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Sons of Anarchy Preference "How they react to you being clueless to their constant flirting"

(Wooooo more SOA preference this week :3 Some fluff this time!!! Woooo Clay for being addedHope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Jax-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d be baffled and would have the need to talk to you openly about it at that point, getting you alone with him in his room at the clubhouse. “You don’t notice me flirting with you, do you? Yeah i’ve been flirting with you for like months! How the hell can you even miss that?!”

Opie-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d laugh and be taken aback. He’d have a moment with you and would openly ask you if you were serious about all of it before being honest with you. “Wait…Wait…You don’t realize that i’m flirting with you…Y/N, how can you not?! I thought it was pretty obvious!”

Chibs-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d complain loudly and plainly to the others all while you’re in their company as well, making clear to set the record straight. “It’s a real pain the arse, when beautiful Y/N right there doesn’t notice you! I get that i’m an old man but we can make it work or the least she can do is just reject me kindly…”

Tig-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d have a breakdown in front of you and everyone in the clubhouse, screaming in despair and slowly drop to his knees, thinking as to how you can even miss his point. “Wait…You don’t realize…That i’ve been flirting with you this whole time…How? Why? Why is this happening?!”

Juice-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d find you too cute and would just accept happily for the moment before his brothers would notice and tell him to keep it up as one day you’ll realize it. “No…It’s nothing, i’m just thinking about Y/N…I don’t think she realizes i’m flirting with her…but it’s kinda cute so i’m okay with that…”

Happy-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d be concerned with himself and rethink his methods. He’d be even more quiet and would only voice his problem when the others would be worried over him. “It’s not that serious…Just Y/N, she doesn’t notice me…i’m starting to think I just don’t know how to approach girls like I used to…”

Kozik-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d laugh so hard and would confuse you. Finding you too cute, he’d just be more obvious and would grab you closer to him to set the record straight. “You can’t be serious, Y/N! You really don’t think of anything else of me! Alright…How about I make it clear…Come here…I’ve been flirting with you since I met you!”

Ratboy-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d be nervous about it and would feel like giving up. He’d suddenly be absentminded while helping out with work, only to admit his worries to the others. “S-Sorry…I-I was just distracted…It’s cause of Y/N…I’ve been trying to get with her for the last few months but I don’t think she realizes i’m flirting with her…”

Half-Sack-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d oddly get embarrassed about his lack of skills and would just try to brush it all off, only for the others to cheer him up to keep going. “Yeah, I did wave at you, actually. I mean i’m just trying to get your attention…But it’s fine! I mean a lot of people wave at you and stuff…”

Clay-When he’d come to realize that you were utterly clueless to his constant flirting, he’d get oddly turned on and would actually continue flirting the way he does just to see as to how you’d keep it up. “Alright, Y/N…So you like playing hard to get, i’m fine with that! Oh don’t act innocent, you know what I mean…Come on you’re a playing a game with me…”

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where is my movie about kate warne

  • in 1856 she became the first female detective in the pinkerton detective agency and the usa
  • she walked into the pinkerton chicago officse in response to an advertisement in a local newspaper and according to pinkerton company records, allan pinkerton was surprised to learn she was not looking for clerical work, but was answering an advertisement for detectives he had placed in a chicago newspaper
  • she argued that women could be “most useful in worming out secrets in many places which would be impossible for a male detective” she would  befriend the wives and girlfriends of suspected criminals and gain their confidence
  • in 1858 she was involved in the case of adams express company embezzlements and managed to find herself into the confidence of the wife of the prime suspect and acquired valuable evidence leading to the husband’s conviction
  • in 1860 she was put in charge of the female detective bureau
  • in 1861 she escorted and provided disguises for president elect abraham lincoln to escape a secessionist plot to kill him in harrisburg 
  • during the american civil war she was part of a covert war intelligence-gathering bureau
  • she was one of pinkerton’s five best detectives 
  •  her employment was significant because women were not allowed to be a part of the police force until 1891 and could not be detectives until 1903

give me more historical films about women


“Dinner’s ready.”  You hollered while setting down the last plate onto the dining room table.  A ruckus erupted from the next room over; sounds of shoving and hollering evident as the boys fought to the be the first to the table.  Shouts of ‘Lay off’ and ‘Quit it’ ringing through your ears before Darry stepped through the doorway.  Followed so closely by Sodapop and Dally that you were surprised they didn’t all crash into each other.

“This looks amazing.”  Ponyboy marveled, rushing towards a chair to start pilling food onto his plate.  The rest of the boys followed suit, shuffling quickly into chairs before all arms began shooting out for plates of food.

