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Do u have any hcs/thoughts about the 2017 gpf banquet??

  • Victor gets super wasted and clings to Yuuri the whole time
    • He’s continually professing his love for him and Yuuri is just kind of patting his shoulder like “ok darling”
    • “Look at our rings,” Victor pleads to quite literally anyone who will make eye contact with him
  • Christophe and Victor have a dance-off and Yurio and Yuuri film it
  • Sara and Mila slow dance together and everyone in the room is so captivated that they turn and watch as Mila slowly spins Sara around and then kisses her on her cheek
  • Yurio sees Victor and Yuuri slow dancing (Victor is drunk and stumbling) and smiles and a few people catch him smiling but nobody says anything
  • JJ and Isabella dance but JJ style it the whole time and it’s sort of ridiculous but they’re just in their own little world
  • Phichit nervously asks Seung-gil to dance with him and is shook when Seung-gil says yes and he takes his hands
  • Victor, as the night is winding down, starts to whisper the extent of his love for Yuuri in Russian
    • Yuuri can’t understand most of what he’s saying
    • Yakov is the only other Russian speaker nearby and he hears all of this, heart filling w/ love because Victor has come so far since he left for Hasetsu and he can tell that he’s so genuinely happy now
  • Yuuri tucks Victor into bed and kisses his forehead
  • Victor is a mess of incoherent giggles and love
  • They’re all in love and they’re all friends and everything is perfect and lovely and ideal
Why I love Sakamaki Ayato so much.

Today is my favorite Sakamaki’s birthday, Ayato!!! He was the first Sakamaki introduced to us in the anime, and I’m still deeply in love with him and all of his character traits. I just love everything about him, from his vibrant Vibora eyes to his seiyuu, Midorikawa Hikaru.


I think the reason why I love Ayato so much is because I can somewhat relate to him. I was the firstborn in my family too, and I was always pushed to be the smartest in school and the perfect daughter for my family. So I completely understand how difficult it is to be the best when you’re in a competition against your own family members (in Ayato’s case, his half-brothers and in my case, my cousins) and the unwanted pressure that entails with the ridiculous journey of trying to be perfect so that people will recognize you for being so great. My parents weren’t like Karlheinz and Cordelia, but I won’t deny the fact that I sometimes cried myself to sleep when I didn’t do well in school or when I got yelled at by my dad for not understanding an algebraic math problem. Of course, as time went by, I came to hate studying like Young!Ayato too, and I wanted to do other things like dance because for once, I didn’t have to think. But my parents persisted and pushed me to be the best in both, and this unfortunately gave me an egotistic superiority complex as well as an inferiority complex as I grew up and went on to high school. It was BAD, guys. I did not take “no” as an answer and I had an awful habit of dismissing people easily. I would do the complete opposite just to show them that I was great enough to do it because how dare they try to deny me, much like how Ayato questions people when they deny him.

When I saw Ayato wondering if he was good enough to be the Vampire King in the recently released Lost Eden game, I cried tears of anguish for him. I felt the same pain and sorrow and uneasiness that Ayato showed because there were times where I doubted myself and my abilities in my career path and choices. Even now, I sometimes struggle with the idea of me wanting to become a corporate lawyer when things don’t work my way or when I see that I’m competing against other college kids in the U.S. So we both share an insecurity of getting the repetitive feeling of “not being good enough” for the things that we want or are supposed to be. We both want to give up and just let go of our issues, but I think we are both stubborn enough to want to stay in the game too. I haven’t read the entire translation for Ayato’s LE route, but I hope he finds some closure and peace for himself. I think we both mentally and emotionally need a break from all the crap we have to deal with in life sometimes.

Nevertheless, I wish Ayato an EXTREMELY happy birthday today because he deserves all the happiness in the world. I hope he will learn from his past trials, and I hope he will grow and become a great Vampire King respected by the rest of the clans in the demon world. I hope he makes his family proud because he’s always been told that he needs to be the best and I want him to feel like he genuinely is one of the best out there. He’s always been my favorite character because of his complexities, so I hope we both can encourage each other to truly achieve the best, feel like we’re the best, and reach the status of being the best. I love him so much, and I want to thank Rejet, Satoi-sensei, and Midorikawa Hikaru for bringing this character to life in the Diabolik Lovers series.


Saturday, March 24,1984. Shermer High School, Shermer, Illinois, 60062. Dear Mr. Vernon, We accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. What we did *was* wrong. But we think you’re crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are. What do you care? You see us as you want to see us - in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. You see us as a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal. Correct? That’s the way we saw each other at 7:00 this morning. We were brainwashed. - The Breakfast Club (1985)  

Alright yall I have a thing

What if Rebecca Barnes grew up and had children. And then those children had children and so on. 

