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i’m a sucker for zombie au’s so could you share any head canons you have like if anyone is immune or is dead?? thanks a bunch :))

i’ll start off by saying i believe only the omnics and winston would be immune, with reaper being the only human not at risk (but, of course, he’s dead anyway). however, this doesn’t mean a cure can’t be found – and it would certainly be moira or even mei that would discover it. moira would prove to be invaluable in an apocalyptic society, and i would say angela, too…but i have a different plan for her. if i ever decide to write this idea out, i don’t want to spoil anything now ;^)

i’ll just do a few general headcanons about the characters, those affected, and the hellscape they live in!

  • it would be set in normal overwatch canon, surprisingly, with a few bent rules. it would be at the same time we’re at now – winston just issuing the recall. naturally, all hell would break loose and society would crumble. everyone was so worried about talon or another omnic crisis – the idea of zombies was the farthest thing from their minds!
  • most of the old overwatch would find a way to come together, including fareeha and ana. they would discover ana didn’t actually die, though jesse mccree is nowhere to be found.
  • talon, of course, would band together. they’d see the outbreak as a growing opportunity and a huge step toward their goal. they’re quick to make their own society from the rubble, and actually give refuge to anyone who’d take it (which happens to be a lot of people). their society is strict and totalitarian, even radical by normal standards. but they’re safe, and functional, and many wonder why they didn’t listen to talon’s message to begin with.
  • winston and mei would be quick to jump on finding a cure, though their fields of science are almost unrelated to…whatever the hell this is. it’s at this point they realize they need angela ziegler, or, if all else fails, moira o’deorain.
  • moira would be sitting pretty with talon. she’s surprised that her superiors seem to have no interest in a cure, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to find one – she’d finally get the recognition she deserves! she’d be a hero!
  • vishkar would be stretched thin, but functioning. satya would be working on ways to keep the undead out and people in, behind safety. her designs would make their bases impenetrable fortresses.
  • torbjorn and brigitte would be working tirelessly to equip everyone with armor that no rigor-mortis-infested fingers could tear through. reinhardt would help where he could, and, since his armor is already state-of-the-art, would be out trying to find survivors on the daily.
  • genji brought zenyatta with him to the overwatch base. he’s in a constant state of anxiety because he hasn’t seen nor heard from jesse or angela since the epidemic began, but zen is always there for him. (this has genyatta potential)
  • lucio would be too stubborn to join up with vishkar or talon. he would find a way to overwatch and join them instead. his healing music would be extremely important to treat illnesses and infected wounds, but, of course, couldn’t heal zombie bites.
  • sombra would be working herself to the bone trying to find out how the whole thing began, and, through that, how to stop it. she (as well as moira, winston, and mei) proves to be a crucial character in this au.
  • now, after all this, we’re left to wonder – whatever happened to jesse?
  • mccree had the bright idea to cross the ocean to the island continent of australia. he’d rather take his chances with junkers than cannibalistic dead bodies.
  • unlike everyone else, jesse has no one – or so he thinks. no one’s watching out for him anymore. it was safer to integrate into a zombie-less society than try to conform to one where his only safe options were talon or vishkar.
  • australia is terrible, but has no undead. of course, who else would he meet but our favorite pair of junker outcasts?
  • he wants into junkertown. the job is easier said than done, especially when he’s holed up with two men who’d be shot on sight if they ever dared get close to the old omnium.


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Demelza, Book One, Chapter 6

A few mornings later, Demelza was eating a silent breakfast and scheming. … She found Verity in the stillroom. Demelza said, “No, thank ’ee. We’re brave an’ well. I came to ask you for the loan of a horse, Verity dear. It is rather a secret, I didn’t wish for Ross to know; so that there’s no horse for me to go to Truro, as I wanted to go while Ross is away.” … “I’ll lend you Random if you wish. Is this to be a secret from me also?” “No, indeed,” Demelza said. “For I couldn’t borrow a horse if it was a secret from you, could I?” Verity smiled. “Very well, my dear, I’ll not press you. But you cannot go to Truro alone. We have a pony we can loan you for Jud. … It is all very mysterious, I assure you. I trust I’m not conniving at some misdemeanor.” “No, no, indeed. It is just…something I have had a mind to do for a long time.” “Very well, my dear.”

