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You have no idea what you’re talking about. We couldn’t be more different if we tried. You always choose the right thing.”

“Do you think that means I don’t have regrets?” Potter was closer now; Draco could feel the warmth of his breath against his face. “I chose to go hunting for Horcruxes, and that led me to doing something fucked up things, Draco. I used Unforgivables, I nearly got Ron Splinched. Hermione was nearly killed. Fred, Tonks, Remus, Colin Creevey, and Gods, so many others, they all died just to give me time to run around the castle looking for a fucking tiara.”

Draco opened his eyes to find Potter standing almost nose to nose with him, his chest heaving and his eyes bright.

“I destroyed all of those Horcruxes, and every single one held a piece of a person’s soul. And yeah, maybe he deserved it, but that doesn’t change what I did, what I turned into in order to do it. You want to know the biggest difference between us, Draco? I’m a murderer, and you’re not.


damn… they killed clockie before they could finish. 

(honestly though, this is a good summary of why i’m again hoping for rose diamond theory! this is  what i wanted to talk to you about after these eps aired. “rose shattered pink” was always too easy - the “tell don’t show” presentation of events is also (part of) why “yellow shattered pink” is out of the question for me… i guess my only question would be, so you think the earth quartzes know? i feel it would make sense for them to, if not holly blue, at least respect pink diamond’s wish of bubbling the remaining roses, regardless of whether they knew about rose diamond. and a small pet theory of mine is that while amethyst and the others certainly don’t seem to be loyal to homeworld, the ‘famethyst’ at least don’t know she’s a crystal gem, the reason their life on earth was ruined… still, they at least make sense in the fact that they’ve built a community at the zoo, which i’m guessing jasper didn’t exactly come fresh from) 

Thanks for catching that, I went back and edited.

My thoughts about the rose bubbles- well, another thing odd about them is they’re all like Amethyst’s gem, blunt on both sides, while we have that official t-shirt from Crewniverse confirming Rose’s gem comes to a point on its other side, meaning it’s a form of brilliant cut… the archetypal diamond cut.

Since all the Rose Quartz are in pink bubbles, and Secret Team made a point that you can tell who made a bubble by its color- so they needed Steven (a rose quartz himself) to replace Rose’s bubble because only rose quartz Gems could create rose quartz bubbles. This would even suggest you couldn’t just get another pink Gem, like Rhodonite, to make a convincingly pink bubble- it’d be a rhodonite bubble not a rose quartz bubble.

Which means… nobody’s checked the contents of those bubbles since Pink Diamond’s ‘death’. If I’m correct in that Pink and Rose are the same person, Rose is very inclined to secrecy.

Basically: I think the lack of outrage over the Rose Quartz Gems isn’t that they know, it’s that no one ever had experience with a Rose Quartz Gem outside of ours.

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The Bull

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Peter Parker x Reader

Anono requested: idk if you’re taking requests, but if you are, there’s this gif of peter when he’s talking to liz and he says “this is really important to you” so idk. just do something based off of him saying that if it’s not too hard. thank you

(i could not find the gif you were talking about, so let’s just pretend this gif of tom dancing is the right one)

“I don’t know if I can do this.” You muttered softly, smoothing out the nonexistent wrinkles in your dress. “Let’s just cancel this, I can’t do it.” Your eyes were welled up with tears as you turned towards your best friend. Peter took hold of your shoulders and took a deep breath, signalling for you to do it as well.

“It’s going to be fine, Y/N. Trust me. This is really important to you, I know you know that and don’t just want to give it up.” He stated calmly, his voice soothing your jittery nerves.

“I know but, how do I know that I won’t mess up?” You began to lose your breath again as you spoke, a tear falling down your cheek.

“You might mess up, but it happens!” Peter exclaimed, pulling you into a hug. “Just keep charging through. This is a once in a lifetime chance, you can’t just back down from something that you want. You need to grab it by the horns head on, Y/N.” You nodded into his shoulder and pulled back, wiping your eyes. 

“Okay. I can do this.” You whispered to yourself, glancing towards Peter for comfort and confidence. He had an excited expression blanketing his face as he watched you.

“You can do this! You’re Y/N Y/L/N, you can do anything that you put your mind to. Now go out there and conquer the bull.” You eyes widened at his pep talk.

“W-Wait,” you stuttered out in fear, “there’s a bull?” Peter tilted his head in confusion and shook his head.