One day, one of the great grand kids gets an assignment in history class about finding an interesting ancestor and writing an essay on them. So the kid goes on Ancestry.com and learns that Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier, is his great grand uncle. 

And that kid tell his parents and the entire family is like “woah!!”

So somehow, the kid contacts Tony Stark and asks him about Bucky. And Tony, feeling extremely guilty for how he treated him, comes up with a brilliant plan. 

When Bucky Barnes wakes up in 2018, he’s surrounded by all of his nephews and nieces and grand nephews and nieces and that one specific kid walks up to him and holds out their hands. 

In their hands is a giant scrapbook of Grandma Rebecca’s life and his family.

Please give me a hug i’m in tears omg. 

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Imagine: Jungkook (The Stars)

Imagine you and Jungkook are going for a walk late one night (or early in the morning depending on how look at it) after his schedules finished. You walk together in a place where it’s harder for the city lights to block out the stars, allowing some of the brightest to shine through. He holds your hand, swinging them slightly as you point out some of the constellations you’re able to pick out.

“You know a lot about the stars” he comments as the two of your pause by a railing to look over the city. 

You shrug. “I remember a bit from high school” you say, then add with a sly poke at his side. “And you should have too. I know, because we studied it together for one of your exams.”

A look of surprise came over Jungkook’s face as he looked up at the sky, trying to recall having learnt anything about astronomy. Finally he just had to grin, resorting to the same phrase he always did to get out of things. 



- Quillfire


Graah! So good. The first time I’ve seen switching in a JnJ (an invitational!). The dancers are Julija Jadzevičiūtė and Pamela Gaižutytė.

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Oh boiiii

I think it’s.. pretty obvious that Otayuri consumed my life heh but anyway I love them !! I think their relationship is precious and pure and beautiful and I don’t care about the age gap BUT! I love to think that they’re friends for a looong time before realizing that they’re iN LOVE (but of course everyone knows it  before they do lol)

I’ve been obsessed with many ships but this one is my favoriteee <33

The plan for my classics paper is coming along nicely. I have many ideas to run with, though I really have to get my ass in gear and write the damn thing. Not to mention that I have a midterm for a different class on Thursday that I’m not interested in but I’m going to fail because I hate that class

this woman in this tv show my mom’s watching claims she was defamed by being called homophobic when she literally said that gay people should be cured or die, and now she can’t get a job because of it (good). she and her lawyer are trying to defend her by saying that what she said was religious (bible)-based speech and therefore cannot be hate speech. (she also claims she lost her previous job with the man who “defamed” her because she was christian.)

the show seemed to treat the religion excuse as valid proof that what she said was not hate speech and is now instead showing the debate over whether the man who “defamed” her knew her speech was religion-based at the time he sent the “defamatory” email

i put quotes around “defame” and its derivatives because it’s defined as a “false statement intented to harm or damage someone’s reputation”, same as libel or slander. what the man said about the woman was not false. she is indeed homophobic.

in other news i want to fucking die

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Are you fluent in spanish? just seen you use it before n im curious haha

A little! I’m a heritage speaker so i’m like.. idk i speak it and i understand it all but i wouldn’t be able to write a 5 page eloquent essay or something in spanish

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ENTP x INFP is freaking awesome sometimes. Like, a teacher told us to write a random essay in groups of two, and these 2 teamed up and wrote about how they're gonna conquer the city (ENTP's part) in a relatively harmless manner and for a better future (INFP's part). How do you guys even do it? XD

Yeah haha! I think it’s a great pairing for coming up with ideas. It’s fantastic actually. I don’t know how us ENTPs do it (I mean I do but it’s a secret ;)), but I do know it’s really cool watching Fi-Ne when they’re dedicated and really into something. So much passion for a topic!

First: hi all, I’m on a semi-hiatus from Tumblr while I play that video game that came out yesterday, so I stay relatively unspoiled. I know there are people who messaged me about the Here Be Dragons Discord that I haven’t gotten to, and I’ll send you all invites today, I promise! 

But anyway … I am way undercaffeinated this morning, so I haven’t yet pulled my thoughts in a coherent fashion, but I read that Reddit post Matt linked to on Twitter, and it’s really fascinating. And I think the basic premise of it ties into the idea of curative vs. transformative fandom, and why the current generation of tabletop RPGs have attracted so many new people from the populations usually involved in transformative fandoms. And why a certain population of old-school gamers feel threatened by the influx - or, at least, are grumpy that the new people are playing the game the wrong way. 

There’s probably a whole essay to write here, but … caffeine. 

I think my head might explode tomorrow when I’m forced to speed through 350 pages of course lit and write an essay at the same time but for the moment I’m completely chill about it