or would cubes be number 2

ajbeeblebrox  asked:

Top 5 zelda items? (from any game) :D

oh dang this is gonna be fun


2. the spinner from twilight princess. it would be number one if it was more useful :/

3. the gust bellows from skyward sword. idk why, i just really loved that thing

4. (item???) the cube bomb in breath of the wild. so glowy and cubical

5.all of the clawshots. good item

Fermat’s Last Theorem

Pierre de Fermat was a brilliant mathematician from 17th century France.

One day he started to come up with an incredible proof that looked similar to the Pythagorean Theorem:

an + bn = cn


His proof said that for any number where n was greater than 2, an + bn could not equal cn.

The problem is Fermat was way more brilliant than… pretty much anyone else trying this problem. One day he was writing down his ideas:

It is impossible to separate a cube into two cubes, or a fourth power into two fourth powers, or in general, any power higher than the second, into two like powers. I have discovered a truly marvellous proof of this, which this margin is too narrow to contain.

Promptly after writing this, he dropped dead.

It would take centuries to recover the lost knowledge - not until Sir Andrew Wiles, a British mathematician at the University of Oxford finally pieced together a proof that Fermat was correct.

mrsharrystylesfrom1d  asked:

What recipe do you use for your Kenyan beef stew??

mrsharrystylesfrom1d It’s very easy, i’ll guide you through it.

Cut beef into chunks, about this size.

put them in a large pot with alot of water and add enough salt (however amount you prefer)

After 20-25min, (or when you consider them fully cooked) drain the water out. Don’t wash the beef chunks. (you’ll rinse out the salt if you do) Just drain them and put them aside.

Cut enough tomatoes into chunks. (by enough i mean, enough for the size of beef you have. For example the size above, I would use 1 large tomato.

Cut them into small pieces like these

Get a separate clean pot. Put a little oil, (i’m sorry i don’t measure…) 

pour the tomatoes into the oil, keep mixing them around at low heat. Don’t let them stick. when they break down and become soggy-like.

Pour in some minced onions 

mix in some parsley flakes

mix in some garlic powder


add some lemon pepper 


add some beef flavor boullon (i used 2 cubes)

keep mixing and now add the beef chunks 

keep mixing, finally

get a tall glass of water and some Royco (one and a half tea spoon), mixing it and then add it to stew. 

Cook about 10-15 more min at medium heat (some stoves are numbered 1-10, 6 would be good.)

after 10-15min, voilà!!

(I got all my ingredients from walmart, except the Royco. You don’t need to add the Royco but it does add greatly to the taste. It’s sold commonly in east African shops and some Indian shops.)