“No, no, that was just a metaphor. There’s no bull.” His lips tilted up into a side smile as he gave you another hug and a peck on the forehead. “You’ve got this.”

“I’ve got this.” And with that mantra, you went out there and grabbed the metaphorical bull by the horns, as Peter had put it.

hi if you’re trans could you read this and maybe give me some tips

i’ve been doing a lot of thinking. I do very much feel in a man, but i hesitate to label myself as trans because i feel somewhat comfortable as a female.

what i mean is I don’t feel disgusted being a female 24/7. Truth be told it’s only when it’s ‘obvious’ i feel bad. Whenever someone makes a point using gendered terms i feel dejected.

I hesitate to call myself trans for a couple of reason.

1. am I really? This isn’t so much a really big worry. I think it’s pretty clear. In all my dreams at night I am a man. 90% of them at least

of course that’s not enough but it gives a good indication of where my mind is. Another worry along this is not being ‘trans enough’. i feel i could solve/ answer this with seeing a gender therapist.

2. I don’t want the stress that comes with being trans. Admitting i’m trans means i will have to accept all the stress and difficulties that come with it. This isn’t even with coming out just the stress that comes from knowing, for sure, that i’m a man in a cis woman’s body.

most of this stress would be from disphoria of admitting i’m a man while my body doesn’t match my idea of a man. I feel very uncomfortable calling myself a man without having the 'proper’ post op body

not only that… in fact if i’m trans people online will call me by male pronouns.. and that sounds good but again the disconnect from my real body would cause a lot of fear.

if i’m trans i will only feel comfortable calling myself trans after post op. I hesitate to even consider post op because of my height. i’m 5’. I know we joke about 'manlet’ but this is beyond that…. very few cis men are 5’ and most people see them as freaks or weirdos. It will be hard enough passing, even with therapy i’m sure, and my height would make it impossible. this is a really big issue for me

2.c. of course i’m sure a lot of trans people worry this.. what if i transition and aren’t happy in my new body?

3. I enjoy the shape of my breasts. Maybe it’s foolish but this could be because i’m bisexual and attracted to women. Other times, as lovely as they are, i don’t enjoy having them because they anchor my status as a woman.

all i know is I know nothing at all. Very confused. I have a plan to sort things out. I can’t transition now because everyone around me will know and i don’t want to deal with people I know mocking me.

If i were to transition now i would have a much lower pool of people to write recommendation letters to law school for me. I go to a liberal school but if i were to transition and one of those professors were transphobic it would make it that much harder.

On the other hand i’m probably just making excuse for my fear of not liking a post op body and being mocked by friends and acquaintances.

my current plan is to see a gender therapist after law school. 5 years. id be 25.

again… that’s a long time to wait to feel comfortable, but there’s other elements. Money of course. If i’m out of law school then i can get a job and help play for loans and whatnot. Sure i might not be able to get references for work but that’s okay i’ll still have a law degree.

another thing is i hope to have a 'safe place’. I’m sure my family will not kick me out but my dad is low key transphobic and it would be stressful to live with him. after law school i’ll have other options to move out.

idk i’m thinking a lot and i’m just not sure idk

i miss my dad, i miss him so much and i wish i could just go into his room and talk to him. i wish i would’ve spent more time with him, even if i just laid with him for awhile. i wish i could just hear his voice because i’ve begun to forget what he sounds like. that’s the worst part, that you start to forget. i have these memories, but that’s all i have anymore. i don’t get to make anymore, i don’t get to just talk to him and ask him what to do. it’s not fair. why me? why my family? why did this have to happen to US :( why did i have to loose my dad. like it’s not fucking fair, it’s NOT FUCKING FAIR

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I just saw episode 12 also, and i wasn't expecting to get hooked on this show, but one scene now has me waiting to see what else happens. I don't wanna say it cuz i don't wanna spoil but the scene with Cyrus and shoulders. Thats all I'm gonna say and hopefully you know what I'm talking about

Yeah, that scene was about as intentional as one could get without explicitly stating it. So I’m 100% confident that Disney really is gonna do *that*, and I’m excited for next season. I do think that whole Cyrus and Buffy “do you like Andi scene?” is probably from the not aired 13th episode and would explicitly verbally confirm what the Cyrus and the shoulders scene visually showed. Hopefully they air this unaired ep as the start of S2.

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What got you into the concept and class of Paladins?

