or work this close to the eiffel tower

the life and times of chloe bourgeois


The rules of the Bee Miraculous are simple:

        1. Your job is to protect the hive and ensure its survival. You’re the queen, the worker, and the drone.

        2. Bees give chase; they never run away.

        3. Remember that your stinger is lethal—to both you and your enemies.

Chloe promises to keep them in mind when she gets the Miraculous, but like most promises in her life, they tend to get broken.


Chloe often wonders who decided that she was deserving enough to receive the Bee Miraculous. Pollen tells her time and time again that it doesn’t matter—once you’re Chosen, nothing can change that save for dire circumstances. Having created a good percentage of Paris’s akumas, Chloe is sure she’s come close to “dire circumstances” before, but her kwami simply shakes her head and insists that Chloe is worrying for nothing.

“You were chosen for a reason,” Pollen tells her one late evening as she stands on the room of her father’s hotel, staring out over the lit Paris skyline. “You need to stop concerning yourself over what it is and work on living up to it.”

Chloe still wonders.


Meeting Ladybug and Chat Noir for the first time is a whirlwind of luck and destruction.

Chat Noir narrows his eyes the moment she whizzes into battle, knocking the akuma off the Eiffel Tower, like he’s trying to see right through her. The spark that lights up in his eyes tells her that he might have found something she doesn’t even know she was hiding. In the months following that first battle, she’ll wonder what he saw that night that told him she could be trusted, that let him believe they were meant to be friends.

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In The Morning | Diana Prince x Reader

Description: Your morning routine with Wonder Woman.

Words: 1688

Notes: Part 3 of recover works from the old blog.

Masterlist | Inbox

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Diana’s fingers carded through your hair, untangling the knots with her nimble fingers and playing with the strands. She felt like a kitten playing with yarn. Maybe if she focused on that thought, it would make the nightmare go away. And as she thought of what you would be doing on her day off, resting and dreaming of the future together, the gunshots and the echoing explosions died beneath the sounds in the room.

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The Radio

He Loves Me, He Lvoes Me Not - Part 10

Summary: It is been a month since you and Castiel got together. You make a trip.
Pairing: Castiel x Reader
Other Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester
Word counting: 600 and something words
Warnings: Angelcest. Gifs aren’t mine. Yes, there’s still a bit of story after the smutty parts.

(He Loves me, He Loves me Not Masterlist)

“And you roll this button if you want to lower the volume.” Castiel explained patiently in front of the radio player. 

“So, using this, I can choose whatever I want to listen too?” You looked at him, surprised. 

“Yes, as long as it’s playing on the stations or you have the CDs.” 

Dean frowned. 

“You really have never used a radio player before?” He asked, surprised. 

“I never needed to.”

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So… when does Ballerina / Leap actually take place?

Some online sites have been saying 1879, but that’s bull.

It’s frankly hard to tell with all that’s going on, but there are some clues…

1- Jean shorts?!? Women weren’t allowed to wear trousers in this century, and she is showing a lot of leg. Same with the modern day leotard and leg warmers. Just… I’m just going to say artistic license and ignore that.

2- The Eiffel tower was constructed in 1888 (based on the stage it’s in, it would be in the spring)

3- The State of Liberty was finished in ’84, disassembled in ‘85 soooo…?

4- The stage lighting is another clue- the Palais Garnier switched from gas to electric lighting in 1881, so it’s almost certainly after that. 

My theory- November 1884

There’s no way to get it all right, but that’s close. Plus it makes a little more sense with Odette saying she’s been cleaning for (about) 10 years, and the Palais Garnier opening in 1875.



So a certain director’s death in 1884 (aka the real life Auguste Vaucorbeil) messes with my 1884 theory, so I’m taking it back one year.

 I propose that the movie takes place in 1883.

Everything else still works and the director gets to live for one more year :)

The Circus Boy.

