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I want to live by myself when I move out of my parent's place but I'm really afraid of money problems? I'm afraid that the only place I can afford will be in the ghetto and it'll all be torn apart and I'll only be allowed to eat one granola bar a week. I'm really stressing out about this. I don't know anything about after school life. I don't know anything about paying bills or how to buy an apartment and it's really scaring me. is there anything you know that can help me?

HI darling,

I’ve actually got a super wonderful masterpost for you to check out:







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Adult Cheat Sheet:

Once you’ve looked over all those cool links, I have some general advice for you on how you can have some sort of support system going for you:

Reasons to move out of home

You may decide to leave home for many different reasons, including:

  • wishing to live independently
  • location difficulties – for example, the need to move closer to university
  • conflict with your parents
  • being asked to leave by your parents.

Issues to consider when moving out of home

It’s common to be a little unsure when you make a decision like leaving home. You may choose to move, but find that you face problems you didn’t anticipate, such as:

  • Unreadiness – you may find you are not quite ready to handle all the responsibilities.
  • Money worries – bills including rent, utilities like gas and electricity and the cost of groceries may catch you by surprise, especially if you are used to your parents providing for everything. Debt may become an issue.
  • Flatmate problems – issues such as paying bills on time, sharing housework equally, friends who never pay board, but stay anyway, and lifestyle incompatibilities (such as a non-drug-user flatting with a drug user) may result in hostilities and arguments.

Your parents may be worried

Think about how your parents may be feeling and talk with them if they are worried about you. Most parents want their children to be happy and independent, but they might be concerned about a lot of different things. For example:

  • They may worry that you are not ready.
  • They may be sad because they will miss you.
  • They may think you shouldn’t leave home until you are married or have bought a house.
  • They may be concerned about the people you have chosen to live with.

Reassure your parents that you will keep in touch and visit regularly. Try to leave on a positive note. Hopefully, they are happy about your plans and support your decision.

Tips for a successful move

Tips include:

  • Don’t make a rash decision – consider the situation carefully. Are you ready to live independently? Do you make enough money to support yourself? Are you moving out for the right reasons?
  • Draw up a realistic budget – don’t forget to include ‘hidden’ expenses such as the property’s security deposit or bond (usually four weeks’ rent), connection fees for utilities, and home and contents insurance.
  • Communicate – avoid misunderstandings, hostilities and arguments by talking openly and respectfully about your concerns with flatmates and parents. Make sure you’re open to their point of view too – getting along is a two-way street.
  • Keep in touch – talk to your parents about regular home visits: for example, having Sunday night dinner together every week.
  • Work out acceptable behaviour – if your parents don’t like your flatmate(s), find out why. It is usually the behaviour rather than the person that causes offence (for example, swearing or smoking). Out of respect for your parents, ask your flatmate(s) to be on their best behaviour when your parents visit and do the same for them.
  • Ask for help – if things are becoming difficult, don’t be too proud to ask your parents for help. They have a lot of life experience.

If your family home does not provide support

Not everyone who leaves home can return home or ask their parents for help in times of trouble. If you have been thrown out of home or left home to escape abuse or conflict, you may be too young or unprepared to cope.

If you are a fostered child, you will have to leave the state-care system when you turn 18, but you may not be ready to make the sudden transition to independence.

If you need support, help is available from a range of community and government organisations. Assistance includes emergency accommodation and food vouchers. If you can’t call your parents or foster parents, call one of the associations below for information, advice and assistance.

Where to get help

  • Your doctor
  • Kids Helpline Tel. 1800 55 1800
  • Lifeline Tel. 13 11 44
  • Home Ground Services Tel. 1800 048 325
  • Relationships Australia Tel. 1300 364 277
  • Centrelink Crisis or Special Help Tel. 13 28 50
  • Tenants Union of Victoria Tel. (03) 9416 2577

Things to remember

  • Try to solve any problems before you leave home. Don’t leave because of a fight or other family difficulty if you can possibly avoid it.
  • Draw up a realistic budget that includes ‘hidden’ expenses, such as bond, connection fees for utilities, and home and contents insurance.
  • Remember that you can get help from a range of community and government organizations. 


Keep me updated? xx

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Hey Gray! I love your blog :D I was wondering if you could do this request: RFA+Minor trio reacting to MC's and their own child being bullied in front of them (like maybe the bullies didn't see them RIGHT THERE) for being chubby but the daughter/son is like really chill and hits them with a 'I'm used to it it's ok' thank you :DD I'll request more now!! Good luck with your blog and excuse my english lolol

Hey now, you’re an all star I’m so sorry nobody is allowed to apologize for their English on this blog. You’re really good with it, so don’t worry at all! English is a bitch to learn, and if anyone judges you I will f i g h t. Also, no matter how many other blogs I’ve seen in the past, I still don’t know who makes up the minor trio. I’ve seen it mentioned a lot, and I always assumed it’s Jaehee, V, and Saeran. If it’s someone else, I’ll gladly write for them, too! (Dialogue of fat-shaming in Jaehee’s. Just a heads up!)


  • He had to pick up your kid from school one day because he got off from work early
  • Yoosung drove there just a little too early when he saw your child getting harassed by three other kids
  • oh no
  • nonononono
  • Instead of just driving up, he parked that damn car and walked up
  • Just far enough so they thought he was a highschooler  even if hes older hes still small you can fight me on this
  • Once he was in earshot, his only thought was how dare they
  • The things they were saying were downright disgusting to him
  • Yoosung walked right up and tapped one of them on the shoulder
  • “Hey there buddy boy, I’m going to ask, no, tell you to kindly leave and never speak to my child again”
  • Your kid just kinda bip bopped along with him after he turned to leave after the kids had given half-hearted apologies
  • “Hey, Dad?” “What? Do you want ice cream? We can go. If you want to talk, we can do that, too” “I just wanted to say that you didn’t need to do that. What they said is pretty normal for me”
  • oh hell no
  • Yoosung just nodded slightly “But it doesn’t have to be” “It’s just like that, but can we still get ice cream?” “Yep! Just don’t tell, MC!” “Will you promise not to tell them about my school either? I don’t want them worried, since you seem to be”
  • So they went out to a small shop that wasn’t too far away from your home and talked about animals
  • Then once they got home, you could see him looking concerned at your child when the put their bag from school up
  • He went to his office and typed out an email
  • Turns out, he got the three kids suspended
  • PTA Dad Yoosung won’t stand for that shit
  • Didn’t tell MC because he promised


  • You can’t tell me he’s not a PTA dad either
  • Sure, practice sometimes doesn’t allow him to go to every meeting
  • But you know he’s ready to fight Nancy at the bake sale because what were those brownies, Jesus, Nancy
  • aNYWAYS, you both had to go to one of those lame ass schools fairs
  • you couldn’t say no to your kid because those puppy eyes reminded you of Zen’s
  • You were waiting in line for food while Zen was buying tickets for things and you let your child go off with their friends
  • Then the yelling started dAMMIT, ZEN
  • “How dare you talk to my child like that?” “Well, um, sir-” “No, I’m not hearing it from you, young man” “I want to say-” “Not you either, young lady!”
  • Zen walked back with your kid in tow and he was fuming
  • “MC! Can we leave? There’s much better food at the restaurant we passed” “Only if you tell me what happened, because it looks like our daughter is perfectly fine” “No, she is nOT. They were making fun of her weight! How dare they insult our princess” “Zen, You sound like a script right now, calm down”
  • Your child just mumbled, “Well, that’s what happened during school anyways”
  • Turning around so quickly that you got bitch-slapped by his hair, he looked at your kid
  • He was n o t having this shit
  • “Who cares if you’ve got squish? There’s just more to love! Those kids are douchebags” “Zen-” “As long as you’re comfortable with you, there’s no issue. If you feel bad because of that snotbag, I will find out who his mom is and raise hell” “Zen-” “That one girl looked like her mom runs a drug cartel. I should know, too, because her mom is probably Bethany” “Hyun!”
  • He turned back towards you flashing a slightly awkward smile
  • “MC, that boy was a beast
  • “Not this again” Well, damn, if your kid is sick of it, he probably should be, too
  • You ended up leaving after your kid was done with his shit wanted to leave
  • He may or may not have raised a little hell on the board
  • Gave a two minute monologue on bullying at the monthly meeting

Jaehee: (Good end and after end spoilers)

  • Your son liked to hang around the café after school was done with a few friends
  • He came in one day with several people, a few being ones you recognized
  • You were taking orders and Jaehee was wiping down tables along with picking up dishes
  • cue dramatic plate falling when she overheard their conversation
  • “Maybe your clothes wouldn’t be so big if your  parents didn’t bake so much for you” “He’s right. All those pastries can’t be that great. Especially with how little you do in PE” “Maybe stop eating all of your lun-”
  • “Excuse me, but who are you, ma’am?” “Just a friend of this kid” “Get out of this café” “Who are you? Where’s the manager?”
  • “Mom, it’s fi-” “I’m Mrs. Kang, the owner of this establishment, and the disgusting comments you are making are towards my son. Leave
  • The girl turned bright red and moved to gather her things
  • Jaehee’s badass arm stopped her from properly getting up
  • “I thought it was heavily implied that you were to apologize”
  • She was downright glaring at this kid
  • You paused when nobody else was at the counter and turned your attention to what was going down
  • This look wasn’t even reserved for customers who threw orders at her
  • Once the girl left after having to repeat her apology several times, all the others followed, trying not to maintain eye contact with Jaehee
  • She slid in the booth across from your son and had a lengthy discussion about what was wrong for people to say
  • Jaehee had had enough in her life getting treated awfully, so your kid wasn’t allowed to have any of that
  • That night, you had to talk her out of fighting that kid
  • “Jaehee, that’s assault” “MC, it’s justice


  • He was dicking around with the security system at your kid’s school
  • It’s not stalking if its not obsessive
  • The system’s visual aspect may not be strong, but the audio was pretty okay
  • Seven just wanted to hear what your child was doing after the bell had rung (I had to look up if it was rung or rang just now)
  • As soon as he heard what a person was saying that was most definitely not your child, he was ready to f i g h t
  • Your kid came back from school that day and went to greet him
  • He may or may not have turned around in an office chair dramactically
  • “So who’s Jun Ho? He sounds like a real biiiii-I mean, jerkwad” “How do you know who he is? He’s in one of my classes.” “Some teacher emailed me saying he was being rude to you. Making remarks on your appearance or something” “Oh, yeah, he does that a lot. It stopped bugging me awhile ago”
  • Red Alert: How About No?
  • “He shouldn’t be saying things like that in the first place. Why do you even talk to him?” “Jun Ho gives me food” “As much as I love food, you should never be degraded to get it” “But it’s soda, and I can’t take that to school” “You won’t get in trouble if no one finds out. That’s besides the point. Can you please drop that douuu-um, that trashcan? You don’t deserve to be told anything that’s negative about yourself that isn’t constructive”
  • Your kid just tried to assure him that It’s Fine, Dad but it most definitely Was Not
  • So then he went into every social media account he could find of Jun Ho’s and left some lovely messages and photos for the kid to find later


