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Two-bit working at burger king
  • Person: *Goes up to register*
  • Two-bit: Welcome to Burger king, how may I help you?
  • Person: Um... Could I just get a straw for my drink, please?
  • Two-bit: Sorry, We're serving breakfast at the moment, you could try our breakfast menu?
  • Person: Uh... Then could I get a "breakfast straw?"
  • Two-bit: Oh yeah! Sure! One breakfast straw coming right up!
Thoughts on New Girl ep "San Diego"

(Stop reading now if you don’t want spoilers)

•Schmidt spent who knows how long throwing l i g h t b u l b s against his garage
•Nick waking up Aly
•The enormous eyes Nick had when Aly said the word “prostitute”
•Aly’s hair is gorgeous.
•The One Winston Rule has been broken
•But.. Nick.. DOES actually somehow look like the only white waiter in a Chinese restaurant?
•Jess’ giant heart is part compass, part flashlight
•Winston Bishop disappearing before Winston Schmidt turns around.. what even is he
•I’m actually really happy with the Nick/Reagan breakup. The writers did really well
•Jess is Ready, not to start dating because she’s over Nick, but to tell Nick she loves him. She’s really, finally Ready

anonymous asked:

The quote with Winston and Athena is from a vine. I think it's the "Siri, what's my name?" vine but idk the name for certain. I do know it's from that, though. Also Blizzard will find this blog and eventually make these quotes canon. I sense it.

Thank you :) And yeah, I hope so!! Just imagine being mid-game and suddenly hearing jack scream “TRACER, YOU USELESS LESBIAN”

Having a Curtis sister || Headcannon!||

K! HERE I GOOOO! * The sister would be the youngest! By couple of months!

  • Darry would be the mother hen towards her

  • No swearing is allowed when she’s with the gang…

  • I’ll say she’s a mixture of all of them via personalities and hobbies

  • She loves reading and nature and everything cute! And v v v smart

  • Happy go lucky girl, who is always a spaz around every one

  • But yet very mature at times and can be very strong

  • Her best friend in the gang would be two-bit

  • Her lil crush would Steve!

  • But her major ‘I want him badly’ crush would be Johnny😍

  • She has a habit of chewing her finger nails… but it ain’t too bad

  • She would have beautiful grey eyes, pony would be jellllyyyy

  • She would have freckles running along her nose and would have natural curly blondish brownish hair

  • She never tries to hurt people but will if it’s necessary

  • The gang around her would be cheeky and act like normal but just less swearing

  • Looks up to Dally in some ways

  • Like how he can be brave but hey scared at the same time

  • Very athletic

  • Fav colour would be green/yellow

  • At her school she’ll hang with a few socs

  • She is also kinda mentally challenged after her parents died and how Pony ran away and stuff

  • She’s a good kid but can sometimes be mischievous

  • She hates maths…

  • mostly the teacher but still

  • She pulls puppy eyes to try to take something!

  • her favorite celebrity would be Elvis!

Winston: It’s going to be SO nice to finally have the Bakery open again! I want to get back to baking soooo badly! 

Carlyle: Heh, on the other hand, you do make a mean grilled cheese. So if baking fails, you could always open up a grilled cheese stand.

Winston: :o My grilled cheese isn’t mean!!

Carlyle: omg..

Rhea: Buwahaha!


Rhea: Oh! Carlyle, before we head out, there’s something I need to tell you.

Carlyle: We?

Rhea: Yeah! Earlier this morning, Winston stopped me and asked me if I–

Carlyle: Oh god no.

Rhea: If I wanted to work at the Bakery!!


Carlyle: *internal screaming!*