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REQUEST: My dear I thought I already did request a Jerome Valeska imagine, but I would love to do it again. So it would be nice if Jerome and the Reader are good friends because they know each other from the circus. Jerome is always watching the Readers Show and so does she, bit their parents doesn’t want them to be so close. Is that making any sense? Sorry for my bad English :D

FANDOM: Jerome Valeska [Gotham]

AUTHOR: MK (purityimagines)

TAGS: swearing, short imagine, abuse

I couldn’t wait to see the children’s faces. What puts a smile on my face? Handing customers paintings or sketches of animals or anything they requested with ten or fifteen dollars stuffed in my pocket. The circus advertisements were designed by me with prisma coloured pencils and acrylic paints. 

Looking over my shoulder I see Jerome Valeska, who couldn’t wait to astonish the crowd with his magic tricks. I plan to close my shop for a while and sneak into Jerome’s magician tent and he would close his magic show on hiatus so that I can draw him.

A little girl who I found out by her mother was named Angelique smiled with her dimples exposed on her cheeks as she takes the painting from my hands. “Thank you, miss!” She squeals. Her mother hands me twenty dollars. She smiles warmly. “You, my dear have a gift. Keep painting.”

Waving goodbye, I watch them leave to go to the food stand. I crack my knuckles and stretch my back. Painting is time consuming and I’m guessing it’s longer than a magic show.

I get up from my seat and see people laughing and talking while they exit the red and white striped tent with Jerome’s magician disguise on a sign which I also painted. 

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How Amanda Felt

a stand-alone drabble in the While Sonny was Sleeping ‘verse. Barisi pairing, can be read alone. 

Originally posted by dunnetwins

Initially when Amanda learned about Sonny’s boyfriend she had felt disappointed. Sonny had become a valued friend and the only male figure in her daughter’s life. His relationship with this mysterious boyfriend changed the amount of time they spent together. Disappointment was the only way to describe how she felt on a Monday night alone with Jessie and Frannie watching bad reality TV.

Then, when she found out who the boyfriend was, she felt betrayed. Sonny had always been honest with her even if she was secretive with him. She shouldn’t have taken the deception personally but she did. Dominick Carisi Jr. was dating Rafael Barba. Betrayed described how she felt when Sonny told her about Rafi at a cop bar one late night.

Amanda felt relieved when she saw how Sonny and Rafael interacted outside of the precinct. Sonny and Rafael were treating the single mother to a fancy dinner. Liv offered to babysit and encouraged Amanda to keep an open mind. They were kind with each other with only a few barbs that were all in good fun. She had never seen Rafael smile quite so much. A genuine smile, not one of his famous smirks.

She felt jealously, not in a painful or angry way. But her jealousy was a wistful feeling of loss and coveting. It was strange to see the man she considered her best friend so in love. He was sitting at her desk showing her pictures from his trip to Paris. He was giddy with excitement. He looked relaxed after two weeks of bliss with his beaux.


His head shot up and he stopped strolling through his pictures. She could tell that he was confused by her neutral tone. She could tell him that they had work to do or she was tired of seeing pictures of his dream vacation but she glanced at the phone at saw an intimate picture of Sonny and Rafael in front of the Eiffel Tower. The picture was a selfie, Amanda could tell Sonny was the one holding the phone. It was slightly blurry, as if Sonny hadn’t been ready for the picture. Rafael had his arms around Sonny’s shoulders and he was kissing Sonny’s cheek. Sonny eyes were closed. He looked blissful.

“I am happy for you.” Amanda said, “Well, show me more pictures!”

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Today in 1944, Paris was liberated by the French Resistance and Allied forces.

For four years, the City of Light along with much of northern France had been under Nazi control. During this time, the people of France were subject to rationing and labor shortages, and were taxed to pay for the salaries and upkeep of the Nazi occupying forces.

Throughout the Nazi occupation of France, the Resistance worked to thwart Axis activity. After the D-Day invasion on June 6, 1944, Resistance fighters started to work more closely with Allied forces, and on August 23 Resistance forces led the assault on the city. Two days later, a triumphant General Charles De Gaulle led his 2nd Armored Division of the French Resistance through the streets of Paris, followed by General Patton’s Third Army.