  • you know this motherfucker sent your kid to a private school
  • He didn’t realize that not every person would be magically nice to eachother
  • Just let him believe
  • Jumin was content with that for awhile until The Incident
  • Your son was walking back into your home as he was video chatting people at a party
  • For some reason, their conversation dropped off to what sports people were playing and some dumbass in the background made a rude remark to your kid
  • Jumin walked over and took the phone from your son’s hand and got the attention of the teenagers
  • holy shit, that was the dude that their parents made those important business deals with
  • that suit is probably worth more than all my organs
  • damn, he looks like he’s about ready to fail all of us in a class
  • Please refrain from ever contacting this phone ever again. Your words are unappreciated by myself”
  • Your son was desperately trying to mute him repeating that it was all okay
  • Jumin was still drilling these kids
  • “Furthermore, it is not any of your business to inquire about an individual’s health whatsoever. I will have you make good note that everything in this household is meticulously organized, so no, you’re not ‘concerned for his health’ or any other excuse that is as incompetent as yourselves. Have a good evening”
  • Sassy Jumin snapping that hang up button
  • Then he held out the phone to your son that took it nervously
  • “You’re never to speak to them again” “Dad, I-” “No, it is absolutely not fine. You will not be told that just because you’re not of the bare minimum weight, that you are any less of a human being. You are to be respected. If you are to speak to any of your classmates, please inform them that all business deals with their families will end soon.”
  • He most definitely called all of their parents that evening to tell them of these changes
  • Blocked every number he could
  • Also made sure that any future advertisements that were made by any department were to be inclusive of plus-size models


  • There was a new museum and he was invited to attend it’s opening with his family
  • No way this Cotton Candy Man could say no when your daughter got excited at the mention of an artist she loved that was to have an exhibit showcased
  • Everyone had gotten dressed up for the occasion, including V in a snazzy I’m so sorry that I use that word suit, yourself in comfortable formal wear, and your daughter wearing a tighter blouse with a skirt
  • What she wore didn’t bug you or Jihyun, whatever made her the most loving to herself was fine by you
  • The three of you had walked in and were walking around to greet other guests and enjoy hors d'oeuvres
  • Your daughter walked off to admire the paintings until who you recognized as one of her fellow students walked up to her
  • There was no use in eavesdropping so you continued to walk as V walked into the room of the pieces
  • He honestly didn’t notice them until he could hear your child’s voice
  • Then he noticed what the other party was saying
  • Calm Dad walked over to them and apologized for his interruption in the conversation to tell off the student for what they were saying about your daughter’s outfit
  • “Hey, Dad, Mi Na wasn’t bothering me” “Then she was bothering me. Mi Na, please refrain from speaking negatively about my daughter’s appearance in the future. I assure you that whatever clothing she wishes to wear will not effect you”
  • You looked over to see the “Bitch, you ain’t shit” smile on his face and got interested to see what was going on
  • He explained to you the situation then spoke to your daughter again with a short lecture on Why She Was Perfect and Why People Suck
  • Got the girl kicked out from the museum afterwards
  • To make it up, even though “It was fINE, DAD,” V was able to get artwork from the artist your daughter was so excited to see


  • this one’s going to do with an ice cream parlor I’m sorry
  • He agreed to go on a family outing as long as the crowds weren’t too big
  • Hey, if you made it this far, don’t mess it up
  • To his favorite ice cream parlor first!
  • None of you cared if it was eleven am
  • It was always time for ice cream
  • While you three were waiting in line, your child noticed that the person scooping was the dickbag of an upperclassman that had been harassing them for a couple of weeks
  • Saeran noticed how they acted and offered to get a table with them so that it would fit into conversation easily
  • They nodded and went with them so that he could ask what happened
  • Your kid told him that the boy at the counter was giving him shit for his weight and that “It’s perfectly fine”
  • Then Saeran was p i s s e d
  • He assured them that they were perfectly fine as long as they liked themselves
  • Saeran then offered for them to go back in the line where you were ordering your food
  • Your child was slightly anxious as to what he’d do to the worker
  • He glared at that upperclassman so strongly that you thought he had killed Saeran’s joy in life
  • Considering how much Saeran loved his new family, he pretty much did, so the kid deserved to be scared for half a minute
  • He then smiled at you when you handed a cone to him and you sat down with the three of you eating happily
  • Saeran noticed the glances he was getting but didn’t mind them
  • He glared at the kid again for good measure when he held open the door

I’m sorry that this took me so long! Also, no offense if your name is Nancy or Bethany. They’re just my go to PTA Mom names. I’m going to try to get at least two requests up each day. I hope that this was to your satisfaction, but I’ll happily fix anything if you see fit. Much love to you all!

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Hi, I'll never say it enough I love your blog and your work, you all bring another perception of the functions and the types! I have a question about loop and grip what would be the difference between an INFP on a loop and an ENFP in a grip, and between an ENFP on a loop and an INFP in a grip?

You know how a four year old acts, right?

Tantrums. Uncontrolled emotions. Little concern for others. Kinda selfish, petty, and above all – immature.

Imagine that four year old never grows up. They stay four forever.

Now picture your inferior function as that four year old.

Grips are where your inner four year old comes out to play. There’s no other functions there. Just the four year old.

This should tell you the difference between a loop and a grip.

If your inferior is a four year old, your dominant is a wise old sage, and your auxiliary function is a semi-mature wizard-like soul, and your tertiary function is a semi-sane teenager.

So, when you’re having a grip, it’s the four year old.

When you’re looping, the wise old sage is yelling at the teenager to grow up.

Think about how a four year old might use Si or Te.





Don’t type yourself based on loops. It’s fairly common never to be in one, and if you are in one, that’s a bad place and you’re no good to either yourself or the world at large and need to get out of one, stat. 

Remember, in typing yourself and others:

ENFP: turns everything into a joke to deal with it.

INFP: does not do that.

What do Veronica Mars, Chloe Sullivan, Elizabeth Bennet, and Kenzi from Lost Girl have in common? They are all ENFPs. And they do… what? Wisecracks. Jokes. Cover up their feelings with smart-ass behavior, to avoid talking about how they got their feelings hurt. They don’t have to think about a comeback; they just have one. All the time. Instant wise-ass. You think that’s a character-driven myth? Think again. Ne-doms don’t need to pause to think. They do it on the fly, and 98% of them would rather amuse themselves or make you LOL than have a serious heart to heart conversation. They are hilarious. HELL-AR-IOUS.

Feelings? Pfft, what, you can’t take a joke? =P

Who doesn’t find life funny 24/7? INFPs. They have fun, sure, but life is way more serious, and intellectual, and deep than that. They will not shy away from those probing, heart to heart talks that give ENFPs hives. They are introverts. BIG CLUE: DEEP. DEEP. DEEP. FiNe deep. Freaking deep, okay?

Lemme give you an example of NFPs.

Scenario: Friend promises to take NFP somewhere, then doesn’t. NFP finds out she went with mutual friends instead. NFP does not ask if person forgot them (F), and…

INFP: Feels insulted. Spends some time truly FEELING. Decides based on those feelings whether to forgive and move on or shut down this friendship. Once they get past the hurt, their Ne kicks in and provides different reasons as to why or how they got left out, the person’s motives, etc., but they have to work through the hurt and feels first. And then they’re fine. But nobody is ever gonna do that to them again, or they’ll hear about it (inferior Te).

ENFP: Caught off guard, disappointed not be part of the group (extrovert). Dismisses their own feelings or laughs it off, while coming up with various reasons why they were left out (Ne-dom), and bouncing them off what is rational (Te) (well, I live a long way away; it would be inconvenient to invite me, I get it; gas money and all; if that’s the case, I’m not insulted, since it makes sense). Never speaks of it again, but might secretly feel insecure about it FOREVER (inferior Si).

- ENFP Mod

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Reblogging those beautiful women makes some of us feel like crap we can never be that way so stop reblogging it please and thank you otherwise I'll have to unfollow sadly.

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Okay first things first

1) This is my Blog I will post whatever I like as long as its not too graphic
(hence my special blog) and its part of my personal interests. Who the hell are you to tell me otherwise? You CHOSE to follow it

2) Don’t take your insecurities out on other people if it really bothers you that much. Hell work to be the BEST YOU, YOU CAN BE! But don’t go 

“Oh theyre so pretty I’ll never be like them” Blah Blah Blah Then Don’t be like them, BE PROUD of who YOU ARE! and if you wanna work on being better than work on being better. 

If you need to talk to someone talk to friends, your family or a Professional therapist but I’m not the one to take personal insecurities out on. Like I’ve said many times before I have my own personal insecurities that I acknowledge and actively work to fix daily. Hell if I see some Handsome ass muhfugga with 8 pack abs and money and hot women that doesn’t make me feel insignificant it makes me want to work harder to better myself.

Matter of fact here is a Quote I frickin love from one of my Mentor’s Books. That really hits home for me

“Here’s the thing,
when someone has accomplished
something you want to accomplish,

the best thing to do is
not hate on them
or try to marginalize them.

“They are rich”

“They were born with great genetics”

“They have an easy life”

“they dont know what stress and pain is like”

“they are on steroids”

“They were handed these qualities and didnt work for them”

They’ve got all these advantages BLAH BLAH BLAH

you know what you are doing right?

You’re trying to mitigate feelings
of inadequacy you feel when you see
someone more successful.…
Thats a total Bitch Move to be honest.

Whatever advantages someone has over you
It DOES NOT Exonerate you from the
responsibility of having to accomplish

Hating on someone/ Talking shit
about someone who is doing better
than you

In fact it will only hurt you
and diminish the energy you have
for your goals. Focus on them
and nothing else and the right people
will come into your life
and you’ll find that
your own success is so worth it
that you’ll forget about them”

So Anon you can be great too stop comparing yourself to others and work on being the best you possible. 

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Ok, first of all, I wanted to say that your blog is absolutely amazing. Not gonna lie I wasn't a big fan of this OT3, but when you write I love it very very much ^^ I'm really happy to have discovered your tumblr My favorites are definitely your NSFW and you reversed roles AU (if you ever wanna write another scene in it, anything, I'll read it very gladly X) ). Thank you very much for sharing your writing with us, I really appreciate it, you're awesome ❤️

Ace had changed.

Sabo could tell by the way he carried himself that the Ace he knew really was gone…but in his place was someone so much more.

More confident. More comfortable with himself. More alive. 

This Ace was…softer. 

Somehow more willing to let others in even when he teased them restless. He was a leader but unlike when they were kids didn’t expect others to keep up with him like he used to do with Luffy. He was a younger brother, content with letting others fuss over him and even doing the same to his younger brothers.

