or worse haha

idea: an episode starring greg and doug as dads who mutually can’t relate to their children’s fantasy alien adventures. they go mini golfing together. perhaps eat some dinner. nobody complains about how it is filler because it is the best episode in the whole show.


Kingdom Hearts Appreciation Week: Day 3 - Favorite Trio


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this was such a nice scene!!


“Small world.”
“It is, isn’t it.”

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Chilton 2.0 - BirchBow (chaoticTenebrism), LaughingStones - Motorcity [Archive of Our Own]
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Chilton 2.5

TARGET ACQUIRED, his brain snarls, and for the first time since his first mission Mike snarls along with it. NEUTRALIZE.

anonymous asked:

Hi sorry I'm a bit lost here Is it true that the new concept is based on true stories submitted by the fans? I've been hearing it for a while now but some fans don't seem to talk about it that much so I was wondering if the info is real?

i don’t think so. the talk starts from the event post at the testesso naver blog right? the event post was uploaded on july 20th, while the blog was only discovered by fans less then 2 days ago. that event was that people can email a story that contains their feelings which they couldn’t express because they had no courage, along with their names and phone numbers until 10pm aug 15th, then the flower shop will select 7 people and deliver their stories in their place. a concept can’t be prepared in such a short time, from july 20th to aug 15th. therefore, it’s unlikely that the concept is based on true stories submitted by fans.

however, i believe that this concept is inspired by stories fans as well as other people share with them (not submit ❌) through letters, sns posts and real life talks. bts has talked about how they want to tell the stories of others and not just their own from a long time ago. the concept is not limited within certain stories submitted by certain people. i think it will turn out to be a little abstract? but still detailed, so that even though we have different lives and stories (unintended reflection reference lol) each of us can find a piece of ourselves in the stories they tell.