or women if they prefer it

Nina Hopkins Facts!

Name: Nina Hopkins
Height: unknown. taller than Mey Rin (165 cm), Shorter than Sebastian (186 cm)
Age: unknown, presumably in her twenties or thirties.
💄The only clients she enjoys designing for are young boys under the age of 15 and women, as she holds most men in contempt.
💄 She has a bit of a fixation on Mey Rin, which may even be a bit romantic or sexual, as evidenced by her enjoyment in touching Mey Rin’s body.
💄 In the Blue Cult arc she helps Sebastian infiltrate the Sphere Music Hall to retrieve Lady Elizabeth Midford.
💄 She runs Hopkins Tailor Shop, which supplies costumes for all members of the Music Hall including the Lords with the names of stars.
💄 She seems to be behind most of Ciel’s clothing, even though she seems to prefer working for special occasions such as Sieglinde Sullivan’s audience with the Queen and Ciel’s ceremonial clothing for his induction as Earl.
💄 Her family has a long line working as tailors and seamstresses, as they have outfitted the Watchdog for generations.
💄 Lady Elizabeth Midford considers her choice of attire to be “unladylike”.
💄 She is prone to theatrical displays and outbursts.
💄 She does not care for Sebastian, going so far as to refer to him as “Mister Hardhead”.
💄 She is incredibly liberal for the time period, believing social constraints are a thing of the past and women should discard such restrictive customs.
💄 Nina Hopkins is responsible for the infamous robin dress.
💄 She also seems to be adept as a barber, as she is cut Sieglinde’s hair into her customary bob upon request.
💄 She escorted Sebastian to the Music Hall, on the condition that she may dress him.
💄 She designed Mey Rin’s housemaid uniform.
💄 Nina was partnered with Edward Midford during the Easter egg hunt, much to her displeasure and his disgust in regards to her displaying her legs so freely.

Lmao yeah you sure have a great record of listening to minority trans women

Said no one ever.

Remember how you cost one minority trans woman her JOB for reporting on your racism?

Remember all your TERFy anti-butch bullshit even as you steal a slur aimed primarily against butch women?

Remember how you whitewashed a Middle Eastern woman for her religion?

Remember how you retweet articles blaming antisemitism on Jews and change your official statement several times, preferring to take up persecuting Jews as a singular crusade and make it a much bigger issue than it had to be instead of just owning up to a bad mistake and promising to do better in the future?

internalised misogyny: *slut shaming girl groups for sexy concepts but celebrating boy groups for sexy concepts*

internalised misogyny: *believing male groups are superior purely because they are male*

internalised misogyny: *attacking girl group members simply just for being in your male bias’s presence*

NOT internalised misogyny: *stanning a boy group*

can we abandon this narrative that all boy group stans hate women?

Dad Advice
  • Craig: keep your eye on the ball but for God's sake, if you see the ball coming toward you don't catch it with your eye.
  • Brian: Don't force your love on a dog. Love can't be forced. A dog will love you anyway, but still.
  • Robert: It's only illegal if you get caught. Just pretend that the guy ran into your knife sixteen times.
  • Joseph: Label your jars and shakers. No one wants salty cookies. *flashbacks*
  • Mat: You're not a real man if you drink decaf! But I'm not going to demean women by saying you're not a man..women aren't weak if they happen to prefer decaf...and I'm not gonna let the type of coffee you drink determine your manhood and masculinity. Down with sexism. I'm sorry, what was I saying?
  • Hugo: All your teachers lie to you about what the next grade will be like.
  • Damien: If you want to wear a dress, then wear a dress. If you want to wear that dress with crocs then by all means. I can't tell you how to dress, but you should know that you will have lost all my respect.

GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES, 1953, dir. Howard Hawks

Yes, this is the movie that’s most likely responsible for people assuming Marilyn Monroe was a dumb blonde but you know what? It deserves to be revisited and paid attention to.

From a 21st-century perspective, the remarkable thing to me about this movie is that its two leads are Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe - not Marilyn and A Dude with Jane Russell as the second banana; the women are thick as thieves and their friendship is key to the film’s success. Jane’s Dorothy is a street-smart wisecracking gal and Marilyn’s Lorelei is a savvy performer. They both have their own ideas about what it means to succeed as a woman living in the time and place they do, and try to help each other out. There’s no fighting over a man, no betrayals, no making fun of each other behind the other’s backs. They’ve got each other’s backs, 150%, and that is SO refreshing to see after remembering the dozens of ‘90s/2010s rom-coms & women’s movies that pit women against each other (for men, jobs, or whatever else). Dorothy and Lorelei put each other before men, they stand up for each other, they support each other, and it’s BEAUTIFUL.