Originally, it was because I was tired of having to bash my way through every solution as a fighter class, and wanted something that could talk their way through bad situations, and fight through the even worse. I was initially reluctant about paladins because I’d had my head filled about with how lawful stupid they were and didn’t want to play such an obtuse character. But I looked at the stats and proficiency and thought, hell this works for me mechanics wise, why not give it a go?

And overtime I realized what the heart of the class really meant, about the oaths, the codes, the impossible dream and the people who want to achieve it despite everything. I like it so much, I started to emulate it, to the point that we are here now, and the mask has grown very comfortable indeed.

Baldur’s Gate and Keldorn Firecam were the first exposure I had to Paladins as they ought to be. From that point on, things just came naturally.

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scenario where Kenma likes this person so much that everyone knows his feelings except THAT ONE PERSON(fem! please)? i want to see this baby kat stand on the verge of shyness and manning up omg that butterflies in the stomach need to be widely known

Kenma’s heart raced every time his eyes laid on the girl a few feet away, talking and always smiling. She was everything he wanted that he never knew he needed.

“Kenma, if you’re going to stare at her that hard, just go talk to her,” Kuroo says teasingly as he walks up to his lovestruck friend. Kenma narrowed his eyes at Kuroo before he relaxed when seeing your face again, “I can’t..”

“Sure you can! Just watch me!” Kuroo walks forwards towards you and Kenma’s eyes widen as he shoots out a hand towards him, “Kuroo wait!-”

“Hey there! I don’t mean to butt in, but could I speak with her please?” Kuroo asks cheerfully as they nod and walk away, Kenma cringing at the scene in front of him.

“(Name), I’m too busy right now to help Kenma go to the gymnasium. Could you take him there for me?” Your smile grows and you nod, “Of course!”

“Thank you (Name); see you later Kenma!” Kuroo chuckles behind you as he walks away, leaving him alone with you. “Hey there Kenma! Shall we get going?” You ask cheerfully as Kenma nods.

“Sorry, Kuroo is kinda weird.” Kenma apologizes as you shake your head with a smile, “That’s alright, I don’t mind walking with you at all.” You respond and his heart flutters by your words.

“Volleyball huh? Is it fun Kenma?” Kenma looks over at you, his eyes looking over your cute features before he shrugs, “I guess so.”

Kenma opens the gym doors for you and the two of you step in, the team holding back their snickers and smiles as you walk in with the setter. “I’d love to see you in a game one day! Let me know when so I can come watch you! I-I mean the team! Watch the team!” You say with an awkward chuckle and the team is holding back from yelling at the two of you to confess.

“Oh, we have a game tomorrow afternoon if you’d like to come,” Kenma says quietly and you nod happily at him. “Really? I’ll be there then!” You turn around to leave but Kenma quickly stops you, “(Name)?”

The team silently gasp as they watched in suspense, this is it! He’s going to confess! You turn around with a smile and a small blush, “Yeah?”

“The games going to be right after school, just letting you know.” You nod at him before continuing to walk away, “Great! Thanks!”

As soon as you close the door, the team is screaming and yelling because Kenma hadn’t confessed yet. “Come on Kenma! That was your chance!” Some yell as you see bodies rolling around on the gym floor.

Kenma sighed, he missed his chance.

The next day came quickly and he found himself on the court looking around in the audience for you. “Looking for (Name)?” Kuroo asks and Kenma jumps at the sudden voice. Chuckling, he points over towards you, “Right there.”

“Go away Kuroo,” Kenma says and Kuroo walks away laughing at his struggling friend. How did he even know you were there? Looking back at you, the two of you made eye contact and you gave him a big wave, “Kenma! Good luck!”

Blushing, he nods and turns around to face his team who go straight to making fun of him. Thanks to you though, the game ended quickly because Kenma wanted to show you how he played and because he actually tried, the skill level of the team went up.

After the match was over you found Kenma and ran over to him, congratulating him before he pulled you aside to an isolated area, “(Name), there’s something I want to tell you.”

“Yes? What is it?” You expected him to reply right away but he looked like he was holding his breath in. He wasn’t looking at you, but at the floor and it looked like he was struggling with his words.

“I-I’ve liked you for a while now and I’ve finally mustered the courage to tell you,” Kenma confesses, playing with the hem of his jersey. Your eyes widen and blush spreads across your face.

“Really? I would never have thought that you’d like me!” you respond honestly, scratching the back of your head, “That’s good though because I like you back.”

Looking up at you, you give Kenma a sweet but shy smile and he feels himself freezing up from your confession as well. The team listening around the corner is in tears from their boy Kenma finally confessing.