“Jud!” “Ais?” “Are you ready?” “Well, pick me liver, I only seen Mr. Ross out of the ’ouse two minutes.” “We’ve precious little time to waste. If I ain’t—if I’m not back before five little Julia’ll be cryin’ out, and me perhaps miles away.” Jud’s presence was useful, for he knew the way to Falmouth across country. … She pulled at the bell. Jud was a specter of old times. Forget him. Face this. What would Ross say if he could see her? And Verity. Base treason. She wished she had never come. She wished… The door opened. … “My name is Blamey, ma’am,” he said in a hard, clear voice. “Can I be of service to you?” All Demelza’s prepared openings were forgotten. She moistened her lips and said, “My name is Poldark.” It was as if some key turned in the inner mechanism of that hard man, locking away before it could escape any show of surprise or sentiment. He bowed slightly. “I haven’t the honor of your acquaintance.” “No, sir,” said Demelza. “No. You know my husband, Captain Ross Poldark.” … “I am honored.” “Ross don’t know I’ve come,” she said. “Nobody knows I’ve come.“ "Well?” “It is about Verity.” … “She never once sent me any word…” “Nor you never sent her any word neither.” “Has she ever said anything?” “No.” “Then it’s pitiable, this attempt on your part, this—this intrusion…” “I know,” said Demelza, nearly crying. … “You thought I was likely to sit moping my time away. No doubt the rest of your family has long since written me off as a failure and a drunkard, drooling in taprooms and lurching home of a night. No doubt Miss Verity has long since agreed with her weakling brother that it was better for all that Captain Blamey was sent about his business. What for—” “How dare you say that of Verity!” Demelza cried out, standing up to him. “How dare you!“ "Wait. … Will you stay and take a meal with me, ma’am?” “No,” said Demelza. “Thank you. I’d best be getting back.” Outside in the street Jud was sitting blinking on a stone wall beside her pony. “Finished already, missus?” he said. “Reckoned ’e’d soon do for ’ee. Well, all’s for the best, I reckon, as leaves well alone.” Demelza did not reply. Captain Blamey was still watching her from the upper room.

Should Have Known (P2)

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A/N: The highly request part two of Should Have Known.

Prompt: Imagine being pregnant with Dallas Winston’s baby and he doesn’t want it.

Part One 

Warnings: Mentions of cheating, slut shaming, and teen pregnancy

You took a deep shaky breath. Stopping to run your shaking hands through your hair you accidentally made eye contact with Soda and went back to pacing. Ponyboy, Darry, and Sodapop all seemed more than a little confused as they sat squeezed in beside each other on the couch.

“Okay! Okay.” You muttered to yourself before suddenly stopping your pacing, turning sharply towards the couch. “You guys know that I’m not a little girl anymore.”

Darry raised an eyebrow at you. You could feel yourself slipping but pressed on.

“And seeing as I’m not a little girl anymore I’m old enough to make my own decisions. Adult decisions and-”

All three of them were looking at you like you had lost your mind now.

‘Whats the point?’ you sighed before just throwing your hands in the air. “I’m pregnant.”

There was a moment of silence that hung in the room at your confession. It was almost as if all the air had been sucked out of the room. You studied your brother’s faces carefully, biting your lip anxiously.

Ponyboy was bug eyed, his mouth open slightly as he shook his head. Sodapop sat beside him his face one of serious thought and concentration. He ran his hands through his hair messily, looking everywhere but at you. You were afraid to make yourself look at Darry. You had to look from the corner of your eye for a while before you could focus on his face. He was expressionless. He stared straight at you never faltering. The only trace of emotion on his face was the slight twitching of his jaw line. “…You’re what?”

You shuddered, taking another breath. “I’m-”

“I heard you. I just wanted to be sure.” He took a deep, angry breath through his nose. “How could you be so stupid?!” Darry said it so low and harshly you flinched.

“It’s not like I planned this or something Dar. It just sort of happened.”

Darry shook his head. “I’m gonna kill that Dallas Winston.”

He left no room for argument as he climbed from the couch, his hands on his knees. You had to squeeze your hands together and take a deep breath before you could say what you knew you had to say next. “That wouldn’t do you any good.”