Sabo didn’t know what to do with this new Ace. All the tricks that used to work when interacting with the angry ball of freckles no longer applied- because there was no longer an angry ball. 

Every time he looked into those black sparkling eyes he was met with a stranger. A kind well-meaning stranger who wanted to know answers to his question who am I.

Who looked at Sabo like he had all the answers in the world.

Damn, but did that not hurt. It was great that this Ace was here…but this Ace wasn’t his Ace. 

It was selfish of him, but Sabo wanted his Ace. The one he grew to love for being the first person to look at him and care that he existed.  This Ace…had so many people to care about that some days Sabo felt like he didn’t care about him anymore.

He wanted to get off this stupid ship.

Sabo sighed rolling over to bury his face into his pillow. He was a horrible person, wasn’t he? Jealous that the man without his memories treated him like a stranger while he treated the people he grew up with like family instead of him. 

 Next to him, Marco mumbled in his sleep, shifting around a bit before resettling.

Sabo lifted his head a little to look at him, worried he woke him. 

 How in the world did the older man convince him to rest in his bed, the revolutionary may never know but it was much nicer than laying in the dark by himself overthinking everything.

Far better than having sleepless nights where his brain just wouldn’t stop. Marco had noticed the bags under his eyes, quickly which surprised him. Not even Koala is that fast.

By the end of that same day, all of Sabo’s possessions had been moved to the First Commander’s room. Of course, they told no one of this. Not even Whitebeard knew.

Sabo didn’t want Ace to think it was his fault. The guy was already feeling guilty for forgetting him, there was no need to make that guilt worse.

He liked sneaking into Marco’s room. 

His thoughts didn’t have the chance to run wild like they normally did. Usually, Marco would be able to distract him. He would step in when Ace got overly excited and ask too many questions, call him over to play cards some nights and even just sit with him at night hearing him talk about his feelings.

It was nice.

Now if only he could figure out what to do with the arm wrapped around his waist. 

“Go to sleep Sabo. It’s going to be alright yoi.” 

With a sleepy demand like that, how could he refuse?


The voice stared him awake a few hours later, the younger blond didn’t have time to react before the door was thrown open. He shot up like a rigid board, locking gazes with an equally surprised Thatch.

The two men said nothing, observing each other for what felt like an eternity to the blond. He didn’t miss the way the grinder’s eyes glanced down at his bare chest.

A slow smirk began to form on his lips which barred bad news for the younger man.

“I-It’s not what you think!  I can explain!” Sabo blurted before his brain could think better of it.  He winces because that phrasing along with the delivery was the exact opposite of what he wanted to convey. 

“Oh no. Don’t mind me. I just wanted to let Birdie over there know that the report he wanted is finished. Please go back to what you were doing.” The man says, placing a light stack of papers on Marco’s desk. He gives the horrified young man a large smirk before taking a great bow.  “Do come to breakfast when you’re done.” 

Then he was gone with a cheerful laugh.

Sabo is left gaping at the doorway. He isn’t sure how long he sits there, with the bed sheets pooling around his pajama covered waist and a man’s arm half slung off him.

He no doubt had horrible bed hair- he always does first thing in the morning- with a bit of drool on one cheek. 

How that whole image must look like…

“Mh. Goodmorning yoi.”  Marco’s voice snaps him out of his daze. He glances down just in time to watch sleep fall from the other’s man eyes. They focus on his face before Marco straightens “Are you okay?”

“Thatch…was here. He left you…a report.” The words come out slower because he’s still trying to process what this all means. 

“Oh? He finally got off his ass. Thank the Sea yoi.” The older man says relaxing. Sabo thinks he’s way too calm but maybe he doesn’t understand what this means yet.

“He saw me.”

“I see. Don’t worry he won’t say anything as long as you told him not to.” Marco pushes himself up, raising a brow as Sabo stays silent. “You did tell him not to say anything…right?”

“Um…about that-”

Marco get you filthy hands off of Sabo!”  The scream is followed by the sound of flames enlightening and Sabo jumps.  Was that…Ace?

“Oh great.”  The older man sighs just as the cabin door is blasted off its hinges. A figure of a man made of fire is on the other side. “Ace calm down. We’re just sleeping yoi.”

“I will defend Sabo’s honor! Prepare yourself!” The raven hair man shouts completely ignoring what Marco said, before jumping towards the bed. He drops kicks the First commander, rolling with him on the floor as the Phoniex raises his hands with a look of long suffering going willingly. 

Sabo is stunned.  Ace..still cared about him?

He peeks over the bed side to watch Ace bite Marco’s hand- which heals instantly as the older man lays on his back impassively. The young man didn’t get dishearted as he tries slapping the other’s face while flames burst from his shoulders hissing like a wet cat.

Or a toddler throwing a tantrum. Marco was certainly reacting like that was the case.

A bubbling laugh stops the “fight”.

They both look up to see the first real smile on Sabo’s face since they picked him up all those weeks ago. The image isn’t ruined by the tears ruling down his face in the slightest. 

“Thanks for defending me Ace but it’s not needed.” He says between gasps. It feels like a huge weight was just lifted off his shoulders as he whips some of the tears away. He throws the stunned men a dazzling smile. “It’s nice to know that you care”

It was really nice to know.


it was a good run.

i’m going on an indefinite hiatus from tumblr. if you want a detailed explanation as to why, you can read this post and i guess this one too. beware, though, they’re quite lengthy and detailed. i am bidding farewell to a very important part of my life so i felt it was necessary to get out all my emotions in order to move on.

i also apologize for making a lot of those situations about me when i wasn’t a part of them, but i can’t help my feelings. observing terrible things that happened to people i care about from afar has taken it’s toll on me. seeing people in pain and being unable to console them no matter how much you wish you could take their struggling away is some of the worst pain in itself.

despite ending on such a glum note, i cherish the time i had on this blog with all of you. it was wonderful and i’m glad i got to interact with such amazing people. it was a good stress reliever while my physical health kept deteriorating, and through the family issues that popped up in recent months. it was a fun way for me to share my content with others and bond over our favourite groups.

i’m so fond of everyone that decided to hit that follow button. it meant and still means the world to me. i appreciate every single person that took time out of their day to read my work, to send me asked, to reply to my posts, to support me. i will never will be able to fully express my gratitude. just know that i appreciate you so much.

i’d also like to mention some people.

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these are only a fraction of the blogs i wish to thank. you made my experience on tumblr so much better and i enjoyed having you all on my dash. seeing posts from you made me smile and i’m glad i was fortunate enough to stumble across your blogs.

my content will remain up save for my art which i have already deleted. and that is not an invitation to steal my work as i will be keeping an eye out for plagarizers. i will be leaving all my networks but this blog will stay up in case i ever feel like coming back. who knows, it could be in two days or when there’s a comeback i need to yell into the void about or maybe never. if ever, i don’t think it will be anytime soon. if any mutuals would like to keep contact with me, please message me and maybe we can exchange social media handles.

i’ve thought long and hard. i didn’t want to leave, i didn’t want to let go. i tried my hardest to detach myself from my doubts, but i also have to think about my own well being. i have to think about what’s best for me. this was my last resort but with all the progress i’ve made the past few months, i cannot sacrifice my mental health to stay on this site.

i wish you all the very best. i hope you all live relatively happy lives and work to achieve your goals. i’ll always be rooting for every one of you, even if i’m not on tumblr. again, if you would like to keep in touch, please message me. i’ll be here for another 48 hours before i log out for good. i will always love and cherish all of you.

i’m sorry it’s come to this. i will miss this space but i don’t want to be here anymore, at least not right now.


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Hi!! May i request a reaction for if bts' biracial s/o, who usually doesn't care what they look like, starts to freak out because people keep mentioning how she looks, whether or not it's good or bad comments. If you already did this and i just didn't see it, pls ignore this lol. If you don't want to do it, i'll understand. I love your tumblr and i hope you stay atound for a while😊 have a good day/night.

BTS Reaction To Their Biracial S/O Freaking Out About Other People’s Comments On Their Looks

Prompt: The two of you decided to go for a stroll around town, since it was such a nice day and it was rare for the two of you to both be free at the same time, so you wanted to take advantage of this time and enjoy a relaxing day. When the two of you happened to walk past a group of kids who immediately stopped chatting and looked you over and whispered you couldn’t help, but feel a little insecure about your appearance and hid behind him trying to not be seen. “What’s the matter jagi?” he’d say looking over at the group “they’re probably saying something about,right? Because I look like this…”


He’d take your hand moving you from behind him, smiling at you he’d nod his head which would make you shock for a second until he spoke up. “They probably are, you know why, because you’re the prettiest woman in all of Seoul” he’d chuckle placing a kiss upon your hand.


Yoongi would look at you with his mouth open for a moment ‘is she serious?!’ he’d think before blinking closing his mouth. “Don’t stress over those things Y/N, who cares what other people think, but between us they’re probably just jealous of your beautiful mixed genes” he’d give that adorable gummy smile, letting you know everything is alright.

Rap Monster:

“You just look too good Y/N that’s why they’re all looking at you” he’d look at the group seeing a few of guys look you up and down. “I just hope none of them try to sweep you away from me” he’d laugh holding your cheek in his hand “after all you’re mine and mine alone”


“Of course you attract stares Y/N it’s not often people get to witness such a perfect sunshine couple like us” he’d give you many kisses “in all seriousness though really jagi you shouldn’t worry they only stare because you truly are spectacular”. Hearing such words would definitely boost your spirits.