This color footage was donated to the National Archives by the family of Jack Lieb, who filmed and narrated it. Watch his entire film from which this was excerpted, D-Day to Germany, 1944, on the National Archives YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJVaa0RAUGg


so let me tell you a story about my second hour online french class

i was super done with the bullshit assignments we were getting, the latest of which was to write a poem that rhymed, and i wrote this as a joke with no intention of submitting it. little did i know that the website automatically saves and submits your work when you close out of it, meaning that my teacher received the above poem, which reads

“baguette, eiffel tower,
i hate second hour,
shove a croissant up your ass”

the second picture is a screenshot of the email he sent me three days later

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For the prompt thing: scents?

nice. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ *throws glitter on u*

note: one of these days I’ll remember that darned read more…

prompt: scents

summary: he never pegged her as the heroic type, but he’s glad she is, anyway.

Adrien Agreste isn’t one of those people who can recognize something immediately. If he were, he probably would have placed Marinette as Ladybug ages ago.

As it is, though, he only recently made the connection between Marinette’s vanilla perfume and the pleasant scent he associates with standing too close to his Lady. Marinette smells sweet because she smells like her home, and her home smells like a bakery. So of course she smells like vanilla.

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anonymous asked:

I'm truly wondering who will get the coming out exclusive. Louis and Harry are not the type that forgive and forget easily, you can see it in a lot of things but the one that came to mind now is GQ. We all know how they treated Harry in that interview and even tho they literally liked his ass for the last year and half (name dropping him with compliments here and there) Harry still gave his exclusive interview plus photoshoots to Another Man. I'm very curious because in the future there will be-

-absolutely no doubt about the people who treated the boys in a good way and about the people who didn’t. I’m completely sure that they are going to cut out who treated them poorly (interviewers, journalists…). Like, no way in hell Dan Wootton or Richard Lawson or all the others who wrote horrible thing about them will ever see an exclusive about anything.

Ooooh, that FOR SURE! 

Unfortunately the entertainment world (and not only the EW, but I talk about what I have direct experience of) is a place where you frequently have to make compromises and get in contact and collaborate to various extents with people or in terms that you would rather not to. And having the boys being closeted and sold in a certain way for so long, it’ll be quite hard to totally avoid everything and everyone who’s been unfair to them in the past. But certain people? Certain outlets? Certain shows? Man! They might have waited a long time and they might still be up for a considerable wait, but once they’re able to break free, you can bet the Eiffel Tower that a few someones won’t get anywhere close to them, both very familiar names and figures we have no clue about that have misbehaved towards them and caused them sorrow or troubles. 

And I for one can’t wait for that day to come.

you are gold and silver (1/2)

@clairelutra, what was once a drabble has grown so far beyond that, i am honestly embarrassed at my utter lack of control. here is the first half of this goddamn fic, because the second half is incomplete and not anywhere NEAR as ladrien as the first and also this technically covers your “almost-kiss” prompt, PLEASE ENJOY!!

special thanks to my beta @kickassfu for patiently putting up with my endless flailing over writing this, to @mirthalia for introducing me to the glory that is draftin, to @vaisraviina for their inspirational headcanon, and to hugh grant for his ridiculously catchy psuedo-80’s vocals. and before anyone asks, no, it is not a ddr machine.

In which Ladybug learns something that leads her to making some very bad decisions, up to, and including, thinking that Adrien Agreste was ever cool.


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pierce-jay  asked:

"Quit or I'll bite you with" yoongi if that's how this works

“yoongi, not now,” you huff, pushing him away by the face when he gets a little too close for your liking. if it was any other time, you would love it. but the fact that you feel like your day is being crumbled to pieces like the eiffel tower being crushed to bits, the last thing you’d want is someone bugging you.