(It’s also a hysterically funny movie from start to finish.)

Now streaming on Netflix.

Random thing I spent all of work tonight thinking about: I never realized until listening to Aubri confess her insecurities to me that a lot of women seem vastly misinformed on how attraction to you works for us heterosexual men. Believe it or not, we don’t rate your physical appearance on a linear, universal scale.

For one thing, almost everything varies at least a little based on the individual male; the only things that are truly universal are based on things like hygiene and personal grooming. And sure, some women are more widely considered attractive than others, but almost none of you would ever get a unanimous yes/no from a group of us. Put two dudes who don’t know each other in a room and tell them to discuss preferences in women, putting more important factors like personality and intelligence and morals aside, and they’d find a lot more than you think to disagree on.

Secondly, if I were to take a survey of what American men are most likely to go for, the results would likely surprise you. Personally, I can appreciate a range of body-types, but I mainly like a woman somewhere on the heavier, curvier side. Conversely, some of my best friends love a thin or petite figure. And you could find others somewhere in-between.

Now, I don’t associate with the fat-acceptance or body-positivity movements, but at the same time the parts of the media and our culture claiming there’s only one body type that every woman needs to strive for or agonize over not having, are also wrong.

What I’m ultimately trying to get at is this: Learn to be content with the body you were given, figure out what standard is healthiest for you, what works for your genetics and individual needs and will help you live a long, fulfilling life. Learn to see what’s beautiful about what that looks like, then achieve it; because I’d bet money there’s a guy out there who will see it without needing to try. If you have that and the guy you like just isn’t attracted to you anyway, that’s okay; it’s not his fault, he can’t help it, but it isn’t yours, either.

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So being heterosexual is a problem
I don’t like penis no matter who it comes from g.
This comment really sounds dumb

Compulsory Heterosexuality 101

If you’re currently wondering if you’re bisexual or if you’re actually a lesbian, then welcome! Hopefully this will be helpful.

Compulsory heterosexuality describes the societal and internalized pressures and influences on lesbians (as well as gay men and some bisexual women, but that’s for a different post) to be heterosexual, or at the very least present and act heterosexual, and the way those influences and pressures affect our perception of our own sexuality. Compulsory heterosexuality makes us believe that we are attracted to men when that attraction is actually not genuine, and not knowing whether what we’re feeling is genuine or not can be extremely confusing when trying to figure out what our sexuality is.

The important thing when questioning if your attraction is genuine is to figure out what the root of your feelings are. Genuine attraction and compulsory attraction, when broken down, are polar to each other. The following are examples of what genuine attraction might feel like vs. what compulsory attraction might feel like. Keep in mind, these are generalized and not universal or flawless! Attraction is different for everyone. But hopefully these should help to provide a framework to start distinguishing between genuine and compulsory experiences of attraction:

Genuine attraction: The attraction you feel happens of its own accord, it develops naturally and without your control or external manipulation. It is rooted in what you want and what you feel instead of what the other person wants or feels. You aren’t only interested because they showed interest first, or because you need their attention or validation. It feels overall pleasant, comfortable, and right to you. You might get nervous around the other person or feel butterflies, but this is more of a rush and an excitement than it is uncomfortable, if it’s uncomfortable at all. You would enjoy acting on your feelings if the right opportunity presented itself. You hope that the other person would want to reciprocate, and that they feel the same way about you as you feel about them.

Compulsory attraction: The attraction you feel exists out of a feeling of pressure or responsibility. You feel or think as though you “should” be attracted to them, as if under obligation to. You don’t mirror the other person’s desire and attraction at all, you are merely the receiver of it. You feel nervous around them because being the focus of their attention makes you uncomfortable. You might like them as a friend or as a person but when it comes to feeling anything romantic or sexual for them there is a disconnect. You have no real desire to take things further with them, but are simply following the script of the relationship.

