don’t really work. Just get a haircut, your hair will thank you.

Imagine Dan and Phil coming to visit you and loudly reciting Shakespeare outside your house to get your attention.

Originally posted by tiny-wonderland

“But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the East! And you are the sun!” a familiar voice calls loudly through your open window. You scrunch your eyebrows and get off your bed, peering out.

Standing outside your window are two very tall young men, who you know very well.

Dan is the one who’d spoken, both him and Phil dramatically holding their hands out towards you.

“Romeo, Romeo!” Phil starts.

Dan laughs. “Is that the only Shakespeare you know?” he snaps playfully.

You laugh along with them. “What are you two doing here?” you ask.

“We came to see you!” Phil exclaims.


Flour Boy

Genre: Fluff

Member: Minhyuk

Word Count: 1,891

a/n: Second part!! Enjoy! (I’m also working on a Hyungwon angst ya’ll, please wait for it!) @winner-tomyheart

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part ?

You stared at the owner of the shop with eyes wide, panic making its way into your entire being as her words rung in your ears, “He asks about you and why you are here so often” she had said with a chuckle as she sat across from you at a table for two. You mustered up a small laugh, swallowing the pastry in your mouth with difficulty, “Does he now?… I didn’t think I was that much of a bother” you commented with sarcasm as the owner grinned, “Quite the opposite, sweetie” she replied, winking your way and coming to her feet to attend incoming clients.

You knitted your eyebrows in confusion and stared at her blankly, just then you caught a glimpse of the vintage-looking clock on the wall and sighed. The sun was beginning to set and you felt yourself grow a bit weary at the thought of having to face the reality that awaited for you at home, stacked books and pencils along your bed, floor, and kitchen table. You let out a sigh as you leaned back into your chair, but suddenly straightened up, muscles tensing as MInhyuk stepped inside the shop. You watched him as he neared the back of the counter and took off his jacket, setting down his belongings somewhere under the counter only to throw on his apron and adjust his nametag. You would’ve stayed longer, had it not been for the time and your burdening studies. You stood up and took your bag, taking the last marble bite into your mouth and throwing away the wraps.

As soon as you raised your head, you caught Minhyuk staring at you, a sudden grin spreading on his lips as he waved at you while you stood, frozen in your spot for a few seconds, registering his unexpected action. You then realized your mouth was still full, filling out your cheeks like a chipmunk. You began to chew once again as you brought one hand to cover your mouth and offered Minhyuk a small nod before nearly sprinting out of the shop.

The next time you see him, it isn’t at the pastry shop, instead, it’s where you least expected to see the guy who constantly brewed the coffee you drank and baked your favorite marble bites. Your heart skipped a beat in your chest at the sudden surprise, seeing him in less than the pastry shop uniform and instead in a pair of sweats, hoodie over his head, and hands filled with what you would consider midnight snacks for the following three hours. How did you know that? Because you didn’t look much different yourself. Sleeping shorts and oversized sweater on you along with hands full of caffeine, a bag of chips and chocolate bars.

You would have ducked your head and would have ran the moment you saw him, had it not been for the fact that the two of you reached the register at the same time, placing your products on the counter right at the same time.

As soon as Minhyuk’s eyes met yours, you nearly shrieked, and almost instantly furrowed your eyebrows in confusion at the way his eyes appeared indifferent until they recognized you. A grin appeared upon his lips as he moved his things away and allowed you to go first. “Thank you…” you said, barely audible as you tried to avoid his stare from beside you. As the cashier took your energy drinks, she was abruptly stopped before scanning them by Minhyuk, “Wait, you’re going to drink that right now?” he asked softly, making you snap your head in his direction in bewilderment.

“Uh- yeah?” you managed in utter confusion as you met his gaze then watched as he retracted the drinks from the cashier, “Don’t scan those, just the rest” he stated, to which she obediently listened to. You stared at the two of them, mouth agape and eyebrows knitted together, “Um, I’m not really- what are you-” you started but all Minhyuk did was smile and hand to you your bagged items while he held out his other hand out to you expectantly.

It took you a second, maybe two or three really, to understand what he meant, making you quickly find your money in the pockets of your hoodie so you could hand it to him. He then handed it to the cashier and gave you back your change, “Don’t drink energy drinks, coffee is better- hold on, don’t leave yet” he then said, making you stare at him, stupefied, one hand with your purchases and the other with change as he paid off his own things.