“I doubt that’s what they’re talking about jagi, but rather it’s bad or good things, shouldn’t bother you, only thing that matters is that your comfortable with yourself, I know I am, I love you, all of you” he’d make a heart with his hands before hugging you tight “don’t forget that, love yourself jagi”


At first he wouldn’t understand why you would think other people are talking about just because of the way you look. “I don’t see the problem here Y/N, clearly the others just don’t recognize someone with your beauty, luckily for me, I got you before anyone else did” cupping your face he’d give you a big kiss. Mwuah~💋


He’d be a little dramatic. “What would they even have to talk about?” he’d look at you for a few seconds before leaning against the wall letting out a sigh “oh my god jagi your beauty is blinding, that must be the reason, they just had to stop and stare at this shining star here” he’d wink, making you laugh nonetheless though feeling better about yourself.


richjake stuff (chapter 1/?)

here’s some shitty richjake i promised some one super cool. also, just as an announcement, i have no idea where this whole thing is going, so enjoy i guess! there’s not many warnings, but suicidal thoughts are mentioned very briefly and the boys have some cry time (it gets better don’t y'all worry, i’m planning on doing multiple chapters) edit: if y'all actually like this story could ya check out the other chapters? like i know this one is popular bc a good blog rb it.
Rich felt like shit. He usually did, but he didn’t usually burn down houses; let alone his best friend’s house. Nothing he could do about it now. The bleached tiles and hospital food was driving him crazy. He overheard the doctors suggesting that he go to a psychiatric hospital to be evaluated. The only thing that made this situation a bit better was the fact that he miraculously got Jeremy as his hospital-room mate and not some random old guy with tuberculosis. Although Jeremy was out cold, Michael visited him everyday.
“Hey, Rich,” Michael said, waving. Rich returned the greeting before staring off at something across the room. “Are you okay, dude? Anything you need to talk about? I can’t say that I know how you feel, but if you want to talk about anything I’m here.” Rich did want to talk about it, but ever since the SQUIP deactivated, his stupid lisp came back. He swore he heard some of the nurses laughing about it at some point. He just shook his head in response. Michael smiled and nodded. His eyes returned to Jeremy. Rich admired their friendship. Even through the SQUIP incedents, they were able to overcome everything. He guessed that it was because they had such a history together.
Rich didn’t have that with anyone. Sure, he was friends with Jake, but that was only after his SQUIP took over. Jake never liked the real Rich Goranski. He didn’t know about the lisp, the anxiety, and especially not the suicidal thoughts. And he didn’t plan on bringing them up again; the last time he did that he hurt so many people. Even with the SQUIP gone, Rich knew that he was going to keep up this charade for as long as he could. There was no way in hell he was going back to the way he was.
He was suddenly ripped from his thoughts when he heard the door open. A nurse was pointing in his direction; then in came Jake. Rich could barely fucking look at him-at what he had done. Both of Jake’s legs were broken and he looked exausted. Jake thanked the nurse before slowly making his way past Jeremy’s bed and over to Rich. He plopped down in the chair that was closest to Rich and leaned his crutches against the wall. Michael stood and pulled on the curtain that separated the two sides of the room.
“I don’t want to be invasive. I know it’s just a curtain, but you don’t have to worry about me,” Michael said before closing himself off from Jake’s side of the room.
“I would ask how you’re doing, but I can kinda guess,” Jake chuckled. “What’s up, dude. I haven’t seen you in like forever.” Rich couldn’t bear to make eye contact. Why was Jake beeing so cool about seeing him? Rich had just burned down his house, broken his legs, and was now a completely different person than the one that Jake had been able to tolerate. Part of Rich just wanted to be alone and wallow in self-pity, but the other part of him wanted to just get all this over with.
“Why did you come here?” Rich looked over at his concered friend. He was honestly taken aback by the emotion that Jake was showing. Of course, it was appreciated, but it was something Rich would have never expected. “Like, I burned down your house and your legs are broken. Why the fuck would you even want to see me?”
Something in Jake’s eyes softened when he finally connected his gaze with his friend. Slowly, Jake reached out a hand toward Rich, giving him time to make a decision. Rich just turned his head away and closed his eyes. He felt a large hand gently rest on his arm. “I came to make sure you were doing okay. I just really want you to be okay, after all the SQUIPs and evrything,” Jake murmured calmly.
“You know about the SQUIP?” Rich asked, trying to keep his voice from shaking (and his lisp from being too prominant). Jake nodded and explained he events of the play, ending his ramble with clarifying why Jeremy was in the hospital, too. Rich turned his away again. He didn’t feel like he could cry in front of Jake. Crying was not cool.
“Hey,” Jake whispered. “it’s okay, dude. I know that things are fucking awful, but please try not to worry about anyone judging you. I will beat the shit out of anyone who tries anything. We all miss you; I miss you. If you need to cry or talk or anything, I’ll be here for whatever you need. I only had a SQUIP for, like, less than an hour. I can only imagine what it was like to live with that for two years. I’m just sorry that all this happened.” Rich felt hot tears on his face. He sluggishly moved to look at Jake; he was crying too. The tears flowed freely through closed eyes. Rich threw his head back against the flat hospital pillow and sobbed openly. He hoped Jake wasn’t looking. Crying was not cool. Jake gently shifted his hand from his friend’s arm to his hand. “We can get through this, okay? I’m always here.”

anonymous asked:

my super manipulative and codependent ex and i recently blocked each other on all social media. before the cut off, they said some really hurtful and vicious things to me. i don't want to reconnect with them, but i'm still really hurting. and on their blog all they post about is their new s/o and it seems like they're still trying to manipulative me because they know i'll keep looking at their blog. how do i control myself ag not look at their blog? how can i put all this behind me?

Hey darling 💕 I want you to know that being curious about your ex is more than okay and it’s actually very normal. We are alllll guilty of checking up on our ex friends or partners at least once in our lives. There are usually two possibilities when we do this though: we either see something we don’t care about at all, or we will see something we really don’t want to see. With both possibilities, the end result will always be the same: you will feel worse.

  • Reflect on the last time you read your ex’s blog, pinpoint how it made you feel, and speak it aloud. “It’s okay to be curious, but reading their blog will not make me feel better.” Psychology backs that affirming yourself out loud is a good way to start gaining self control and strength.
  • Do not punish yourself for the times you end up reading their blog. You haven’t done anything wrong, and just like any other habit it’s not always as simple as telling yourself to stop. It can take time, so be extra patient and loving with yourself.
  • Keep in mind that people tend to post their highlights on social media. I think since social media is so widely used every day, a lot of people forget that it isn’t an accurate representation of a person, or their life.
  • Block and keep them blocked. Deleting all of your old messages, pictures, screenshots, etc is another good idea. You don’t want to be randomly reminded of your ex, or be tempted to check on them again.
  • Try using a reward system. Every time you resist the urge to read your ex’s blog, do something extra nice for yourself. Another good way to resist the urge is by putting some change in a jar every time you do end up reading their blog.
  • Find a replacement habit or something to distract your mind when you find yourself thinking of checking on your ex. Play a fun computer game, write something in a journal, open up a magazine, give your pet some tummy rubs, practice deep breathing, etc. Practice self care as often as possible.
  • Mute any mutual friends on social media that could reconnect you and your ex. Also consider making your accounts private or password protected.
  • Meet some new people and don’t be afraid to socialize. Try chatting with someone new through Tumblr, say hi to someone in line at the grocery store, hanging out with a good friend’s friend that you haven’t met in person yet, etc. Go out on some dates !!! Take yourself on a date, go on a fun date with your friends, or go on a date with a special somebody if you’re feeling up to it.
  • Take a break from social media. I personally find social media exhausting to keep up with, so I turned off all of my notifications a few months ago and it has been very liberating for me. I only check social media when I want to!

It’s tough enough as it is dealing with breakups, and you definitely do not deserve to be manipulated and hurt. Remember that you will move forward. You will not feel this way forever. You are a beautiful person who deserves happiness and healing. 🌷💝

ladylorelitany  asked:

This is for the I wish you would write a fic where meme you posted a while back. I just found your blog, so I haven't read a lot of your fics yet, but I am addicted to the idea of Tig and a baby. I'll leave it vague so you can do whatever you want if you'd like to use the idea! <3

Originally posted by come-join-themurder

A/N: I hope you enjoy this story and my other stories lol! GIF NOT MINE


Little Alex:

Tig looked down at the tiny child in his arms thinking he was the luckiest man in the world. “Alexander honestly, thank you so much for doing this. I never though Jason would’ve kicked us out for his sister.” (Y/N) said struggling to bring her bags into Tigs house, he clenched his jaw at the thought of Jason, he hated him and felt he didn’t deserve an amazing woman like her. “Hey, what did I say about this Alexander talk? And it’s not a problem (Y/N) you know you’re my best friend and I would do anything for you.” He said grabbing her head kissing it whiling holding the little boy who was sleeping in his arms “Uncle Alex? It has a nice ring doesn’t it?” (Y/N) said moving the remaining bags inside “I think Daddy Alexander is better don’t you kiddo.” He whispered to the sleeping boy in his arms “Hey! You never told me his name!” Tig yelled as he watched the woman he love tense up.

“Why? It’s not like you’re going to call him by name anyway, you’re going to make some nickname like you always do.” She said causing Tig to raise his eyebrow “Fine.” He said walking back inside laying the baby in his crib as Tig went to help (Y/N) move in all her other things. Once they were done she had began to cook for them and the little unnamed baby “Come on seriously tell me, what’s the kid’s name?” Tig said leaning over as he twirled his spaghetti “I named him after someone I love Alexander.” Was all she said as she continued to eat her dinner leaving them to eat in silence.

“I know you better than you know yourself. Why try and act cute by not telling me who you love?” He asked placing both his hands on either side of her leaning down “If you know me better than anyone else you tell me.” She snapped and that’s all he need, he grabbed her hips turning her around sharply “You named that kid after a fuck up like me, didn’t you? Because you love me. Jason didn’t kick you out, you left him because you realized it would never be him that made you happy after our one night stand accident, damn (Y/N) you think I don’t know you.” Tig said leaning forward almost colliding their lips together but her next few words stopped him.

“If you know so much, who’s the father of my son?” She asked causing Tig to move back from her looking at her questionably “(Y/N). He’s mine? That’s my kid in there?” He asked softly feeling his body shake. Tig had been there for his birth but he wasn’t allowed to be there when (Y/N) named him per her request, he was there when he first got home, he was there for the doctor appointment, parenting classes, and the late night panic attacks “You told me it’s because Jason didn’t want to do any of those things, that I was the only one who could calm you down, that I meant the world to you and you wanted me to be apart of that all…” he said softly as he felt her fingers caress his face.

“You do, do all those things and more. But I wanted you there because you always confided in me that you fear you’d be a horrible father, but I wanted to show you that you aren’t. Alexander I didn’t force, beg, plead, cry, lie or even ask twice for you to do all those things with me, you did them willingly.” She said softly kissing his cheek as he broke in front of her “So his name is Alex-”“Alexander Jr. (Y/L/N).” She cut him off smiling at him as she saw his smile grow from ear to ear “We have a kid together.” He said softly to himself this time “Yes, we have a kid together, but I need you to believe that you’re going to be a good father Alexander.” She said cupping his cheeks causing him to kiss each of her hands “Baby, we have a kid. I have a son, I’m with the woman I love. Fuck, it feels good to be happy for once.” He said pulling her closer to his kissing her deeply as she laughed.

“Wait what about Jason?” He asked causing her to laugh harder “Alexander. You know me better than anyone but you didn’t know that Jason was gay? We were never in a relationship, he’s my brother’s boyfriend.” She said laughing at Tig as he smiled “You’re evil, you knew I loved you and you kept lying to me.” He whispered against her lips.

“Got your attention didn’t it?” She said as she smiled in his arms and just as he was going to kiss her again he heard the cries of a little baby “I’ll get him.” He said pulling her back up walking straight to his son’s room letting out a well need sigh. He walked into the room slowly and as he grabbed his son and wrapped him up into his arms little Alex had stopped crying, he smiled at his father, raising a little hand to pull at his father’s curls.

