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Okay guys, you know the rules. Let’s make things easier for ourselves and let’s start using ’elevenedit’ tag. Some people have already been using it - bless their souls - so why not join them and make it easier to share, find and enjoy Eleven-centred edits?

Tag your Eleven edits, graphics, gifsets, fanart, mixes, videos, etc. with ’elevenedit’. Just remember to use it as one of the first 5 tags, otherwise it won’t appear in the tags. Thank you :3.


Hey guys! :)

Just wanted to let you know (well those of you who aren’t aware of it’s existence yet) there’s this new #askarsedit tumblr tag, I recommend you all track, whether you’re an ASkars blog or an ‘admirer’ and you want to be able to have an easy access to original and unique edits/gif/graphic etc. Also if you want to avoid dozens of repetitive stuff, porntastic manips, fake photos, reposted edits, gifs, etc., and let’s not forget photos pulled from weheartit, pinterest and other places THAT ARE NOT SOURCES, as well as rpg stuff and whatnot. We’re all fed up with that, so there’s been an initiative in the ASkars fandom about creating our own ‘’edit tag’’. That way it’d be much easier for everyone, not to mention much much more enjoyable to browse through the tag page and find creations of people who actually invest time in making their own stuff. With that in mind, we now have #askarsedit  tag!

So how does this work? Simple.

  • It’s a special tag for edit/gif/graphic makers to use for all their Alexander Skarsgård edits

  • Things to tag as  #askarsedit - gifs, graphics, edited caps, your fanart, basically anything visual

  • Things NOT to tag as #askarsedit - text posts, personal stuff, reposted edits, gifs, etc. roleplay stuff, audio posts (just a note: DO NOT REMOVE THE WATERMARK from someone else’s work and then post it as your own because that is just deliberately being a douchebag thief who wants to show off his/her MS Paint skills or whatever)

  • So if you make Alexander Skarsgård edits/gifs/graphics, then along with the main #alexander skarsgard or #alexander skarsgård tag, also tag your edits with  #askarsedit 
    Be sure to put  #askarsedit as one of your first 5 tags (so it would be shown in that tag)

That being said, using and tracking this tag should really make finding and reblogging original ASkars edits easier, without having to deal with reposted edits, and it’s possibly the best way to discover new talented edit/gif/graphic makers. ;)

Lara's bookshelf: LGBTQ+ Books List  (current count: 165 books)

I finally had time to compile some of the LGBTQ+ books, so as promised, here is the list!

I have not read the majority of these books. The list consists of mostly f/f couples, but some m/m and nb/trans characters are included. I tried focusing only on books where the LGBTQ+ character is the protagonist and not only a side character.

All genres are included, from dystopian, sci-fi, fantasy to historical, contemporary, etc. I’ve only included books that have been actually printed. I’ve also included books that will be published in 2017 as well. In the future I might add notes so it would be easier to find a preferred genre or a specific LGBTQ+ character.

I also have a separate list of LGBTQ+ graphic novels/comics right here!

This is obviously not a complete list of books with lgbtq+ characters but just ones I found interesting enough to give them a chance. If you have any recommendations, let me know! (Also feel free to add me if you’d like!)

He Would Never Hurt Her

(Just to be on the safe side, I’m putting a warning here that this has mentions of abuse and torture and death. Nothing graphic, but I want to make sure no one is taken by surprise or triggered by anything)

(Cullen x Lavellan)

He could smell the death around him, even through the fuzzy light of his prison. He had thought he might have been use to it by know, but no. It never got easier to breathe, never faded from his mind, even as he clinched his eyes shut and prayed that it would go away.

Prayer was all he had left, everyone, everything else had been taken from him, leaving him a barely stitched together version of himself in a too small cage. 

So he prayed for it to be over, for someone to find him, for the Maker to take him to his side.

But even death was not allowed.

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I’m sure everyone is super sick of new networks by now but this one is near and dear to my heart so I had to do it. 


Are you in the Supernatural fandom? Do you have more than one ship? Maybe you like some brother touching one day and some Samjess the next? Or maybe you like seeing Castiel getting an equal amount of love from the brothers, or maybe you have a femslash ship that you feel doesn’t get enough attention. Then I invite you to join this network!

Looking for:
  • Tagged posts! This is the most important requirement for this network.
  • A theme that shows tags; it makes it easier to check that you tag things.
  • People who have more than one Supernatural ship, no matter what it is!
  • Hate free and ship tolerant, even for ones you may not personally ship but don’t bash those who do.
  • People who write or make graphics or videos or art or just like talking about their ships.
  • People who want to make friends and have a safe place to multiship.
How to Apply:
  • Reblog this post, likes do not enter you into the network.
  • You do not have to follow me, but it would be nice as I’ll be following back 99% of the members.
Once you're accepted:
  • Place a link to the network somewhere on your blog.
  • Track the tag ‘multishippersnetwork’ to see what other members contribute.
  • Check out the other blogs to make new friends.
  • Most importantly: have fun!

I’ll be picking members when this hits at least 20 notes, and will pick more members every so often as more people apply. The more people that reblog the more often I’ll select new people! If you have any questions, please just ask me.