As soon as he was done, he signaled for you to follow him out of the convenient store and onto the sidewalk outside. “Next time you want coffee, you should tell me, I’ll make some for you, if not I’ll give you some of our own so you can make at home” he suggested and again, you stared at him dumbly, definitely weirded out and charmed by his way of speaking to you like the two of you knew each other so well. Technically you knew more about him than he did about you, but that was besides the point because he didn’t know you knew. Still, you couldn’t help but feel your face grow hot as you simply nodded while his thin, tall frame stood before you, and brown locks peeked out from under his hoodie.

He suddenly chuckled sheepishly, almost hiding his face from you for a second, “Sorry, I recognized you and- I’m weirding you out so I’ll just let you go, good night, I’ll see you around” he then said, waving you goodbye and walking backwards until he was far away from you to turn around and disappear.

You stood in place for a few seconds, registering that he probably lived near you, had seen you in a not so attractive state, and you already knew who he was and his schedule while he didn’t even know your name but was aware of your constant presence at his job.

You let out a long sigh and felt your shoulders drop, this was the first conversation you had, well in technicality, he had with you while you had stupidly stared at him with no clue the entire time.

It was noon, your hair wasn’t washed, your eyelids felt like they were fighting the weight of bricks, and you were sure you’d be able to snooze off on the first spot in which you got comfortable. However, that didn’t stop you from making sure your body ingested the much needed caffeine. You came across Minhyuk’s shop, peeking from the side, you squinted to make sure there was no trace of him inside, you assumed that at this time he wasn’t working today.

You then sighed and swung the door of the shop open, the welcoming familiarity of its scent, making you smile as you inhaled a lung-full of the goods. The owner greeted you as per usual and just as you were about to part your lips to make your order, you heard another person walk inside the shop, and you quickly found out who said person was. Minhyuk swiftly made his way behind the counter and like always, switched out his sweater, jacket, coat, you name it, before throwing on his apron and adjusting his name tag.

You wanted to face-palm so hard as his eyes widened at the sight of you. You probably looked like you had done meth for weeks, or like a garbage truck had had the pleasure of running you over repeatedly. “This can’t be happening…” you muttered to yourself as you ducked your head and ran your hands through your face calmly. However, you then mustered up some courage and met his gaze, as he already waited to meet your own from behind the showcase of the most delicious baked goodies. Before you were even able to start speaking, or even think about doing so, Minhyuk took the lead, no smiles and simply a somber expression, regretful you thought.

“I’m sorry for being so careless the other night, I realized I might’ve talked and acted too comfortably towards you. I should have minded my own business, so I apologize” he stated, leaving you yet again speechless with an unfazed expression. He watched you as you took in a deep breath and exhaled, averting your gaze from his to look at the showcase, “Yeah, you should work on that… but it can be settled over a discount on a cup of coffee” you commented, looking at him once again only to catch him nodding in a flustered manner, making you suddenly chuckle to yourself. “I guess I owe you an apology too for, you know, looking like a total slob” you tried, fingering the hem of your shirt.

Minhyuk snorted and shook his head, “You don’t look too bad” he said, making you narrow your eyes at him with a scoff, “Wow, okay. At least your half honest and half nice” you stated, crossing your arms over your chest. You felt a little insulted if you were being honest but that quickly went away as soon as Minhyuk spoke once again, “I’m kidding, there’s nothing wrong with wearing comfortable clothes” he commented, leaning against the showcase.

He wasn’t smiling but he still felt like he was, as if the air around him just gave off this friendly, and inviting nudge at you, making you smile instead. “Well I’m assuming you came for something to eat right?” he then asked, making you suddenly remember where you were as you then nodded. “Yeah, coffee” you said, but Minhyuk’s eyes widened slightly, “No marble bites?” he asked and you snorted, “What?” you asked, taken aback as he chuckled, “You always get marble bites with coffee, not today?” he asked and you snickered to yourself in surprise.

You intentionally cleared your throat and coughed, “Stalker” you said coughing once again and making Minhyuk laugh sheepishly, something you hadn’t really heard before except for his light chuckles. His laugh was raspy as his eyes crinkled and pearly whites became exposed, making you grin, holy crap, you thought, amazed by the sight. Finally he came back to his senses and smiled, “Can I be honest? You don’t look like the marble bites type, I thought you’d be more of a carrot cake person” he admitted, taking your money as you handed it to him. You scrunched your nose in distaste and shook your head, “Carrot cake is gross! Carrots aren’t supposed to be on cake, cake is cake!” you retorted, watching as Minhyuk punched something into the cash register and it opened.