Ways compulsory heterosexuality can manifest:
(I’ve taken many of these from other sources, not all of them are my original experiences! This list is by no means complete or perfect, this is simply a collection of experiences that can be common to lesbians experiencing compulsory heterosexuality).


  • I like men, I’m just very picky/my standards are very high
  • I like men, but I have no interest in ever being with one
  • I like men, but only fictional or otherwise unattainable men are attractive to me
  • I like men, I just strongly prefer women, to the degree that my attraction to them in comparison to my attraction to women is close to zero
  • I like men, but I would never sleep with one
  • I like men, but I would never date one
  • I like men, but my attraction to them is unpleasant/burdensome
  • I like men, but I wish I didn’t
  • I like men, but if I had the choice to rid myself completely of my attraction to them I would, because I would be much more happy/myself that way
  • When considering relationships with men, it is more about a sense of duty in my mind than enjoyment. Whether or not I’m happy in the situation doesn’t matter
  • I can’t imagine feeling about men the way I feel about women, it feels impossible to ever love a man the way I love women
  • I feel attraction to men in hypothetical situations, but when those situations become real or attainable I lose all interest
  • I feel like my attraction to men ultimately gets in the way of me enjoying life/enjoying my sexuality. I feel like if I were rid of it things would make much more sense to me
  • I have ID’ed as things other than lesbian before, but those labels always felt dishonest
  • The attraction I feel toward men is never carefree or enjoyable. I don’t enjoy experiencing it
  • I could probably tolerate being with a man, therefore I must not be a lesbian
  • I could put up/cope with having sex with a man, therefore I must not be a lesbian
  • Hypothetically, in a distant future, there might someday exist a man who I can fall in love with, therefore I can’t be a lesbian
  • I want people to see me as something other than a lesbian, but I don’t want the expectation or pressure of being with men to be put on me
  • Dating and flirting with men always feels very robotic and scripted to me
  • I want to be able to devote 100% of my time and attraction to women, but I feel unable or unallowed to
  • I hate it when men show interest in me, it is always unwanted
  • I crave male attention but the moment I receive it I hate that I have it
  • I get uncomfortable knowing that a man has a crush on me, or that he feels attracted to me in any way


  • I develop crushes on men by picking and choosing beforehand who I will have a crush on. They never develop naturally
  • I develop crushes on men after being informed by a second party that I have a crush on them (through teasing, insisting, prodding, etc)
  • I develop an attraction to men only after they’ve shown that they’re attracted to me
  • I develop a crush on men only after I am aware that they have a crush on me
  • I develop crushes on men in some circumstances, but when I do they cause me anxiety/distress, or make me uncomfortable in some other way
  • My crushes on men require “upkeep”
  • The crushes I develop on men feel nothing like the crushes I develop on women
  • The crushes I develop on men feel very performative and/or scripted

Fantasies/dreams/sexual stuff:

  • My fantasies involving men focus on their pleasure in the situation, not mine
  • My fantasies involving men always involve an imbalance of power dynamics, e.g. there is coercion or force used and I am not the one in control
  • I have had sex dreams involving men, but always wake up feeling gross or upset (or both)
  • The men in my fantasies are always faceless or blank-faced
  • I am completely lost as to how to interact with a man sexually, whereas with women it comes naturally to me
  • Men’s bodies look and feel physically “wrong” to me, as in it doesn’t feel how it should/how I expect it to. Everything is the wrong shape and smell and texture

Note: This post is still a WIP! I will most likely be coming back later and updating parts here and there, but I didn’t want to wait any longer to post so I put it up as is. Hopefully this was a helpful starting point for you guys! If you have any feedback let me know, I’d love to hear it :).

show off- showtunes sung by broadway’s most popular ladies

it’s today - mame // the life of the party - the wild party // it won’t be long now - in the heights // show off - the drowsy chaperone // killer instinct - bring it on: the musical // popular - wicked // candy store - heathers: the musical // the world according to chris - carrie: the musical // out tonight - rent // there she goes!/fame - fame // model behavior - women on the verge of a nervous breakdown // gorgeous - the apple tree // diamonds are a girl’s best friend - gentlemen prefer blondes // here lies love - here lies love // dance: ten; looks: three - a chorus line // so much better - legally blonde: the musical // the ballad of sara berry - 35mm: a musical exhibition //