“Maybe not but it would make me feel a whole lot better.”

“It wouldn’t do you any good because,” The words caught in your throat before you had to force them out in one quick breath. “because its not his.”

Ponyboy gasped audibly but no one paid him any attention. Darry stared at you like he didn’t know who you were. His brows knitted together, his eyes staring through you. You suddenly found your hands very interesting.

"What do you mean its not Dallas’ baby?” Soda spoke up suddenly from the couch, his voice was weak.

Darry looked at him then back to you in surprise.

“It’s not Dally’s baby. Its, I met a guy at one of Buck’s parties. When Dallas and I we’re fighting. I’m don’t really remember his name.”

You felt sick. This was so wrong. Your hands were shaking. You knew what they must be thinking right now. Oh God. They thought you were a slut. Their baby sister. They must think you’re disgusting now. You felt disgusting. Even if it wasn’t true. Your fake confession hung in the air for what felt like forever before Darry spoke back up.

“Does Dallas know?”

“Yes.” You sniffled, still not looking up.

“Go to your room. We’ll talk about this later.”

You said nothing. Slowly you slunk away to your room. No one followed you.

It was almost an hour before there was a knock on the door. You didn’t get up from your place on the bed, hands rubbing small soothing circles on your belly as you awnsered. “Come in.”

Sodapop leaned against the doorway casually and tried his best to smile at you but you could see how forced it was. “Well, Y/N/N, this is some mess you’ve gotten yourself into.”

You scoffed. Soda rolled his eyes and made his way to you, sitting on the corner of your bed. He looks down at your hands resting on your stomach. 

“Do you really not know who the father is?”

You were quiet for a moment. “It doesn’t matter Soda. They don’t want anything to do with me or the baby anyway.”  

Soda seemed to think this over for a moment. “If you tell me who it is we’ll take care of him. You don’t have to let him get out of this scott free.”

You shook your head, a small smile making its way onto your face. “He’s not worth it Soda.” 

“You are.”

You didn’t respond. A new wave of shame rushing over you. “How’s Darry?”

“He’ll be alright. He just needs a while to calm down is all.” Soda assured, placing a hand on your shoulder reasurringly.

“Hes never gonna forgive me for this.”

“Ah, come on Y/N/N that’s not true. Darry loves you. Its just, you’re his baby sister. Thinking of you in a situation like this is just hard for him. Its hard on all of us.”

“I never meant to hurt anybody.” You sobbed, tears running down your face at Soda’s confession. All the pain and heartbreak you’d been feeling for the past few weeks bubbling over and out.

Soda quickly grabbed you and pulled you into his chest. He cupped your head gently with one hand and rubbed your back softly with the other. “Shhh. Its okay baby girl. You’re gonna be just fine. We’re all here. We’re gonna get through this just fine.”

“I don’t know what I’m gonna do Soda.”

“We’ll figure it out baby girl.” 

He held you close and whispered sweetly to you until you calmed down. Your sobs becoming soft hiccups. He was still holding onto you when you whispered to him, “I wanna keep my baby Soda.”

“Then that’s whats gonna happen.” 

You and Soda looked up suddenly to Darry standing in the door to your tiny room. 

You pulled back from Soda and whipped your cheeks carefully. 

“Dar, I’m, I’m so-”

“I know.” Darry said as you chocked on your own words again, climbing from your bed and meeting him halfway into the room, throwing your body into his  open arms. He clutched you tight and if you weren’t mistaked you might have sworn you felt tears hit your head. “I’m so sorry Darry.”

“I know. Its gonna be okay though. If you wanna keep the ba, baby.” He slipped on the word, “then we’ll figure something out.”

Soda placed a hand on your shoulder from behind you reassuringly. 

Ponyboy appeared suddenly as well looking between the three of you carefully, assessing. Darry pulled back from you and Soda removed his hand. Whipping your face you did your best to smile at him reassuringly.

 “So does this mean I’m really gonna be an uncle?” He ask with a broad grin.

The three of you couldn’t help but break out in laughter. Somewhat nervous, tearful, but genuine laughter that rocked through your body. Father or no father, this baby was gonna have a family. And it was gonna have you. So maybe things were gonna be okay after all.

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