“i’m not doing anything,” he feigns innocence, still trying to put his arms around you despite how you’re trying to shield away from him.

groaning, you put your book aside and try to shove at his arms, “quit it or i’ll bite,”

turning to glare at him, he only returns you a cheeky grin, with wiggling brows, “where will you bite me, hm?”

“your fucking dick. now get off,” you nudge his shoulder, but ultimately fail with a whine when yoongi decides to take control, tackling you in his arms and crashing you down onto the sofa. you squirm about to no avail, him conquering your space as he lays you down and you have no other choice but to rest your cheek against his chest. sadly to say, it’s working when he smells good and you put your arms around him loosely, the same time he tucks you closer.

“bite it later. let me cuddle you better now.”

Combined Crowley Requests

Request: Would it be possible to get a oneshot where Crowley falls in love with the reader, but wants to protect her so he doesn’t say anything. She gets injured on a hunt with the Winchesters and Crowley shows up, accidentally letting it slip how he feels.

Request: the reader gets hurt from a hunt and crowley takes care of him/her.

You wanted to stop yourself from crying, hunters didn’t cry, no matter how bad the pain. You bit your lower lip, drawing a little blood, but that pain was nowhere near the pain in your stomach. 

You and the Winchesters had been hunting a group of vampires, and had killed most of them, but it only took one vampire to kill you. You’d gotten cocky, and didn’t take as many precautions as you usually did, which led to the vampire sneaking up behind you and tossingyou like a doll agross the room. You did hit the bitch, right on the leg so he was hobbling now, but not before he stabbed you, promising to return. 

Now you were leaning against a wall, holding your wound and trying to apply pressure. Your vision kept going in and out, but you managed to stay awake, by some miracle. 

“Y/N! Where are you? They’re getting away!” Dean yelled, and you heard him running up the stairs, and then he was in the same room as you. “What the Hell?” He muttered, running to your side. “Why didn’t you yell for Sam or me?” He demanded, ripping off his plaid shirt and laying it over your stomach.

“I’m fine.” You slurred.

“Like Hell you are.” Dean replied. “Sam! Sammy! Forget the vampires, get over here!”

“Why? What’s-” Sam started, but stopped once he saw yo. He ran to your side, eyes wide with fear. “Y/N? What happened?”

“Vampire.” You answered, stopping a tear from rolling down your cheek.

“Cas! Castiel! Get your angelic butt down here!” Dean screamed, looking up at the ceiling.

“Cas is in heaven, remember? He’s fighting a war. He said he wouldn’t be able to help us.” You reminded Dean, almost laughing at your horrible luck. 

“We’ll figure something out.” Sam assured you.

“Right. Like a miracle is just gonna-”

“What the hell did you idiots do?” The unmistakable voice of Crowley shouted. You saw him standing in the middle of the room, eyes trained on your and the blood oozing out of your stomach.

“We-” Dean started.

“I don’t want to hear it! It’s bad enough you get yourselves killed once a year, but now you have to put Y/N in danger too? What is it with you?” Crowley interrupted, still screaming.

“Hi, Crowley.” You said, waving slightly. You were becoming woozy from blood loss.

Crowley appeared at your side, and pushed Dean away. “Darling, I can heal you, but not fully. I’ll put your life out of danger, but you’ll need stitches, and won’t be able to hunt for a few weeks.”

“You’re not taking her soul.” Sam stated.

“Did I say I was?” Crowley snapped. Then, he looked back at you, his eyes softening. “I just need your permission to heal you.”

“Is this like a deal?” You mumbled, vision turning black.

“Stay awake!” Crowley shouted, and your eyes snapped open. “It’s not a deal. I’ll heal you, you’ll be better.”

“But you get nothing.” You said quietly.

“No, I get you. Alive. That’s all I want." 

"Why?” You asked, a tired smile forming over your lips. 

“Because….. I just want you to live. Now let me heal you.” Crowley said quickly.