I finally came out to my friend who i was most terrified of what her reaction to be and it went so frickin well, I’m beside myself with joy rn. I was 110% certain that she was going to make a comment like “if you just meet the right person” or some insinuation that I didn’t know what I was talking about, but she was just completely accepting. 

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I... have a self-harm problem too... and body hate... I some people say scratching is not self harm (whitch just make me go deeper in the hates spiral)... I wish I could use knifes but I can't leave scars... yet... and I'm underweight, probably because of my lack of hungry... I tried eating more so people would stop making fun of me but I just couldn't and ended up feeling sick... so I still have to deal with this all... sorry if I'm bothering

ey ey

you are not bothering at all

its important to talk to someone about your problems and ill gladly listen

ill tell you this yo

killing yourself is really not worth it

neither is the self harming thing

i know this will be a hard thing to do but please

do not listen to other peoples harmful opinions

they do not control your life

you do and you can just block their words from ever entering your head

i know you’re strong

because hey

you made it to this day and you’re still alive

and you shouldnt eat just because people are making fun of you

you should eat for your own sake

not because some a-hole doesnt even think for a second what shiz comes out of their mouth.

i knew many people like you who were in such deep depressive state that i didnt even know what to do to help them

the scariest part about that was being far away from them and not being able to be there for them and help them out. 

there are people who care about you and people who dont

dont hold the people who hate you dearly to your heart because all they’ll do is hurt you again and again


listen to the ones that care for you

the ones that wants to see you healthy and happy

please dont throw away your life just because some ding dong cant keep their mouth shut when they need to 

you can do it

and i believe in you!~ d(nwn 

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I have a weird... ship? I don't think you can call it a ship, I just like that he likes her (?). Anyway, it's Jackie and DM's brother's character from season 4. I know she would never go out with him, but it made me laugh when he got all *big eyes staring to the void* and said something stupid. I would have liked if they had been friends or something.

Ooooh, you are talking about Todd, the cheese guy! Alright, that’s a weird crackship! I think you are the first person I ever know that could be interested in that dynamic. 

But it could be interesting for me using that headcanon that she may have kissed him as a result of her confusion for her feelings for Hyde and Kelso, since he has, you know, Hyde’s face lol.

Friendship would be nice! Jackie is supposed to be very popular and have millions of “friends” aside from the basement, but we never see that being an actual thing. Her entire life is about the basement, so I’m up for any relationship you guys want to explore, lol.

EDIT: I once read a fanfic in which Jackie has casual sex with Todd post-season 8! She basically does it because a) drunk, b) depressed, c) Hyde’s face. I always thought it was interested, but the fic only mentioned it, it didn’t went deeper about it.

sleepover time!

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For Laika: Have you ever tried to talk to the Grue?

Laika: There was one time I tried. I heard crying and followed the sound and found The Night Monster crying. She didn’t look menacing like she usually did so I thought I could try. Sadly, I don’t think she could understand me and I couldn’t understand her. I don’t think she knew Thulecitian and I certainly didn’t know the language she was speaking. Though she did speak to me for a bit when she saw I wasn’t really going anywhere. I think she was telling me what it was that was making her sad but I couldn’t tell you what that thing was.

These days though I rarely see her docile so I don’t really try anymore. (Doesn’t help she seems to be constantly on the prowl for something. It’s like she’s trying to find something in the ruins. Also… I think I saw her in a garb once that was really fancy. It was odd. Either way, she’s constantly moving so catching her attention is hard.) But if I ever did get another chance I think I’ll bring Wilson with me so he can translate. That is if The Night Monster doesn’t kill him first.

okay so I feel like men sometimes get a bad rep on the internet so this isn’t meant as a bragging post more like an appreciation of all the Good Guys Out There post and a reminder that there’s plenty of them when you look (if that’s what you’re after). this morning my husband woke up at 6am to walk the dogs so I could have a lie in, cleaned the entire house as I slept, then brought me my two dogs and a cup of tea so I could chill in bed a little more, and he’s currently downstairs cooking me a sausage sandwich. What A Guy.

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I've been questioning my sexuality for about a year and I feel like I'm bi or pan. I really wish I could talk about it with my family but I've tried and I always end up backing up and being completely flustered. Plus I feel like if I came out my friends ( who are girls ) wouldn't let me over.. and same thing for them coming over to my house... i think I should just keep quiet until I'm an adult then I can make my own choices...