He grinned at your response and handed you back your change, but you caught the amount he was handing you back, making you knit your eyebrows in confusion, “Wait, you gave me more than what I normally get back” you commented, holding out the money in your hand. Minhyuk nodded nonchalantly, “Yeah, I gave you a discount on the coffee and free marble bites” he stated before moving away from the register to begin making your order as you stared at him in between stunned and feeling like the butterflies in your stomach were fluttering back and forth like crazy.

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Hi I'd just like to point out that your face is nice and your eyebrows are goals *awkwardly scuttles away into a dark abyss*

Aw, gosh!! Thank you!! ://)

Come back so I can hug you!!

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What do you think I'd be like being Tony's daughter but being on team camp

This is how I think it would go down:

Originally posted by bucky-is-done-with-this-shit

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

“What is this, Y/n?” 

You glanced up from your computer and followed your dad’s finger, which was pointed at your wall. “It’s called a poster, dad.” You stated as your gaze went back to your computer.

Tony huffed as he placed his hands on his hips. “That’s a poster of Cap.” He watched as you just nodded, making him sigh. “Y/n, look at me.”

Bringing your attention back to your obviously jealous father, you raised your eyebrows. 

“Where’s my poster?” He gestured around your room to all your various sized posters of Captain America. “There should be a big Iron Man poster in here. Where is it?”

Taking a deep breath, you closed your laptop and turned in your chair so you were now fully facing your dad. “I think you know why there isn’t an Iron Man poster in my room.”

Tony just looked at you dumbfounded in which you rolled your eyes. “You really wanna have this talk? You’re not going to like it.”

“Oh, sweetie, I just walked into Cap’s shrine - I already don’t like it.”

You scratched the back of your head. “Imonteamcap” you hastily mumbled as you opened your computer back up.

“What?” Tony took a step closer to you. “I don’t think I heard you right.”

“I’m. On. Team. Cap.” You peeked over at your father, watching him slowly come to terms with what you just said.

“Wait - wh-” His face bunched up in confusion has he shuffled in his spot. “Wh-what do you mean you’re on Team Cap? You should be Team Iron Man! Team me! I’m your dad!”

You shrugged. “Captain America is cool though.”

“Psssh. Cool.” he waved you off. “The only reason Cap would be cool is because he was encased in ice for 70 years.” He shook his head. “And-” he pointed at you. “I’m cool too. Iron Man is cool. I mean, c’mon.” he gestured to himself.

“Cap has a shield.”

“I have a suit!” Your father took a deep breath, his wide eyes boring into you. “You know what? I-I can’t even look at you right now.” He stormed out of your room leaving you with a small smile playing at your lips. You couldn’t believe how dramatic your dad could be sometimes.

“Y/n! Y/n! Sweetie!” Your dad came running into your living area where all the avengers were just hanging out.

“Dad! Dad! What?” You answered with the same enthusiasm. 

“I made you something.” He grinned proudly as he turned around. “Okay, Jarvis! You can send it in.”

The whole team glanced up when the ceiling opened up and in flew one of your dad’s suits - except this one was a bit smaller than the rest.

“You didn’t.” You grinned as you got up and made your way towards your dad.

“I did.” He nodded, pleased with seeing how excited you were.

“I thought you said I was too young to have my own suit?”

“Yeah, well, I thought it was about time.”

Natasha coughed. “You aren’t just doing this because Y/n said that she was on Team C-”

“Can it Nat.” Tony cut her off - peeking over at the other avengers and giving her a glare and also Steve a glare when he dropped his head and started to chuckle.

“Can I take it for a spin?” You asked, pretending not to take notice of their little conversation.

Your dad nodded and everyone followed behind you until they were outside.

“Oh, dad?” You glanced at him behind you. 

“Yes, sweetie?” He had a cocky grin on his face as he nudged Steve right next to him.

“I’m still Team Cap.” You smiled, watching your dad’s cocky smile fall, as you got into the suit.

Steve bent at the waist as he doubled over with laughter - making everyone but Tony laugh along with him. “Did you really think bribery would send her over to the dark side?” It was Steve’s turn to nudge him and give him a cocky grin. 

“Hey, Y/n!” Steve called after you. You turned around and pressed the button to open up the head piece on your suit. “What if I can get you your very own Captain America shield?” 

Your face broke out into a split eating grin. “That would be awesome!”

Steve chuckled some more as he watched Tony cross his arms and roll his eyes. “What can I say?” He raised his arms up in surrender. “Team Cap for the win.”