“Liar liar mom on fire.” You said, giggling. “Tell the truth.”

“Fine! I love you! Is that what you wanted? I love you and I don’t want you to die!” Crowley shouted, grabbing your hand.

“Good. I love you too. Now you can heal me.” You said, closing your eyes and leaning your head against the wall. 

Crowley sighed in relief and placed his hand on your would. Pain flooded through you for a moment, before becoming a dull throb. You instantly felt wide awake, and sat up, breathing hard. 

“Now you’ll need stitches.” Crowley told you.

“Okay.” You said, nodding. 

“Sam, you take Y/N back to the motel, I’ll get the vamps.” Dean said, getting up.

“No. Sam, you go with Dean. Crowley, can you take me back to the motel?” You asked, grabbing Crowley’s hand so he couldn’t leave.


“No! He’s a demon and-”

“He saved my life you idiots! Go before they get away, I’m not arguing with you.” You interrupted. 

“If he hurts you-” Sam started.

“Do you think he’s gonna hurt me?” You demanded.

Sam and Dean sighed, then ran towards the door. “If you kill her-!” Dean started to yell.

“Just go!” Crowley interrupted, waving them off impatiently.

You laughed slightly, then winced in pain. “Let’s get to the motel.” You said, trying to stand.

“Stay down. My God, I don’t understand what’s with you and trying to do things.” Crowley ordered. He knelt beside you and grabbed your hand and placed one of his hands on your shoulder. In the blink of an eye you were on your bed, in the motel.

“Thanks.” You said, kicking your shoes off.

“Don’t thank me yet, I still have to do your stitches.” You watched Crowley walk into the bathroom, and return with the first aid kit. You scooted over on the bed, cringing from the pain, and Crowley sat next to you. “Um. Your shirt…” He said, looking around the room.

“Oh! Right.” You said, then tore off the old, bloody t-shirt and tossed it to the floor, leaving you in just a bra. 

Crowley didn’t so much as glance at your chest, and started disinfecting the wound. You hissed and Crowley stopped instantly, throwing you an apologetic glance. “So. I told you how I felt, and you have yet to comment.” Crowley said, not looking at you.

“That was real?” You asked. Crowley stopped what he was doing and looked at you. He nodded. You smiled and exhaled in relief. “Good. Because I have feelings for you too.”

Crowley laughed from happiness and grabbed your hand. “I don’t think you know how hard it was watching you almost die with those two morons over and over again.”

“Hey! This is the first time I’ve ever actually gotten hurt.” You reminded him.

“Hurt it putting it mildly.”

“Well then it’s a good thing I have such a good nurse.” You said.

“I have to start stitching now.” Crowley said, holding the needle up. “It’s going to hurt.”

“This isn’t my first rodeo.” You said, looking at the ceiling. 

You felt the needle plunge into your skin, and Crowley worked quickly to finish your stitches. You closed your eyes and bit your hand, thinking about anything other than the pain in your stomach.

“Talk to me. I need a distraction.” You said.

“Um, alright. Do you want to go on a date when this is over?”

“Where would we go?” You asked, biting your bottom lip to stop from screaming out in pain.

“Anywhere.” He said.

“Details, please.” You said hissing in pain. 

“Okay!” Crowley exclaimed, not wanting you to be in pain. “I’d take you to dinner in Paris on top of the Eiffel tower. Then we’d go to Germany for dessert, their chocolate cake is amazing. We’d go for a walk in the rainforest, and I’d have you home by eleven so you would be well rested and we could do it again the next day." 

"That sounds nice.” You said, smiling.

“So you’ll go with me?”

“Obviously.” You said, laughing. 

Crowley smiled as he finished your stitches, then leaned back. “No hunting for a week.” He said.

“Aw, c'mon!” You whined.

“No arguing.” He said, giving you a stern look. 

“Fine. But you have to stay with me.”

Crowley smiled and leaned towards you. “I guess if I have to.”