“Little Alexander. You really are my kid.” He said softly bouncing the little baby as he began to giggle causing his father to smile and then yank at his curl “Shit! Ouch, that hurt!” Tig yelled “Watch your mouth around our son! Just cause he’s yours doesn’t mean I want him to speak like you!” He heard (Y/N) tell causing him to smile back at the little baby who was now sound asleep in his father’s arms.

“I’m finally the lucky one.” He whispered silently as he continued to rock little Alex.


Ship: Hunk/Keith

Words: 1672

A/N: Why am I doing this I have a script to write asdfghjkl whatever, here you go!

In space, the concept of time was abstract. There were no suns or moons to relay the passage of days – the world was plunged into eternal darkness. Hell, even the units of measurements were different. Seconds, minutes and days made way for ticks, dobashes and quintants.

So Keith couldn’t tell you exactly what time he woke up. He couldn’t even say ‘in the middle of the night’ because deep in space, the word night lost meaning.

But he could tell you that it was from a frightening dream. His hair was mussed, body caked in sweat and shaking, his heart racing.

This had been going on for weeks. Ever since Shiro’s disappearance, ever since that battle of Zarkon, ever since Keith was practically forced to step up as the black paladin even though he felt in his heart that he was far from ready. He had just gotten used to the idea that he was part Galra for quiznak’s sake before the universe placed this heavy burden on his shoulders.

Next to him a body shifted slightly. Keith glanced over, scared that he’d woken them up.

“Keith…? Are you awake?”

The former red paladin would forever blame this on a moment of weakness but very stupidly he said, “No.”


The body shifted some more, and Keith mentally cursed as it sat up completely and wholly, leaning against the back. A heavy sigh came out of his partner’s lips as he looked over at him with the kindest eyes Keith had ever had the pleasure of seeing.

“Nightmare?” Hunk asked, though it was already clear that he knew from the look of concern in his eyes.

Keith nodded anyway, scrunching the sheets in his fists. Hunk smiled softly before scooting over and wrapping his arms around him. Keith could never verbally express when he wanted physical reassurance, but Hunk could read him like a manual. He knew all his mannerisms, knew how he operated and for that Keith was grateful.

His shaking eased in his arms. It was a strange arrangement, sure. Keith would be the first to admit it. The first time he’d had this nightmare he’d woken up alone in his own room. It was unbearable, there was no one around to help him and though he mostly considered himself a lone wolf, Keith couldn’t stand the loneliness, the isolation. Out there he had a team – people he could depend on, but in his own company he had nobody to turn to.

That’s how he found himself wandering the ship during the sleeping hours. For a full week he avoided sleeping and did other things to occupy his time. He trained, he read, did anything really. But the sleepless nights had begun to take a toll on him. He suspected everyone noticed, but nobody wanted to say anything – what could they say? Everyone was dealing with the loss of Shiro in different ways.

This all changed three weeks ago. During one of Keith’s late night wanderings he had bumped into Hunk who had apparently gotten up to get himself a glass of water. Hunk could see just how wrecked Keith was and with just one enquiring sentence, Keith told him everything. He told him about the nightmares, about being afraid of waking up alone, about being alone again, about how his new position was taking a toll on him.

Hunk took all this in, and after about thirty minutes of listening and not speaking a word, a single sentence came out.

“You can sleep with me tonight.”

And that was that. It was such a simple solution, but it did wonders. At first Hunk thought it best that he slept on the floor but Keith wanted them both to be in the bed. It was a childish thought, but he figured if they were close then somehow he would be protected from his nightmares. And it helped to some extent.

Keith couldn’t help but feel bad, though. He was taking a full nights’ rest away from Hunk and that’s why he didn’t want him to wake up. But he supposed that it was too late now.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Hunk asked quietly. “It seemed…worse than the other ones.”

Keith said nothing at first, just basking in the feeling of Hunk’s arms around him.

“It was…different. I mean, it was mostly the same but…”

Hunk said nothing, an indicator for Keith to continue after he gathered his thoughts.

“It was exactly the same dream. We were on some planet in the middle of some weird Galra war, and there was so much yelling and blood. Guns were firing everywhere and I was running towards something. Exactly the same as always. And then there was a body wearing paladin armour. There was so much blood-I couldn’t see the colour, I don’t remember it. And then…”

Hunk tightened his grip on his reassuringly, telling him without words that it was okay for him to continue but at the same time if he didn’t want to he didn’t need to.

“I was used to it. I knew if I took off the helmet I would see Shiro’s face. That’s how it was for the past few weeks. But when I did it wasn’t Shiro. It was…oh god…it was you.”

Keith closed his eyes and placed his head on Hunk’s shoulder. “The thought of Shiro dying is devastating, sure. But for some reason seeing you on the ground, dead, lifeless, I just couldn’t take it. You’re the one thing that keeps me anchored.”

“Hey, it’s okay,” Hunk said reassuringly. “I know it’s hard. I know, but I’m right here and I swear that as long as you want me around I’m not going anywhere.”

“What if I want you around forever?”

Hunk froze. “What?”

Keith mentally facepalmed and retracted, moving away from him. Oh my God, did I just say that? he wondered in mortification before he curled in on himself. He’d never felt his face get so red in his life. That was no better than a confession. And yeah, sure, the idea of them being together was great, perfect actually. And the thought of waking up next to the yellow paladin for the rest of his life was more than Keith could ever hope for. And the idea of Hunk dedicating his affection to him and only him was incredible. But there was no way Hunk liked him. He liked Shay, or at least had a thing for her. Even Keith noticed. He noticed very much. He was only doing this…whatever this was, because he was nice. It just a Hunk thing to do. But it would be a lie to say that Keith didn’t like him on a deeper level.

He never knew him at the garrison, he didn’t really know anybody. It was only when the whole Voltron thing started that he got to know him. Back then it was just a sort of admiration; Hunk was fun and goofy but at the same time he was fierce and passionate. Over time that admiration evolved into something more but this feeling he felt right now only came into fruition when they went onto that mission together. When Hunk let him know in his own special Hunk way that it didn’t matter what race he was, he would accept him. When he needed that reassurance the most, Hunk gave it to him.

Hunk would do anything, anything, for his friends. He’d die for them if given the opportunity. But as mentioned before, that was just a part of his personality. There was no doubt in Keith’s mind that if any of the other paladins had nightmares that he’d do exactly the same for them as he did for Keith.  This wasn’t special treatment, and it would do more harm than good if he thought so. In the end he’d have to deal with a broken heart on top of every other quiznakking thing he’s had to deal with in the last few months alone.


“I think it’s best if this is the last time I sleep in your room,” he said without looking up.

“Keith, come on. Look at me.”

Keith fought the urge to, he really did, but he couldn’t help peaking up at him.

When Hunk noticed this movement, he placed his hand on top of one of Keith’s with a soft smile on his face. Everything about him was just so tender and sweet and soft…

“Forever isn’t nearly enough time.”

Keith’s heart stuttered. Did he just…?

The former red paladin unfurled himself as Hunk held onto one of his hands, threading his fingers through Keith’s. A cheeky grin formed on his face.

“Question is, are you willing to put up with me for that long?”

Keith looked at their interlaced hands in wonder. They felt so natural together, like they belonged and suddenly he wondered how he’d managed to go this long without knowing this feeling.

“I don’t…I thought…but Shay?”

Hunk chuckled. “Shay is someone I care about, sure. But I don’t really like her. I never did.”

“You like me?”

Hunk kissed the back of his hand. “Wasn’t it obvious? Pidge and Lance seemed to think so. Shiro too.”

Keith didn’t know what to say.  He didn’t know what to think. He just gawked at him, awestruck.

“Look let’s go to sleep now, okay? We can talk more about us later.”

Keith nodded numbly before lying back down. Hunk did the same, but kept his arms around him with his chest pressing into his Keith’s back. The former red paladin felt him nuzzle himself into the crook of his neck and place a soft kiss there.

“Sweet dreams, Keith.”

And for the first time in weeks, Keith wasn’t afraid to fall asleep. It was weird but he had a feeling that could actually look forward to a peaceful sleep for the rest of the night. A rare soft smile graced his features as he cuddled closer to Hunk and closed his eyes.

“You too, big guy.”

anonymous asked:

How much money should i have in my savings account? I have +25k in my bank and I don't know if I should keep it there or is it better to put somewhere else? I'm starting a new job with a 401k (so got to figure that out) and I'll maybe start thinking about buying a house in a couple of years if the new job is as great as I think it will be. So is it better to keep it for potential down payment? Love your blog!

So you’re saying you have $25k just sitting in a regular ole’ savings account? 

Originally posted by allreactions

Listen, we both still love and adore you with all our shriveled little shrewish hearts, but baby you need to move that shit to somewhere where it’s going to do you some good!

Read this: 

When Money in the Bank Is a Bad Thing: Understanding Depreciation Expense

And then go start yourself a high yield savings account (we trust Ally and Alliant, among others). That way you can earn a big chunk of interest while you’re waiting for the right moment to buy your house. You’ll avoid depreciation, and you’ll have a bigger down payment thanks to the law of compounding interest. 




When I started Teen Wolf on MTV the day it aired, the summer before my sophmore year of high school , I honest to god almost shut off the television. I thought “This is the most cheesiest television show about a boy becoming a wolf.” 

Needless to say, I watched episode two quickly after. 

I remember being really involved in the rise of Tumblr and had a pretty good footing in The Hunger Games and Percy Jackson fandoms. But during that time, I had really never ventured out to other communtities. Both of those fandoms created great enviroments for me, but that was because I was there for the start of them. Teen Wolf was a fandom I joined a bit after the first season ended, and was unsure of my place when so many other people dominated the space (espeically since, at the time, I wasn’t great at creating content). 

But in my years of Tumblr, there has been no greater family than the Teen Wolf family. There is no community like this, and trust me, I’ve been in a lot. I have met, connected, loved, bonded, and collaberated with so many people within this world, all because I watched this silly little show about teenagers and wolves and angst. I felt so welcomed and so encourgaed, that Teen Wolf was the first place I felt comfortable wiritng for, and delving into design more for. Withing a few months, I had switched urls from ohmymockingjay to stilinskyed and became a full-fledged Teen Wolf blog. 

It’s crazy to think a television show would mold a good part of my personality and growth in high school, and it’s even crazier to try to explain it someone who isn’t connected to this community, but high school sucked for me. I was unhappy with my body, my mental health was taking a turn for the worst, and I had no social skills whatsoever. But you people made me feel so comfortable being myself, and do what I love, and share what I love. 

So to some OG friends, thank you to @silverrargent, @mrsobrien888, @truegriefbeard, @queerlyalex@wolftease, @sleepy-skittles, beth (im sorry i cannot find ur blog link omg rip), @magnusimon, thank you for just always being such amazing people through this. You all have touched my heart in so many ways. Even if we don’t talk much anymore, and even if you don’t fuck with teen wolf anymore, credit is due to the people that really made this show worthwhile. Thank you for the 2am frantic texts when I had headcannons rolling through my head, the years of encouraging messages, the constant last-minute beta-ing of my writing. I love you all. 