I do believe that there is no need to tell everyone about your sexuality and if you’ve made the experience that your parents are being too confused and won’t listen than that’s it..sadly. There are ways to go on with finding out who you are and what you feel without telling everyone. Someday there will be people in your life who accept and adore you. In the end you have to decite if and who you tell, but consider that you need to be safe. All the Best to you

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I love all your pollyagomy headcanons for The Voturi it's #1 of favourites so far! It make me curious Though TBH & I was wanting what the thought process was for that headcanon (I hope that makes sense I am bad at talking to amazing people like you lol XD)

[No, don’t worry, your question makes perfect sense!]

Right off the bat, I have to mention @alilaro, who talked about the coven being polyamorous first. (The post that started it all, I believe, is this one.) Anyway, I loved the headcanon and decided to adopt it. 

Also, I’m a multi-shipper. I will ship all kinds of characters in various combinations, and it took me forever to realize that there’s a name for that kind of dynamic and that it could be shipped without cheating or heartbreak. But, once I did figure that polyamory existed, I never looked back. 

And finally, the relationships that I imagine between the Volturi translate well to romance. They’re enmeshed and committed to one another and scarily close after so many years together and affectionate beneath it all. I didn’t have to rewrite/reimagine their characterization at all to make polyamory work.

maybe this could last

Thank you @humongousvoidbear for letting me use your headcanon

Andrew becomes a teacher. “Why the fuck not?” he says when Neil asks, sprawled comfortably over the old sofa with King and Sir. It isn’t a question.

“You never seemed interested in teaching,” Neil replies anyway, looking up at Andrew lazily. He’s talkative today, brimming with curiosity. Andrew scowls and shuts his mouth with a hard kiss, and Neil drops the subject. Temporarily, of course, because god forbid Neil ever stop bugging Andrew.

“You need to stop asking questions.” Andrew isn’t in a talkative mood.

Neil laughs, undeterred, but lets Andrew be.


It isn’t as easy as all that. Andrew goes through several teaching courses before he even takes a class (Criminology, Neil says, raising his eyebrows a little, of course you would choose that.

Got a problem with it, Josten? Andrew replies easily).

The first few classes are rocky—Andrew isn’t exactly known for his patience (or sensitive, caring nature)—but he settles into his job just fine. The students learn quickly not to ask stupid questions like Aren’t you Andrew Minyard? Do you play Exy? Why are you teaching?

After a while, Andrew Minyard fades into obscurity, eclipsed by the brilliance of fresh Exy champions on the rise (such as Neil Josten), and he’s able to teach in relative peace as Professor Minyard.

Neil drops in at his office sometimes, for a quick kiss before he disappears to practice and god knows what else. Andrew’s convinced that Neil takes these visits to annoy him (Have I ever mentioned how cute you look in glasses?

Fuck off. Do you really have nothing else to do other than bother me?

I thought you said nothing bothers you.

Get out. And Neil does, after pressing a smiling kiss to Andrew’s jaw that keeps him in an unusually good mood for the rest of the day)

The domesticity of this life grounds him as much as it cages him, the routine of teaching and going home every day to Neil and King and Sir and their shared apartment, and it’s almost frightening the way that this has become normal. That there is a ‘this’, and it’s a lot more concrete than he ever would have thought.


Andrew has been content to stay out of the spotlight. The newer students don’t know who he was, who he is, and other than a few comments, no one’s ever really mentioned it. This is all ruined by Neil, of course. Andrew walks into his office to find a gaping student blocking the doorway. Neil is sitting on his chair, feet on the table. Andrew eyes him. “What are you doing? And take your feet off the table.”

Neil doesn’t budge, smile careless. “I thought I’d surprise you.”

“Leave,” he orders, and Neil huffs before swinging his legs off the chair.

Andrew glances over at Johnson, who’s still gaping at everything. Neil brushes slightly against him as he leaves the office, and Andrew can’t help it—his fingers close slightly over Neil’s arm and let go. Later, his eyes say. “I’ll see you at home.”

And Neil disappears, leaving Andrew with the dumbstruck Johnson.

Andrew sighs (in exasperation, he tells himself, not affection) and turns to his student. “Did you come to my office for a reason?”


“That’s… that’s… that was Neil Josten!”

“I’m shocked. I thought he was Kevin Day. Now, instead of stating the obvious, what are you here for?”