You leaned towards him, and his lips collided with yours. Crowley stood up and moved to place his hand on your other side, but accidentally hit your stomach. You pulled away from his lips and cried out in pain. 

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry!” He shouted, his hands hovering over your stomach. 

“You’re a mess.” You teased. You pushed the pain aside, then pulled Crowley into another kiss. It was gonna be hard explain this to Sam and Dean.

(I hope you like it!)

The Traveling Chat

MariChat May Day 21: The Chat Noir Doll


“Have you seen Chat’s new Instagram?”

It was a perfect spring day for enjoying fast food outdoors. Marinette, chewing a mouthful of French fries, frowned across the table at Alya before swallowing. “Chat has a new Instagram? I swear, he never tells me anything.”

“It’s because you don’t approve of his shenanigans,” Alya said. “That’s a direct quote, by the way.” She handed Marinette her phone.

The account name was chatonnoir, and every single photo starred the Chat Noir doll Marinette had sewn and–against her better judgment–let Chat borrow. Apparently, the doll had a very active superhero life of its own. One image showed it atop the Eiffel Tower watching the sun set. The caption read, all in a day’s work.

“I want to say I can’t believe this, but I can,” Marinette said.

Alya pointed her drink at the phone. “Keep going. It gets pretty ridiculous.”

There was a photo of the doll with a butterfly perched on its head. The doll floating on an inflatable chair in the middle of Le Grand Paris’ rooftop swimming pool. The doll at a bus stop, sitting upright between two other waiting people.

“Is that Adrien?” Marinette shrieked.

Sure enough, there was close-up of the doll leaning against Adrien’s face, its hands pressed to its cheeks. Met supermodel Adrien Agreste today! kyaaaaaa!! read the caption.

“Yup,” Alya said. “That doll got to first base before you did.”

anonymous asked:

the golden portrait of adriens mom is a secret entrance into hawkmoths liar. that would explain why the portrait was behind gabiel before akumatizing someone, and explains how he was quickly able to transform.

That could actually work…but what about the view from his layer? We know the Eiffel Tower is far away, but it’s fairly close to the mansion.

Let’s fucking talk about the people of Paris. 

Imagine middle schoolers in the hallways, talking like “how cool would it be if Ladybug and Chat Noir came into our school, and told us we needed to evacuate because a monster is attacking? Right before our finals?” and what about high schoolers that are like “I hope some monster attacks so I don’t have to do this presentation.”

Imagine tour guides telling tourists like “If you’re lucky, or unlucky, depending on your point of view, you might be able to see Ladybug and Chat Noir in action. If this happens, please stay close with the group. ”

Imagine a genuine excuse for being late at work/school being “Ladybug and Chat Noir were fighting a monster.”

Imagine news networks warning people like “There’s currently a monster attack happening around the Eiffel tower, so people are advised to stay out of that area unless absolutely necessary. We’ll notify you when the fight is over.”

Imagine people cooperating with Ladybug and Chat Noir when they give them instructions (like the lady in the mime episode). They know that Ladybug/Chat Noir are trying to protect them, so they cooperate and stay out of their way. “OMG, Ladybug touched my shoulder when she told me to evacuate.” “Fucking nice.”

Imagine halloween rolling around, and there are always lots of kids who dress up as Ladybug and Chat Noir. Marinette helps Manon make her own Ladybug costume~

cause all i wanna be is somebody to you

Summary: There’s things in life that look better when you see them up close and in person. The Eiffel Tower, the Big Ben, Disney World, a favorite band in concert, even. Louis’s seen all of those thing and they were much, much better in person. But Harry Styles, he tops them all.

or– the one where Louis’s a YouTuber that gets to interview Pop Star Harry Styles

Pairings: Louis Tomlinson/Harry Styles, Zayn Malik/Liam Payne, Past Zayn Malik/Louis Tomlinson

Rating: Explicit

Words: 14442

"People want their own Eiffel Towers to stick in boxes."