And to, of course, @wolfbutts, my blonde bombshell in the photos. I love sharing our story of friendship bc it’s cute and really, I just love you. But Kaelyn and I met right before I came to college, on a forum to find freshman roommates for dorm selection. I remember that I had been messaging her and one other girl trying to decide who I might like more, but the minute me and Kaelyn awkwardly shared our intense love for Teen Wolf, I knew I was going to choose her. We moved in together, and for being literal polar opposites, we got along pretty well, probably because of this one thing, and for the fact that we had fandom blogs. We would watch Teen Wolf in our room together when it aired, sometimes with other friends, other times in our hall living area. We had posters up our Teen Wolf art in our room, and our gifts to each other seemed to revolve around the show. 

Even now, almost four years later, me and her still watch the show together, and watched the finale together too. And it was so nostalgic, really, to sit with the person I entered into college with as complete strangers, and to be in my senior year, close to graduation, and to end the show with her. 

My point is, the show, and this community, gave me oppertunities to meet people like Kaelyn, like Rachel, like Kayla and Beth, and all of you, and to create friendships and memories I wouldn’t trade for the world. All the con meet-ups where we put urls to faces, the Skype dates and video chats, the networks to talk about our otps and headcannons. I couldn’t have asked for a better community of people to share that with.

This show has been such a staple in so many of our lives for so many different reasons. It’s been relatable, comforting, and intriguing all at once. And even though at times it seemed to let our expectations down, it still shaped up to be a show that gave us way more than something to watch. It gave us an outstanding cast to cherish and support. It gave us a space to create and collaberate, and even made strides to put veiwers like us on the spotlight and thank us, through the After After Show and Wolf Watch, steps television shows rarely do to incorperate the fandom into the show. And even giving us the chance to find some role models in the cast (Meagan Tandy, you are the light of my life). 

@teenwolf, to the cast, writers, and all the in-between, thank you for giving us this experience so that we could spend the last seven years finding and loosing ourselves in the story, the characters, and the family. I don’t know how my life would have turned out if it wasn’t for that first episode of two best friends on the search for a dead body, but I’m glad I don’t have to find out. 

A Forever Fan,


Happy birthday @love-and-partner!!!!!! Sorry this is so late!! I hope this is ok - haven’t watched/read gintama for a while, I’m a little out of touch with the characters. I hope your birthday was amazing just like you!!!!


“I’ll be your general,” Gintoki says, maybe nine years old. His eyes, dull and steady and kind, are fixed on Katsura. “When I’m around, you can just be Zura.”

And that’s it. Some (most) part of him is Zura for the rest of his life.


Gintoki keeps doing that, worming his way into people’s lives without knowing he does it. Katsura asks Shouyou, once, where he picked Gintoki up; and Shouyou laughs, says, I’m not sure who picked up who, now.

He’s Katsura’s general and Takasugi’s rival. In the war, he’s a saviour and a killer, a hero and a monster. Salvation and damnation all in one bloodstained package, Katsura wants to laugh.

How funny, he thinks, that it’s Gintoki’s way of showing that he cares.

Never something as simple as you’re my friend. Gintoki doesn’t know how, the idiot. He says it in other ways - in the way he’ll face down an army to keep them safe, the way he stays up to pen letters to the soldiers’ families in shitty hiragana, careful not to get bloodstains on the paper. The way he snatches sake from the soldiers, snapping at them that guilt has no place on the battlefield, do they want to get killed?

But Katsura’s busy, too, being the a leader and general and strategist and warrior and, when there’s finally, finally breathing room, just Zura. They’re so busy all the time. There’s no time to be children, or friends. They’re thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, and Katsura can’t breathe anymore. He doesn’t know how to inhale without tasting rust on his tongue. They’re sixteen and generals and they’ve fought armies, don’t know if they’ve won. Don’t know what victory is, when people just die, and die, and die.

They’re seventeen and Katsura messes up, makes a bad plan, fails. And they’re lying on hot ground and Gintoki’s knuckles are white around a shaking sword, and Takasugi screams.

Katsura doesn’t scream. Katsura doesn’t have the breath to scream. There’s ice in his chest, blood in his heart. The ropes binding him are tight enough to choke.

Shouyou’s head flies and Katsura presses his face against the rocky ground, teeth chattering even though the hard-packed dirt is hot enough to burn.

Three weeks later, Gintoki suggests that they split up. He smiles when he says it, smiles like shattered glass, like it hurts. Not Katsura, not Takasugi - Gintoki suggests it, Gintoki who should’ve wanted them to stay the most, them who he killed Shouyou to save.

(Just like he should have wanted to save Shouyou the most. It hurts to think on it, so Katsura doesn’t.)

But Gintoki smiles, and says that he’ll go. Katsura thinks, later - when he’s in a cold, dilapidated shack, wondering if Gintoki and Takasugi are alive or dead; wondering if he’ll ever be just Zura again - that the idiot was probably trying to be kind. Spare them the pain of looking at the boy who killed their teacher.

It’s pointless, though. Gintoki thinks he’s the murderer, but he’s wrong. Katsura’s the genius, here, he would know.

And he sees Shouyou’s true killer every time he looks into the mirror.


But time keeps moving, even when it feels like their worlds have stopped.

Soon, five years have passed, and Gintoki is doing Odd Jobs. Moving on, he calls it, even though Katsura never sees him with the same people for more than six months running. Even though it’s been weeks since he’s seen Gintoki smile and months since he’s seen him really laugh.

Doesn’t it hurt, Katsura wants to ask, but of course Gintoki wouldn’t give him a straight answer if he did. Why don’t you just join me? Revolution may be hard, but at least I wouldn’t just leave.

“Join us,” Katsura says instead. Over and over and over.

And each time, Gintoki says no.

His leaving back looks smaller, colder, more lonely each time.


Ten years, and there are children.

Shiroyasha, Katsura calls Gintoki, once, right in front of them. Because he is so sick and tired of watching people leave. Because so many people have walked out of Katsura’s life, and so many have left Gintoki’s, and Katsura can’t take it anymore. They should just get it over with, he thinks. Like ripping off a bandaid - do it fast, so that there’s no time to really feel pain. 

Shiroyasha, but the kids just look at them with wide eyes.

They don’t leave.

No matter how hard Gintoki tries. No matter how many times he doesn’t pay them. No matter how often he snaps, or complains, or bullshits his ass off. They stay.

Two months in and Katsura sees them on the street. Kagura, bright-burning brilliance and bursting at the seams with life, and Shinpachi, solid stable warmth, kindness a fierce spark in his eyes. Gintoki between them, looking content and warm, looking like he belongs.

And Kagura says something, Shinpachi nags, and-

-and Gintoki laughs.

Really, honestly laughs. His eyes go soft and bright and he doubles over, grinning like an idiot and shaking with the force of his laughter, and Katsura thinks, oh.



Kagura is a Yato girl whose family tore itself apart and Shinpachi is a samurai boy in an age where samurai are all but dead.

They’re not meant to keep going but they do, anyway, Kagura blazing like a war flag and Shinpachi surging forward, step by step, as unstoppable as the rotation of the Earth.

Stubborn, the both of them, and fierce, and heartbreakingly kind. And they’re just kids, but when Kabuki-cho is invaded, when Nobunobu takes over the shogun’s seat, when the Amanto threaten to blow up the Earth, they stand by Gintoki’s sides, weapons in hand, and fight with him against the end of the world.

Katsura wants to laugh, wants to cry. He thinks Gintoki wants to do more than that.

But Gintoki watches the children, and teaches them to live, and he heals.

Katsura stops asking Gintoki to join the joui. Gintoki doesn’t need that, now. He’s not alone anymore.

(And neither is Katsura. And the Amanto still rule Japan, and there are battles every other day, but…

…this feels like peace.)

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cantspellreyeswithoutyes  asked:

What about Hanzo training someone and not really enjoying it, because he thinks it is a waste of his time, but this person put a lot of effort and become a skilled warrior. He admires that and the fact that this s/o makes him feel less lonely (especially after his brothers loss) and that he is especial to someone that is bright and pure. Something like ying/yang. (I love this blog and you already know it, so I'll just leave it here <3 and left)

(So this prompt turned into something longer than I think maybe you were wanting. It’s still mostly your request but I got a little carried away. I hope you still like.)

The engagement was a matter of convenience, and you weren’t proud of the fact. Your once rich family had little money left to their name, and their lofty reputation was dwindling. There were rumors that the money had all been lost in gambling debts or wasted on international scams. In truth, your parents had squandered a majority of their inheritance in planning elaborate events to maintain the illusion of wealth. None the less, their last option was your arranged marriage into a family of better standing. This way your family retained most of their former status, and the heir to the Shimada family gained what he had called a “Trophy Wife.”

The words themselves might not have been so hurtful to you if it hadn’t been for the clear mark of disdain in the way Hanzo had said them. You couldn’t let it go. Every night since that day the moment replayed in your head, and every night you found something new to hate about him. You refused to be the burden that he seemed to expect of a spouse. You may not make him love you, but he would at least respect you.

The wedding, it was agreed, would be in one year, presumably enough time for the two of you to get comfortable with each other. It was the second week of your engagement when you asked him to teach you to fight.

“Why?” was his immediate response, the usual scowl on his otherwise handsome face.

“I’d like to learn something new,” you told him. “Unless you’d rather gets manicures together.”

Hanzo agreed, however begrudgingly, to train you. You made a compelling argument, and, although he would never admit to it, he was impressed by your interest in combat. The two of you agreed to meet everyday for at least two hours for training and sparring.

At first he only toyed with you, offering little instruction and taking any opportunity to trip you up or embarrass you. His condescending laugh soon became your prime motivator. You adapted and improvised despite the challenges, and eventually he began teaching you new techniques and the proper posture. In no time he had begun to enjoy your time together, greeting you with a brief, warm smile before your training every day.

“You’ve learned a lot,” Hanzo commented one afternoon after you had finished.

“That almost sounds like praise,” you joked. It wasn’t often he complimented your effort.

“You deserve it.” He tried to sound disinterested, but you could tell he was impressed. “You’re a good student.”

“I might beat you one day,” you teased.

He only laughed. In six months of sparring, you had ended up pinned every time. It was only fair. He had years of experience. That you could never compete with, but you had a plan to catch your fiance off guard.

The wedding was less than a week away, but neither of you were willing to call off your routine. The morning, instead of your usual tank top and yoga pants, you dressed in a camisole and the shortest pants you owned. Your change of costume didn’t go unnoticed. The moment he arrived, Hanzo’s eyes followed the curves of your exposed legs up past your hips to linger too long for any kind of decency on your breasts and collar bones. Reluctantly, he turned away and pulled his hair back from his face.

Your plan was working so far. Several times during your sparring you caught him off guard, knocking him back from whichever thoughts had drawn his attention away from your training.