It was inevitable that gossip would sweep through the school. Andrew ignores it, teaching classes with his usual brusque manner. After three classes, there’s finally someone who’s stupid or clueless (or both) enough to brave his wrath, and asks, “Are you dating Neil Josten?”

Andrew spares her a glance. “One thing I know is that you have a date with me after this class, Miss Reilly. You appear to have failed to hand in your assignment.”

The girl flushes, but continues on her path of self-destruction. “… I… Can I have an autograph?”

Andrew’s voice is flat. “And why do you believe that you can ask this question in my class?” He turns, addressing the class. “Unless any of you want to fail or even fucking die in your sleep, I suggest you not bother me.” Miss Reilly receives a particularly scathing look.

He has to repeat this with the next class, and the class after that. At home, Neil looks amused when Andrew complains that Neil has completely ruined his obscurity. “It’ll be on the media next,” he says, tugging slightly at Neil’s hair.

Neil’s blue eyes are bright. He leans down to drop a kiss on Andrew’s lips. “Screw the media. I don’t care.”

You should, Andrew doesn’t say, instead pulling Neil down by the shirt. Warmth spills in him, collecting in his chest, strange and unidentifiable.

There is a ‘this’ and Andrew thinks that maybe, maybe this could last.

She threw me on the bed. As she came over she had a stupid smirk over her face. 
“No, not tonight. My face is sore.”
“I wasn’t thinking anything.”
I squinted my eyes at her, “You’re always thinking that.”

As I lay there and watched her talk, I felt my stomach flutter.
I hadn’t felt this way for her in so long.
We ended up talking for a long while. I remembered all those nights we spent talking for hours. It never seemed to happen anymore. 

“I can’t believe you let me walk in with my slippers.”
“Well, it’s the doctor’s office, and we pay her. I’d like to think I can walk in wearing whatever I’d like to.”
“It was still embarrassing.” 
“Yes, I could tell by the color of your face. Like now.”
I felt my face heat up as she laughed quietly. She was staring at the ceiling now. I brought myself up and rested my weight on my elbow. 

“Why don’t you play your violin anymore? I also noticed you’ve taken up other instruments.”
“I have, I’m pretty good at the piano now. The guitar, well…. and I don’t know, I just haven’t felt like it.”
“Are you ever going to tell me what’s wrong?”
“Why do you think anything’s wrong?”
“I know you Hana. You’re not acting the same.”
“Are you ever going to tell me what’s bothering you?”
She didn’t say a word. 
“You’re not the only one who knows someone here.” 
“You use to play for me all the time.”
I chuckled and rested my head on her chest. 
“Don’t remind me.”
“Why not?! You were absolutely fantastic. I know you still are. Do you remember when you dragged me to your recital-”
“Dragged?! Oh no, Nia, I think it was more like you were begging me with your eyes to get invited.”
She laughed and I could feel it. I heard it extra loud since my ear was resting on her body. 
“However it might have went, that was the moment, that was…the….” her voice trailed off as her mind got stuck on the memory. A memory of us. A very important one too. 
“I know.” I placed my arm across her body and closed my eyes. I remembered that day too. I remembered most days I had spent with her. I just chose not to actively bring them to me. I was still struggling with her leaving me the way she did.
She was right that night we broke up.
She yelled at me, saying after everything we had gone through, why did I think I meant nothing to her?
Because she was leaving me, after everything we had been through.

Every day. Every night. Every stupid thing we had been through. Those countless nights we spent talking until 3 or 4 in the morning.
Sharing my body with her so often, sharing something even more personal to me, my music. I had written countless pieces about her. Especially after she left. I never told her. 
So yeah, I was still struggling with her leaving and coming back as if nothing had happened. We still hadn’t talked about any of it, and I knew she was avoiding it. I felt like she had been avoiding me lately. 

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Solace x Harnier. Cute short scenario after Harnier weak up.

“Harnier…!” Solace whispers as he watches Harnier open her eyes. It’s been so long since he saw her light blue eyes open. It was centuries after he took her to Adrian after his plan to take her away had succeeded. Now, he can finally talk to her.

“Perri…hart?” she murmurs hoarsely, placing her shaking hand onto his cheeks. “What happened? I thought…I thought Lady Ishmael took me…”

Solace shakes his head and hugs her tightly. “That night, I took you away before the ceremony could finish. I really didn’t want you to disappear from my eyes because I want you to stay by my side.”

Harnier smiles slowly and returns his hug. “I’m back Perrihart.”

“I know….I know.” He smiles widely, burying his face onto her neck.