Joanne McNeil on why we still feel the need to photograph things that have been photographed millions of times before us:

Photographs that prove the existence of the Eiffel Tower more importantly prove the photographer’s existence — your existence (whom among us has never taken a photograph?) You were there, this was your vantage point, you closed your eyes and heard the click of the skeuomorphic shutter sound. The moment was yours alone. The souvenir of it may look like the images of a billion others, but they didn’t eat your lunch, they didn’t wear your clothes, they don’t have your dreams, your work, your lovelife, your sorrow. Images are always linked with contextual metadata of the mind. That is why, even when it costs something, people want their own Eiffel Towers to stick in boxes.

Also great:

A picture is a vessel for a moment. If the past fails to fill it with value, a second glance in the present might post-date it with a better reason for existing.

A picture bookmarks a moment, from someone and somewhere. It might look like nothing, it might look like billions that came before it, but there was a reason it happened. The reason may be as simple as why a person standing in the sun casts a shadow.

What a fantastic way to put it.

Paris at night (one shot)

I know they never where in Paris but whatever Hope you like it

He couldn’t stop thinking about her since he met her in London about a week ago, he laid in his bed in his hotel room in Paris staring at the ceiling remembering her dark blue eyes, her perfect blond hair and her red lips.

He was snapped out of his dreams when he heard someone banging against his hotel room door “you have NO idea who we saw in the lobby” Charlie shouted while running into his room right after Adam opened the door, with Burns following him “who did you saw?” Adam asked acting interested “guess” Burns said excited “you said I’d have no idea, just tell me” Adam said and laughed “okay… drumroll” Charlie said and burns started drumming onto the table “TAYLOR SWIFT” they screamed out at the same time “she’s here?” Adam said more to himself and smiled widely “and she’s even more stunning in real live” Charlie continued ignoring Adam “and she’s so nice! We talked to her and she even seemed interested” burns told him enthusiastic “you talked to her?” Adam asked shocked “why are you so shocked about it?” Charlie asked and laughed, Adam shook his head and covered his face “come with us” Burns said and walked to the door with Charlie “COME” Charlie screamed, Adam sighed and got up to follow them

“where are we going?” Adam asked while he followed them down the hall “shhht” Charlie and Burns hissed, after a while they stopped in front of a door and knocked, they heard steps behind the door and Charlie and Burns looked at each other exited. When they heard the person nearly reaching the door Charlie and Burns looked at each other and ran away at the same time “HEY, what are you doing” Adam screamed after them “I’m opening the door because I guess you knocked” he heard a confused voice next to him “T-Taylor, I’m sorry, my friends Charlie and Burns, you met them in the lobby, they told me to follow them and they knocked and ran away” he said and looked for them again, avoiding to look at Taylor “so I guess they made sure you won’t come back into your room, come in” Taylor laughed and stepped to the side so he can come inside “thank you” he said and stepped inside, still not looking at her “come here” Taylor said as she sat on the couch “you weren’t that shy when we met in London” Taylor laughed “I… I was thinking about you since London” he admitted and and finally looked at her “a lot” he added and looked down again “I was thinking about you too” Taylor admitted and put her fingers under his chin to make him look at her, he looked her in the eyes until his eyes wandered down to her lips and back up to her eyes, asking for permission, she brought her lips closer to his, just leaving a small space between their lips, his hands moved to the side of her head before he closed the gap and kissed her softly, trying to express what he felt for her, even though he didn’t really knew what it was yet. They pulled away to breath and Taylor smiled at him “you’re a good kisser” she said and laughed before she placed a small kiss on his lips and sat back up. They talked about everything and nothing until late this night.

