or you will fall in love with noel too

Top 15 Liam Gallagher quotes

1. On England’s football squad: “A bag of shite. My grandmother would do better, on acid with a Toblerone stuck up her arse.”

2. On Wayne Rooney: “Looks like a fucking balloon with a Weetabix crushed on top.”

3. On being a softie at heart: “I am a tender, beautiful and loving guy that happens to slap a photographer now and then because they get in my way.” 

4. On nearly dying after eating M&Ms : “That peanut, man, it nearly tipped me over the edge. It was a fucking blue one and all, the cheeky bastard. I had a fucking M&M and i felt like I’d been shot in the mouth.”

5. On pointy shoes: “You know them shoes that just come out at you like a fucking snooker cue?! It’s like, ‘Leave it out, man! You got a license for them bastards or what?’”

6. On his emotions: “ I suppose I do get sad, but not for too long. I just look in the mirror and go; ‘What a good-looking fuck you are.’”

7.On being asked if the band would have been a succes without noel:  “It’s like would jezus christ been a fuckin pervert if he had a crisp packet on his head.”

8. On golf: “I love making proper contact with that fucking ball. If you whack it, it fucking goes, man. If you get it right it goes miles. I spend too much time in that fucking sandpit but there you go….its’s a learning curve. And there’s a drink-up after.”

9. On what the public thinks of him: “Loudmouth blagging gobshite from Manchester….and they’d be totally correct.”

10. On Noel swapping personalities with Spongebob Squarepants: “Id ask him for his autograph and a kiss and cuddle.”

11. On falling with Noel: “We had a ding-dong in the airport and I think he started crying then - that was it - doesn’t travel with me any more.”

12. On being a sex symbol: “I’m into the girls fancying me, mad for it. Get a bit worried if boys started fancying me. I’ve got nothing against gays - as long as they don’t pinch me on the bum or whatever.” 

13. On the premiership: “I’m moving back to Manchester if City win the league. I’m going to buy a ouse next to Mani out of Stone Roses and be a real noisy *******neighbor - hurl abuse at him over the fence.” 

14. On his morning regime: “I’m up at 6am, me. I’ve got an alarm call and everything. It’s like being in the fookin’ army.”

15. “ There was this bug in my room, and I thought “you can fuck off, this is my room.””


The Christmas Invasion - Behind the Scenes [Part 8]

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s articles in Doctor Who Magazine #365

After dinner, the cast and crew move up to a balcony on the storey to shoot David’s ‘neuron implosion’ scene. It’s raining now (”Ooh hello, is it wet? Oh God, it’s tipping it down! That’s a bit of a worry,” says James [Hawes, director]), but the balcony is undercover, so we’re all keeping nice and dry. Except for the three extras down below, who are dressed in Santa costumes and getting soaked to the skin. Ho, ho, ho.

[…] Several takes later, and David is still imploding. “You woke me up too soon,” he wheezes. “I’m still regenerating.”

“I felt like that this morning,” mutters James, and then yells: “Cut! That’s good, guys. I’m really enjoying it. I like the way you come forward, David, then lurch towards Camille. But let’s go for one more. As he collapses there, you could support him,” he suggests to Camille. “You’re helping him up. Improvise it. You too, Billie. Noel, grab David’s knee. Make a bit more of it. I’m going to let you milk it.”

The next shot is a close-up of Camille delivering her big speech on the balcony. The one that ends with the Doctor telling her to shut up. “Do you want me to keep almost interrupting her?” asks David.

“Good idea!” responds James. “Yes, I love that.”

On the first take, as Camille tries to help David to his feet, she falls arse over tit, and lands with her bottom in the air.  “That’s not your best side,” comments James.

“I’ve been like this all day,” she chuckles, “one way or another.”

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mimixray  asked:

You know, as a person that does astrology I strongly believe Noel made us all fall in love with him due to his strong Pisces influence, people with a powerful pisces or Neptune are very good actors bc they are good at getting into character! I love him so much tbh!!

I love him too! :3 He seems like the most genuine and kindhearted person. He’s truly a gift!

That may be why you saw Mickey as a Pisces because he gives Mickey so much heart and sensitivity of a Pisces but on the outside he has that Leo roar, and I agree there’s definitely some Scorpio and/or Ares in there too! He’s a complex guy, for sure!

<3 <3

like ships in the night; Blackinnon
[listen here]

1. some kind of loving - ben barnes and robert sheehan (with joe echo) // 2. she’s electric - oasis // 3. friends, lovers or nothing - john mayer // 4. you like me too much - the beatles // 5. we fall apart - we as human // 6. the good rebel - noel gallagher’s high flying birds // 7. ships in the night - mat kearney // 8. just like heaven - the cure // 9. you give me something - james morrison // 10. sister golden hair - america // 11. please don’t say you love me - gabrielle aplin // 12. hold on we’re going home (drake cover) - arctic monkeys // 13. first time - lifehouse

Shameless 7x11

*Spoilers ahead*

I watched this episode with my heart in my stomach. I did. But it ended exactly as I expected it to – Ian returning to Chicago, Mickey starting a new life in Mexico. Ian told Mickey that he loved him, and Mickey punched Ian in the arm for not visiting him in prison. And then said, “God, I missed you.” Which fucked me up. That one line…just destroyed me. Delivered with incredible tenderness only Noel Fucking Fisher could do.

Ian and Mickey are each others’ first loves. That’s incredibly powerful. They will carry that with them always. But Ian, despite his upbringing and his sometimes moral gray center, is not a career criminal. Hopefully, Mickey will get his shit together too, so he doesn’t end up back in the slammer (Mexican prisons are worse than American ones, which are horrendous anyway). Mickey’s a survivor. He’s resourceful, conniving, savvy. He’ll be okay. He’ll hopefully fall in love again. And he knows who he is now — because of Ian’s love – he’s living his true self.

And who’s to say Mickey doesn’t one day send Ian a postcard with cryptic instructions on where to find him. It’s open ended. There’s always that choice.

The ending brought everything full circle. Mickey finally finishing what he tried to tell Ian in Season 3, “Don’t do this.” And although, it felt disappointing to see him so ridiculously dressed in that final scene, even that had meaning: “Doesn’t mean I’m gonna wear a fucking dress.” He said those words the night he came out.

Despite everything, Mickey is a happier, stronger person because of Ian, and Ian has been given the gift of pure, unconditional love. They are a great love story. Probably one of the best. And while I never understood the direction the show went in regards to imprisoning Mickey in the first place, I think they redeemed the story arc tonight.

I’m okay with going down with this ship.