or work this close to the eiffel tower


so let me tell you a story about my second hour online french class

i was super done with the bullshit assignments we were getting, the latest of which was to write a poem that rhymed, and i wrote this as a joke with no intention of submitting it. little did i know that the website automatically saves and submits your work when you close out of it, meaning that my teacher received the above poem, which reads

“baguette, eiffel tower,
i hate second hour,
shove a croissant up your ass”

the second picture is a screenshot of the email he sent me three days later

anonymous asked:

the golden portrait of adriens mom is a secret entrance into hawkmoths liar. that would explain why the portrait was behind gabiel before akumatizing someone, and explains how he was quickly able to transform.

That could actually work…but what about the view from his layer? We know the Eiffel Tower is far away, but it’s fairly close to the mansion.