Taylor woke up in her hotel bed with Adam next to her, she sat up shocked and saw her dress on a chair next to the bed “you feel asleep on the couch so I carried you to your bed, that dress looked expensive and uncomfortable so I took it off, don’t worry, it was dark, and you held on my arm so tightly that I couldn’t leave without waking you” Adam explained when he saw that she was shocked. Taylor laid down again, relived but embarrassed and hide her face under the blanket “you don’t have to be embarrassed” Adam said and pulled the blanket off of her face “morning” he whispered and kissed her forehead “morning” she replied and smiled at him “I guess they will let me in now, I should leave” he sighed and got up, he pulled his jeans and shirt on and walked over to the door. He stopped at the door and turned around to look at her, after a second of thinking he walked back over to her and leans down, he kissed her lips softly and left the room. Taylor laid back and laughed silently and couldn’t stop smiling the whole day.

She was about to go to bed when she heard a knock on the door, she sighed and walked to the door to open it “hey” Adam said when she opened the door, he held roses in his hand and smirked at her “I thought we could go out for dinner but then I realized that it’s already late, but I got cake” he said and held bad up that he held in his other hand “so, if you like cake I would share it with you” he finished, she laughed and stepped to the side “come in” she said and smiled. He stepped in and stopped behind the door “these are for you” he said and gave her the roses “they are beautiful, thank you” she said and smelled the flowers, he walked the the couch the sat on the night before and placed the cake on the table. Taylor followed him and sat next to him “chocolate cake” Taylor said and took the fork from him “I never thought you’d eat that, I always heard that you’re eating really healthy” she said and started eating the cake “not always, on special days I can make an exemption” he explained “and what is special today?” Taylor asked and raised her eyebrows “hmm, I’m sitting here with you, that makes any day special” he said making her blush and hide her face in her short blond hair “don’t hide you beautiful face” he whispered and stroked her hair out of her face she smiled at him and continued eating the cake.

After they finished eating they talked again, never going out of things they could talk about. After a while Adam leaned in to kiss her “is it okay when I kiss you” he asked when he pulled away “you can kiss me whenever you want” she whispered and kissed him again “let’s get out of here” Adam said and stood up “what?” Taylor said confused “be honest, how much did you saw or are you going to see from Paris?” He asked and looked at her, she shook her head confused “see, nothing actually, no ones out there at this time, we can discover the city without paparazzi and fans, come get up” he said and pulled her up “go, get dressed” he said and pushed her softly towards her bedroom.

“I still don’t think this is a good idea” Taylor said while they where walking down the streets of Paris 15 minutes later “that’s what we have to work on” Adam said and laughed “what?” She asked “you are to scared and a bit uptight” he said and stopped walking to look at her, she just looked at him confused but he just kissed her, she pulled away immediately “Adam, were are on a street in Paris, someone-” she said “you said I can kiss you whenever I want” he said and kissed her again before he grabbed her hand and ran away pulling her with him “what are we doing here, it’s closed” Taylor said when they were standing in front of the Eiffel Tower “wait here a second” Adam said and peeked her lips shortly before he disappeared. “Come with me” he said and pulled her towards the entrance “how did you-?” She asked and laughed, he kissed her and pulled her up the stairs “don’t ask, just enjoy” he said

When they were as high as they could go up Adam pulled her to the railing and laid his arm around her “isn’t it beautiful?” He asked and looked at her, she nodded and smiled at him before looking back at the city “not as beautiful as you” he said and looked at her, she turned around and looked at him “do you really think that?” She laughed “yes” he answered and kissed her softly. They heard the church bell “it’s midnight” Adam laughed “March 6th 2015” Taylor said and laughed at him, he smiled and laid his arm back around her while they looked back at their sight of Paris.

He watched her staring at city until he couldn’t get the question out of his head anymore “can I ask you something?” He said to get her attention “sure” she smiled and looked at him “can I- can I call you my girlfriend now?” He asked shy again “I don’t think you want that, there is to much going on in my life that no one wants” she said sadly “I don’t care, I know what’s going on in you life and I know what I’m asking for but I don’t care as long as it means that I can be with you” he said and in his eyes she saw that he was serious “okay” she whispered, he kissed her happily “Taylor Swift, my incredible, beautiful girlfriend” he said and kissed her again.