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Because Steven said something, and it got me thinking. 

“Oh Molly’s coming round,” Sherlock said all of a sudden, causing him to look up from entertaining his daughter Rosie who was sat on his lap. The man wasn’t even looking in John’s general direction, he just staring blankly at of the doorway, as if he was preparing himself. 

John pursed his lips, trying not to think too hard over the fact that he and Sherlock hadn’t really talked about what happened during that phone call he’d been forced to be present at. He’d rather have left when it took place, it felt way too personal for his taste, besides, truth be told - -  painful. Of all the people who didn’t deserve to be hurt, it was Molly Hooper, who’d been extremely helpful when John had needed someone (much more helpful than he’d deserved). But who, he also, hadn’t heard from in a while, as she’d been making excuses every time he’d wanted to have a chat. 

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psychicdinneranon  asked:

For your MiB Au, I had a thought as to what kind of alien Shizamaki would be. Perhaps he came from the planet of the Mole People whose cities have been underground for so long that they are all blinded by any light. Also I dare you to try saying "Planet of the Mole People" with a straight face. I look forward to hearing if you can do it!

first of all, great new friend: I didnt make it. I started laughing the moment I googled mole images to scrap up a design for shimazaki. what the f uc k is a Planet of the Mole People what is th i s

then I came up with minegishi just to put both of them in the same place and 

I just

mole and plants

we did it reddit 

Honestly, you should just fuck the cis-tem… (that’s me, I’m the cis-tem!). However, the cis-tem respects the fact that you’re ace, so don’t actually fuck it, but the premise still stands that you should enter a relationship with the cis-tem and do things like go out for coffee with it and hold its hand… did I mention I’m the cis-tem?
—  how Grantaire asked Enjolras out, probably

romanticnailbiting  asked:

Would you ever say "Damn Lilith your Bazoingas"? Or is that more Papa I bringing out a "Damn Astaroth your Bazoingas"?

..Oh goodness no.

I actually hold respect for Lilith and hers, I’d never call them such a ridiculous – well, that’s not even a word for the love of Satan!

I’m assuming though he’s already said that to Astaroth, no? That poor woman..I simply don’t understand how she puts up with that nonsense.

I come bearing Tales of Foolishness! So, day before yesterday I wander into the Subway down from work (where I’ve been enough they recognise me. Unfortunately.) Pre-lunch rush so it’s empty, the guys are all out the back. I call out a friendly hello so they know I’m there.

Sweet guy who always seems to end up serving me: Just give me a sec?

Me (cheerfully): Take all the secs you’d like.

Together: *awkward spreading silence*

Me: I’m so sorry that sounded so wrong I take it back, I mean take all the TIME you’d like, please, as much TIME as you want!

Him: *obviously trying not to laugh* Thank you.

Cue me valiantly resisting the urge to facepalm and avoiding eye contact, him valiantly resisting the urge to burst into laughter (all credit to him for that one!), and me fleeing with my sub.

akaashingly  asked:

mikayuu 55? :p

I’m still up for more prompts, it’s fun to try to write these, so feel free to send me more. Prompts listed here and here

Prompt:  “Our first date is a picnic on a beach under the stars? Have you swallowed a romance novel? Do I need to call a doctor?”

Thanks for the prompt, and sorry this took so long! I got hit with inspiration today by this sketch from @kazissimo over on her twitter [posted here with her permission!!] so with that, here we go! 

Mika was startled out of the reading of the latest chapter of Food Wars by the sound of loud snore erupting from above him, causing him to jump and nearly lose his place. He was sitting on the floor of his bedroom, while Yuu-chan had opted to lie on the bed to cuddle with Junji.

He peeked over the bed to see Yuu on his back, knees up, arms draped over the small white cat, who was stretched out across his belly. He let out a soft sigh, resting his chin on the bed as he observed the two sleeping.

Was it so silly for him to want to be his own cat? Probably, yes, Mika. It is silly to want to be your cat just because…

Mika yawned and rested the side of his face on the cool comforter, and closed his eyes, the magazine dropping to the floor.  

It was the summer before they went off to college - both of them were facing the reality of attending university- thankfully together- and Mika had been thinking a lot more about what that would mean for him and his best friend. Moving away, separated from their family, striking it out as independent adults together.

Best Friend…

Another snore erupted from Yuu’s open mouth. Mika buried his head into the comforter to mask his laughter. When he peeked back up, Junji stared at him with her bright blue eyes. Mika reached out to scratch under her chin, and she stretched, causing Yuu to stir. Mika snapped his hand away and grabbed his magazine again, hoping Yuu didn’t see him and think he was being a creeper and watching him sleep.