“You’re distracted,” you said, mocking his own flat, authoritative tone.

“Of course, I’m getting married soon,” Hanzo replied, a faint smile betraying his amusement with his own humor.

“Careful,” you warned. “Someone might think you’re flirting with me.”

“I wouldn’t give you the satisfaction.”

Both of you squared up, newly focused, and began sparring once more. You played carelessly, allowing a strike or two to land closer than you should have. Feigning exhaustion, you started to let your posture slacken just slightly. Predictably, he attacked you more eagerly, taking advantage of your perceived fatigue. Moving as quickly as you could, you moved in close and kissed him.

He froze, stunned momentarily by your unexpected display of affection. You took the opportunity to trip him, hooking your heel around his and pulling him to the ground. Your proud laugh was cut short when he swept your feet out from beneath you and sent you tumbling down beside him. Both of you sat on the training room floor, winded and shaken from your respective falls.

“You did that just to trick me?” Hanzo asked, amused by your ingenuity.

“I’d never beat you in a fair fight,” you admitted. “I had to get creative.”

“And that’s the only reason?” he pressed.

You blushed and picked at your nails, embarrassed to confess your other motive.

“I don’t want the wedding to be our first kiss,” you said in a single rush of breath.

You fixed your eyes on the floor and waited for the derisive chuckle, but it never came. You felt your heart hammering in your chest throughout the silence that followed. He took your chin gently and turned your face toward him before placing a loving kiss on your lips. You leaned into him, your lips parting just enough to deepen the kiss. After you parted you were unsure of what to say.

“Was that satisfactory?” he asked after a pause. You grinned, buying time while you remembered how to breathe.

“It’ll do, I  suppose,” you answered.

“I Tried”: My Not-So Epic Guide to Drawing Folds in Clothes

So, I’ll be the first to say there are thousands of tutorials on this subject on tumblr and other sites. Because of that, I’m only going to give a really simplistic folds guide.

Confession: I’m typically VERY lazy in drawing folds except for in polished pieces, so I may not be the best person to ask, but I can give you a few pointers. I’m also rather long-winded because I want to be clear. Sorry.

First off, there’s no better teacher than real life. Train yourself to look at wrinkles as they occur in life – try to notice the folds in people’s clothing, how curtains drape, how mussed up sheets bunch, even how the fabric used in furniture stretches. Try to draw these things from life (or photos), too. You’ll start to get used to the “language of folds” that way.

To me, this language has two main patterns: Push and Pull, or Compression and Tension.

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An Open Letter to the Heneral Luna Fandom and it’s Hate Blog; Part 2

To the mods (?)  @mabinaldo-isdead

Good Evening!

Since you do not realize the damage that you have done; and as I see in your posts, are gleefully doing, I think this open letter will help. A heart to heart from a tumblr and fandom veteran in particular, ika nga. 

You must be wondering why no one is actually contacting you personally. I see someone who did, and you just treated them flippantly. You are also scoffing at how the older ones in the fandom are accommodating the newer ones and helping them cope (again and again I may add). That’s the reason.

For someone who claims to be nationalistic, I think you forgot that Filipinos tend to be tender-hearted and thin skinned. You forgot that this is a new fandom, that most of these people are not actually aware of gender issues and social awareness, especially here in tumblr. You forgot that we are Asians, and Filipinos, and sometimes the western way to do things is not the most effective way of getting a point across. Hence, you being so outspoken and aggressive, without listening to anyone or giving them a chance to breathe and speak and ask what is wrong, alienated and scared a lot of people. You could have just been patient, and gently tell them off one by one, or roll your eyes, and let things slide because these people are new. Instead, you chose to bully (yes bully, because you actively seeked out the crack tag that people made to distance themselves from the historians and gif makers) people into looking into your perspective of things, and damn the consequences. Right? 

I don’t think you realize or want to accept that you actually have hurt a LOT of people. They may not have talked about it in the tags, but it poured out in Twitter, in Facebook and in Skype. That instead of gently easing them in and explaining social relevance, you decided to lump everyone in the fandom as “disgusting” and continue to keep doing it. You decided to ignore that there are budding lawyers, students, geologists, biologists, psych majors, archaeologists who also are brilliant artists and writers, and more importantly human, and are bound to make mistakes. Honestly, I’m impressed at the speed of the damage that a couple of young girls can do to a community.

Oh, but you are young! And minors! (one of you is 15, if I am correct) and you’re getting anon hate mail in your blog and your main! Just because you are the only one getting hate mail because of this, does not automatically make you the victim. I’m sorry, but you cannot hide behind your age, or issues, or mental health. If you have the brain capacity and the energy to make a hate blog, you are then mature enough to face the consequences of such actions. Freedom of speech comes with responsibilities.

Now, let’s get to the meat of the problem. In your posts, you accuse the Heneral Luna fandom of being heteronormative, ableist, transphobic, and fostering rape culture. You say this again and again until you start to sound like a broken record. Also you keep asking people to send you hate mail. A lot. That’s counter-productive to your goal, isn’t it?

First off; a big, important question. Are any of you trans? Or at least part of the LGBTQ spectrum? Are any of you crippled, or have actual mental health issues where you desperately need meds. Are any of you physically sick, and are suffering because you cannot afford meds? Have you ever felt a crippling hunger because you cannot afford food at all? Have you ever felt fear in the streets because some twats decided to stalk you and cat call you, even if you are covered completely. Do you live in fear of getting emotionally abused by your usually nice but very homophobic relatives because you’re gay?

Whether just a few apply (my sympathies) or none at all, my reply is the same.

Check your privilege.

This is coming from a girl whose parents migrated to the Middle East because they had no other opportunities, after surviving the Marcos regime. This is from a girl who was sexually harassed by someone she trusted as a child. This is from someone who has skin asthma and has stopped studies because pus erupted everywhere and I had to leave the country to get cheaper medical treatment, and after that treatment is to be continued forever, because it is hormonal. This is from someone, who is working in an industry that is thankless and with no job benefits, because our wonderful government does not recognize artists or writers as human beings, whose pay is below minimum wage but she still stays because this is her passion. This is from someone who is tired of living in fear from homophobic relatives who do become violent at the mention of gay people (I’m out with my immediate family tho haha)

Check your privilege.

I do not know what chip you have on your shoulder to react so violently to these issues, but you do not use your pain and make others suffer for it just because you feel the world is against you, especially if they aren’t aware of it at all.

Yes, I don’t condone some things the fandom does. It’s a bit baffling to me too but I’ve decided to roll with the punches and let them figure out for themselves that some things are wrong. This is what I and what other people in the know have been doing, and not “tolerating” as you put it.

If you are so angry and wish to nitpick every single thing in this fandom; I’d like to give you a list. I’d like you to boycott every single historical biopic that came out in the Philippines before Heneral Luna; for always putting our heroes on pedestals, and making them perfect snowflakes, so unattainable, almost like demigods. And the ones that do portray them as actual flawed humans, boycott those too because the directors decided to interpret them in a certain way. Boycott those interpretative plays of our heroes, like the one where Mabini dances ballet, the steampunk one where Mabini is played by a female. Boycott our historians, like Nick Joaquin, for being too harsh on the heroes in his book, or Teodoro Agoncillo, for not even being a proper historian in the first place and for daring to give his somewhat biased views that are pro- Aguinaldo. I want you to boycott Heneral Luna itself; for villainizing Pedro Paterno, for getting things wrong in the name of entertainment (like the train scene, in which Luna can’t speak English. He can. Remember Nellie Bousted?), for actually giving alternate character interpretations of historical figures so different from the ones we are so used to seeing, for actually daring to not be a normal biopic which is fair to everyone involved. (And this was actually discussed to us and allowed by the History consultants, who taught in UP’S ACLE class, Sir Alvy Campones, and Sir Xiao Chua, who you can totally boycott too).

We can go on and on until we reach the Bard himself (check out how problematic some of his historical plays are especially Macbeth (the Scotts won’t even call it by its name) and Titus Andronicus (rape, rape, cannibalism…ooh rape! And incest)) or Dante Alighieri, for writing a self-insert with him and Vergil (who was also a fanfic writer; the Aenid, is a fanfic of the Trojan War and the Odyssey combined). Historical fiction and alternate character interpretations (especially problematic ones) has and will continue to exist.

Trying to singlehandedly censor everything just because you get offended by a few details is exhausting and meaningless. Armchair Feminism is meaningless. I learned this the hard way a few years ago.

My advice that I can currently give you on what you CAN do, is to make content (no. not spamming a crack tag with posts on how morally wrong they are) that you want to see. Write fanfics or draw fanart, do world building, offer alternatives to things you find problematic. If you can’t do this by yourselves, find someone who can.

For example, my friend, @kittynomore, and I run a Gravity Falls AU blog. For a week, an anon pestered us to draw a “Genderbent” version of our Mabel and Dipper. I would have just deleted that post and moved on but my brilliant friend decided to do something else. She gender bended them alright. Dipper was drawn as trans ftm, Mabel was drawn as gender fluid. It was amazing. She took back that term, and re-purposed it into something more positive.

Instigate change you want to see. Go to the heads of your school, start a club that supports culture, start a support group for LGBTQ people (Goddess knows that we need more of them, and I definitely would have benefitted from one badly) that is free from the stigma that religion gives them, protest and suggest better ways your disabled classmates can get around school (ramps, elevators).

And lastly, immerse yourself in your culture. If you aren’t aware of the social, political, and historical problems of your own country (like rights and representation for us LGBTQ people, rights to mental health treatment, rights to a medically safe abortion, etc), what right do you have of instilling and talking about western sensibilities and ideologies to people?

I’m not sure if you have bothered to read this far, but if you have, thank you for listening. I can recommend a few easy films (as a film buff and actual videographer) you can watch to help you on your way:

Historical Films

  • Jose Rizal (1998) by Marilou Diaz-Abaya (3 hours long but worth it because you can see the progression and character development of Pepe); 
  • Bayaning Third World (1999) by Mike De Leon (where it questions historical accuracy and more importantly, if it matters in the long run, Joel Torre is BRILLIANT); 
  • Dahling Nick (2015) by Sari Dalena (Life and times of National Writer Nick Joaquin (King of Salt) (I added that) It will be shown in Trinoma this Wednesday! And a number of places after that).

Social Films: 

  • On the Job by Erik Matti (talks about the cycle of corruption and how it affects everyone, especially people who are in jail, where even there, there are hierarchies); 
  • Ka Oryang (2011) Sari Dalena, (a feminist making a stand at the time of the Marcos Regime); 
  • Dekada 70 by Chito S. Rono (based on Lualhati Bautista’s book about the sufferings a middle class family experienced in the Marcos Regime); 
  • Magnifico (2003) by Maryo J. De los Reyes (about how a sweet boy enriched the lives of everyone around him with the little things he does); 
  • 3 Idiots (2009) by Rajkumar Hirani (not a Filipino film, but I think it is relevant because it talks about how you should not cave to rigid societal pressure and expectations in education, and excellence is achieved by people who strive for it, not because you are required to).