Joji Preference – He dates a Woman of colour.
A/N henlo, the person who requested this originally uses female pronouns/is female do I decided to write it with a female POV specifically.
• More than likely you would meet at a party, he was initially flawed by your beauty and felt the urge to speak to you.
• “Did you fall from-“ Was all he had to say before you rolled your eyes and turned away. Cheesy pick up lines were not appealing to you.
• He angled around and stood in front of you with a cup in one hand and the other stuck out to you, hoping you would take it. “I’m George.. Or joji, I don’t mind which you call me”.
• You hesitantly took his hand and shook it, “I’m y/n, its nice to meet you.” You smiled, not entirely meaning what you we’re saying.
• “I’m not always this annoying, girls don’t usually ignore me.” He spoke arrogantly, holding onto your hand for just a little too long.
• “If you let go of my hand, ill give you my number,” You began, nodding your head towards the grip that you could quite easily pull out of – If you had really wanted to, that is – “You aren’t entirely intolerable.”
• You weren’t usually one to stress over what you wore, of course you liked to look pretty – You always did – but at this point you had changed your outfit a record breaking thirteen times.
• Texts had been sent almost non-stop between you and the Japanese boy, only interrupted by phone calls at two in the afternoon, which made this whole thing alot more scary to you ; What if he wasn’t interested?
• After being bored by the restaurant, you and joji took off and ended up sat in a green, almost glamourous (for what it was) field, laughing at nothing and getting grass stains on you smart casual outfits.
• “We should do this again.” You agreed to meet again, stood by your apartment door, smiling at each other.
• He would be a savage when it came to people being racist to you on twitter and Instagram, often roasting them and banning them from his page.
• Although, it was harder to do on his FilthyFrank channels, he still banned people who we’re genuinely racist to anyone featured in his videos.
• Joji especially hated it when obsessed fans harassed you on social media just because you were with him, he hated it even more when their insults became racially motivated, he ended up in many, heated twitter debates because of this.
• You were stood outside of a club that Joji had convinced you to go to, waiting for the line to go down when a very drunk man approached Joji, asking why he was with you, signalling to your hand with his can of beer.
•Joji had initially told him to ‘get fucked’ but the man had to take it a step further by spilling racial slurs regarding both of you, all over the surrounding area. This resulted in Joji swinging for him.
• As much as you protested, urging Joji to ‘just let it go’ and that he ‘wasn’t worth it’, a fight had soon broken out ; The security guard had some trouble getting Joji off the man. To your annoyance, you were both turned away from the club because of the scuffle.
• It was difficult to stay mad because the man, did deserve it.
A/N part 2 coming tomorrow, im just tired and I hope this was okay, feed back appreciated

Glamour model / Fashion model

There are two types of model ~ but which one is the best model of femininity?

Below, English glamour model, Lucy Pinder, from Hampshire, an historic county of formerly Wessex, an Anglo-Saxon kingdom from over 1000 years ago…

Or, Cara Delevingne, a fashion model from Hammersmith in London, a city founded 2000 years ago, an once ruled by the Mercian Anglo-Saxon kingdom…

I think, that whereas fashion models have a classic beauty to them, glamour models convey a personality of great warmth, an so i prefer glamour more so.

i think what’s so misrepresenting about the narrative that butch / femme relationships mimic heterosexuality or butches have toxic masculinity etc is that like even if one woman wears head to toe carhartt and one like lives at sephora and wears heels, even if the butch fixes cars and the femme is a housewife, even with that there is no possibility for replicating heterosexuality or “homonormativity” because in my experience (and obviously abusive + unequal lesbian relationships exist lets not be obtuse) generally speaking, a partnership between two women is exactly that, a partnership. the emotional work is equally shared, the housework is equally shared, no matter what roles you may prefer, you and your gf / wife / partner are doing an equal amount of work in a relationship and the lines are often blurred. in a hetero relationship not only are the roles never blurred but a woman is expected to do all of the emotional work all of the house work, all of the spiritual work to maintain a relationship and that’s not what it feels like between two women

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Character icon for josuke or okuyasu? :O

Why not both~? ;3

If you guys want to request pride icons for a character - JoJo, Ace Attorney, Pokemon, Dangan Ronpa, Steven Universe, etc. - leave a character in my inbox! :D 

(If you use my icons, please credit me.  >w> )