Darry stopped by your side, pressing a quick peck to your lips, which elicited a mass groan from the boys at the table.  “Get a room!”  Sodapop shouted, ripping off a piece of his roll and throwing it at his older brother.

“Hey.”  Darry stated, pointing a stern finger towards Soda.  “Don’t go starting a food fight unless you want to clean it up.”  Ducking your head into Darry’s shoulder you laughed quietly; patting his chest before taking your seat grab your own plates of food.

Sodapop helping Ponyboy get a girlfriend

- Ponyboy didn’t want a girlfriend to start w

- he just let Sodapop think he needed his help so Soda can get his mind off Sandy

- Sodapop would bring him to DX bc girls would always go there to flirt w them

- Steve was very annoyed Ponyboy was there

- Sodapop would give him tips

- Sodapop would push him into girls bc Pony wouldn’t even try talking to them

- Steve made jokes about Pony not being able to get girls

- Soda ended up getting more girls’ numbers than Ponyboy did

- when Ponyboy finally met a girl he liked

- it turned out to be Steve’s cousin

- Soda laughed so hard

- Steve was so done tbh

- Ponyboy would talk about her to annoy Steve

- Pony would ask Soda for advice

- Soda knew all long that Pony didn’t want a gf and had only said so for his sake


This is so fun

give me a movie about lola montez 

  • she was born marie dolores eliza rosanna gilbert in ireland in 1821 before moving to india as a child. she was described as ‘wayward’ and a ‘mischief maker’ she once stuck flowers into the wig of an elderly man during a church service and reportedly ran through the streets naked
  • she would become a dancer and actress who became famous as a “spanish dancer”
  • in 1846 she became courtesan and mistress of king ludwig I of bavaria, who made her countess of landsfeld. she used her influence for over a year, to institute liberal reforms but at the start of the revolutions of 1848 in the german states, she was forced to flee (she contributed to ludwig’s fall from grace with his kingdom)  
  • she moved to the usa and taught lotta crabtree 
  • in 1855 she toured the australian gold fields performing the erotic spider dance. after reading a bad review in the ballarat times, she allegedly attacked the editor with a whip
  • she spent her last days in rescue work among women but died alone at the age of 39 on 17 january 1861 in brooklyn, new york known simply as mrs. eliza gilbert 
what the gang did when Johnny and Ponyboy left

- they ALL knew Dallas knew where they were at

- Steve vowed to be nicer to Ponyboy if they came back

- Sodapop wouldn’t sleep

- he’d lay in bed crying

- Sodapop skipped work and went around town looking everywhere for them

- Steve went looking for Sodapop

- when he found him, Soda broke down

- Darry had a huge arguement w Dallas

- Two-bit followed Dallas everywhere

- Dallas knew Two-bit was following him

- Sodapop was no longer his Happy-go-lucky self

- and when Sandy left him, he began to feel depressed

- Steve was always by Soda’s side now

- Soda wouldn’t eat

- Darry didn’t know what to do w himself

- everyone was kinda pissed w Dallas

- Soda tried picking a fight w Dallas

- Soda almost lost his job

- Two-bit was serious for the first time

- Two-bit went to church and prayed

- Steve and Two-bit would check on Sodapop during lunch hour at school

- Darry wouldn’t leave his room

- Darry was very impatient w everyone

- all Darry did was drink coffee and wait by the phone waiting for a call about Ponyboy and Johnny

- when they finally got the call, Darry broke down for the first time, he had held in his emotions the whole time

- Sodapop smiled for the first time since they had gone missing

- but when they found out Johnny was badly injured, they just looked at each other for what seemed like eternity

- Darry had felt guilty and blamed himself for everything that happened

- when they saw Ponyboy, it was like a wave of emotions hit them

the outsiders but as farm animals

• Darry is a lamb 😻🐑

• Randy is a sheepdog 🙌🏼

• Bob is a swan 😉😍

• Ponyboy is a horse 💁🏼

• Sodapop is a donkey

• Steve is a rooster 🐔

• Dally is a pig 🤷🏼‍♀️🐖

• Curly is a saint bernard 😏

• Tim is a black cat 💁🏼💯

• Two-Bit is a fat turkey❗️😩

• Johnny is a cow 🤤

farm for sale ?? I think I’ll take it 😫🙏🏻💦

anonymous asked:

About a month ago, I asked Professor Winston to tutor me. To my relief, he accepted. Not too long ago, I gave him some peanut butter and bananas as a thank you. Now he seems a bit more nervous and timid than usual. Did I do something wrong?

Not at all! If anything, I’m sure your sweet gesture simply caught him by surprise. It’s not often that students give him little gifts like that. 