Good luck in your research, and I sincerely hope you have a good week!

Here my promised trash, kept the whole week cos I’ve been dying this past days…  with dizziness, vomiting and dying and vomiting and dying painfully, (I don’t even went to work) but i feel better now.

warnings: This isn’t a serious writing, so could be messy, something long, probably grammar mistakes, a lot of inserted thoughts, spoilers near at the end and some type faces >:D

  • This is completely unnecessary but i’m doing it anyways :V YOLO.

My reasons to ship them (was funny (?))

     - first: gameplay
     - second: headcanon

I joined into this game pure and clearly and didn’t know anything about this (except it was a spiritual sequel to the first xenoblade who had not played yet)
Everybody knows the story related to Yelv and Cross and is not my reason to ship them (well yes, but not my main) Actually I’m going to say we could divide them into 3 parts:

* The story related
* The H2H
* The strange things happened in my gameplay

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# - 34 He Tucks a Piece Of Hair Behind Your Ear

A/N Hey guys! I’m Aurora’s friend and taking over this blog for a while since she won’t be able to update due to being busy with her famous 1D blog, but I hope it write just as good as her and hope you guys like the writing too! Thank you and love you guys loads!!

Calum: You were laying on top of Calum on the couch after coming home from tour. He wanted nothing more to have you close after being nearly 9 months away from you. Your head was nuzzled into his neck while his hand was drawing lay patterns on your lower back. “Y/N?” You lift your head up to look at the half blond boy underneath you resting a hand on his chest. He looks up at you grinning like an idiot tucking a loose piece of hair behind your ear, cupping your face with that same hand. “I love you a lot.” You roll you eyes smiling kissing his nose. “Love you too idiot.”

Ashton: You stood in the corner of the kitchen where a little get together of all of yours and Ashton’s friends were for the success of their upcoming tour. Girls were talking to him, but flirting right in front of you. Ashton did nothing but be polite and his giggly self but that gut wrenching feeling in your stomach couldn’t help but think‘He’d probably like girls like that’, 'why would he go for a girl like me..’ You knew it was stupid and Ashton would never do that but your insecurity couldn’t help but think those thoughts. Ashton came over seeing your dazed and sad look. “Babe…. What’s wrong?” He says worriedly cupping your face in his hands. You keep your head down refusing to meet his eyes. “Ashton why are you with me if those girls are better than I am…?” You ask in a small tone. Ashton frowns tilting your head up with his finger looking down at you. “You’ll all I’ll ever need okay? Don’t ever think anything like that because I love you and only you.” You sigh shutting your eyes hearing his words. He moves a strand of hair behind your ear pecking you softly. “Okay?” You smile nodding softly thinking how wonderful of a boyfriend you got.

Luke: You waited at the airport chewing your lip nervously with your arms crossed. Luke was gonna be here any second making you more and more anxious. You haven’t seen each other in about a year since him and the boys have been promoting the album and tour which was hard on the both of you. You saw the blonde quiffed hair sticking out from a gray beanie making you stomach explode with butterflies jumping into Luke’s arms without hesitation. His arms immediately wrapped around your waist nuzzling his face in your neck taking in your scent. You sniffled, all the emotions held up all those months finally coming out. Luke pulled away slightly with a worried look on his face examining you. “What’s wrong Y/N? Why’re you crying.” “I-I’m just so happy to you see you Luke…” You wipe your nose with your sleeve as he smiled tucking a piece of hair behind your ear kissing your forehead. “I missed you loads to honey.”

Michael: You looked through twitter seeing Michael with this girl quite a bit named Abigail Breslin.You knee they had a past together and Michael even told you, but what scared you was the fact was was Michael rekindling the romance with her again? He’s been late home a few times, but he was out recording with the boys. At least I thought. You heard the door open and shut hearing sock clad footsteps come towards you sitting next to you on the couch was the red headed boy himself. “Hi babe!” He says in his chirping voice kissing your cheek frowning when he sees the look on your face. You look at the picture of her and Michael on your phone in which Michael sees her as well and grabbing your phone making you look at him. “Y/N, I know what you’re thinking but I’m not cheating on you… Those were old pictures and I would never even think about going to her over you!” He exclaims making you chuckle over the last part making him smile. He brushes a strand of hair that feel in front of your face behind your ear kissing you softly. “Besides… Have you heard her song?” He scoffs leaning back with you. “That girl obviously wrote that song about me and won’t fucking admit that I’m still irresistible.”

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  • Luke: The bell rang, announcing that the last class of the day was over. You took your time retrieving your stuff, seeing as you hadn't much to do that Friday afternoon. Slowly, you made your way out of the classroom. "Took you long enough", out of the corner of your eye, you saw Luke's tall frame leaning against the wall. "What are you doing here?", you asked, trying your best to not sound rude. "Waiting for you", he swiftly took your books, holding your hand with his free one. "Why?", you said, forcing your body not to tense up at his sweet touch. "Because I wanted to", he shrugged, intertwining his finger with yours. You looked at your hands, then at him. He looked so beautiful, almost nothing like the bad boy you used to see in him. But, you knew he was still there. You knew he hadn't changed at all. And you knew that people weren't only staring at you two because they thought you were an odd couple; they were also thinking 'that's the next girl that's gonna have her heart broken by Luke Hemmings'. And you knew better than to fall into his charms, but his voice was like an anesthesia that made your brain lazy and your bones numb, and it was dragging you directly to him. You hated yourself for being like all the other girls that fell for him - you were smarter than them. You knew what was going to happen. But, you didn't mind one bit. You were going to enjoy it while it lasted, and most surely cry when it was over. But, you still didn't have to think about that. "So", you said, putting his arm around your shoulder in a way that you were still holding hands and coming closer to his body, "How were your classes?".
  • Ashton: It didn't take long for Ashton to get to your house. What took you long was gaining courage to sneak out while your parents were sleeping - which he made pretty clear on the way to the party. And now, you were pressed against a wall, feeling like a fish out of the water. You weren't sure what you had expected from the party. Actually, you did know exactly what you had expected. But, now you felt like an idiot for thinking that Ashton Irwin, the bad boy, would spend the whole party talking to you, (Y/N) (Y/L/N), the good girl. It was only obvious, you now realized, that he was going to leave your side the moment you walked through the door and flirt with random girls all night long. What were you even doing there? You watched as a girl left Ashton alone and walked up to him. "Ashton", you said. "Yeah, babe?", he asked, wrapping an arm around your waist. "I think I'm going home", you struggled to get out of his grip. "What? Why?!", he asked. "'Cause I'm not having much fun", you said, "I don't even think I should've came in the first place". "C'mon, (Y/N)", he put each hand on one side of your waist. "No, really, Ashton. All you've ever done since we got here is ignore me and flirt with random girls". "Are you jealous?", he smirked, raising an eyebrow. "Fuck you, Ashton", you rolled your eyes, turning around to leave him. "Wait, are you forgetting I'm your ride back home?", you heard his voice in your ear and felt his front pressed against your back. "I can get a cab", you shrugged. "You don't even know where we are", he had a good point - you were absolutely lost, "I'll drive you home". You knew that if you gave in now, you'd probably end up making out on the back of his car, and then texting each other the whole night long. You wanted to leave alone and go home to think it all through - but you knew Ashton was right. You couldn't leave alone when you had no idea where you were to begin with. "Fine", you huffed, walking off with him.
  • Michael: The dinner was mostly Michael eye fucking you and you avoiding his gaze. Yet, you were lucky enough to be told by your mom that you had to wash the dishes. And, obviously, Michael volunteered to help you. "So, (Y/N)", he said, putting a few plates on the sink, "Do you plan on getting on detention again tomorrow?". "Will you please just shut up?", you pleaded angrily. "Why do you keep ignoring your feelings towards me?", he chuckled, pressing his chest against your back, taking your hair in his hand and putting it all on one side of your shoulder. He started pressing a few kisses on your neck, rising to your earlobe. "We both know I turn you on", he nibbled on your earlobe, hands moving downwards on your body. "Michael", you said sternly, "Stop". "Are you sure you want me to stop?", he pressed a few more kisses to your neck - making sure to leave some marks. "Yes, Michael. Stop", you abruptly turned around. You hadn't quite calculated how close to him you would be when you turned - and it was very close. "Okay", he said, towering you and leaning down. The next think you know, you're sitting on the kitchen stand, Michael standing in between your legs. "I fucking hate you", you said in between kisses, tugging harshly at his hair. "I hate you more, princess", he smirked, pulling your hair a little at it's ends. "(Y/N), are you done yet?", you heard your mother's voice before you could push Michael away. "Uh, I", you stuttered, whole face turning red. "Oh," your mom said, feeling just as awkward as you were, "I'll come back later, then". "Fuck you, Michael", you turned to look at his smirking face once your mom had closed the kitchen door. "Better yet, let me fuck you", he moved closer to you, putting his hands on your knee. "No, really. Fuck off", you pushed his chest. "Are you sure you want that?", he raised his eyebrows. In your head, you concluded that the damage was already done. So, you could enjoy his lips for a little longer. "Fuck it", you mumbled, pulling him closer by his shirt.
  • Calum: "Great show!", you greeted Calum after his band gig, pecking his lip. "You thought so? Thanks", he smiled at you, pinching your bum lightly. "Yeah, I really liked it," you wrapped your arms around his neck. "How about you give me a small treat for it, huh?", he smirked and you blushed lightly, "C'mon", he dragged you to a door - which you assumed that was the backstage. He shut the door and locked it, pressing you against it a second later. One of your hands was playing with his hair, the other pulling him closer to you. His hands made their way to your bum, and you jumped, wrapping your legs around his waist. You weren't sure when you and Calum had gotten so intimate - that's 'cause you haven't. You wanted to believe that you weren't just another random girl for him. You wanted to believe you were different. But, you knew better than that. You knew that it would only be a matter of time before he was making out with another girl backstage after one of his gigs. Yet, why couldn't you let go of him? Spare the pain your heart was going to feel later. If you knew he was no good and you were nothing to him, why couldn't you just tell him to fuck off and walk back home? Because you wanted to be with him. You loved the way he kissed you; talked to you; touched you. You tried to shrug off the fact that you meant nothing to him when he meant so much to you. You tried to create an illusion that you were different to him, and he was falling for you just as hard as you were falling for him. But, you knew that if you created that, you would be even more heartbroken when it was over. So, you got it into your mind that you were nothing to him and that it would eventually end. "So, do you want to go back to my place or should I drive you home?", he broke the kiss. You knew what the right answer was. You knew, and it was on the tip of your tongue. It's now, you thought to yourself, spare the pain you're going to feel later - end this now. "No. I mean, we can go back to your place", you said.