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Okay guys, for writing/general reference, a bit about what a ‘blacksmith’ is and isn’t:

A blacksmith is a generalist, a person who uses tools and fire to work iron.  Some blacksmiths work more specifically, so you get, say, an architectural blacksmith, who focuses more or less exclusively on things like gates, rails, fences, or an artist blacksmith, who makes wacky sculptures or what have you.  These days, though, that’s a pretty blurry line.  ‘Blacksmith’ is a pretty damn broad term, but it’s nowhere near broad enough to cover everything encompassed in ‘metalworker’, which is how I often see it used.  There are a LOT of different skills for working metal, and no one knows them all.  Some other terms:

A farrier shoes horses.  They may make the shoes, or they may buy them and then size them, but they actually do the shoeing.  Unless the blacksmith is also a farrier, they don’t know shit about horses’ hooves and are not qualified to deal with them and probably don’t want to.

A blacksmith works IRON (or steel), usually almost exclusively.  They might work with bronze or do a bit of brazing, but those are really separate skillsets.  If you work, say, tin and/or pewter, you are in fact a whitesmith.  You could also be a silversmith or a coppersmith, and so on.

Knifemakers and swordsmiths have their own highly specialized and fairly complex specialties, and usually a blacksmith wouldn’t mess with that unless they want to pick up a new skillset or if they’re really the only game going for a long way around.  By the same token, a swordsmith might never have learned the more general blacksmithing skills.  They’re not the same thing is what I’m trying to say here.  Likewise armorers.  There’s overlap but it’s not the same thing.

If you make metal items via molds and casting, you work at a foundry and are a foundryman.

Look, when metalworkers and individual shops and masters were the height of industry, this shit got REALLY specific.  There were people who spent their whole lives making pins.  Just pins.  Foundries specialized and made only bells, only cannon, only cauldrons, etc.  This is scratching the surface, I just wanted to make the point that ‘blacksmith’ is not the same thing as ‘magical muscly person who knows how to do everything related to metal’.

things i have observed about different fandoms

Harry Potter

  • your hogwarts house is more important than your name
  • so vast?? so old??? scary, kind of.
  • really old classic fics
  • used to have ship wars like all hell, and kind of still does??? but not really??? it’s better now
  • every other fandom has a harry potter au.
  • split into different sects that are practically whole different fandoms. there’s the marauders fandom, the golden trio/canon era fandom, the fantastic beasts fandom, the next gen fandom – they’re all like little umbrella fandoms under one great big potter net.
  • no one’s favorite character is harry potter.
  • they don’t talk about the cursed child.
  • will never die.


  • holy shIT this fandom is a minefield
  • a lot of teenagers??? like??? a lot???
  • an alarming amount of smut fic
  • i dont know a lot of this fandom is really immature and there are so many ship wars?? like??? 
  • ignoring actual historical material in favor of coddling your favorite character
  • the dub is one of the most quotable things i’ve ever seen
  • hetalia is very much a starter anime. a lot of people get into this anime as like a gateway drug and grow out of the fandom later on.
  • lots of bad fic, with rare absolute GEMS thrown in.
  • some fics are beautifully researched, intricate, historically accurate, and amazing. so much potential for fic in this fandom.
  • george devalier.

Les Miserables

  • frENCH
  • the main character is jean valjean
  • much of the fandom does not realize this.
  • les amis are love, les amis are life. jean valjean?? who??? javert??? who’s that?? fantine????? WHO THE FC U K
  • emerges from the deep once every few years when a movie or something else comes out.
  • The Movie Musical shot the fandom to new heights and launched a new era, but now has mostly calmed down???
  • also will never die. been around since 1862 and still going strong.
  • used to be eponine stans (eppyboppers) who hated cosette??? and usually shipped eponine with marius or enjolras. thank god that’s over.
  • literally everyone ships E/R.
  • even the actors ship E/R.


  • no
  • nOOOO
  • dying??? (hopefully)


  • oikawa tooru is universally adored
  • pretty much everyone ships the same things?? like obviously not, and there are so many great character dynamics and rarepairs, but ships like bokuaka, iwaoi, kagehina, etc. are so ingrained in the actual canon that everyone ships them a LITTLE bit, even if you ship the character different ways too.
  • you can ship anyone with anyone. literally. go fuckin wild.
  • everyone has normal hair except for the one owl guy.
  • incredible aus.

Yuri!! on Ice

  • at this point 90% of the fandom is just screaming over any new content they get b/c it’s all so great.
  • everyone under 20 gets shipped with yurio, and every one of these ships is somehow controversial.
  • fandom swings back and forth between wanting JJ to die in a fire or being ready to protect him to the ends of the earth.
  • sala or sara??? nobody can decide??? (spoiler alert: it’s sara, that’s a real italian name, sala is the word for living room.)
  • even the people who despise the dub can’t hate it THAT much
  • at one point the fandom hated chris, but now he’s just kind of the weird overly sexual uncle at the family barbecue
  • giaCOMEtti
  • kubo-sensei is a goddess

let this man call his brother cute