Especially since he didn’t even think twice about agreeing to tutor you when you asked for help. 

He’s always ready to lend a helping hand if you need it. Although….go easy on the bananas next time, ok?

Dally x Reader A Little Bit Of Help

Summary: You find Dally beat up so you bring him to your place to clean him up.

You had just finished work at the cafe, it was night now. You walk out the back door of the cafe, your car was parked somewhere out back. You turn right but before you can make it very far you see a man with light blonde hair laying on his back. He has blood all over him, on his face, his shirt and a little on his pants. Mostly on his face, which is also bruised. He looked around your age.

You cover your mouth and you’re about to go get help when you here him mumble something. You walk over to him and crouch down beside him.

“What did you say?” You try to remain calm.

He coughs.

“I said, don’t get others involved. I can’t be taken to a hospital. It’ll just cause trouble.”


“No hospital.” He interrupts you

You glare at him.

“Well I’m taking you to my home so I can clean you up.” You say stubbornly.

He can’t exactly argue so he shuts up. You help him sit up and you put one of his arms around you. You lift him up and struggle as you bring his over to your car. Why does he have to be so heavy?

You get him in the passenger seat and get in the drivers seat. You put on your seatbelt and put on his. He tries to stop you but fails.

“Safety is important.”

“Whatever, I could’ve done that myself.”

You knew he couldn’t. He just loved to argue. You roll your eyes and start driving to your house.

“So, what’s your name?” You ask the man.


“Hi, Dally. I’m Y/n. Would you mind telling me how you got in this mess?”

“Got jumped.”

You nod. You knew there were gangs around but you always tried to stay away from stuff like that.

Dally groaned in pain. You glance over at him. Poor guy but maybe he was getting what he deserved though. He seemed like a douche.

Good thing you lived relatively close to the cafe. You got home in about five minutes. It was an awkward car ride. You were both mostly silent. You park in the drive way then help Dally into your house. You lay him on your couch. You’d clean it later. It was bound to have blood on it after tonight.

“Stay here.” You order.

“Where am I gonna go?” He asks. “Actually I probably should leave. You’re probably going to murder me.”

“Damn, there goes my plan.” You say sarcastically.

Then you head to your bathroom and grab the first aid kit and a cloth, getting it wet. You go back to the couch. Dally is right where you left him.

“I’m glad you stayed.”

“Didn’t have much of a choice, did I?”

You shrug your shoulders them wipe the blood from his face and arms. You get him to sit up as you take off his shirt. He’s very fit.

“Don’t get too turned on be me, I’m a little to hurt for anything.”

You slap his arm and glare at him. He just laughs. You toss his shirt to the side, you wanted to wash it before he put it back on. There was a cut on his side and one on the side of his shirt in the same place. The person that jumped him must of had a switchblade.

“Was it a fight with switchblades?” You ask curiously.

“Wasn’t supposed to be.” He says as he looks at the cut.

You go to the bathroom to rinse the blood out of the cloth and then come back and clean his chest. He had a bruise on his jaw, his hands had cuts and bruises, his stomach had a bruise, his side had a bruise and the other had a cut. You were sure his legs had a bruise or two as well.

“Death sounds kind of nice right now…” Dally grunts out as you accidentally apply pressure to a bruise.

“You sound kind of like a fucking moron right now.” You reply.

“That’s easy for you to say, you weren’t jumped.”

“Yeah, however many people have had it much worse. In fact I’m sure at some point you have too.”

“Shut up.”

“Gee, Dally. That was childish.” You tease.

He glances over at a decorative stuffed animal bear.

“Gee, Y/n. That’s childish.” He teases you right back.

“It’s for decoration.” You hastily explain.

Dally chuckles.


“Maybe I should have just left you, I haven’t even received one thank you.” You fake pout.

“Thank you, Y/n! I’d be lost without you right now! You’re so amazing!” He responds sarcastically.

“You’re a loser.” You half-ass the come back.

He seems fine really so you grab his shirt and stand up.

“I’ll be right back.”

“Where are you going?” Dally asks.

“Aw, do you not want me to leave?” You smirk at him. “I’m going to wash your shirt.”

“Well in that case can you wash my pants?” He asks.


He starts taking them off in front of you and you start blushing. Your eyes widen.

“Don’t change in front of me!”

Dally laughs at you as you toss a blanket on him and look away.

“Hey.” Dally gets your attention.

He throws the pants at you and you turn around just in time to catch them. You walk over to your washing machine and put them in with a load of your clothes.

When you walk back in his eyes are closed and he seems to be sleeping. You head over to your room, change into night clothes and fall asleep not too long after.